Original Heartless ahead. Also, I apologize for having taken so darned long to post the fifth chapter of this fiction. It was tough getting reacquainted with the story, and the little motivation to write did not help at all. Anyway, hope you'll enjoy reading this.


In front of Kyo's house, at the Human Village, the mentioned boy, Goofy, Maribel, who still has her cat ears exposed, Luna Rivers, Medicine and Keine are all gathered to discuss the plan of action regarding the mission to the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Keine's worried face actually worries all, even Goofy, as she sadly says "and I searched everywhere for her, but there's no sign of Mokou. I'm so worried."

"So, we'll have to do this on our own then, huh?", says the irritated Luna, rubbing the bridge of her nose to suppress her anger.

Medicine clicks her tongue, and says "stupid rabbits, and selfish aliens. Great timing on their part to disappear like they did."

Maribel sighs, flicks her right cat ear while crossing her arms over her chest, and says "we've been to that forest enough times. I'm sure we can deal with this without getting too lost."

"Whelp," begins Goofy with his usual, optimistic tone and cheery self. "As long as we're together, we should be fine. "

Kyo suppresses his desire to grin at that with a sigh, then says "alright everyone, here's what we're gonna do. Entering as a whole group could be troublesome, so we'll form teams."

"Medicine, Keine and Luna will be one team, Goofy, Maribel, and I will be the other. Though we are separate teams, let's try and keep close in case any backup is needed. And Medi!"

The blonde doll youkai looks up at the boy, while Su-San begins to flutter above her shoulder, then frowns and says "fine. I won't underestimate them, and..."

The boy and the youkai get closer to each other and said blonde whispers "and I'll do my best to keep Luna safe."

"I heard that!", says the understandably irritated silver-haired girl. "I am perfectly capable of taking good care of myself, so knock that crap off you two, or it's ramen for a WEEK!"

The boy and youkai shrink, their world becomes dark and filled with purple bolts, and they are quickly on the ground, bowing repeatedly in front of Luna, saying "please forgive us, oh Queen of the Kitchen!"

Goofy looks at Keine, clearly wondering if this is an everyday thing, to which she just sigh, face palms, and says "just try not to think about it too much."

The black dog just smiles and chuckles his usual "ah-hyuck", then quickly turns his attention above Kyo's house, where a black swirling vortex opens up.

A faint voice can be heard coming from within said rift, and it's getting stronger every second, and very suddenly, a blonde man falls right out of it before it closes up and leaves the sky looking as if there was nothing ever there.

"Augh, man, what the hell kind-a landin' was that?", angrily groans the man as he slowly gets to his feet, before realizing he is surrounded by six suspiciously-staring characters.

He slowly raises his hands as he finishes standing up, and says "er, whoa there. Not 'ere to cause trouble, ok."

The short-haired blonde man styles his hair styled upward, has blue eyes, a stubble on his chin, is currently chewing on a toothpick, and wears goggles around his head, a rope necklace tied to a wooden sort-of dog-tag, a white t-shirt with two buttons descending from the neck, blue baggy pants with the waistband reaching under his ribs, a thick orange waistband with thin vertical lines, grey socks, black shoes, and a second later, a silver spear falls from the sky and stabs itself on the ground to his right.

The blonde man looks at the spear, and happily says "oh, would you look at that. My baby followed me 'ere," raising the surrounding people's suspicion, thus getting the man to grin and say "so ya do understand what I'm sayin'. That takes care o' that."

Kyo lifts his blade, though just as a warning, and says "pal, we got our hands full with Heartless roaming around and popping out of dark holes very similar to the one you popped out of. Care to start explaining yourself?"

The man's eyes glow at the mention of the Heartless, and furiously exclaims "Heartless? Those things are here too? Boy, the name's Cid, and I ain't no ally to those damned Heartless! Black things are a nuisance at best! Anyway, ya' don't have to worry about me. I'm on yer side."

The group slowly lower their defenses as their tension lessens, and after a bit, Kyo offers his hand, though clearly still holding his defenses up, and says "name's Kyo, and these are Luna, my girlfriend, Keine, Maribel, Goofy, and Medicine."

After being helped up, Cid turns his attention to the little blonde and her doll, bends down, and says "well, hello there, little lady. Say, that's a mighty fine doll you got there."

The irritable doll youkai snarls, and barks "hey! Don't call me 'little lady', you old man! Call me Medicine, and her name is Su-San! Show us some respect, human!"

The blonde man gets understandably upset, grits his teeth, and angrily says "hey, I'm not an old man! Already told ya'. Name's Cid!"

Medicine stomps her right foot closer, and spits "call me by my name, and I'll consider calling you by YOURS!"

Cid presses his head against the girl, surprising everyone how he resists her poisoning, then he quickly steps back, straightens up, rubs the bridge of his nose, and more calmly says "a'righ, alright! Sorry there Medicine! Let's not get off on the wrong foot now."

The visitor starts looking around the area, then Kyo asks "sorry to be asking this so suddenly, but where did you come from, and why did you fall out of that vortex?"

The blonde man turns to the boy and says "tha hell I know! One second I'm tryin' to fight them Heartless with my friends, then next, three of us are fallin' into black holes."

"That means we may have more visitors," immediately injects Keine, sounding a little worried while speaking.

"I see," calmly says Cid while looking around some more, before picking up his spear, and causally walking past Kyo.

"Wait, where are you going, Cid?", asks Luna, concerned mostly for what that stranger might be going to do.

"Relax Luna. I'm just gonna go look for my friends," says the man while casually walking away.

"If Heartless are here, and I fell here, that means the girls'll be here too. Take care now, and, uh, keep yer' hearts strong at all times. Those things will pick on any sign' o-weakness they find."

With that, the blonde man casually waves without turning around, resting his spear across his back, and when Kyo calls "WAIT! You'll get lost!", the man disappears in the early morning mist.


After having bought supplies, including some inexplicable potions and antidotes from a new shop, the two parties make their way toward the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

"So," hesitantly begins Maribel. "Where do you think Mister Cid went? We shouldn't have let him off on his own like that."

Goofy looks back at the cat-eared blonde and says "gawrsh. Ya think, maybe he's in trouble or somethin'?"

Luna shakes her head, and to calm them both down she confidently says "didn't you see the fire in that man's eyes? He's fine, so don't you worry about him. Now focus. We have a mission of our-"

Kyo summons his sword and shield, Goofy raises his round shield, Medicine's grin turns vicious, then the boy says "ahead! Get ready!"

In front of them are a large group of two types of Heartless, currently taking the hearts of a group of shivering rabbits, making their bodies disappear as soon as their hearts join the darkness.

One type are monkey-like Heartless that have light-blue fur covering their heads and half of their torso, dark blue fur covering their lower torso, their long tails and legs, the inner part of their round ears are light purple, like their hands and feet, which have large black claws on them, golden bracelets adorn their wrists and ankles, their faces are pitch black with two round yellow eyes that seem to be surrounded by jagged teeth, and on their chest is the large black and red heart emblem.

The other type of Heartless with them have fluffy purple hair all over their oval heads, their long rabbit-like ears and their shoulders, navy-blue fur on their torso and legs, their arms and ankles are as pitch black as their faces, which also have a jagged-like teeth surrounding them, have round yellow eyes, lilac hands and feet with large black claws, their feet are at least two feet long, giving them the ability to jump as high as the bamboo shoots in the forest, and they have the red and black heart emblems emblazoned on the crown of their heads.

"Monkey and rabbits? What the hell?", exclaims Luna as she unsheathes both swords.

From the emblem on Kyo's left arm, Mima hums and says "so, you met some Powerwilds, AND yet another type of Heartless not in this book. Could you get me a picture?"

The little monsters take notice of the large party watching them, all start jumping around and swinging their claws excitedly, and just before the overconfident Medicine jumps in, a familiar girl's voice echoes all around the area as she laughs sinisterly, stopping the little blonde's advance.

"Th-that's," whispers Keine to herself, before the doll youkai lifts her fist and loudly asks "who the heck is that?"

A large chunk of the land around them, and the entrance to the Bamboo Forest, are sealed by a translucent, dark-lilac, glass-like barrier that forms a large circle around them, then Kyo shouts "don't let them gang up on you!", just as those Heartless rush towards the two parties.

Kyo, Maribel and Goofy take to the left, and the black dog immediately intercepts a rabbit with his shield, the boy cuts a monkey in half with his sword, releasing its heart, and the girl shoots a water wave spell over her partners that washes away five of those monsters and releases two of the held hearts.

She cheers and throws punches in the air, then Kyo says "FOCUS," causing her to flinch, steel herself, nod to herself, then she moves on toward the next group of monkeys and rabbits.

Meanwhile, a little to the right, Luna dances around with her swords held tight while cutting one of those rabbits to shreds, and after turning it to black dust, she rushes left to help Keine with the five Heartless that are on her.

The silver-and-red haired girl strikes a Powerwild on the stomach with the blade of her sword, saving the history teacher from a claw swipe, while Keine uses an old European short sword to weaken a rabbit, then finishes it with a laser beam from her finger.

"Crap, there's just too many of them!", screams Keine after three more Heartless take the place of the one she and Luna took down.

Kyo roars after a Powerwild jumps and strikes him with its claws repeatedly, Goofy cheers while charging that very monkey, Maribel yelps when one of those rabbits uses its head to tackle her hip, and now both Keine and Luna scream and flinch when an entire horde of those Heartless jump over to them.

A thick purple cloud envelops the Heartless, freezing them momentarily in mid-air, then Medicine roars as she sideways-flip-kicks all away from the girls, and as soon as they touch the ground, they are cut several times by a blinding white light.

No less than eight heartless explode at the same time, and all release their held hearts the moment Su-San reveals herself to be that zipping light, which is now fluttering above the blonde's shoulder.

Medicine lets out a soft chuckle to accompany her cocky grin, her eyes glow with intensity, then she lifts her right hand and roars "CHAAAAAARGE!"

Before long, she summersaults forward, lands in the very middle of a gathering of at least twenty of the Heartless, and soon after she releases a puff of poison all around her, just as some Powerwilds charge at her.

Su-San flies right, Medicine charges left, the little doll zips around, making herself look like a beam of light and cutting Heartless by the numbers in just seconds, while the larger girl throws two punches on a rabbit, flip-kicks a monkey, jumps and axe-kicks another monkey, drops on her back to avoid a claw-swipe from three sides, and using her own poison, she makes a spear that pierces through all the monsters' chests with ease, then she rolls backward, back to her feet, and every single monster she and Su-San hit becomes dust as their hearts are released.

Before anyone, or anything else makes another move, the doll youkai is already moving toward the cluster of Heartless up ahead, and starts jumping around and zipping so fast, she looks like a purple light that's releasing hearts by the numbers.

Goofy and Kyo bash a rabbit each, the boy releasing the heart from his monster, and quickly realize their side is now clean of monsters, seeing as most of the Heartless are focusing on defending themselves against Medicine and Su-San.

"Gawrsh, that little lady is..."

"AMAZING!", exclaims Luna, cutting Goofy off, while everyone else, including Kyo, stare awestruck as Medicine uses the glass walls to bounce around and defeat more and more Heartless.

"What's more impressive..." begins the shocked Maribel, "is how FAST she's releasing those hearts."

And just like that, the last heart is released, the glass wall shatters to bits, and from the entrance to the Forest, Medicine loudly calls "alright, it's all clear now! Hurry up! There might be more up ahead!"

The two parties can only stare at each other, unable to share words, then suddenly run after the blonde while Kyo says "damn that girl! She's too energetic! I'm NOT letting her upstage me!"

The boy stops before reaching the entrance, causing the large group to stop with him and the poison girl to groan, then says "something's up."

He looks to a path left, and another going straight, and says "the emblem seems to want to separate. Whatever the source is, it's split in two. Looks like we're going to have to split up from the start."

Everyone remains silent as they stare at the boy, and just as he is about to issue a command, Luna gets in front of him, places her hand on his chest as she stands on the tip of her feet, and gives him a kiss, helping him relax.

She pushes herself back, giggles at his surprised reaction, and says "we'll take the right."

He grabs and holds her hand with both of his, smiles, and says "we meet over here at the entrance if anything happens. Don't push yourselves too hard, dear."

With one more shared smile, the couple split, Keine nods to Kyo, and as they head to the right path, Luna commands "keep close to each other at all times! There may be more of them in there waiting to ambush us!"

The boy watches as the three girls leave, then Goofy places his gloved hand on the boy's shoulder, and says "oh, don't be sad now. They can take really good care of themselves."

The muscled boy nods, starts the walk down to the straight path, and reaches Maribel, whom seems to be eager to enter the forest, saying "come. Let's finish this task so we can go home and eat a peaceful celebration dinner!"

Shortly after having entered the forest, Kyo, Goofy and Maribel find themselves running from another horde of Powerwilds, and those fluffy bunny Heartless.

As they run, from the emblem, Mima happily says "hey, hunk, you know those rabbit things that keep chasing you? Well, thanks to your thorough description of them, Patchouli and I came with a name for them. Want to hear it?"

As she speaks, the boy jumps and flips in the air to avoid a kick on the back from a rabbit, cuts it in half with his quickly-summoned sword, releasing its heart, and now the party find themselves trapped by a Heartless semi-circle.

"Mima, we are in some serious shit right now, so save the naming for later."

The spirit giggles, then coos and says "aww, you're just sore because Luna is somewhere else. Anyway, we called them 'Fluffbounds'. Careful with those kicks of theirs. They're sharper than my own tongue."

As she says all that, Goofy rockets to the air with his shield held tight, and knocks several airborne Fluffbounds away, then Maribel follows with a barrage of pink hearts, while Kyo slashes the remaining few near them and admits "hey, that's not bad. Now excuse us while we deal with our little problem here."

He gets under the large black dog and activates his shield to use as a platform for the visitor, and when on top, Goofy lifts his arms and starts to spin, gaining momentum from the shield's spiraling wind, and getting the idea, the muscled boy tosses him toward the next group of heartless.

The spin creates a vortex that sucks the many monsters in, the cat-eared blonde smiles, shoots some hearts to spiral around the dog's shield, and a total of twenty Heartless are turned to dust in the ten second duration of that skill, and thanks to the girl's magic, their hearts were released.

As soon as Goofy stops spinning, though a bit dizzy, he regroups with Kyo and Maribel, as they all contemplate the situation they are in.

For every Heartless they have knocked out, two more have appeared in their place, and now the trio is overrun by innumerable monsters.

"Mima. We really need some help here," says the fearful boy while raising his sword and shield.

"Jus' don't give up! We have to win this, somehow!", bravely declares Goofy while raising his shield up to his snout.

"Don't worry Kyo. Mima has been teaching me new spells while in my nightmares. We'll be ok," says Maribel, wondering if she's actually going insane from the many nightmares induced by mentioned evil spirit.

They keep looking around the at the cluster of Heartless, wondering when they'll get attacked, then gasp at the sight of a good chunk of those monsters turning to dust.


Cid jumps over the monsters, hits them hard with his spear, taking a good chunk with one swing, then looks to the party and exclaims "what the heck you ye three doin' there gawkin'! ? Get your asses goin' an' take a piece of the action!"

That's all the trio needed to hear to snap out of their surprise and join the fun.

They are quickly next to Cid, and already, Kyo and Maribel are taking out Heartless by the numbers and releasing hearts.

"So, HYAH, why are you here? Got lost?" asks the muscled boy while turning two Fluffbounds into dust and releasing their hearts.

The blonde man swings his body along with his spear, dancing it around his body and striking large numbers of monsters from a safe distance, then says "ah-yup! And seein' as I'm new to these parts, I recon I'm not finding my friends on my own!"

After bashing his shield on an unfortunate Powerwild's head, Goofy chuckles and says "welp, yer welcome ta come along with us, if ya want."

Maribel hums as red lasers fly out of her fingers, turning five Heartless to dust with ease and releasing their hearts, and says "you just have to promise not to run off on your own, no matter how grumpy you get."

The two men seem to dance around each other as they take out one Heartless after another, then, after catching a jumping Powerwild by surprise with a spear to the gut, Cid chuckles and says "well, I'm already likin' ya. No need for bullshit, heart-warming, one liners to get yer help. Just one thing though, and that is that this alliance is to that end only. Ya understand?"

A Powerwild takes Cid by surprise and knocks him to the ground after hitting him with its claws on the back, then Kyo lifts his sword, and swings, missing it after it swiftly jumps away.

Not waiting for it to strike again, the black haired boy chases after it, swings his sword from below, cuts through the monster's claws, and releases the captured heart after cutting it in half.

Goofy runs by him, jumps and crash-lands on the last Fluffbound, then calls "you okay there, Cid?"

The blonde man groans as he gets up, mutters "let down my guard there," then looks up at the three worried faces around him, and says "don't worry, I'm tougher than I look. That was just a minor inconvenience."

He stands up, thrusts his spear to Maribel's right, shocking her with a fright, and taking out five more Powerwilds, then says "like I was sayin'. When I find my friends, this alliance is over, so don't go gettin' too warmed up to me."

He quickly glares at the blonde girl, then shouts "and I'm not grumpy! I'm just tough!"

The girl giggles as she sticks out her tongue, places her hand behind her head, waves her other hand's fingers at the visitor, and whispers "sorry~"

From the emblem, Mima giggles and says "how sweet. You got yourselves a new ally. Looks like this incident is turning out to be fun after all."

The now party of four glance at each other in disbelief, though Goofy seems more confused than anything, then, while Kyo and Cid face palm and shake their heads, Maribel smiles and says "I hope we all get to beat the final boss together."

The humanoid dog keeps looking around in confusion, and asks "are we really goin' to the final boss already?"


At the Hakurei Shrine, one of Wriggle's danmaku bugs strikes a Shadow on the head, which is quickly followed by a baton to the torso that turns it into dust.

The bug girl secures the baton on her belt, dusts her hands, and says "this... is just boring. Really, Cirno, I thought you said these things were tough."

"Yeah," continues Mystia in a bored tone. "So far, all these Heartless things have proven to us is how annoying they can be."

Daiyousei's wings flutter as she clenches her fists besides her reddened face, and angrily says "stop underestimating these things! You never know when they'll come from, and in large numbers too!"

Cirno lifts her black-sleeved hand in front of her friend's face, and calmly says "relax Dai-chan. They're just scared of us. With me in our group, I bet those Heartless are all just afraid to come here."

The confident fairy starts pointing at herself with her thumb, and declares "I am the strongest fairy, after all! HA-HA-HA-HA!"

All the other girls just groan and sigh at the ice fairy's declarations, but none of them have to heart to tell her differently.


The call from Renko Usami, from the shrine's stairs, saves the small team of youkai from further awkwardness, and sounding genuinely happy, Daiyousei calls "ah, are you Miss Renko?"

The brown-haired girl sighs, then says to herself "not a shred of concern over the human that just came on her own without an escort."

She takes of her hat to fan herself with it, then calls back "yes, I'm Renko. Is Patchouli here-ARGH!"

She has no time to think on the pain of the impact to the back of the head she has just received.

All the brown-haired human has time for is to cover her face with her forearms before she hits the ground five feet away.

Before Renko has the chance to get up and see what hit her, Cirno and her friends ready their weapons as the ice fairy shouts "Heartless! They got dark fairies too!"

There is a large number of those dark fairies we know as Fluttering Furies hovering around the shrine's entrance, but large in numbers or not, the team of small youkai aren't afraid of them, and rush to fight the offending monsters.

Cirno takes her watermelon sword on hand, jumps in the air, and summersaults with the blade extended from her body, hitting the black fairy hard.

Mystia and Wriggle take on a single of those Furies, and it takes three claw swipes and a combo from the bug's batons to turn it to dust.

Rumia is making short work of her targets, just like Cirno, but she keeps wasting time by purposely swinging slowly.

From her left, Daiyousei angrily commands "Rumia, stop playing around and fight faster," before swinging her green staff, which has extended a bit, and now is as long as she is tall.

The girls fail to notice the clutter of black fairies ganging up on them from above, and it is clear these little monsters are going to strike for a quick kill, but that's when large earth pikes fly through all the horrible monsters, and turn them all to black dust after the barrage.

The youkai girls look up in surprise, then their gazes turn to Renko next to the shrine, who says "stop staring and fight! There's more coming!"


Renko quickly obeys Patchouli's command, and as soon as the massive flame spiral, which quickly takes the shape of a serpent, the youkai girls also drop, allowing the magic fire to do its job of turning the rest of those black fairies into black dust.

The girls quickly stand and rush to regroup with the spell casters, then Mystia yelps and falls when one of the Heartless trips her by cutting her ankle with its wing.

Cirno turns around, growls furiously at the sight of the night sparrow being forced to wrestle the monster away from herself, then shoots a fast barrage of ice.

The ice does nothing more than disappear into the black fairy's body and heal its prior wounds, and after Mystia screams "STOP! YOU'RE NOT HELPING!", the dumbstruck ice fairy stops her attack, and complains "they are eating the ice! Those cheaters!"

The angry night sparrow roars and thrusts her elongated purple nails right through the monster's face, painfully turning it to dust, crawls away to safety with help from Daiyousei, and after panting for a bit, she says "I prefer *pant* the boring Heartless!"

The sky is now filled with so many of those black fairies, even Patchouli, with her arsenal of magic spells on hand, is starting to have doubts, and so, with that doubt escaping through her breath, she calls "um, Mima! We need your help here!"

From the back of the shrine, the evil spirit loudly replies over the sound of explosions and lasers "I'd love to, sweetheart, but there's at least a hundred of these fluttering little monsters trying to get to Reimu. We need backup, and now!"

"There's no need," calmly says Patchouli as she opens her book, lifts a finger, and starts muttering incantations as fast as her mouth will permit.

"Protect the purple girl magician," commands Cirno before taking her watermelon sword on hand, and flying toward the dark fairies.

Rumia, Daiyousei, Mystia and Wriggle follow after her, while Renko erects a small stone shield behind Patchouli, and prepares to defend her.

Up above the shrine, those fairies start shooting little black oval bullets from their hands, and the gasping ice fairy shouts out the obvious "HOLY CRAP! THEY SHOOT DANMAKU TOO!"

Even Daiyousei wants to say something about that 'pointing out the obvious' thing, but she and all the airborne girls are having a hard time dodging the great fairy-leveled danmaku patterns, and some even have knives.

One of those knives flies past the opening on Renko's shield, and the magician is stabbed on the back before she can finish the incantation for the spell of light, and falls on her knees after yelping in pain.

The brown-haired human gasps, grabs a silver crown emblem that falls out of the magician's book, and shouts to it "Ail, Mickey, we need help!"

A few seconds later, Ail's blue gap opens up above the black fairies, and he and Mickey fall on the unsuspecting Heartless, releasing their hearts after two hits from their Keyblades, and quickly move on.

While those two deal with the monster clusters, Cirno and Daiyousei team up, and maneuver around bullets and knives until they reach the black fairies on the sides.

The ice fairy swings her sword and turns one of the Heartless to dust, then Daiyousei hits two at the same time with a sideway swing of her staff, a full-body swing, a sudden thrust, and then a simple, yet effective, downward smash, finishing the monsters off with that.

Cirno whistles in admiration, then moves toward the larger black fairy of the group along Daiyousei, who says "that's the one throwing so many knives! Let's get her together!"

Without warning, the ice fairy flies up, and immediately dives down with her sword held tight, striking the larger black fairy on the head, and pushing her to the ground.

The green-haired fairy follows after them, and lands next to the rising dust, and now finds herself fending off the Fluttering Furies that flew down after her.

After the dust clears, she sees Cirno striking the large black fairy with two diagonal swings, then said ice fairy jumps away from a wave of danmaku knives.

Daiyousei yelps and jumps to avoid the knives, takes this chance to begin a summersault descent, she holds out her staff and it begins to glow as her spin gains momentum, then she suddenly smashes it hard against the black fairies, finishing them all off, and earning herself a clap from the impressed ice fairy.

The quick celebration stops when a bunch of black knives fly above the now-ducking fairies' heads, then Cirno angrily says "that's right. I almost forgot about her."

And that's when the two fairies notice their friends are surrounding the large monster, and they all nod at the ice girl, acknowledging her while they await her advance.

The eager ice fairy quickly runs straight at the confused Heartless, followed promptly by Daiyousei, then Rumia, Mystia and Wriggle, and all, at the very same time, jump to the air, hit the monster with all their might upon their descent, and are pushed back, mostly out of their own fright, when a large pink heart flies right out of the disintegrating black body.

Still on their butts after being pushed back, the girls cheer excitedly, while Cirno shouts "HA! WE SAVED A HEART! AIL, MICKEY, WE RELEASED A HEART!"

That's when she notices the skies are clear, and that Ail, Renko, Mickey, Mima, and Patchouli, are all in front of the donation box, watching with light smiles on their faces.

The humanoid mouse sighs, then says "welp, we better get back to our own task, now that the shrine is safe."

The dense one nods, and says "good idea. Sanae and Aerith are waiting."

Mima grins mischievously, coos, then says "so, your girl, and another girl are waiting for you. How nice it must be to be such a heartbreaker."

Ail gasps with fright when he thinks of breaking Sanae's heart, then shouts "h-HEY! That's not funny! I'd never do something so vile!"

"Oh, he obviously missed the actual joke," says Renko, while laughing along everyone, and now both Ail and Cirno have a look of great confusion, and this is making them look like father and daughter, and, of course, everybody, even Mickey, laugh harder.

Back at the Bamboo Forest, things have settled down, and Heartless attacks have diminished, but even so, the party of four is still ready for anything.

During this time of peace, a thought crosses Kyo's mind, glances over at Goofy, and asks "hey, I've been meaning to ask you. Why do you use a shield to fight? Wouldn't a sword be more effective in battle?"

"Ah-hyuck," chuckles the humanoid dog, then says "oh, true that a sword would be more effective in a fight, but I am a royal guard, not a royal killer."

"My job is to protect others, and shields are made to protect, so it is only natural I use a shield, even when on the attack."

Kyo remains staring at the large dog while at a loss for word, so Goofy continues "besides, I don't like swords. Swords are dangerous. You could hurt someone you love, like a friend, and I don' know about you, but that's enough for me to not wan'em, ever."

The boy looks down to the ground while in thought, and softly says "I see. You know, you have a valid point there."

"Hate to break the warm little chat, but there's somethin' there that's callin' for some attention."

Cid's interruption turns the party's focus toward a black flame with a purple center that sits in the very middle of a small clearing, and Kyo quickly takes notice of his silver heart emblem reacting to the flame's presence, and says "this is it."

"What? This is the source?" excitedly asks Maribel, unable to hide her overexcitement due to her voice's tone, and her cute cat ears standing on their ends.

The black-haired boy starts walking toward the flame, and as though in a trance, he says "yeah, this is definitely it. How odd," while at the same time, Cid shouts "you muscle-head, don't go gettin' too close to that thing!"

Ignoring the blonde man, Kyo gets closer to the flame, and when at three feet away of it, it expels a strong, cold wind that pushes that boy back with ease.

"Idiot! Told you to not to get close!"

Cid's scolding goes unnoticed due to the amazing sight before them that even the blonde man has no choice but to gawk at in awe.

The simple flame has taken the shape of a large bird that flaps its wings threateningly, then that chuckling voice from before echoes around the party, and the bird takes flight while they are looking around in confusion.

"It's going after Luna and the others!", shouts Kyo before springing on to his feet and taking off running after that bird.

"WAIT! KYO, IT COULD BE A TRAAAAP!" shouts Goofy in hopes that his friend will slow down, while Cid and Maribel edge the large dog to run faster.

The black-flames bird burns new paths through the bamboo shoots, making the thick maze even more confusing than it is, though the group is too focused on it to take notice of the new paths taken, and that's when Kyo suddenly stops.

He and Maribel look up with a face full of shock and fright, while Goofy and Cid prepare themselves for battle, then the blonde man asks "who the heck is that girl?"

Kyo clenches his teeth, growls after hearing Luna scream after an explosion, and grumbles "that's Mokou Fujiwara."

"An immortal, and a good friend," adds Maribel with a bit of fright in her voice.


The double shout from the two outsiders was expected, but after hearing Luna scream again, the muscle-head roars as he charges blindly into battle.

At the other side of the bamboo, Keine looks up to the sky with teary eyes, and shouts "why, Mokou? Why are you doing this?"

Medicine is busy taking care of the Powerwilds and Fluffbounds the immortal keeps summoning, Luna is on her knees in front of Keine, a little singed on the face, while the history teacher keeps trying to reach her immortal friend.

Mokou Fujiwara has long light-violet hair that reaches down to her ankles, red eyes that flicker to purple and back, wears a dark brown shirt that seems to have been engulfed in flames before, long red pants with talismans set all over that are held by two shoulder straps, and a pair of dark brown boots that have a burned silver fire emblem at the tip of each.

She is currently flying high above the bamboo, looking down at the girls with a smile that becomes sinister as she says "what do you mean 'why'? Because I want that shrine maiden dead, so that I may take back my status as a noblewoman, and take control of Gensokyo! What other reasons should I have, you fool! ?"

At that very moment, her black flame rushes to her, enters through her back, merging with her and making her eyes turn dark purple, then she smiles and says "ah, it appears the others have arrive a little earlier than expected. No matter. That means I'll get to have twice the fun."

Keine kicks off the ground to try and reach her friend, crying as she shouts "Mokou, please, stop, you're not evil! You don't even care about nobility! You told me so!"

The darkened girl shoots a thin beam of flames at the history teacher and hits her on the chest, knocking her back to the ground, then shoots a flame toward Kyo's direction, and casually says "eh. That was then, this is now. Live in the moment, you cow."

The boy yelps when he almost crashes head-first against Mokou's flames, and while he and his party stop, the immortal grins as she begins her descent toward Keine, and says "and now, Miss Keine, it's time to awaken you to the darkness!"

Back at the warzone that is the Hakurei Shrine, the girls struggle on their own against a non-stop barrage of Air Shadows and Fluttering Furies.

Patchouli uses mineral spells to defeat three pairs of those Heartless that joined forces as they threatened to dive-bomb her, then grabs the silver emblem from her pocket, and desperately calls "Kyo! Goofy! We need help here! There's too many!"

All she gets as her reply is the boy groaning and screaming after several explosions, then she groans in frustration and shouts "no choice! AIL! MICKEY! WE NEED HELP!"

At that very moment, the magician finds herself straining her muscles as she is forced to jump and roll away from a barrage of danmaku from another one of those joined monsters, and shouts "Mima, the Fluttering Furies and crow things' danmaku is strong! Don't let it touch you!"

The evil spirit is currently helping Mystia turns another bunch of Furies into dust, and calls back "call them Air Shadows. Sounds cooler!"

She swings her crescent moon staff to hit one of the mentioned crows, and is surprised when that monster's beak easily deflects the attack and forces the weapon out of her hands.

She looks toward the gates, where Cirno is using an ice shield to protect Rumia and Daiyousei, and shouts "ice fairy, those birds' beaks break through defenses easily!"

Cirno raises an eyebrow after noticing the spirit calling for her, but being unable to hear Mima's words, and an Air Shadow shows what it is capable of through its own actions, breaking through her shield and tackling her head, leaving her on the floor, dazed out of her senses.

Renko joins Rumia and Daiyousei in backing the dazed fairy up, prepares a few magic-made earth spikes, then is shot from the back with black bullets that drain her energy and knock her on the floor.

"Miss Renko! Cirno-chan, get up! They hit Miss Renko!", shouts Daiyousei in her desperate attempt to remain brave, but now that all the flying monsters around them have merged, that bravery slips right out of her with a whimper.

She covers her face, awaiting the inevitable doom that's to befall her, yet all she hears is the sound of Heartless exploding while their hearts are being released.

She looks up to marvel excitedly as Ail, whom has Mickey on his back, Sanae, and a new girl dressed in pink, all work together to make short work of the somewhat stronger enemies.

The new girl has green eyes, long brown hair she styles into a braid on her back and coils to the side of her face, and wears a pink dress with magenta linings and buttons that go down her front, the last two remaining lose, a pair of brown boots, and adorns herself with metal coils around her wrists, a lilac belt around her waist with a black string tied into a bow by the hip, a black string tied around her neck, and has a red bow tying her braid.

The new girl raises her hand, green sparks cover Cirno, Rumia, Renko and Daiyousei, and now all feel stronger than they did in the morning.

Impressed, Cirno gets up as she exclaims "WHOOOAAAAHHH! I feel I can take on ALL of these things on my own!"

The girl, whom has a very sweet voice, calmly says "please don't! There are too many for you to take on by yourself!"

Patchouli gets closer to the girl, and says "so, you are Aerith? You have to teach me that spell."

Aerith giggles after smacking an Air Shadow on the face with the tip of her staff, touches the purple magician's shoulder, those green sparks fill the girl up, and suddenly, the girl's eyes become filled with magic and life, she summons a Royal Flare without prior incantations, and screams "get down!", to which everyone complies, then screams "MUUUKYUUUUUUNNNNN~", while the miniature sun expands.

Back at the Bamboo Forest, the hooded figure hurriedly finishes beating some Powerwilds at the distance, while Maribel concentrates on healing Keine, Luna and Goofy.

The black-clad Keyblade wielder notices those Heartless are focusing on the held Keyblade, and decides to run away while those monsters give chase, lessening the group's heavy load.

Kyo, Cid and Medicine are currently facing off Mokou on the ground, at a black clearing the immortal has made with her fire, and just stand in place, all waiting to see who makes the first move.

The blonde girl takes a step forward, grins wider, then sinisterly says "I always wanted to try out my strength against you, Mokou."

The immortal ignites her fists with hot flames as she grins, and says "bring it on, pipsqueak. I'll take you all out, and take Keine's heart!"

With that said, she throws her flaming punches forward, sending two massive fireballs along, and Medicine quickly engulfs the area in a thick blanket of poison, forcing Kyo and Cid away from her.

"WATCH IT MEDI!" shouts the black haired boy.

"Whoa there little lady! Give us a warnin'!" shouts the blonde man.

The very second those fireballs touch the blonde's poison, the entire mist ignites in a blinding mountain of intense flames that make the shape of a skull, and though the immortal snickers, her grin becomes a quick frown.

The flaming poison rushes forward, then Medicine and Su-San jump out of the curtain of fire and lunge straight at the immortal, readying a poisonous punch.

Mokou intercepts the attack with her own fire punch, which connects with the attacking blonde's and explodes with force, though not enough to push the girls away from each other.

Medicine kicks the fire girl, who blocks with her knee and tries to claw the doll youkai's face, but quickly finds herself igniting another poison cloud with her fire, before hopping back.

She throws a kick engulfed entirely in flames and intercepts Su-San's rush, though leaves her side open for Medicine to finally connect a punch on her ribs, and sends her flying away.

Mokou manages to sink her hand in to ground below her, stops her forced advance through the air, and uses the momentum of her rebound and ignites herself in fire to attempt and tackle the little blonde girl.

Kyo intercepts her with his wind shield, and sends her flying up, and as she screams and falls off course, Cid awaits for her with his spear at the ready, locks it under her armpit, swings her around once, then smashes her face on the ground.

The party regroups again, knowing the fight is not over, and true enough, when Mokou recovers, her flames cause an explosion of pebbles and dirt that catches the entire party off guard, and knocks them on their seats.

Before they can recover, she launches herself to the air, shoots three fireballs, one for each of their targets, then lunches straight to Kyo.

Cid and Medicine are blown away by the strong fireballs, while Kyo himself manages to push the fireball away with his wind shield, but now finds himself pinned down by the immortal, who is now trying to drill her fist through his shield.

She grins as she sinisterly says "I'll cut short from killing you, just so you may watch as I take you woman's heart before your very eyes," then ignites her fist with black flames.

This new attack is breaking through the boy's shield, but to his luck, Mokou screams out loud and flinches, allowing him to kick her off.

Maribel is punishing the immortal's back with a barrage of heart bullets, but before said girl can turn around to attack, Luna dives from above with her swords held tight, strikes Mokou on the face, then falls through to the ground, where she rolls and looks back to exclaim "what the heck?"

Instead of Mokou, floating three feet above the ground, as though lying on a stiff bed, is a ghostly purple image of the immortal, sleeping soundly with her hands linked over her chest.

It is at this moment that the hesitant Keine gets closer to look upon her friend, while Maribel asks "wait, what just happened? It is because she's immortal? Did we really just... kill her?"

The history teacher lets out a very silent and quick sob as she gets closer to the ghostly body of her friend, sighs, then says "Kyo, there's something in her stomach."

The mentioned boy is already standing behind Keine, sighs, and sadly says "I know. The emblem is going crazy. Don't worry though, I'm sure that, after we remove this, she'll be back to her old self.

Goofy watches from a distance with Cid, gnaws on his gloved hand, and asks "gawrsh. Why am I gettin' a bad feelin' about this?"

The blonde man rests his spear behind his back while looking at Medicine as she recovers and stands, and says "I don' know. Maybe because it all seems too simple."


Kyo follows his instincts as he gets closer to Mokou in order to remove whatever is resonating with the heart emblem on his shoulder's sleeve.

Only Keine and himself are close enough to the ghostly image, and as the boy lifts his arm and the emblem sends a ball of light through him, the ghostly immortal smiles, opens her eyes, and with an echoed voice, says "boo. Gotcha!"

The ghost disappears, and before anyone realizes what happened, the real Mokou bursts out of the ground, and unleashes a raging ball of fire from her own body.

Everyone screams as the fire engulfs the entire area, and as sudden as it started, it stops, and if it wasn't for Kyo's wind shield, he and Keine would be lumps of coal on the newly burned clearing in the forest.

Medicine flies through the air and dives straight at the immortal, clenching a poisonous fist while shouting "you damned idiot!"

Her punch in intercepted by a flaming hand that fizzles a bit when coming in contact with the gas, yet Mokou remains smiling, while the little blonde throws another kick, and shouts "you're gonna burn everything down!"

The grinning light-lilac haired girl grabs the poisonous doll youkai by the arm, easily lifts her up to her face, and sinisterly says "that's the plan, kid."

Medicine has a split second to cover her front with a mist of poison that explodes against Mokou's sudden fireball, and sends both flying away from each other.

Fujiwara, however, uses this as a chance to attack Luna and Cid, and with a swift move from her legs and hips, she smashes a foot on both defenseless characters before they even knew what hit them.

Soon after, she slides to a stop behind her victims, then quickly rushes straight to Keine and Maribel, and smiles at their 'preparedness'.

She lunges straight at the girls, grinning particularly vilely at the history teacher, tackles Maribel, breaking through her magical shield, grabs her old friend by the shoulders, and stares.

"Mokou! Mokou, Please, stop this! We just want to help you!", pleas the desperate girl.

The immortal smiles sinisterly, softly says "sorry, but she can't hear you right now, try again some other time," then winds her head back while the silver-and-blue haired girl gasps in horror.

The headbutt connects solidly, leaving Keine in a terrible daze, then Mokou aims to take that heart with haste, but Goofy rushes forth with his shield held tight while roaring, and forces the girl away from her victim.

The darkened girl growls as the humanoid dog takes her target away, but quickly turns her attention back to Medicine and Kyo, who stand bravely before her, the boy holding his sword and shield tight, while the doll youkai has her little companion and herself readied with more poison.

The immortal girl begins to hover three feet above the ground, covering herself with fire as she threatens the two locals, then says "My Lady's plans will not be held back by a couple of roaches like you! You will never free Reimu!"

That's all the boy needs to hear to charge straight into the fire with his shield and sword raised, and is followed promptly by the little blonde, who's looking for some revenge after getting hit.

Kyo swings his sword at Mokou's face, Medicine lunches herself head-first at the girl's stomach, and all the immortal can do is brace for impact.

She is sent flying back against the few remaining bamboo shoots in the area, Medicine follows with a punch to the face, and a rush attack from Su-San, then the immortal girl pushes the little attackers away with a quick pulse of fire.

The immortal recovers quickly and begins to hover forward, but is quickly intercepted by Goofy, who tackles her with a shield to the chest, and pushes her back toward Kyo, who prepares his sword like a baseball bat.

The black dog stops his charge after a final push, and Mokou is forcefully intercepted by a hot sword to the back, though thankfully to her, the boy uses the broad side of the blade to strike her.

She is sent to the air by force, where she is met with Maribel's hearts, and Keine's lasers, the latter severely weakened, and roars with fury and pain as her skin is burned by the danmaku.

Luna and Cid rush to the girls to help them beat the immortal, but that's when Mokou's roar becomes a force of energy that pushes everyone flat on the ground, and before long, even Medicine is unable to move.

"Kuh! No! We had her!", cries out Kyo in frustration.

Luna manages to crawl toward the boy, grabs his hand, and shouts "we have to get out of here, before she decides to kill us!"


Mokou's voice echoes all over the Bamboo Forest, her eyes seem to be ignited with her own fire, what visible parts of her skin is red and stressed from the strain of power she's using, and dark blood starts dripping from the corner of her mouth.

"You are all going to pay dearly for laying your filthy hands on me!"

Right after her threat, the energy pressure lessens enough for the large party to stand, but before they can, they feel a burning force gather below them.

They are all lifted to the air by what looks like a set of beams of orange fire that seems to make a giant bird's claw, all are squeezed together when that claw tightens itself, then the immortal sinisterly says "still, to kill you would be a waste. Instead, I'll just mess you up enough to give me time to turn you all into Heartless!"


Cid's complaints fall on deaf ears as they are all wound up, then thrown away toward a thick and dangerous concentration of bamboo shoots with very sharp tips on the top.

Everyone cries out, frightened by the thought of the pain they are about to feel, while the immortal girl smiles sinisterly as she awaits for the satisfying sound of impaling bodies.

Her smile quickly turns to a frown when, instead, all the screaming stops, but there is no sound of ripping flesh, and what's worst, her new playmates have disappeared.

Moments later, Kyo can hear Goofy and Maribel groaning as they get up, and the girl complaining "ugh, why am I still hurting if I'm dead?"

The boy suddenly opens his eyes, looks around at his friends groaning on the ground, then excitedly says "guys, guys, we're not dead! We're alive! And we're in..."

And that's when he sees the mansion of Eientei standing proudly before their sprawled bodies, and so he slowly gets up on his feet, and finishes "we're at Eientei, you guys."

"Great, now she's going to wonder what happened to you," says the familiar, irritated voice of Eirin Yagokoro, who stands to the party's right, as she irritably sighs and continues "well, whatever. As long as she doesn't come over here, we should be alright."

Eirin has long silver hair made into a braid behind her back, dark grey eyes, and wears a blue and red nurse's cap with a golden cross on its center, a red and blue vest under a white shirt with puffy sleeves, a blue and red skirt that reaches down to her ankles, a pair of black slippers, and her dress and cap have constellations on them.

She rubs the bridge of her nose as she sighs again, and now has Keine in front of her, ready to give the explanation of their sudden appearance.

After the explanations, Eirin rubs her chin while in deep thought, and says to herself "so that's why this incident remains unresolved. And here I thought Mokou has only snapped on her own accord. It was the Heartless after all."

Reisen Udongein Inaba, a moon rabbit with long light-purple hair, red eyes, rumpled rabbit ears that seem to have buttons on the base, whom wears a white button shirt, a red tie, a short blue skirt, and black shoes, walks out of the mansion, and calls "Master, the relaxant isn't working on her anymore. What should I do?"

There is a bit of worry and urgency in the girl's eyes, so the Lunarian pharmacist calmly says "let me handle her. Please treat our guests' wounds. They're going to need the extra health."

"Roger," eagerly replies the girl before reaching inside for her first aid kit.

Cid wants to protest, wondering, like the rest, what that woman meant by what she said, but he's already on the care of the cute bunny girl, and noticing this, he mellows down and smoothly says "well, good afternoon young lady. Please, be gentle with me."

Being the expert that she is, Reisen finishes with his wounds, chuckles nervously, then quickly rushes over to Luna, leaving the blonde man amazed of her speed and skill.

She leans closer to the silver haired girl with the red highlights, and whispers "who is that weirdo?", while the blonde man celebrates the Moon rabbit nurse.

Before Reisen is done with Luna, Kyo coldly asks "what did Eirin mean? Are you going to kick us out as soon as you're done treating us?"

"Not exactly," says a child-like, yet wise-sounding voice from the direction of the clinic.

Everyone looks to Tewi Inaba, who has short black hair that reaches her shoulders, red eyes, wears a simple pink dress, and has a red necklace with a carrot dangling near her heart.

She walks casually toward the large group, and says "you see, since that insane immortal is looking for you, we need you out of here to keep the princess safe. However, we are not coldhearted. We have a plan for you."

With his arm bandaged and already feeling better, Goofy chuckles, and asks "a plan? You mean to say you wan' us to sneak around the back of that there immortal lady and get 'er?"

Even Reisen has to raise an eyebrow in surprise after hearing such an allegation, then Eirin, who is now next to the Earth rabbit, coldly says "your intuition is quite amazing, visitor. And it's just like you say. We have the means to do this without you being detected, so you'll be alright for a while."

Maribel is the only one that takes notice of Eirin's words, and says "um, right, Miss Eirin, Miss Reisen, Miss Tewi, these are Mister Goofy and Mister Cid."

She points at the dog humanoid and says "he fell from a ship he was using to travel with his friends...

Meanwhile, somewhere in heaven, Tenshi and some angels are flying for dear life while the red, orange, and yellow ship chases after them above the city of Bahva-Agra.

Back at Eientei, Maribel points at the blonde man, and says "he fell out of the sky from this weird vortex thingie. He's good though."

The man scratches the back of his head to hide his discomfort, and says "don't mind me. Just lookin' for some friends and got tangled up in this mess."

The Lunarian bows her head politely, then says "a pleasure, but we're running out of time. Mokou is looking for you, and if she finds us here, the princess will be in danger."

"It's not like she can die," casually comments Luna, before Maribel politely asks "and where is Miss Kaguya?"

The silver-haired woman stares at Kyo's girl and coldly says "that doesn't mean I'll allow harm to come to her," then gestures her hands toward the mansion, and says "and she's very occupied at the time."

And in the center of the foyer of the mansion is Kaguya Houraisan, sitting with her legs crossed under her long burgundy skirt with the yellow bamboo, flowers and hearts designs on it.

She has very long, silky looking black hair, her dark brown eyes remain hidden as she focuses, and her pink shirt has long sleeves, and is adorned by several white ribbons, and she currently has Reisen's golden crescent moon pin on the collar.

Kyo observes the way the Moon Princess floats two feed over the floor, and says "so, you're hiding Eientei from Mokou with Kaguya's ability, even though Reimu asked you to never do that again."

"Reimu is not here," coldly barks Eirin, before more calmly saying "and the bamboo pikes you saw are a little device of mine. But that's not important. You three..."

She points at Kyo, Medicine and Goofy, and says "my scouts tell me you handled that girl well, so you are to take the path that will lead you directly underneath her. Move fast, though. She's bound to move."

Medicine raises an eyebrow, and says "a path, huh. Where is it? I only see the exit of this boring place."

Her answer comes when Tewi jumps over her, lands in front of the left side of the mansion's outer walls, and opens up a secret door while proudly saying "this path! A tunnel made by myself. That girl will never even know you're coming."

Eirin, then, points at Keine, Cid, Maribel and Luna, and says "and you'll be taking the other path that should lead you away from the battle, so that you may take her by surprise. Mokou may be well versed in battle, but she's narrow when she picks her target."

Tewi jumps high in the air, lands at the other side of the outer walls, opens another trap door, and says "better get moving. The trek's a little long, and flying or running is impossible inside."

The large group look around at each other, hesitant about splitting up, especially knowing what awaits them out there.

That's when, from the emblem, Mima says "hunk, do as she says. Please, we need you to work fast. The attacks here have been relentless, and I swear, these Heartless are starting to get stronger!"

"What's wrong! ? Mima, what the hell happened?", hurriedly asks the black haired boy.

Patchouli is heard taking over, and quickly says "we've been attacked several times, and each time the Heartless have attacked more furiously. They are after Reimu's heart. Please hurry up out there and return here as soon as possible. Marisa is currently engaged with her target as we speak, so she can't come."

Mima is once again heard taking over, and says "look, the cute fairy and her adorable little friends are doing a great job, but we need some extra muscle. Ail and Mickey have done what they can, but we can't rely on them all the time. And not to alarm you, but they aren't answering. I hope they're just busy."

Kyo nods, looks to his team, signals them to rush over to the trap door, and calls "alright, we got ourselves a time limit! Let's hurry this up and save two places at once!"

With that said, Goofy and Medicine chase after the boy, while Luna and her team rush to the other trap door, with Cid lagging behind them and complaining "damned Heartless cause nothin' but trouble, I say!"

Eirin just watches them go, and after they are all gone, she sighs and says "Udonge, prepare the guest rooms. Something feels... off."

Meanwhile, inside the dark tunnel, the path has narrowed down to the point where even Medicine has to crawl to move.

The mentioned girl groans impatiently, and says "couldn't that rabbit have made these paths wider? We've been in here for an hour, all thanks to this stupid crawling!"

Kyo stops his advance, stopping Goofy and Medicine as well, taps on a trap door twice, and coldly says "we're here, you exaggerate whiner. Are you guys ready?"

He can hear them nodding, especially when Goofy hits his head on the low ceiling, and with a grin on his face, he says "alright, let's go!"


Mokou flies all over and around the Bamboo Forest, looking down from above the shoots and roaring impatiently after failing to find her new toys.

"Where the hell are they? Keine! I want Keine's heart! I NEED IT!"

She roars to the sky, shooting a beam of fire to the air to vent her rage, then suddenly stops, lowers her head, and grins.

Kyo flies from the ground, straight toward the immortal with his shield held tight and at twice its normal size, and Mokou intercepts him with a sudden back-kick that almost pushes him away.

He grunts as he pushes back against her kick, while the girl calmly says "and here I was thinking that you left. Glad to see I can still play with you."

The boy smiles back, the wind around his shield begins to move faster every second, then he chuckles and says "oh yes, let's play. Why don't you come down first, though? There are two very special people that want to play with you too."

With that, he jerks his shield, forcing the flaming girl to spin in place uncontrollably, then he grabs his shield from the lower edges, summersaults for momentum, and smashes the dizzy girl on the head, forcing her down to the ground.

Before she crashes, Goofy rockets up to her with his shield above his head, saying "sorry ma'am," and smashes her back against his shield, and throws her away toward a bamboo shoots wall.

Before she hits the expected wall, Medicine jumps to intercept her with a cloud of poison, and after the slightly paralyzed girl falls to the ground, the blonde sends Su-San to rush her several times.

As Mokou slowly recovers from the poisoning and the beating, the party of three regroups, then Kyo declares "I'm taking that thing out of your stomach, Mokou. We're freeing Reimu and you, I don't care if you don't want to saved."

The immortal girl struggles with herself as she stands, chuckles, causing her entire body to convulse, a purple aura surrounds her body, and sounding steeled, she says "nobody can save that maiden; nobody can save me. I am lost to the darkness, and so will she be, soon. Kyo, Medi, Goofy dog, hit me as hard as you can, harder if you have to, but you will fail. At least keep me away from Keine..."

"The nice Lady Keine?", asks Goofy, while Kyo and Medicine share a glance with a raised eyebrow.

The confused boy glowers at the immortal, then asks "what the hell are you even talking about? What about Keine? What's the deal with her?"

Mokou grips her head hard, falls on her knees as she bends her torso, as though having a terrible headache and stomach ache at the same time, and through roars, she says "Keine... important! The full moon! Rewrite the his..."

The immortal girl suddenly bends backward and lifts her arms as she screams to the sky, her purple ghost self splits from her body, mimicking the same movements as the main body, and now both bend back forward and breathe hard against the ground.

After several breaths, Kyo demands "Mokou! Speak! What are you talking about! What did you mean 'rewrite his'? His what? Who?"

The immortal starts to chuckle along with her ghostly half, slowly lifts her head, and says "did you... really think... your stupid little split-up plan would WORK AGAINST ME?"

Her purple ghost lifts her right hand, aims it at Luna's party over at the distant left, and two massive Heartless; a Powerwild and a Fluffbound; threaten to crush the girl and her party under their clawed feet.

Seeing those massive monsters threaten his woman, Kyo loses his head and tries to rush to her aid, screaming "LUNA! I'm coming for you, just hold-"

He doesn't get far before the entire area is surrounded by that round dark glass-like barrier, and as he turns around to face the two Mokous, the wind around his shield intensifies, and in a dark undertone, he demands "open the damned path, Mokou. I swear, if something happens to Luna, I'll make you pay."

The real immortal girl's irises are now constantly shrinking and growing inside the insane-looking eyes of hers, and she laughs a bit before saying "that's it. THAT IS IT! Shoot your best at me! Hit me with... ALL you've got!"

Kyo regroups with his party with a quick jump, all raise their defenses, and now everyone in that barrier is ready to begin the fight.

Kyo, Goofy and Medicine run straight to the real Mokou, who seems to be fighting with herself just to keep on her feet, as if lost in her own mind.

They are intercepted by the black flames of the ghostly Mokou, who smiles and confidently says "like hell you're touching her. Come on, fight with me! I'm more fun!"

Before either of them can move, the ghostly doppelganger becomes a large blade of black and purple fire that rushes straight at the party, and nocks them back hard.

Medicine gets off her stomach and shakes her head, roars furiously, then rushes blindly toward the fake immortal.

Before that ghost can react, she's being run through by Su-San, just before the blonde youkai girl smashes a poison-covered fist against the dark target's cheek, then shouts "Confusion, Into Delirium!"

The immediate area around her and the ghostly being is engulfed in a nerve gas that causes severe stress, but before the ghostly girl can contemplate that, she is bombarded by large green danmaku orbs and smaller yellow ones.

Even Kyo and Goofy have to drop low to the ground to avoid getting caught by the bullets, and even though Medicine notices, she continues to bombard both Mokous with her attack.

The spell cancels out, Kyo and Goofy quickly get on their feet, and now Medicine is flying backward.

From the looks of things, Mokou has recovered from her daze, and has just kicked the doll youkai away.

The boy and the dog look at each other, nod, then Goofy shouts "COME ON!", as he charges toward the ghostly immortal, while Kyo goes to the real immortal girl.

She shoots a fireball at his shield, he bounces it back with a push, then rushes toward her, taking the flaming distraction to his advantage to try and land a shield-bash on her face.

She falls on her butt, roars, and furiously says "I'm getting real sick of you all!", then flies up and lands a strong punch on the boy's shield, pushing him back, even though he manages to hold his ground.

Before he can recover, the fire girl ducks and sweeps her foot across his, knocking him to the ground.

She moves in for a killing blow, but Kyo summons a smaller wind shield to his left hand and throws it at her face.

Mokou only has a moment to flick that shield away with a flame-covered arm, then as she prepares to counter, her ghost half crashes against her from the left, knocking both to the ground.

"Come on, Kyo! We got em' on the run," declares the humanoid dog, making the boy smile and get up just as Medicine regroups with them.

They watch as the two Mokous are forcefully merged again, then the poison girl points and says "this is the end! Let's finish her off while we can!"

All three rush to the immortal, the boy tries a side-swing with his shield, but his target rolls backward, so the black dog speeds up and rushes her with his shield, managing to strike her on the ribs, then the blonde girl jumps to the side to intercept their target with palms readied with more paralyzing poison.

Mokou uses the momentum of the push from Goofy, kicks Medicine on the forehead, grabs the humanoid's shield and drops on her back on the ground, then kicks his stomach and sends him flying over herself toward the youkai girl, whom he crushes with his body.

"Kyooooo! We need help!"

Mokou looks to where the other party is having their fight, smiles, then says "heh, by the looks of things, it seems like Keine's heart will soon be ours, along with those others."

Kyo comes rushing in with fire sword on hand and swings with all his might, barely missing the immortal girl, who only had enough time to move sideways before getting smacked on the face with the wind shield.

The boy swings his sword again, but the girl catches it with her bare, flaming hands, strikes him across the face with the back of her forearm, then she is kicked on the side by the angry Medicine.

Goofy charges the girl again, catching her off guard from behind, Kyo swings his sword and strikes her across the chest, then Medicine sends Su-San for another rush.

Mokou moans as she stumbles forward, fights her dizziness as she stumbles right, moans as she holds her head, falls on her knees while holding her head, then whispers "dammit, I got careless," and falls facedown to the ground.

The party stares at the immortal as her body twitches slightly on the ground, then the blonde doll says "alright, we did it! Now take that damned thing out of her before-"


All three turn their heads as the barrier shatters to pieces all around them, then Kyo and Medicine both yelp "LUNA!", then rush to help her.

Goofy gasps, looks at Mokou's unconscious body, then at his friends, then runs after them, calling "WAIT A MINUTE! WHAT ABOUT THE IMMORTAL GIRL?"

On the other side of the field, Luna, Cid and Keine find themselves cornered by the giant Powerwild, while Maribel is flying around the giant Fluffbound and showers it with heart bullets and water spells, all while making sure to keep away from the range of its double-kicks.

The blonde tries to rush over to the others' aid, but the giant rabbit Heartless jumps and gets in her way, then she calls "I can't get to you! ARGH! Someone do something!"

Luna snarls at the giant monkey Heartless, watches as it prepares to lunge forward, readies her swords, and right after the monster jumps, swinging its massive claws at impressive speeds, she roars while swinging her blades with all her might, and blocks the giant monkey, making it fall on its face after flinching.

"GOOD ONE, LUNA!", shouts Cid just as he moves closer to the monster's face and begins to swing his spear against it with deadly accuracy.

Keine focuses her beams on the palm of her hand, then shoots two thick red beams at its torso, while Luna herself combines several sword swings and kicks on the other side of its head.

The Powerwild suddenly pushes itself off the ground, lands on its feet a good eight feet away from the party, then swings its right arm as if venting his anger and frustration.

Cid suddenly screams, and when Luna and Keine look back, they realize he is being sucked by the same vortex that brought him over to Gensokyo.

The girls call for him, quickly rush to him and grab on to his spear, then both pull with all their might, but even with Keine's youkai strength, he's slipping.

"No! Hold on Cid! We got you!", grunts the history teacher.

Luna grunts and pulls, notices the Powerwild is coming for them, and desperately shouts "HEEEEEEELP!"

That's when Cid snarls and says "lemme go! That thing'll kill ya if you don't!"

"No! What about your friends?" snaps the girl. "How do you plan on finding them if you're not here?"

The blonde man glowers at the girls, then says "last chance to let me go, ladies! If you don't that thing'll tear ya."

The girls ignore his words, the Powerwild is moving too fast for them to save him in time, so he lifts his right hand and does a quick chop on both their fingers, making them flinch and forcing them to let him go.

The world slows down as he falls down into the swirling darkness, shouting "don' you worry about me! Just keep fightin'!"

The vortex closes up, and both Luna and Keine are left hyperventilating, unable to believe what's going on, but their confusion has to be put on hold, for they have a giant charging Heartless coming at them.

Keine looks hurt and unwilling to fight, while Luna looks about ready to tear that monster's limbs from their sockets with her hands alone, and so rushes forth, roaring as she grabs her swords from their sheath and prepares to kill.

She takes flight to meet with its face, winds her right arm back, and strikes it in the eye the very same moment when Kyo lands his sword on its back.

Meanwhile, the history teacher remains where she is, thinking "this... this is different. Mokou; she's not herself. These Heartless are more dangerous than I thought. They... SHE is after my heart. This is so frightening. And Cid... what just happened? What is happening? Someone..."

She holds her head and whimpers while breathing through her teeth, while thinking "someone help! Someone do something! Reimu! Someone get Reimu! She can save everyone! SHE ALWAYS DOES!"

Without her notice, she is now being embraced from behind by the ghostly image of the purple Mokou, who sweetly and sinisterly says "you are afraid. Don't be, Keine. The darkness is more wonderful than you think."

"B-but it's so cold. I don't like that."

"You'll get used to it. I promise you will. I'll be there with you the whole time too. Think about it. You won't feel the pains of love, the sting of the sun, or the fake warmth from those who claim to be your friends."

A cold chill crawls down the teacher's spine, and with her eyes closed, unable to open them, with in a frightful tone, she says "no. P-please, Mokou, let me go. You're scaring me."

The ghostly Mokou has her hands stuck inside Keine's chest, and with that soft, sweet, and sinister voice, she says "I'm sorry, but it's too late. Your heart now belongs to me."

"NOOOOOO! Get away from her!"

Maribel screams at the top of her lungs, getting the attention of everyone to the teacher and the Heartless ghost, and how its slowly pulling the light out of the woman's heart.

She forgets her Fluffbound and rushes to aid the history teacher, but that Heartless quickly jumps in her way, so she desperately pulls a spell card from underneath her hat, and declares "Dawn Sign, Break Through Twilight!"

The girl's body gets engulfed in a bright golden aura that increases her physical capabilities, and without giving it much thought, she plunges right through the Heartless' chest, turning it into dust and releasing its heart by force.

But she doesn't care. Her focus is on reaching Keine before it's too late.

She's so focused on that goal that she fails to notice the Powerwild trying to claw her from behind turning to dust and having its heart free, nor does she notice the edging from Kyo and Luna to hurry up and save the woman.

The ghostly Mokou smiles at the blonde girl, then quickly pulls her hands out of Keine's chest with her heart on her vile hands, and with a chuckle, she disappears into a dark vortex.

Maribel screams in her frustration after failing to save her friend, repeatedly calls for Keine, but can't even hear herself doing so, but even so, she manages to land next to the empty body, and catch it before it falls to the ground.

"Keine. Keine!", she desperately whispers, smacking the woman's cheeks in hopes of waking her up.

The others arrive a minute after herself, just to watch in horror and despair as Keine's empty eyes close up on their own.

Maribel ends up crying on the woman's chest, Kyo looks away, snarling to the air, Medicine tries hard to not show any emotion, and fails when her tears start to well up under her eyes, and Goofy initially covers his mouth to suppress his gasp, and is quick to offer a warm hand on the blonde cat-girl's shoulder.

Kyo immediately takes notice of Luna's lost and horrified face, but before he makes his move, she slowly moves her confused and empty gaze to meet his eyes, and asks "what just... She's gone? Cid too? I failed them?"

He doesn't wait of the invitation, and quickly grabs his girl and holds her tight against himself, where she lets herself go, drops her sword, returns the embrace, and cries out loud "they're gone! I failed them!"


After having calmed his girlfriend down, Kaizo Yumeda sighs his grief away, and says "we can't stay here. We have to move, or else we will be in danger."

"That's right. Listen to the boy."

Mokou's mocking voice, now sounding warped, echoed and twisted, mixing with the ghostly half of herself, earns the scornful glares from the remaining party members.

Luna trembles as she bites her bottom lip hard enough to draw a trickle of blood, picks her swords up from the ground, and with her body trembling with rage, she shouts "GIVE THEM BACK! GIVE KEINE AND CID BACK! HE'S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!"

The immortal raises her left hand, and from it ignites a black flame as she says "Cid? He's not important. Don't worry about him. He's probably home right now, that is, if the Heartless didn't take him already."

She raises her right hand, and ignites an orange flame from it as she says "her heart, however, now belongs to us. We have nothing to fear anymore. Nobody can interfere. With her on our side, history will run its course, right through the full moon."

She joins her hands together to make a black flame with an orange center, and says "sorry, but we still want that empty shell she left behind. You won't mind, I'm sure."

Kyo's sword bursts with golden flames as he, Goofy, Maribel, Medicine, and Luna, stand firm in front of Keine's body, then the boy points the blade at the immortal, and says "you're not touching her again."

Mokou shoots the mixed flame, which Kyo easily deflects with his shield and shouts "spread out! Don't give her room!"

The party spreads out, while Goofy and Kaizo go forth for the first attack.

The immortal girl kicks the humanoid dog, but gets a slash from the boy's sword that sends warm jolts of pain into her cold heart.

She screams as she bends over, holding her stomach, instead of the cut, or her flaming heart, the Goofy takes the chance and spins in place with his arms extended, landing several hits on the immortal's face before sending her flying away.

Maribel and Luna don't even give Mokou the chance to get back up as they both shower her with hearts and kunai bullets, then Luna jumps in, viciously lands the thick and tall platforms of her geta sandals on her target's stomach, then jumps away just before the immortal girl ignites herself in fire again.

Even though in pain, Mokou manages to stand up, roars "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!", then lifts both arms to her side and starts shooting wave after wave of black and orange flames all around herself.

In her rage, she fails to notice Medicine sneaking below the danmaku, and by the time she notices, she is it by a nerve-wrecking poison that could kill a normal human.

Though she falls, the immortal girl retains her consciousness, but that's just what the doll was hoping for, and as she gets closer to the downed girl, she sinisterly says "to think you'd stoop so low. I am not holding back anymore."

Su-San rushes out of nowhere and tears through Mokou's shoulder, then Medicine grabs the immortal by the back of the head, and delivers a punch to her face with skin-burning poison oozing all over her knuckles.

The burning is bad enough to cause the immortal girl to free herself from the poisonous youkai's grip, but even as she holds her burning face and screams in agony, she lands a massive ball of fire straight in to the blonde's chest, blowing her far away from reach.

Fujiwara furiously rubs her face, trying her best not to scratch herself, for doing so would only make it burn more, and now she hears footsteps headed her way, and there's nothing she can do to even see who it is.

Kyo reaches the blinded girl, cuts a golden flaming X in the air with his sword and pushes it toward Mokou, who feels as though she's being repeatedly cut in an X shape over and over, while being pushed back to Goofy.

"COME ON!", shouts the black dog as he rockets upward and pushes the immortal along with his shield.

He finishes the attack by pushing the girl towards the boy, and shouts "take it from 'ere, Kyo! Take that thing out of 'er!"

"ON IT," roars the muscled boy as he intercepts Mokou in the air and summersaults the same way as Mickey would, punishing Mokou until there's no fight left in her, then smashes her down to the ground with all his might.

The fiery girl can only grunt as her body hits the ground, and though weak, she moans as she tries to get back up, but Kyo is already on her, raising his emblem arm and roaring.

Unknown to him, yet known at the same time, he is filling the emblem with the power of his own heart, and with it, the emblem itself glows red.

The glow becomes a small, round fluff of light that, as soon as the boy places his hand on the immortal's stomach, rushes through him and goes inside of her.

Mokou screams as though in agonizing pain, the dark purple crystal inside of her, similar to that of Reimu's prison, reveals itself to Medicine, Kyo and Goofy, the latter gasping before saying "that's just like Miss Reimu's crystal!"

"Destroy it," edges the poisonous girl, and that is just what the boy intends to do.

"Let me go!"

All heads turn to the left, where Maribel lies on her back on the ground, while the beat-up Luna is being held by the ghostly Mokou, the very same way she held Keine before taking her heart.

The ghost grins as she reaches inside the girl's chest, then laughs and says "two powerful hearts in just one night! I'm on a roll!"

The boy, doll and dog completely forget their duty, and rush to the girl's aid, while said girl struggles bravely against the ghost.

From the emblem, Patchouli desperately calls "NO, KYO! You almost had her! What happened? Yumeda!"

"Let her go," demands the boy as he speeds up, calling off his shield to gain more momentum.

The ghostly Mokou chuckles, lifts high to the air with the girl, then shrugs, says "fine. Here you go," and lets the weakened girl fall to her death.

Kyo kicks off the ground and manages to fly as fast as Momiji can run, though only for a second, which is enough for him to catch his girl, and save her life.

They roll several times on the ground, come to an abrupt stop, then the boy quickly gets back up, rushes to the girl, places her upper body on his lap, and taps her face while softly calling for her.

It seems her heart has been taken, for after so many calls, the girl doesn't respond, even once.

Kyo starts to sob, tears start flowing down his eyes, and embraces the girl while crying "no! Luna, don't go! Dammit, don't go! I don't want to do this without you!"

He feels a weak pair of hands returning his embrace, then the girl softly says "you... idiot. I'm tougher than... than you are."

A mixture of sobs and chuckles escape the boy as he tightens the embrace on the girl, and happily cries "you're ok! Dammit, don't scare me like that! Dammit all, Luna! Don't scare me like that again!"

Medicine clears her throat, and when the black haired boy looks up with dry eyes and a clam face, he sees her looking down on the couple with a somewhat worried and disgusted face, and to her right is Goofy, helping the weak, but smiling Maribel keep on her feet.

The little blonde taps her foot impatiently, then angrily says "we forgot Mokou! Kyo, she's on her feet again! We have to get out of here, like right now!"

Fire rains all over the group, and all they can do is duck and cover their heads, however, the fireballs only explode very weakly and cause very little damage.

Behind them, Mokou is holding her stomach and breathing hard through her mouth.

Black ooze dribbles from the corner of her mouth, which she spits to the side before roaring "you! I'm going to make you all suffer!"

She lifts her arm and tries to ignite a flame, but what she gets it a burning pain on her stomach that forces her to bend over while holding herself.

The thought of rushing her now and ending this crosses the heroes' minds, but the immortal girl is no fool, and in a last, desperate attempt to save herself, she shouts "GET AWAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!", giving herself a boost of power that allows her to generate a burst that sends everyone, even herself, flying sky high to separate directions.

Mokou's clothes tear a bit after she bounces off some bamboo shoots, crashes on the ground of a secluded clearing nearing the exit of the Bamboo Forest, and instead of resting, she quickly rolls on her stomach, and gets on her knees.

She holds her stomach while wincing and breathing hard through her teeth, she coughs a bit more black ooze out of her mouth, then whimpers "oh no. The light is taking her back. No, I need her. She's too strong to let go! Too dangerous!"

The girl coughs a whole black blob, this one with bits of purple slime on it, grimaces while shaking in place, then says "master. Master will be displeased. I have to do it. I have to find that light first... Where is it?"

She closes her eyes, and finds herself inside a wide and fiery room, where the real Mokou Fujiwara's spirit is currently sleeping soundly, surrounded by a ring of fire that keeps her floating vertically.

The purple Mokou snarls with every breath taken as she looks around the flaming room, then smiles when she finds a bright light that seems to be eating through the gobs of darkness that used to cover the entirety of that heart she's in.

The ghostly girl points a shaking finger at the spark of light, and says "you won't free her! I'll kill her first!"

With that, the dark ghost closes her eyes, and focuses, humming while taking all her concentration, and focusing it all on the task at hand.

An eerie dark purple aura surrounds her ghostly body, the entire aura seems to lift itself off the girl's body, rising up above her head and concentrating into a ball.

The dark immortal looks up with a vicious grin, and says "I don't care what master said. I'm KEEPING this body, even if I have to kill that Reimu girl for it!"

She shoots the now-massive orb of darkness at the light, and the two clash inside the immortal's heart, shooting dangerous sparks of light and darkness all over the narrow, yet ample space.

The darkness easily consumes the light, and it immediately shoots out of the immortal's heart and out of Mokou's body, back outside to the real world, and zips all the way back to Reimu, reaching her the very second Shanghai's crystal is destroyed.

Back at the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, Mokou is back on her feet, her eyes have turned dark purple, almost getting to be fully black, and with a satisfied grin on her face, she inspects her entire body.

"Yes, yes, yeeessssss," celebrates the dark immortal. "This body remains mine! And the maiden survived my attack too. She's strong, I'll give her that, but not strong enough. Heh, now, I want to find those despicable heroes and give them a token of appreciation for all their hard work."

She starts to cackle with her hands raised to chest height, ignites to black flames, one above each hand, and countless Heartless start gathering around her, all seemingly eager to join in her celebration.


Kyo paces back and forth in front of Eirin's Clinic, muttering while doing so, while Goofy sits in front of Reisen, around the living room's table, and Medicine sits outside the mansion, on the stairs to the veranda, with Su-San sitting on her shoulder, and painfully aware of Tewi, who's watching her from the building's corner.

As the boy walks around, from his emblem, Mima asks "so she escaped? What happened to Keine's body? Did she take it with her?"

Before Kyo can answer, Renko's voice comes clear from behind Mima and Patchouli when asking "what about Mary? Is she alright? What happened to Mary! ?"

The boy continues pacing around, while calmly saying "relax, she's fine. Eirin is treating her and Luna as we speak. They had their close calls. But like I said earlier, Keine's heart was taken. Maribel was very upset about it... and I don't blame her."

He takes a calming breath, then says "Mokou has the crystal we are looking for. I knew, because the emblem trembled very hard when near it, but she's a formidable opponent. She and her ghostly clone."

Patchouli sighs hard enough to make it seem like a groan, then says "this is bad. We really need the backup over here."

Kyo gasps, but before he can ask, the purple magician calmly says "we lost one of the girls, we lost all contact with Ail and Mickey, the Heartless keep getting stronger, and if they attack now, I'm afraid we'll lose the shrine to them."

The boy just sighs, looks around as though seeking an answer, but all he sees is Goofy and Medicine looking back at him with wonder from the mansion.

After another sigh, he says "this really sucks. I thought we would have Reimu freed by now, and now you tell me you need help over there. Gah, is there anything anyone can do? I mean, Cid just got sucked by that gassy vortex, then Keine gets subdued by the darkness."

"Kyo," calmly begins Patchouli again. "Be careful when you take on Mokou again. Yes, I know you're going after her. You are too stubborn to just give up. But listen, when Marisa broke the crystal on her target, Reimu's heart almost broke."

The boy gasps, but before he can speak, the girl continues "don't think of stopping now. We HAVE to get Reimu out of there. Just be careful in the way you do it. We'll do our best to... oh, I can hear Donald! Sorry Kyo, but I need to contact them now!"

"Fine," roughly says the boy. "We'll try to get Mokou, and deal with her crystal... somehow."

As soon as he's done, he turns to face Eirin, who stands in front of her clinic with a tired, but satisfied smile on her face, and says "seems things are going sour all over. Still, I got some good news."

Kyo sighs again, thinking "finally, some good news for a change," then says "alright. Fire away."

The Lunarian takes her breath, then says "well, Maribel and Luna are just fine. Luna had some odd traces of darkness around her skin, but thankfully, it's nothing to cause alarm. You may go inside and see them whenever you want. And as for Keine, well that's as far as the good news go."

The boy rubs the bridge of his nose while holding his hip, and simply says "go on."

She gives the boy a quizzical look, wondering where to begin, and with a sigh, she begins "well, this is not the first time I've seen someone without a heart, and still have a body. I've dealt with creatures similar to the Heartless before, so I do have some form of experience in the field. Still, I wish to observe her for a little longer. Maybe there is something I can do for her this time."

Kyo smiles and chuckles softly, shakes his head, then says "I see. I won't ask what happened back then, but if there's anything any one of us can do to help, I am sure we'll all pitch in."

Eirin chuckles softly, then says "just cut the sap and head inside. Luna couldn't stop talking about you, you crybaby."

He points a finger under her chin, and gruffly whispers "don't you dare tell the others about that!"

Eirin chuckles again, this time more naturally, then says "would you please just head inside already? I'll have dinner ready soon, so don't take too long."

Inside the clinic, which is made from bamboo shoots, the boy walks over to the first bed after the waiting room, and cheers "Maribel, how ya' doing, kid?"

The blonde girl smiles, though looks very tired, and says "I'm alright. Still a little sad for Keine, but I mustn't let that get to me. She would be strong and look for a solution. *Yawn* I just need to rest, and I'm sure we'll find a solution to this incident too."

"That's the spirit," says the boy while gently rubbing her head and scratching her cat ears, which seems to please her greatly, and causes her to coo while being scratched.

He quickly excuses himself, then goes to the next bed, where Luna lies looking a little annoyed and disappointed while having her head covered in bandages.

Kyo walks to the right side of the bed, bends over so as to get closer to her face, and after giving her a kiss, he asks "what's wrong? You still sore about what happened?"

She crosses her bandaged arms under her chest, sighs as she looks away, and says "he didn't even have anything to do with all this mess, yet he goes and does the 'heroic sacrifice' crap. And Keine; she was standing right next to me at one moment, then the next, she's lying lifelessly on Maribel's arms. I failed them. After all the crap I keep saying of me being so strong, I failed."

Kyo places his hand on the back of her head under her hair, successfully getting her attention, and softly says "we are dealing with something we cannot really even begin to understand, Luna. Things like these are bound to happen, but don't lose heart, my love. You and me, we are here, together, and together, we are unstoppable."

After getting a smile from the girl, he smiles back, and says "we're getting Keine back. From what Eirin told me, we can get her back. I don't know how, and Eirin won't tell me yet, but I know we can do it. You hear me over there, Maribel? We're getting Keine, and all the others that have fallen to the Heartless, back."

"Others? What others? What happened, Kyo?", anxiously asks the blonde cat girl from her bed.

The boy sighs and says "Renko is fine. She's very worried about you too. Patchouli didn't say who, but she said one of the girls over at the shrine fell to the Heartless."

There is a moment of pause, and after a while, the boy stands up and says "look, don't worry about it. Once we deal with Mokou, we'll head back and see for ourselves. I'm sure everything will be alright by then."

He walks outside the clinic, where Goofy, Reisen and Medicine are waiting, and it doesn't take long for the boy to take notice of the fire in all their eyes and crack a smile.

"Tomorrow, we go Mokou hunting!", bravely says the blonde poison girl with a vicious grin.

"You can count on me for help, Kyo! I won't let ya down, a-hyuk!" cheerfully declares Goofy.

"Master said I am to assist you, so you can count on me too, ok," sweetly says the Moon rabbit with a grin, while holding her fingers shaped like a gun.

Kyo smiles, chuckles softly, then says "excellent, you guys! We won't let this defeat get us down! We'll get Mokou next time, and save all our friends."

After saying this, he notices the group's gazes going somewhere else, so he turns around to look at the large white star flying out of the Forest of Magic, and heading toward the Hakurei Shrine.

They all feel the same while looking at the bright ball of light, but it's Kyo who says "somehow looking at that makes me feel both at ease, and sad."

Unknown to them, they are seeing Donald taking Marisa, Alice, Hourai, and the three mischievous fairies to the shrine, carrying with them the heartless Luna Child and Shanghai.


Eirin Yagokoro mixes Keine's blood with an odd concoction in a large vial, and watches with interest as the contents turn from green to purple upon contact.

She raises a small dropper with a clear liquid over the vial, lets two drops fall inside, and marvels at the sight before her.

The purple liquid becomes crystal clear, though emanates a warm glow, and with some admiration in her voice, she says "so, you're a fighter, as always. I shouldn't be surprised."

Eirin walks over to Keine's body, which lies on a cold metal table, where she's breathing a little erratic for a moment, before suddenly stopping and resuming the lifeless resting.

The Lunarian places her hand on the teacher's chest, hums, then says "so I was right. She didn't take you completely. Well, this will make getting your heart back a whole lot easier."

To be continued...

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