Ail and Mickey stand ready in front of the shrine's storage house, and are waiting for the dense boy to get a reading from the emblem on the left side of his belt.

There is a reaction, and the boy knows where it's coming from, so with a smile and a nod, he silently inform the mouse king he is ready to move; that is until Ail's face turns pale and his eyes widen with realization.

"Holy crap, I forgot!", exclaims the dense one while holding his head.

He sets off toward the shrine and is quickly followed by the black mouse, whom asks "wait! Forget what? What about the target?"

They run past Wriggle and Rumia, yelp a quick "hi" to the girls, then keep moving toward the back-entrance to the shrine, leaving those two girls wondering what's going on.

They both reach the room just as Patchouli says to the emblem "well, looks like someone ate the wrong mushroom this morning."

Mima smiles as she waves at the boy and mouse, then they all can hear when the angry Marisa's voice comes loud and clear from the emblem "well, it's seven-thirty in the morning, and I am awake when I should be sleeping!"

Everyone grimaces after the unlady-like behavior of the blonde witch, but Ail shakes it off and quickly says "Miss Mima, Miss Patchouli, I almost forgot to tell you."

They all await this important announcement with wonder and expectation, so the dense one takes his breath, and says "though I did instruct Cirno and her friends to help out, please remember that you can contact me and Mickey at ANY time at all if you ever need help, and we'll come here faster than you can cough!"

The proud boy smiles quite contently, while Mima, Patchouli, Mickey himself, and even Cirno, Daiyousei, Wriggle, Mystia and Rumia, from outside the door, stare at that proud boy with so much disbelief, he quickly feels the sting of those stares.

He looks around with a bit of confusion, then asks "wh-what? Is there something on my face?"

The purple magician holds the bridge of her nose, while the evil spirit's grin goes from one cheek to the next, then said spirit wraps an arm around the dense boy's neck and rubs his head with her fist, while sweetly cooing "you're so cute when you act all stupid like that."

Tears dangle under Ail's white, disk-like eyes as he whimpers "hey, that was harsh."

Mickey sighs, pats the boy on the elbow, and says "come on, let's just go. The target IS in the same spot, right?"

The dense boy concentrates for a bit, smiles, nods, then says "let's go," takes Mima's arm off, then says "remember, you contact us if you need help!"

The girls groan inward, not wanting to offend the smiling boy again, then nod while Patchouli says "we get it. Just get going already."

A blue gap opens up right in front of the field of the Lilies-of-the-Valley at the Nameless Hill, and a second after, Ail and Mickey jump out of it, allowing it to close afterward.

Both of them shield their eyes from the sun as they scan the area, then the brown haired boy says "whatever the source is, it's not very far from here. Keep a lookout of anything strange."

The mouse king looks up at the face of his partner, then says "um, Ail, buddy, I'm still kind'a new around here. Anything here may seem strange to me."

"Good point," rapidly answers the boy while looking around, but before he can develop the conversation any further, he spots something odd.

A dark, gassy vortex opens up above the very center of the poisonous flower fields, and from within it, he can hear a screaming girl getting closer to the opening by the second.

He doesn't let Mickey finish his rescue command as he flies off toward the swirling vortex.

A girl in pink clothes with a red staff on hand, falls out of the vortex straight toward the poisonous field, screaming and calling for help.

Ail is still too far, so he activates his Yozoragan blood limit, and flies as low as he can without touching the flowers, flaps the ethereal dragon wings, and answers the girl's prayer by catching her just before she falls on the poisonous plants.

"Wha-what's going on? Where am I?" asks the disoriented girl while looking at her surroundings and clinging tightly to the boy's neck, chocking him in the process.

Ail coughs, lands safely away from the lilies, forces his head free from that vice grip, then, after several breaths of recovery, asks "are you alright, Miss?"

The girl moves those green eyes all around herself, slows them down as she calms down, then looks to Mickey, who asks "Miss, is something wrong?"

The girl drops on her butt, places her hand over her face as she sighs, then softly, yet desperately says "I can't believe I let myself fall to such a trap. There I was, helping my friends deal with the Heartless that invaded our home, and after a sudden sea or darkness, I find myself in a strange new world."

Mickey and Ail stare at the girl, then the boy admirably says "wow. Only ten seconds here, and she's figured that much out."

The girl suddenly springs on her feet, smiling nervously and waving her arms in front of her, while anxiously saying "no, no! Sorry, I didn't mean to offend your homes or anything!"

The brown haired boy calmly shakes his head and says "no, it's alright. You haven't offended anyone," helping the girl calm down.

The black mouse approaches the girl, bows his head with respect, and says "since you already understand the situation you are in, I must assume you are aware of Keyblade wielders and their duties. My name is Mickey Mouse, from Disney World's Magic Kingdom. This is my friend, Ail. What's your name, Miss."

The brown haired girl looks up, gasps when she realizes her rudeness, bows, and says "I'm so sorry! My name is Aerith! Um, nice to meet you, Your Majesty Mickey, and Mister Ail."

When the girl looks up again, she gasps at the sight before her, though quickly turns to the king, who stands shrugging while glancing up at her and saying "I don't know what's going on either."

Sanae stands right behind Ail, and has him trapped in a vicious headlock that threatens to snap his head off, and with glowing red eyes that look like dark stars in the night sky, she softly and ominously asks "Ail-kun~ sweetie, what are you doing with this cute girl?"

Mickey snaps his fingers, then casually says "don't worry about it, Miss. He just saved her from the poisonous flowers, and she's just introduced herself as Aerith. That's all."

The green haired girl's being changes to that of friendly and sweet, she lets her boyfriend drop to the ground to breathe, then extends her hand to Aerith, and smiles as she says "is that all? Hello, my name is Sanae. I haven't seen you around here before. Are you new around these parts?"

The girl in pink sighs, shakes her head, then says "I was forced here by some odd swirling vortex spell, though I still don't know where here is."

"This is Gensokyo, paradise for youkai, a place where everyone is welcome, and where one cannot be held back by common sense," happily replies the shrine maiden while looking a bit smug.

It's now her turn to yelp and shiver when her shoulder is under Ail's grip, as he angrily asks "Sanae, what are you doing here? I thought you were hurt! And what happened with Budou and Phredia?"

The girl turns around and defeats her boyfriend's angry face with her own angry smile, and says "Kanako-sama and Suwako-sama are taking good care of Budou. Now the reason I am here..."

She places both hands on her man's shoulder, and with a look of worry she says "I am here because I saw this huge snake-like creature with something purple glowing on its tail, and I thought 'hey, I bet my sweetheart is chasing this thing', and as night becomes day, here you are! Ail-kun, why are you chasing after the scary creature?"

He returns the gesture and places his hand on the girl's shoulders, and says "I don't really know because I haven't seen it. More importantly, what happened to your wounds? You should be resting, not out here chasing after me."

The green haired girl sighs, hugs her man, forces him to embrace her, then asks "why does so much trouble fall on your lap?"

She kisses his cheek, relaxing him, then softly says "I am fully healed, you cute idiot. Did you forget? I am a human god, and don't you dare say it. I am not leaving your side until this mess is solved."

The couple remain in place, holding each other warmly before the visitors, whom smile and coo, and after a sniffle Aerith sweetly says "if Tifa could only see this."

And that's when the hugging couple remember where they are, and quickly let go of each other in order to look away with bright red faces, muttering incoherent words while trying to excuse themselves, while still holding each other's hands.

The cute awkwardness is quickly dissolved when the familiar sound of Heartless popping out of darkness graces the group's ears.

When they turn around to face the two Blue Rhapsodies and the couple of odd-looking flowers, Aerith groans and says "oh no. Heartless here too?"

She brandishes her staff with elegance, prepares herself for the inevitable attack, then says "those giant flowers are Poison Plants, and they are very dangerous! Be very careful around them."

The Poison Plants, as their name implies, spit poison, and look like human-sized flowers with four salmon pink petals surrounding a black body, which has the black and red heart emblem, has a golden band just before its green stem, where its hexagonal head links to, its face is dark blue with golden borders, has jagged teeth for a mouth, yellow eyes, and four salmon pink petals with white edges around its head.

Mickey and Ail summon their Keyblades, Sanae pulls her gohei from her skirt's waistband, then the dense boy says "don't use ice, keep away from the poisonous fields, and try not to hit the lilies, or Yuka's going to blame me for it."

The shrine maiden and boy take flight and go after the Heartless in the middle of the field, while the kingly mouse and visiting girl handle the four Poison Plants near the edges of the poisonous field.

Mickey and Aerith get as close as they can to the large plants, look at each other with a smile on their faces, then the girl casually says "you are correct..."

Mickey lifts his Star Seeker, Aerith lifts her staff, a small fireball forms at the tips of both, then the girl continues "fire does plenty of damage to them," then both shoot their small spells.

Meanwhile, Sanae is having some fun with the Blue Rhapsodies, and laughs as she shoots them relentlessly with her talisman danmaku, while chasing them all over the field of flowers and easily dodging their ice barrages.

On the other hand, Ail is flying as low as he can and swirling around in order to strike the Poison Plants heads with his held out Keyblade of light, while swaying around to avoid the large, dripping orbs of poison they spit from their faces.

The boy loops over the wide field for a second run through, this time going a little faster while swinging his Kingdom Keyblade in front of himself, and striking the monsters on their bodies.

He releases the hearts from those flowers after one more hit from his weapon, and after dealing with the sixth and last Poison Plant, he looks over to Sanae when he hears that satisfying plop of Heartless turning into dust.

"Whoa! Sanae-chan, you're amazing!", exclaims the boy when he sees his girl shooting the last Rhapsody on the head with her talisman, and releasing its heart with one shot.

The girl turns around with her left eye closed while sticking out her tongue at him, giggles innocently as her skirt dances around her, then says "this was the seventh one too."

Ail approaches his girlfriend while curiously asking "wait, weren't there only two?"

Sanae's smile widens as she says "oh, there were, but then more kept coming out of dark blobs when I killed the others. This is almost more fun than youkai hunting."

The half-youkai boy chuckles nervously and says "you don't say...", then both turn their heads toward Mickey and Aerith, whom have just finished off a third pair of Poison Plants with basic fire spells, the king releasing the heart from his Heartless, while the girl's own spells merely turns them to black dust.

The couple approaches the human and mouse, all wave at each other, and as the two locals land, Aerith happily says "this is wonderful. We barely know each other, and I'm already enjoying my time with you. Even with all the Heartless around."

Mickey, however, looks around with suspicion and says "Ail, something's off. This was all too easy, and those monsters were laughably weak too."

Ail gasps, grabs the king, then says "Sanae, grab Aerith! Our target is moving further into the hills!"

The shrine maiden quickly takes flight, grabs the newcomer under her arms, then a thunderous roar rattles the entire area, stopping all in their tracks.

After a few seconds, Sanae lands again after noticing the boy's hesitation, and asks "Ail-kun, what's the matter? Aren't we going after it?"

The dense boy sighs, releases the mouse and places his hand on his forehead, then sadly says "no use. It's moved somewhere else. More like teleported. I can't tell where it is now."

Aerith looks at her friends' disappointed faces, then asks "excuse me, but can someone please tell me what's going on here? Why are Heartless invading your home?"

The boy, mouse and maiden stare at the girl, then Ail sits on the ground and says "well, it's going to take a while to figure out where our target is now, so might as well fill you in, that is, if you're interested in helping."

The girl in pink smiles sweetly, sits down along her new friends, and says "I was brought here by the Hands of the Fates. I will help you fight the Heartless, if that is indeed the reason I fell her for."

And so, with smiles on everyone's faces, Ail, Sanae, and Mickey begin to tell their story.


While sitting on a semi circle with his well-informed friends and girlfriend, Ail meditates in an attempt to find the target's new location.

Sanae looks around and to the sky, then suddenly says "hey, have you noticed the lack of fairies? When I was flying over here, I only ran into two small groups of them, and they were so stressed, they blew themselves up. So boring."

Before the boy's reply comes, his emblem vibrates along with Renko's voice coming from it as she shouts "Ail, Mickey, we need help!"

The boy and the mouse look at each other, then look at the girls, the dense one opens his gap, then the green haired girl says "go! We'll wait here."

As soon as those two are gone, Aerith looks at Sanae, then asks "wouldn't it have been more prudent to go with them?"

To this, the shrine maiden face palms hard, and sighs irritably before saying "ugh, you're right."

Ail opens his gap right above the cluster of Fluttering Furies at the shrine, and as he and Mickey fall, they spin around with their Keyblades extended, and release the little monsters' hearts after two quick hits.

As soon as they break through, the dense boy takes flight, points to the back, and shouts "Mima needs us!", then he and the king head toward the back of the shrine.

The evil spirit is having the time of her life with the Heatless, blasting one after the other with a single red spark from her hand, but she's clearly overwhelmed by the numbers of monsters increasing.

"Come on, COME ON! Come get some from this Mima! I got plenty for all of you!"

Though she bravely declares this, she's thinking "well, looks like I'm screwed. Might as well make the most of it."

She turns around to burn the dark fairy that zipped past her, turning it to black dust, and when she turns around again, she is left in awe.

Ail and Mickey are zigzagging all over the ground and the sky, and are doing short work of the dark little monsters, and after a whistle of admiration, she says "sons of a spark. Here I am, busting my tail with these things, and they just breeze through them."

She quickly snaps out of her surprise, and immediately lifts her staff and summons several red lasers that bounce off the surfaces, but not the Fluttering Furies' bodies.

After the laser blasts one of the Furies in front of Ail, the boy looks to the evil spirit, who calls "they're after Reimu! Don't give them the chance!"

"Like we're gonna let them," calls the boy back after thrusting his Keyblade through three dark fairies stomachs.

"Thunder Sign, Thundaga," shouts Mickey seconds before a shower of yellow bolts releases the hearts of several Heartless at once, and earning himself another admiration whistle from Mima.

Ail looks down at the two boasters, then says "hey, stop showing off. You're making me look bad up here!"

The green-haired spirit grins, and says "what? You're doing that on your own, Mister Man."

The brown-haired boy looks down at the two, then says "is that so~?"

Rumia comes from behind, bites his head, and with her mouth full of him she angrily says "shtoh shetahing mhy hinesh!" (Stop stealing my lines)

The dense boy starts screaming and flying around as fast as he can, activating his Yozoragan blood limit and swinging his weapon around madly, taking out one Heartless after the other with just one of those random strikes.

After a twirl, he manages to slip the little blonde off, but doesn't take notice, and screams "come on Rumia, let me go," while flying around erratically and taking out the dark fairies that try to escape him.

Mima and Mickey follow the boy with their eyes while he continues to scream and fly around, then the king says "boy, he did really good. Think we should tell him?"

The evil spirit laughs, then says "nah, let him figure it out. We better go help the little girls now."

The mouse nods to this, and follows the green haired magician to the front of the shrine.

Meanwhile, Ail continues "come on Rumia, enough is enough! Seriously, just for that line? Co-" and midway through his screaming he finally notices Rumia is helping Wriggle, Mystia, Cirno and Daiyousei with a large Fluttering Fury.

He then proceeds to touch his head to realize he's free, and not only that, but the sky is now clear of all Heartless, though he doesn't know it was him, and slumps as he heads on over to the group gathering by the donation box, and says to himself "man, I messed up. Left Mima and Mickey to fend off on their own. So stupid."

He lands between Renko and Mickey, and before they can speak, they can hear the girls exclaiming their surprise when the large Heartless becomes a large pink crystal heart that flies to the sky.

After the girls look around, Cirno finally snaps out of her confusion and while still looking around, she exclaims ""HA! WE SAVED A HEART! AIL, MICKEY, WE RELEASED A HEART!"

The group near the donation box smile lightly, then Mickey says "welp, we better get back to our own task, now that the shrine is safe."

Anilan nods and says "good idea. Sanae and Aerith are waiting."

Mima's evil spirit grin claims her cute face, and mischievously says "so, your girl, and another girl are waiting for you. How nice it must be to be such a young heartbreaker."

Ail gasps, imagines Sanae's heart breaking into two pieces, making the girl gasp with pain and scream as she falls to the ground, and with a frightful tone, he says "h-HEY! That's not funny! I'd never do something so vile!"

Renko chuckles along with Patchouli and Mima, and says "oh, he obviously missed the actual joke," then everyone starts to laugh hard, while Cirno walks over to the boy's left, and shares the same confused raised eyebrow look, making each other look like father and daughter.

The others look at the two idiots and can't help but notice they have the same look, and even Mickey starts to laugh harder, confusing both boy and ice fairy even more.

Meanwhile, back at the Nameless Hill, Sanae and Aerith sit on the ground in front of each other, and giggle before the green-haired girl says "and then, he tried to hug me, but tripped on a root and fell on top of me. Hahahaha! His face was so red, and he wouldn't stop apologizing until I kissed him an hour later."

The girls laugh for a bit, then the pink-dressed girl says "he's sweet, but, I hope you don't mind me saying this, he seems kind of silly."

The shrine maiden covers her mouth as she laughs, then says "oh, you have no idea. He's pretty dense too, but he's got a great heart. Can't complain there."

Ail's gap opens up right behind Sanae, the boy and the mouse jump out of it, and when the shrine maiden gets up to try and greet her boyfriend, he grabs her by the shoulders and stares at her chest.

The girl's face turns beet red, and before she kills him, she squeals "Ail-kun, what do you think you are doing? EH?"

She lets out an adorable little yelp when the boy suddenly hugs her tightly and says "you're alright! Your heart is not broken! Stupid Mima, making such mean jokes!"

Sanae manages to lift her hand high enough to pat the boy on the back, and while doing so, she looks with confusion at Mickey, whom is also getting quizzical looks from Aerith.

He shrugs after a while, then says "Mima made a joke about him being a heartbreaker, and... I think he took it too literally."

The shrine maiden rolls her eyes as she sighs out loud, then manages to free her arms to return the hug, calms Ail down while rubbing his head, and says "it's alright Ail-kun. I'm fine. My heart is not broken."

The Myouren Temple; a sanctuary for youkai, and a few humans, that practices the unity of both races, is normally a peaceful settlement bustling with youkai activity, but today it is not.

The outer walls are burned, some have been destroyed by large blasts, Ichirin's garden around the entrance grounds is a complete mess with just a few flowers left standing, and the temple itself is currently surrounded by three kinds of Heartless.

One wears a green robe, a yellow scarf around the neck, orange gloves, a green cylindrical hat, has a blue bottom, a round blue face with yellow dot for eyes, and has the black and red heart emblem on the chest of its robes.

The second type looks feminine, and wears a lavender headdress with a red-violet inner lining that covers her face, save for her two yellow dots for eyes, and has the black and red heart emblem on its forehead.

It dresses in a navy blue tank top, baggy blue and lavender pants, thin purple shoes, adorns itself with thick white bands on the wrists and ankles, has dark purple skin, long thin arms, big, four-fingered hands it adorns with a golden ring on its index finger, and is standing in what looks like a crystal ball with swirling energy.

The third are Fluttering Furies, which seem to have taken over the fairies' jobs of being annoying little nuisances for Gensokyo.

Fighting these monsters are Ichirin Kumoi, who has a dark-blue nun's hood she's currently has lowered, revealing her long, wavy light-purple hair she's get on a ponytail, has dark purple eyes, and wears a long-sleeved white dress with dark blue borders on the bottom, and with her is Unzan, a large pink Nyuudo whom has a thick beard and mustache, and attacks with massive pink fists that mix with the girl's thick pink bullets.

Nazrin, whom has shoulder-length grey hair, red eyes, large grey mouse ears, wears a brownish-black dress with long pink sleeves, a grey capelet on her shoulders, a crystal pendulum necklace, and has an empty basket hanging by the tip of her tail, is flipping around the roof and striking the female-like Heartless with her black dowsing rods.

Meanwhile, Nue Houjuu, who has short black hair, dark red eyes, metallic-looking red wings with sharp edges to the right, blue tail-like wings with arrow tips to the left, has a snake coiled on her right arm, and wears a black dress with a red yin-yang-like tomoe design on the corner of the skirt, a red ribbon at the collar, and black thigh-high stockings and red shoes, twirls around taking Heartless out with a combination of her black trident and magical arrow attacks.

Ail's gap opens up right in front of the temple ground's destroyed gates, the party of four jump out of the rift, then Sanae asks "and are you sure it's here, or are you just for Byaku-"

She cuts her own sentence short when her eyes fall upon the messed temple grounds and the insane battle against the Heartless happening over at the main temple building.

Ail, Aerith and Mickey quickly run toward the girls to aid them, and when the shrine maiden finally takes notice, she clicks her tongue and says to herself "hmph. He seems to be in a hurry to help around here. Ugh, what am I thinking?"

She takes flight, pushes herself with a gust of wind, and as she flies over the trio, she says "meet you guys there~"

The dense boy clicks his tongue and says "that cheater," but ignores this and quickly summons his Keyblade of light when the Heartless take notice of their presence, and attack.

"Fortunetellers and Bookmasters! Ail, Mickey, elemental magic is useless against those with books, and those that look like women are weak against fire. Both are very weak against physical attacks, but don't underestimate them. Those fairy-like Heartless I know nothing of."

The two boys acknowledge Aerith's commands, then the mouse says "don't use ice around the Fluttering Furies, and careful with their bullets," and quickly jumps over three ice crystals and strikes a Bookmaster on the head, releasing its heart.

Ail is plowing his way through Fortunetellers and Fluttering Furies, dealing with all in two to four strikes each, in his desperate attempt to reach the temple and his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Sanae joins Ichirin and Unzan, and when the light-purple haired girl takes notice of the shrine maiden, she loudly says "thank The Buddha! Please, don't let them into the temple! They are after Shou!"

The green haired girl doesn't fully understand why the youkai is so distressed, but she's not about to let the Heartless through, so with a grin on her face, she demands "keep your distance from me, youkai," then lifts a spell card.

The nun is about to shoot a bullet at the seemingly cocky girl, until she notices the spell card the girl is holding, and quickly flies away, taking Unzan with her, and only a second after she's clear, the blue and white girl declares "Miracle, Night of the Supernova Storm!"

The cluster of Heartless close to the temple are quickly overwhelmed by the massive star forming above Sanae's head, and those that somehow escape the range of the spell, or are too low to be affected, are quickly struck by arrows of pure white light that shoot themselves from the massive orb.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Nazrin find each other while fighting the remaining Bookmasters, and as soon as they meet, the grey mouse youkai holds the king by the neck, and squints her eyes while looking closely into his.

The staring goes on for at least eight seconds, then the girl smiles and contently says "I knew it! You and I are NOTHING alike!"

"Um, did I miss something here, Miss?", asks the clearly confused black mouse, to which Nazrin simply giggles and says "it's nothing. Let's just get rid of these things.

And so, Mickey jumps high to the air, somersaulting with his Keyblade extended, and taking out Bookmasters with a few hits.

Down at the grounds, Nue is frozen inside a chunk of ice, while Aerith is busy with a dark fairy, and two Fortunetellers.

She swings her staff with grace and deadly precision, and takes out Heartless by the numbers with just two hits on their heads or necks, and when she finally finishes off the last of the dark girls, the youkai's ice prison shatters to bits.

The undefined girl blubbers and stammers while rubbing her entire body in order to fight the intense cold, then she quickly feels her warmth return to her when something touches the back of her neck.

She looks up to Aerith, grimaces while blushing lightly, then mumbles "um, th-thanks," then suddenly rolls forward and jabs her trident in front, taking out four Heartless at once, saving the pink-clad girl from being rushed.

With a more confident smile, Nue looks back, flips a thumb up, and says "now we're even, lady!"

Ail flies by, trailing several Fluttering Furies behind himself, then flies up as high as he can, turns around, joins his wrists together and spreads his hands open, and with a frown he says "and this is where you die."

He focuses his energy on his palms, and in a second, he unleashes an orange orb that flies fast toward the dark monsters, and explodes on the faces of all, releasing all those hearts after the darkened bodies turn to black dust.

As soon as the boy lands, he looks around the temple before getting hugged from behind by Sanae, then Ichirin sighs with relief and says "I'm so glad you guys came when you did! Another minute, and the Myouren Temple would have been done for."

Aerith smiles as she heals both Ichirin and Nazrin with that green spark magic pouring out of her hands, then says "in a fight against Heartless, backups are always welcome."

The temple girls stare at Aerith and Mickey, then look at Ail and Sanae and the mouse girl asks "please introduce your allies already."

Once everything has calmed down, the large group go inside the temple to speak over some tea at the guest's table.

With some green tea on hand, and a cookie in the other, Nazrin says "those Heartless things came over and attacked Shou relentlessly. She was doing the same thing you and Mickey were doing. Releasing their hearts, and stuff, but..."

Ichirin, whom hasn't even touched her treats of her tea, looks down at the table and says "she fought like I've never seen her fight before, alongside a woman hooded in black, but she suddenly lost her will after that woman lured a number of those monsters away, and then those black fairies harmed her greatly. If it wasn't for Byakuren and myself, she would have..."

"The thing is," quickly takes over the mouse, drawing attention away from her friend, whom is grateful for the gesture, "the moment Byakuren and Minamitsu shut Shou in her room, those monsters started attacking more ferociously, and brought those annoying Bookmaster things. Not only that, but Master herself started wailing and holding her chest real tight."

Nue shivers as she remembers, then says "I saw it. An eerie glow around her chest made her stretch around while wailing like some banshee. I am ashamed to admit, but seeing that was so scary. *Gulp* I'm still shaking like a coward just thinking about it."

The grey mouse youkai holds her stomach and grimaces as though in pain while looking at her tea, and says "Byakuren-san has been trying to heal Master between attacks, but the Heartless keep attacking, so..."

"But enough of that," suddenly barks Ichirin after standing up. "You didn't come here to hear us whine about our problems. Tell us more about this signal and this monster you are chasing. And Unzan, leave our guest alone."

The Nyuudo is currently flying around as a formless cloud above Aerith's head, and seems to pout as he flies lazily back to his partner, then the girl in pink says "it's alright. He wasn't bothering me at all. In fact, he was just telling me he felt a strange presence not too long ago."

"Yeah, he told me the same thing. Funny I didn't feel it," says the youkai nun after replacing her hood and softly greeting the pink cloud.

Ail finishes his tea, looks at the emblem on his belt, and says "only Sanae-chan has been able to see its shadow. She says it's a giant snake-like creature with something purple glowing on its tail."

The shrine maiden scratches the back of her boyfriend's head, and adds "and I'm completely against having my Ail-kun deal with that thing without me. He needs me."

With a content smile on his face, the dense boy with his girlfriend scratching his head, manages to calmly say "anyways, heheh, I can feel that creature is, ooh-ho, here."

He gently holds his girl's hand with both his own, gently rubs its top twice, and more seriously says "it's strange. It feels like the creature is here, but at the same time, feels distant. Like it's stuck between dimensions or something."

Mickey raises his head, and while somehow getting everyone's attention, he says "Ail, maybe it's on to us and is just toying with us. Or worst, maybe it's after Miss Shou's heart and it's biding its time."

After the quick gasps, he asks "didn't ya tell me she's a god's representative?"

Nazrin nods hesitantly, not wanting to hear where the conversation will lead to, so Mickey thinks his words carefully.

Before he is able to speak, though, from Ail's emblem, Patchouli desperately shouts "AIL! MICKEY! WE NEED HELP!"

The party of four stare at the temple girls, but before anyone says a word, Ichirin commands "go! They need you."

"But what about Shou? Maybe one of us can st-"

Before Ail finishes his sentence, Nue threateningly points at him with her trident, and says "don't underestimate us! We are strong! We can take good care of ourselves!"

Nazrin nods at the dense boy, who feels his girlfriend's hand place itself on his shoulder and says "we'll be back as soon as possible. Please keep each other safe."

He opens up his gap, and this time both Sanae and Aerith walk in with him and Mickey.

When the gap closes up, Ichirin's face becomes pale and full of fear, and looking back at her companions and noticing their faces, she gulps and says "I see. So I'm not the only one with that bad feeling, huh."

A few moments later, Ail's gap opens up near the ground in front of the shrine's entrance, then the dense boy flies out of it with Mickey on his back, and shortly after, Sanae flies out at the same time Aerith runs to aid the little youkai and the human on the ground.

The duo quickly fly toward where Daiyousei, Rumia, Cirno and Renko are and Mickey declares "Fire Sign, Firaga," at the same time as Ail swings his Keyblade in a sideway-eight formation, and the green haired girl showers the monsters with talismans.

The Heartless surrounding the girls are quickly turned to dust and their hearts are released, but their job isn't done, so the boys quickly move to the back of the shrine, followed promptly by Sanae.

Over at the back courtyard, they find Mystia on the ground, holding her bleeding leg and wincing in pain, while Wriggle does her best and more to protect the night sparrow youkai.

"Don't worry cuties! I'm coming to save you," calls Mima from inside the shrine, but seeing the number of Fluttering Furies and Air Shadows flying into that building tells the trio differently.

"I'll help the spirit inside! Help those two," commands the shrine maiden before diving down to the shrine's building.

Ail and Mickey dive down to a small group of Air Shadows, the mouse king jumps off his friend's back, and somersaulting in the air with his Keyblade extended, he makes short work of the sharp-beaked monsters, saving Mystia and Wriggle.

The dense boy stops in mid-air and holds his own weapon backward, swings it several time to make a triangle out of beams, shoots blue and white orbs at its center, and all the orbs become bolts of light that chase after a target.

He shoots relentlessly as soon as he takes notice its taking at least four or five hits to finish the monsters off, and after some time of shooting, he holds his Keyblade upright again, then launches himself through the triangle.

The triangle itself gets sucked into the Keyblade of light, which begins to glow pure white, and as if guiding itself, it pulls Ail and guides him with deadly accuracy through the numbers of Heartless, taking them out in three continuous hits, which actually looks like just a pass through.

Mickey places the tip of his Keyblade over Mystia's leg, activates a simple healing spell, causing the wound on it to heal quickly, while looking up at the dense boy and smiling when seeing the attack of pure light.

"Man, thank you guys so much! I really thought we were goners," begins Wriggle while helping Mystia back on her feet. "They came back so quickly, and so strong."

The pink-haired girl flaps her wings, as though testing them, then looks at the king and exclaims "what happened? They are so strong now! It's like hitting rocks!"

Before the black mouse can answer, Mima's and Sanae's roars from inside the shrine take all the attention outside, and everyone watches with raised eyebrows at how the Furies and crows fly right out of the door, hate their hearts released, and turn to black dust before touching the ground.

The two green haired girls step out of the shrine holding each other by the shoulders, then the cocky spirit says "and stay out!"

"Yeah," continues the shrine maiden. "You don't mess with these girls!"

"GET DOOOOWWWWNN!" screams Ail at the top of his lungs, and not a second later, Patchouli can be heard screaming " MUUUKYUUUUUUNNNNN~"

Everybody, save for the few remaining Heartless flying around, quickly throw themselves to the floor, Anilan tackles Mima and Sanae back into the shrine, and shortly after, a miniature sun expands rapidly all over the sky above the shrine.

The Heartless all become black dust in a matter of seconds, and as soon as the small sun fades, the skies over the shrine are revealed to be clear of all enemies.

At the front of the shrine, Patchouli holds her chest tight, panting rapidly through her mouth and smacking her dry mouth, then looks at Aerith, whom has a small smudge on her shoulder, and asks "what *pant* was that?"

The brown haired visitor takes a breath of relief, smiles at the magician, then says "just Curaga, with Haste, and a bit of extra energy, for that extra push."

The purple haired girl grabs the pink-clad girl by the shoulders, and says "you have got to *pant* TEACH me that spell please!"

Those from the back of the shrine regroup with those in front, and as soon as everyone is accounted for, Ail looks at Renko specifically, and asks "is everyone alright? Everybody is here, right?"

After the silent nods, Cirno quickly barks "what's the meaning of this? Those things are cheating! They were really hard to beat, and they knocked me out real fast! What gives?"

She promptly points at Aerith and asks "AND WHO IS THAT! ? SHE IS AWESOME!"

Mickey presents the visitor and says "this would be Aerith, that girl we told you about before. She fell through a portal and Ail rescued her. She's been helping us fight the Heartless afterward."

The dense boy, whom can't seem to take his girlfriend's arms off from around his neck, is about to say something to the ice fairy, when one of Nue's arrows falls right in front of his feet.

After the inevitable gasps while staring at the odd arrow, the party of four look to each other, and simultaneously exclaim "THE TEMPLE!"

"Ail, what's going on?" asks Mima in a cold and demanding tone.

The boy opens his gap, and quickly says "I'm not sure, but the temple is in danger! The Heartless are after Shou's heart, and that can't be good, so if you'll excuse us!"

In a sense, the evil spirit allows the party to leave through that gap, and as soon as it closes up, she places her hand on her chest and says "girls, we all need to double our efforts."


Back at the Myouren Temple grounds, Ichirin, Nue and Nazrin lie defeated on the ground in front of the main building, with their chests glowing faintly as their hearts are being pulled out.

In front of them hovers a ghastly humanoid-shaped creature with dark-pink skin, a skull-like head with round yellow eyes surrounded by black rings, coiled horns growing where its ears should be, and black plates seemingly growing from the top of its forehead.

It wears a steel blue plated garment with a very long neck that has black on the lower borders and has the black and red heart emblem on the center, a steel blue skirt with black edges on the plates separation, a ghastly tail underneath said skirt, bandages above it, and on its forearms it wears thick black gauntlets with yellow waves adorning the edges.

The monster raises its clawed hands, holding a giant black scythe, and it's blasted on the head by white orbs, and light-blue talismans.

The monster turns around to face Ail, Sanae, Mickey and Aerith, and with a mighty roar, it forgets the defeated girls, and goes on to attack these new intruders.

"Careful Ail!" sternly says Mima from the emblem. That's a Grim Reaper. If it gets into a shadow, he's going to be tougher to beat."

The party nods in assent, then the green haired shrine maiden says "don't worry! I won't let it hurt my Ail-kun, or anybody else!"

"Well said Sanae-chan!" declares the dense boy while he and Mickey rush toward the large monster with their Keyblades held tight.

The Grim Reaper swings its scythe with deadly accuracy, but the boy and the mouse easily jump over the attack and pummel the monster's chest with their Keyblades.

Meanwhile, Aerith and Sanae each take a spell card out of their pockets, and simultaneously declare "Blinding Light, Burning Stars!"

The two girls shoot several white sparks at a central point between them until they make a star half the size of Patchouli's Royal Flare, then shoot it straight at the monster.

Ail and Mickey split up to avoid getting hit by the large star, and allow it to hit the stunned monster, making it roar out in pain.

The pure light burns half of the monster's skin away the second it makes contact with it, exposing its white skull and ribs beneath that disgusting pink skin.

The large roaring monster quickly runs away from the party and heads toward the shadow cast by the temple itself, and as soon as it gets under it, its eyes turn red, black patches replace the lost skin, and its scythe begins to glow black and red.

"Watch it. It's up to somethin'" says the black mouse with a scowl.

As if on cue, as soon as the mouse stops speaking, the monster winds its glowing scythe and throws so hard, it looks like a red and black spinning disk.

The monster roars out loud, while Ail, Mickey, and Aerith jump away from the deadly scythe's path, but Sanae remains standing where she is, letting her arms hang down as though in a trance.

"SANAE-CHAN!" shouts the dense boy when he sees his girl standing there without even trying to move, and without thinking of his own safety, he dives down to save her.

On the other side, Mickey and Aerith take notice of what's happening, and decide to attack the Grim Reaper in order to break the hypnosis on Sanae.

Anilan reaches his girlfriend, quickly embraces her, then activates a blue barrier around both of them, but he activates it too late, and the green haired girl yelps after falling to the ground with the boy still holding her tight after the hard impact.

The mouse king and pink-dressed girl reach the fiend and begin their assault on it, however they quickly find out that, while it is under that shadow, his body feels harder, and their attacks do little damage.

Despite this, Mickey is determined to help, so he lifts his Keyblade above his head, a spark of light shines on the teeth of the weapon, and the mouse begins to spin fast in place, lowering and lifting his Keyblade as he spins around, surrounding himself with light and forcing the monster to move out of the shadows.

"Aerith, strike him..." The mouse begins the sentence, but deliberately leaves it unfinished while the scythe returns to it, and when said weapon strikes the creature on the chest, its blade stuck through the monster's body, he finishes "...NOW!"

He and the brown haired girl combine their attacks on the stunned monster's body, striking it relentlessly, then several white orbs and pink talismans strike the monster between the eyes, making it roar one last time as its massive pink heart flies out of its skull-like mouth and heads toward the sky.

Aerith and Mickey immediately look to Sanae and Ail, whom wave back while the boy says "we're fine! What about the other girls!"

"We're fine t-too," grunts Ichirin after managing to stand with some help from Unzan and Nue.

All look tired, weak and beat up, and seems Ichirin is about to drop back on the floor, until they hear a scream coming from inside the temple.

"Dammit! Master!" exclaims the grey mouse with renewed vigor, and running off on her own, ignoring her friends' calls.

"Please, help her," calls the nun toward the regrouping party, whom immediately rush to aid inside the temple.

Kogasa Tatara, a karakasa youkai with shoulder-length turquoise hair, a turquoise right eye, a red left eye, and wearing a blue-green vest over a long-sleeved white shirt, a light-blue skirt, and wooden geta sandals, swings her eggplant-colored umbrella with one eye and one large red tongue sticking out, and strikes one of three Fortunetellers on the head.

Her strike is weak, and as she falls on her knees and ice starts forming up around her, she weakly says "we couldn't do it, Karakasa. We ended up failing, and after we beat so many."

Ail and Aerith are the first inside the building, and the boy immediately goes after the Heartless, while the girl rushes to heal the little girl, softly saying "hang in there, little one. I'm going to help you."

Anilan quickly takes on one of the Heartless and strikes it twice with his Keyblade, but it remains strong, and moves its crystal ball in an eight formation, forcing its attacker to back off.

Mickey and Sanae each take the rest, and like Ail, are surprised when they notice how strong these monsters are.

"Don't stop until THEY do," commands the king, jumping off the ground and proceeding to spin around his Fortuneteller, and beat it relentlessly with his Keyblade.

Ail combines several strikes of his weapon on the body of the unfortunate Heartless, releases its heart at the same time as Mickey, then looks to Sanae and asks "how the heck did they get so strong? They weren't like this earlier!"

The shrine maiden finishes off her Heartless after a gohei to the head, looks at her boyfriend, then says "I don't know, but they're not escaping from us! We'll hunt them down and deal with them!"

"Suwako, I love that woman," says the boy as if in a trance, while the black mouse just looks back and forth between the two love birds.

Ichirin, Unzan, Nue and Nazrin enter the temple, then the winded gray mouse exclaims "puh-please! Help Master!"

The party of four regroup, then quickly head toward the inner parts of the temple, where the rooms are.

They are only just entering the corridors when they hear Byakuren screaming with exhaustion, and Minamitsu yelling "Hijiri! You will NOT TAKE HER!"

Surprisingly enough, Aerith takes the lead and starts winding her staff above her head, then swings it before the Red Nocturne even appears before the party, harming it greatly.

After another quick swing from her staff, the Heartless becomes black dust, and the party arrives to the surprisingly large room of the tiger youkai.

Shou Toramaru, whom has short yellowy-orange hair with black stripes, golden yellow eyes, and wears a burgundy dress with orange on the bottom, a tiger-pattern band around the waist, and long white sleeves, moans and wails as she tries to get off her futon to help her friends with the Heartless.

Minamitsu Murasa, whom has short black hair, teal eyes, a wears a white sailor dress with teal lines on all the borders and the collar, a red neckerchief, and is wielding a giant anchor on the right hand and a broken ladle on the left, is trying to strike a Blue Rhapsody with bullets or said anchor, but she's exhausted and missing miserably.

Byakuren Hijiri looks far more exhausted, panting hard as she works hard to keep on her wobbly legs, while shooting random beams and purple bullet showers on the Red Nocturnes that get too close to Shou.

She has long wavy brown hair that fades to purple at the top, hazel eyes, and wears a purple and white turtleneck dress with black strips of fabric crossing her chest and plexus, white strips of fabric crossing around her arms, and she's holding a blue magical scroll-like object she appears to be trying to read, to no avail.

Her black cape with red lining is currently on top of Shou, and seems to be forming a barrier that's keeping the tiger youkai safe from outside and inside sources, but it's draining the magician monk while it's active.

Ail has seen enough, and he and Mickey rush into the room, and are intercepted by a hidden group of Nocturnes and Rhapsodies.

Both warriors summon their Keyblades, Aerith casts a Haste spell on her allies, and Sanae attacks first, smacking a few of those Heartless on the face with several of her charms and talismans.

The Keyblade wielders manage to strike three of the monsters with one swing of their weapons, but it's taking them four to five hits to release the captured hearts.

Already feeling overwhelmed, Mickey says "Ail, we can't keep wastin' time! Those girls are about to drop, and at this rate they will lose their hearts!"

Dealing the final blow on another Blue Rhapsody, the dense boy smacks his own head three times, then says "I know! I know! Sanae-chan, Miss Aerith, can't you cast that spell again?"

"It's too cramped in here, sweetie," grunts the shrine maiden while finishing off a few Red Nocturnes with her small white stars. "We would only end up hurting everyone in here!"



After hearing Byakuren's scream and Minamitsu's desperate call, Ail's blood limit automatically activates, he claps his hands and summons a second Keyblade of light, then easily opens a path to the temple girls through the Heartless.

"Sanae, Mickey, Aerith, GO! I'll take care of these!"

The hesitant trio nod, run through the opening the dense boy made, then make their way to the girls.

The pink-clad girl quickly rushes over to Byakuren and erects a magical barrier on her, the black mouse jumps in front of Minamitsu and declares "Thunder Sign, Thundara!" causing yellow bolts of lightning to rain down on the Heartless, then Sanae rushes through the monsters, swinging her gohei at their heads and finishing most off.

Thanks to their combined efforts, almost all the Heartless have their hearts released, and now the shrine maiden has two Blue Rhapsodies and a Red Nocturne left.

She grins when noticing how these creatures seem to be avoiding getting too close to her, looks back at the others, and commands "stay back. I'll handle these."

She takes two steps forward, lifts a spell card, and declares "Esoterica, Grey Thaumaturgy!"

Sanae rises three feet in the air, white stars appear at five points around her, shaping what looks to be a star around the girl, then the small stars fly toward the cowardly Heartless.

Her spell quickly releases the little monsters' hearts, at the same time Ail releases the hearts of the remaining Heartless on his side of the large room, and just like that, it is all clear.

Everyone looks around, breathing hard as they do so, wondering if any more monsters will come, then Byakuren weakly declares "finally. Shou... Shou is safe-unh!"

"HIJIRI!" desperately calls Captain Murasa, running to and grabbing hold of the woman before she falls face-first on the floor.

Hours later, after Ail and Aerith finish healing the temple girls, including Shou, whom finally falls asleep after the healing, the peace they all thought would return refuses to remain.

Byakuren punches the floor between herself and Ail, and furiously says "I'm losing my patience with you! How can she be the source you precious signal when she's bedridden like that! ? No, I'm NOT letting you take her just because you're suspicious!"

The boy glares at the monk, rubs the bridge of his nose, points at the sleeping tiger youkai behind her, and exclaims "I already told you, the signal is coming from her! SHE has something that's keeping Reimu trapped, whether by her own knowledge, or not! You know how she can be sometimes! She could have picked something up and it activated with her touch! I'll just gap her to the shrine and see. It will only take a second!"

The gradient haired woman refuses to move aside, blocking Ail from reaching Shou, and for the first time in a thousand years, she looks irritated beyond her usual standards, and ready to attack at any given chance.

She slams the floor with her hand, this time expelling a bit of magic as a warning to the boy, and dangerously says "I won't hear this anymore, Anilan Inmodo! You are just obsessed over your failed duties, and I won't let you put Shou in danger because of it! Now, get out of this temple right now, before I really lose my temper!"

Both eyes meet, and their auras can be felt all the way over to the prayer room; this disturbance causes the tiger youkai to moan weakly and try to speak, but can only mumble softly in her sleep.

Ail's party and the temple girls are at a loss as of what to do, knowing well that if things keep going as they are, a bloody fight between friends is going to break out, however, as if some miracle, a voice of reason defuses the tense situation quickly.

"If I may," begins Patchouli, her voice coming clearly from the emblem, "Ail, Byakuren, why don't you place the emblem on her forehead. If she really is the source of the signal, the emblem itself will react to her, but if not, it should just simply sit on her head."

The boy and magician stare at each other for a little while longer, their tension slowly diminishes, then finally the woman sighs and says "fine, but if something happens to her, I will take immediate action."

The dense boy seems to ignore her as he crawls slowly toward the tiger youkai, takes the emblem off his belt, gently places it on the girl's forehead, and stares intensely.

In truth, he doesn't want to have to fight a dear friend like Byakuren, and even less learn that Shou has somehow helped in sealing, and in keeping Reimu sealed like that, but he has to know, and if his tiger youkai friend is keeping the maiden sealed somehow, he hopes she'll help them without resisting in any way.

After a few seconds pass and the emblem remains motionless on the girl's forehead, Patchouli says "she's clean, though her heart is a bit fractured. She definitely needs rest and care."

This causes Byakuren to cheer "YES! I knew my Shou wasn't bad," and Ail to sigh his relief loudly, and quickly say "you were right! I'm so sorry. You were right. I'm so relieved!"

The magician monk looks surprised as the boy holds his chest and quickly removes the emblem from Shou's forehead, and quickly realizes all that's been going through his mind.

She immediately holds him in a hug, making Sanae twitch a little out of jealousy, and says "I'm sorry Ail. I didn't know. I'm just so worried about Shou. Those monsters hurt her right before my eyes, and I feel responsible for this."

The boy returns the hug and says "no, I'm sorry. You're right, I'm just upset over Reimu. I was supposed to protect her, and now I can't find what's holding her imprisoned. I almost took my frustrations out on you. I'm sorry."

Ail suddenly stresses up, pushes Byakuren away, rushes straight for Shou, then Minamitsu demands "what the hell's the matter with you? Leave her alone already!"

"Ail, what's wrong now?" asks the upset Byakuren. "Let Shou rest!"

He ignores the threats and the energy-covered fingers aimed at himself, grabs the moaning god's representative, pulls her right out of the futon, then jumps away toward the other end of the room.

At the very moment he pulls her away, a dark humanoid monster breaks through the floor, breaking a hole on it and the futon, where Shou's head was, with its teeth, but after realizing it missed its intended target, it roars.

"Who the hell is that! ?" demands Minamitsu as she prepares her anchor. "Whomever you are, you sure picked the wrong time to pick a fight!"

She brandishes her anchor, readies her sacred ladle, but that's when Byakuren, whom now holds the weak tiger girl on her hands, gets in the way of the captain, and whispers "don't. She's the one."

The confused ship ghost youkai looks over the woman's shoulder, and can see Ail and his party facing the new threat that tried taking the tiger youkai's head.

The dense boy and his girlfriend tense up as the figure reveals herself, then said boy asks "Kimi Hong? What in the world happened to you?"

The shadow dragon's skin looks scaly and green, her face has a mixture of a human's and dragon's face mixed, her left eye has a purple flame, instead of the usual white, and her tail, which shouldn't be exposed at all, has a purple glow on its tip.

Her clothes are a mess, it looks as though she hasn't eaten in months, and although she seems to be speaking, all she does is roar and grunt repeatedly.

She looks to Ail, holds her head and roars to the ceiling, and in the blink of an eye, she's sliding to a stop in front of the party, and viciously swings her tail, hitting all on the ribs, and the dense boy on the cheek.

Before they have even fallen, she moves toward Ail and punches him on the stomach, swings her tail again and strikes him on the ribs, then grabs him by the neck and gurgles in his ears "run. Get help," then throws him face-first on the floor, restraining herself from pushing his face through it.

As soon as he bounces off the ground, the humanoid dragon kicks him away, then gets her neck gripped tight by Byakuren, who shouts "LEAVE HIM ALONE!", before throwing the monster girl away.

"Byakuren-san," grunts the dense boy as he tries to get up while rubbing his neck and nose.

"All of you, get up and keep those eyes peeled! Mickey, Ail, keep Sanae and Aerith away from the dragon's reach, you understand?"

The party manages to stand, the boy and the king take the front as they nod to Byakuren, and the dense one activates his blood limit, just as Kimi begins her next attack.

"WHOA!" yelps Mickey after blocking her sudden bite attack, then shouts "she's too fast! We won't be able to defeat her like this!"

"I'll cast another Haste spell on you, just hol-"

"DON'T," quickly commands Ail. He grunts when he deflects a very sudden claw swipe from the right, then Byakuren kicks the humanoid girl away, before she manages to get away from them.

He looks back at the girl and says "she's gonna run away. Get ready to fly. Sanae, Mickey, Aerith, when I give the signal, hold on to my hands."

Though the magician monk is busy matching blinding-fast punches and kicks as if it were mere child's play, it's clear she's straining herself when she speaks through her teeth "Ail, no! You need me! You can't defeat her as you are! Don't follow after her!"

Kimi jumps away from Byakuren, shrieks a roar that forces all present to cover their ears, then screams "RUN *pant* AWAY~!"

She breaks a hole on the wall to the outside, then Ail barks "NOW! GO!", stretches out his arms so that everyone grabs hold, then flies insanely fast toward the shadow dragon.

"NO! AIL, DON'T! SHE WILL KILL YOU!" screams the Youkhrist from the temple, and thinks of going after them, but a moan from Shou makes her thinks otherwise, so she looks from inside while biting her thumb, and says to herself "darn it! I hope they're ok!"

Outside, Ail reaches Kimi's tail the very moment she turns into a snake dragon.

He and Sanae can see the purple crystal on the tip of her tail and want nothing more than to grab it and end their troubles, but the dragon roars and speeds up, forcing them to hold on to her, then they all disappear from the sky after a blinding flash.

Kimi and her 'stowaways' arrive to the Garden of the Sun, an usually peaceful, but highly dangerous place filled to the borders with large sunflowers and a few other varieties of flowers, and a simple, yet large house with a green roof, rose walls and white frames, that belongs to Yuka Kazami.

The group hold on to the shadow dragon's tail as tightly as they can, but after another deafening roar from the shadow monster, they all finds themselves falling to a bed of sunflowers after Kimi turns back to her misshapen humanoid form.

She roars at them all, shoots massive fireballs the size of her body at an alarmingly fast rate, then holds her head, struggles with herself, and grunts "guh... get... go away. RUNAWAY!"

The party below scream as they jump around to avoid the rain of fire, then Sanae looks up when the shower stops, and declares "she's distracted! Attack now!"

Ail shoots white orbs, Sanae shoots pink charms, Aerith surprises herself when she shoots little icicles in overwhelming numbers when trying a simple Blizzard spell, and Mickey aims his Star Seeker and shoots sparks of lightning when he tries a Thunder spell.

Kimi is hit by the first barrage of bullets, but quickly recovers herself and attacks, managing to break some bullets with her own fireballs, and then the fight stops when everyone looks to the background, after noticing an interesting event is taking place.

All the way to the left of the battle is the flower youkai, Yuka Kazami, whom has shoulder-length green hair, red eyes, and is wearing a sleeveless white shirt under a sleeveless red plaid vest, a matching red plaid skirt, a pair of brown cross-laced boots, and is holding a pink parasol she's currently waving around furiously.

She's currently running after something, smiling that deceivingly wicked smile of hers, and even though she's slow, she is able to keep up with Mickey's Gummy Ship, which is currently flying close to the ground, and is pushing the flowers down as it flies through.

In front of the ship are Tenshi, some angels, and crying out loud while being dragged by the celestial, is Iku, who complains "why do you keep dragging me around for this? It's after you, not me!"

"Just shut up and RUN," barks the celestial, to which the oarfish youkai cries "but you're dragging me around, so I CAN'T!"

"Stop running from me so that I can TEACH YOU SOME PROPER MANNERS, you MURDERER!" screams the furious Yuka as she, to everyone's surprise, gets closer to reaching the ship.

Ail and Sanae quickly regain their focus, and quickly notice how Kimi is completely distracted by the hilarious scene before her, even though she shows no emotions toward it.

"Sweetie, focus you holy powers on my arm," whispers the boy, to which the girl nods to and starts rubbing his forearm while playfully whispering "this should help you relax too."

By now , Mickey and Aerith notice those two are at it again, but quickly take notice it's not just for fun or show.

Ail's Keyblade of light starts glowing brighter with every rub from Sanae, and with a pink face, he smiles and whispers "ready," then, as soon as she lets him go, he flies up to the shadow dragon humanoid.

Kimi can feel an odd sensation on her lower back, but doesn't seem too bothered, even though that by the time she turns around, Ail has cut her tail off, freeing the crystal from her.

Obviously not feeling any pain, the girl looks as her tail falls to the ground below, but as soon as the realization hits her, her face twists with a dangerous frown, and she grabs Ail's leg in an instant, roars as she swings him above her head, then throws him hard to the ground.

The boy crashes face-first between Mickey and Aerith, Sanae rushes to him, calling out to him with worry, then the shadow dragon girl begins to roar, which slowly becomes an ear-piercing shriek.

Everyone looks up and end up covering their ears to try and block that ear-breaking screech.

Kimi's scales slowly begin to suck themselves into her skin, her light-orange hair grows a bit, and the wound where her tail was disappears entirely.

At the same time, her tail has stopped in mid air, and the tip of it seems to be facing its former owner as it slowly floats back up to her.

The girl holds her head and seems to struggle with herself in mid-air, screaming, crying and grunting as she squeezes her temples, and with tears in her eyes, she speaks through pants.

"Guh! Help-get... HELP! I'm. can't. controls! It... hurts, but. Kali! Too STROOOOOOONG! *Pant-pant* You'll. have... to... Ha-Hakure-Reimu!"

Everyone waits for the girl to say more, then Ail impatiently asks "to what? Kimi, what's happening to you? What about Reimu! ?"

The tail suddenly thrusts itself through the dragon girl's neck, choking her and making her gag in her desperate attempt to grab it and pull it off herself, but it simply slides down on its own, the purple crystal floats in the center of the hole left behind, then that wound closes up faster than naturally possible.

Kimi suddenly smiles viciously, then launches herself at the group, striking the ground between the boys and the girls, and spreading them apart before any one of them realizes what happened.

After rolling a bit on the ground, Aerith and Sanae manage to get off the ground, look around, then the brown haired girl asks "wh-what just happen? Ail, Mickey?"

"Ail-kun?" worriedly calls the shrine maiden. "AAAAAARGH!"

Sanae's scream forces Ail out of his daze, and as he desperately looks around, he calls "SANAE! SANAE-CHAN, WHAT HAPPENED! ? SANA-ACK!"

His answer comes when his girlfriend's own show strikes him from behind at the back of his neck, and Mickey loudly says "they got run over by the gummy ship!"

When the dense one looks up, he can see Tenshi and Iku, along with the few angels forcefully flying all the way back to Heaven, while a little closer to the ground, Sanae and Aerith are stuck on the front of the Gummy Ship, while Yuka climbs its cockpit, and forces it open with a flick of her parasol on the edge of the glass dome.

"Ha! You can't beat the mighty Yuka. Now get ready to pay for your crimes," declares the flower youkai as she enters the cockpit, and somehow shrinks after getting inside.

The girls grunt as they struggle to climb that ship, and when Yuka sees them, she raises an eyebrow and asks "eh? You two have come to teach this thing a lesson too? Please wait for your turn~ I have dibs on the first few whacks."

The girls ignore the murderous woman and continue struggling against the air pressure as they climb to the cockpit, and after getting splat against the seemingly small control room, Sanae loudly says "you go inside first, before this air pressure kills you!"

Aerith seems to be having a very hard time breathing, and her face is turning blue, and even so, she hesitates to nod when thinking the green haired girl is also having trouble breathing, but when she sees how well the girl is, she continues moving to their destination.

Once inside she coughs as her lungs fill with oxygen again, and after recovering herself, she looks around the surprisingly large room and says "my, this ship is a lot bigger inside."

Her attention turns to the sounds of banging to the right, where Yuka is striking the incredibly sturdy ship's insides with her parasol while saying "oh yes, I was rather surprised as well, but I'm too busy teaching this contraption about respect to the flowers!"

Sanae screams as she falls inside the cockpit, and as soon as she falls sprawled on the floor inside, the hatch closes, and the shrine maiden asks "where did this thing grow nets from?"

She gets up with help from Aerith, rubs the side of her head, then notices Yuka happily smacking the ship's controls, and says "hey, stop doing that! You don't know what the king's ship will do if you damage it!"

The flower master stops her beating, looks back at the shrine maiden, then asks "this is the ship of a king?"

She looks around her surroundings, whistles with admiration, then says "well wha'd you know? I'm teaching royalty some manners."

Sanae walks over to Yuka, smiles while chuckling nervously, then rests her hand on the control panel while saying "y-yes, that's right. But since it's royalty, why don't you *bleep* Huh?"

"Oh dear... Now you've done it," sighs Aerith with a cute and desperate look about her.

Without knowing, the green haired maiden has pressed the warp button, and so the ship begins to do as commanded, and flies away to the sky at warp speed.

From outside, Ail and Mickey watch, unable to do anything else for the girls at the time, and then the ship seems to stretch itself for a bit, before turning into a bright star in the sky.

"S-San... Sanae?" says Ail as though in a trance as he helplessly watches his girlfriend disappearing in the sky.


Mickey grabs hold of the boy before he foolishly tries to fly toward the long-gone ship, and shouts "no, Ail, it's gone! They activated the warp block! They could be anywhere right now!"

The desperate king looks back, gasps, then says "Kimi! Ail' it's Kim-UGH!"

The possessed shadow girl has caught both human and black mouse by the back of their necks, lifts them both off the floor with ease, and while looking at them with a blank stare, she softly says "you... should have... r-run. Too... la-... Late now."

Before either have the chance to fight back, Kimi turns into a dragon and threatens to crush the boys between her massive claws, and with a thundering voice she says "must. obey. Kali's. comm-ands!"

Tenshi and Iku watch from the distance as the dragon's massive body glows eerily violet, how that glow slowly consumes the unconscious warriors, and in the blink of an eye, everyone disappears.

The celestial looks at her friend, then asks "Iku, what the heck just happen?"

The oarfish youkai shrugs and shakes her head, then says "I don't know, Eldest Daughter. Maybe we should just leave, before something else happens?"

Tenshi shakes her head, gulps, and says "th-the pointy flying thing is gone, and that dragon thing took Ail. We should investigate and learn what's happening here."

Iku stares at the blue haired girl for a bit, wondering if the celestial got hit too hard on the head, or is just crazy.

Meanwhile, Kimi appears at the edge of a dark beach where black rocks ooze a purple-blue substance, and the sand looks black, purple and grey.

She drops Mickey and Ail at the edge of the water, flies in circles above her head, and says "safe. You are. s-safe. Must. save. all.. Kali is bad. HELP ME!"

She suddenly disappears, roaring before vanishing from the dark skies, leaving the two Keyblade wielders trapped in the World of Darkness.


At the Hakurei Shrine's living quarters, while Mima and Patchouli are exploring their emblem, Cirno and Rumia suddenly rise from the floor and look to the sky above the tree on the left side of the shrine.

Wriggle, Mystia and Daiyousei look up at the ice fair and darkness youkai, but before the question is asked, Patchouli nervously says "something's wrong here. It's like Ail's emblem is gone. I can't seem to feel it anymore. Kyo won't like this."

She suddenly gasps, mutters "that idiot," then shouts "No, Kyo! You almost had her! What happened! ? Yumeda!"

"Guys, get ready!" suddenly commands Cirno as she takes her watermelon sword on hand and getting everyone's attention. "Here they come!"

The girls all spring on their feet and ready their weapons, though look rather unwilling to fight yet again, Mima prepares her staff and powers herself up, and just seconds after getting ready, Large Bodies, Fluttering Furies already joined with Air Shadows, and an Opposite Armor appear from those swirling black vortexes at the back of the shrine.

Even Patchouli grimaces at the sight before them, though nobody does as funny as Cirno, whom is bearing her gums from the fright.

She recovers quickly and puts on a brave face, looks back at the other girls, showing them her bravery and resignation to whatever fate may befall on them, then rushes out, screaming "CHAAAAAAAAAAARGE!"

"Perfect FREEZE!", she screams as soon as she's in range, freezing all the monsters at once, and taking out five of the joined Heartless on the sky.

Though her surprise attack does give the others the advantage of surprise, the defeated Large Bodies, Furies and Air Shadows seem to come back almost immediately after turning to black dust, and not only that, but the Opposite Armor is angry at the girls, and is swinging it's clamps and claws all around itself.

Cirno, Rumia and Mystia yelp after being swatted away by a clamp just before Mima's lasers shower down on the monsters, then Daiyousei flips around with her staff wielded with deadly force, and Wriggle it having a very hard time taking down a single Fluttering Fury and Air Shadow combo.

Cirno & Rumia push themselves back into the fight, while Mystia goes to assist Wriggle, Mima casts a lightning spell that mimics the one used by Donald, then earth pikes fly out of nowhere, and strike some Large Bodies on the head, finishing them off, and the Opposite Armor's left claw, knocking it down.

The green haired woman looks to the shrine's front, finds Renko preparing more pikes, as well as several joined Heartless behind the human girl, and shouts "behind you!"

The girl quickly turns around and deals with the monsters, while the spirit woman shouts "these things are too strong! Girls, give it your all and more! Patchouli, we need assistance!"

"I can't contact Ail or Mickey, and the others are all busy, remember?" quickly shouts the magician from inside the shrine.

"We'll just have to hit them harder," shouts Cirno, getting a cheer from the youkai girls and Renko, before spinning around like King Mickey and striking several joined monsters repeatedly, until another five become black dust.

The ice fairy suddenly stops attacking when she hears her friends grunting and struggling hard, and when she looks down, Wriggle calls "CIRNOOO, we need HELP!"

The little blue haired fairy quickly dives down and smashes the head of one of the large Heartless that was swinging its arms at Rumia and Mystia.

Meanwhile, Daiyousei demonstrates amazing agility and skill while wielding her staff and protecting Renko, who exclaims "wow, I'm very impressed! For a fairy, you are quite skillful and strong!"

The green-haired fairy stops with her back turned in front of the human, glares around, panting to catch her breath, then looks back with a smile and says "thanks. I didn't know I had this much in me. I'm still not as strong as Cirno, though."

The mentioned fairy groans as she flies past the two girls, then Renko says "uh-oh! That big Heartless is mad!"

Cirno stands back on her feet, rubs her head a bit, and looks to the Opposite Armor with red eyes, chuckles, and says "so, you don't like ice in your mouth, huh! ?"

The little fairy quickly takes off to the sky, flies above the large armored Heartless, then pulls a wing off her back and shapes it into a sword, and grins while saying "this will damage it nicely."

She dive-bombs straight at the monster, then gasps with surprise when many blue orbs touch her ice sword and make it grow several sizes larger.

Mima looks at Patchouli's raised hand with disbelief, and sarcastically asks "are you sure that's enough?", to which the purple-themed girl smiles and replies "it should be."

Rumia grabs Mystia and Wriggle, and quickly jumps toward the shrine, and mere seconds later, Cirno crash lands on top of the Opposite Armor's torso, making it diappear, and as that massive sword touches the ground, the ice appears to inflate, the ice fairy flies away, then her sword explodes.

Most of the Heartless nearby become black dust, and now, after the sky clears of all ice cubes and light sparks, Mima and Rumia whistle at the same time, and say "that was impressive."

Patchouli chuckles, but before she speaks, her small smile becomes a visible frown, and with frustration in her tone, she exclaims "what the heck is-? That thing is still alive!"

Mystia points up, and says "and so are those!"

The sky is still filled with Fluttering Furies riding Air Shadows, some Large Bodies pop out of other vortexes, and though the opposite armor lacks its torso, it's claws, clamps and head are still active, and it roars at the girls, causing Wriggle and Mystia to yelp and fall to the ground out of the sheer force of that roar.

"Protect Mystia and Wriggle!", commands Daiyousei as she and Renko run in front of the shrine, then Cirno lands in front of the girls, snarls at the monster, takes her sword on hand before it touches the ground, then roars as she runs straight at the large round head.

Mima takes the emblem from the table and desperately calls "Ail, Mickey, can you hear me? Sanae? Aerith? Anyone? DAMMIT!"

She slams the emblem hard against the wooden table and mutters several curses under her breath as she runs back outside, then says "not one of these monsters gets inside this shrine, you understand! ?"

The girls all nod, Wriggle and Mystia stand back up, then all, including Mima and Patchouli, rush straight toward the multitude of monsters.

"Freeze Sign, Minus K!", declares Cirno as she rushes toward the Large Bodies, shooting large orbs of ice that quickly burst into countless icicles that explode into snowflakes upon touching a target.

This alone strikes half of the army of Heartless invading the shrine, and thanks to this, even Mystia is taking down monsters with one swing from her claws.

Rumia is having fun with the dark fairies on black crows by cutting their heads off with her black short sword, and punching their faces in whenever given the chance.

As soon as Cirno's spell cancels out, and more than half of the group of Heartless is weakened, Mima, Patchouli and Renko combine their powers on a single earth spell, and all simultaneously declare "Earth Sign, Rising Pillars!"

As the name implies, three massive pillars made of hardened earth rise from the ground and fly to the sky above the Heartless' heads, and when a few Large Bodies and Fluttering Furies look up, the last thing they see is those pillars coming down on them with great force.

Many of the monsters turn to black dust, but now there are more Large Bodies to deal with, though Mystia and Daiyousei, whom immediately jump the new group of Heartless, don't seem very bothered by this, and beat and tear the living daylights of those round monsters.

Unknown to the others, Wriggle has lured the four remaining pieces of the Opposite Armor near the lake behind the shrine, and is currently beating its clamps into submission, winning the fight with ease.

"And once I'm done with THIS", the left clamp explodes upon the bug youkai's baton strikes, then she continues, "I am going to go back there, and show everyone how strong I really am!"

She looks between the trees and sees how her friends struggle against the many Heartless, then quickly resumes her fight with the monster's claw, blocking its sudden thrust and stunning it before going over to combo it, and says "I better finish you off now! The others need my help, and with you out of the way, things will be much easier."

Wriggle continues beating the claws until it makes a popping sound, then quickly hops to work on the renewed claw, seemingly forgetting this one had been destroyed before, and that there is one remaining claw-like clamp, and the round armored head, which looms above her, staring at her with those glowing red eyes.

She raises her baton to begin the beating, then the clamp grabs her from behind and holds her tight, making her scream out loud as it attempts to break her in half.

She can hear Cirno and Mystia calling for her, but she can't reply. Her ribs have been crushed, though it's nothing she can't recover from in a few hours.

The monster's head comes down to meet her weakened eyes, its own eyes glow with intensity as it looks on the little bug girl, then throws her away, back to the shrine, right next to the heated battle.

The girls call for Wriggle, but all of them are stuck fighting more Fluttering Furies, Air Shadows, Large Bodies, and now a few Soldiers have joined the Heartless ranks, and are giving their all and more just to keep those monsters from reaching Reimu.

"WRIGGLE! GET UP!" calls Rumia, her voice making the bug youkai react in time to roll away from that claw she couldn't destroy.

She holds her ribs when the pain hits her, then she gasps with fright when that monster reveals its torso once more, reappearing under the head as if it were always there.

At that very moment, Wriggle seems to fall in some sort of trance, and can only gasp and whimper as she looks into that monster's eyes.

Her body begins to shiver, her eyes lose their focus and their light, and all she can do now is open her mouth and choke softly on her own tongue.

Cirno and the others notice something is wrong, and try hard to break through to help their friend, the ice fairy going as far as smashing her watermelon sword against a Large Body so hard, it breaks in half.

She doesn't care about the sword and tosses it away, replacing her swinging with the shooting countless icicles, but even so, more Heartless get in her way sooner than she can finish them off.

Finally she breaks an opening after turning a Large Body and a Soldier into black dust, then all her hopes fade.

Wriggle is still sitting on the ground, looking at her friends and smiling emptily, and though no sound comes from her, the ice fairy can understand when her bug friend mouths the words 'continue forward'.

Cirno screams as she watches Wriggle's heart slowly leaving her body and flying into a dark vortex, then feels a pain in her chest when she watches her friend's body hit the ground with a strong thud.

At that very moment, Mima screams "oh no, REIMU!", then she and Patchouli abandon the fight to cast a spell on the purple prison, which seems to be vibrating and humming loudly.

A mere second later, the sprouting crystal on the top-right corner cracks and explodes, then Patchouli shouts "stabilize her heartbeats! Let me work on the fissure!"

The main crystal also cracks a bit, but some of those cracks head straight for Reimu's heart, and even in her crystallized state, tears of pain start rolling down the shrine maiden's eyes, filling the magicians with despair.

Cirno looks back and forth between Reimu and Wriggle as the Heartless stop attacking, time seems to slow down for her and her team, and slowly, but surely, what very little remained of the day soon gives way to the darkness of night, and all hope fades along with it.

The ice fairy sighs, her wings begin to glow, illuminating a great deal of the shrine's grounds, she grabs one of her wings, then lifts it chest-high.

It quickly takes the shape of a simple, yet sharp-looking Keyblade with a white cushioned grip, sharp teeth make the weapon's hand guard, the short shaft looks like a rough icicle with a pointed end, and the teeth at the end look like the ice fairy's own wings.

"Cirno," softly calls Daiyousei.

The ice fairy's answer is a furious roar, and now she goes after the Heartless that seem to be wanting to run away, yet it appears they are unable to do so.

She strikes a Large Body on the head, and in one hit she releases the captured heart, then suddenly swings left, right, spins, and after she's done, a total of seven hearts are released.

A Soldier and a joined Fury and Air Shadow silently sneak behind the dangerous ice fairy, and are struck from behind by a black sword with a glowing red light, their hearts released from a mere swing from said weapon.

Cirno looks back at Rumia, whom looks rather upset as she looks at the Heartless, and without looking at the little fairy, she says "take them all down!"

"Moon Sign, Silent Selene!" shouts Patchouli from behind the stunned Mystia, Daiyousei and Renko, causing a beam to fall from a magical moon onto the annoying monsters that keep trying to fight back, yet the beam won't harm the fairy or darkness youkai.

Mima runs toward the Opposite Armor, and commands "stop staring like a couple of idiots and help me here!"

Daiyousei, Mystia and Renko shake their shocked heads, knowing well that was aimed at them, then the two youkai quickly rush to help the Supposedly-Evil spirit, while Patchouli and the brown haired human assist Cirno and Rumia with spells for buffs for their friends, or attack on the Heartless.

While Daiyousei and Mystia take the remaining claw and clamp, Mima focuses her energy onto a glowing spell card, then declares "Magic Sign, Stardust Reverie!"

Mystia delivers the last blow to the clamp, making it pop loudly, Daiyousei sends the claw crashing against the torso of the monster after a full body swing with her staff, making it explode on contact, then both girls run away just in time to avoid Mima's star cluster, and the monster's body cannon beam.

The two spells clash in mid-air, and now it has become a contest of wills.

Even though she's concentrating hard, the spirit woman loudly commands "get that girl's body out of there! Get her inside!"

The fairy and night sparrow quickly move to get Wriggle's body, and seeing as there is no resistance, they manage to take their friend inside the shrine in record time.

Meanwhile, Renko and Patchouli find themselves feeling a little useless, as Cirno and Rumia spin and jump around and take one Heartless after another with one or two strikes from their weapons, releasing their hearts as fast as King Mickey would.

The Large Bodies still pose a bit of a problem, as their bellies still bounce all attacks back with ease, but for the ice fairy, they are dealt with by a quick icicle to the gut or face, while the darkness youkai simply uses the recoil to strike another monster, before coming back to finish the big oaf.

After that last Large Body is gone, the girls realize there aren't any more Heartless left, save for one.

Cirno and Rumia are both exhausted, catching their breath is a chore right now, their faces are all hot and red from overexerting themselves, but all of that seems to fade when they glare at the one monster they are eager to eradicate.

Mima screams when the recoil from the explosion of both attacks sends her flying back inside the shrine by force, then the ice fairy and darkness youkai hastily rush toward the monster, roaring as they do.

What's left of the Opposite Armor looks to the girls and tries shooting a large dark orb at them, but Cirno easily deflects that with her Keyblade, allowing Rumia to get closer to it and cut its head in half with her sword.

The ice fairy is now above the monster with her new weapon raised high above her head, roaring as she pushes herself down, cutting the monster's remains in half, and after the Heartless' body glows, the massive heart is released, and the creature becomes black dust.

The two girls let themselves fall to the ground, panting with exhaustion, and laughing after a job well done, but the pain of loss in their eyes betrays their laughter.

Patchouli suddenly gasps, then says "we better contact the others! Let them know what's going on and call them all back! We can't keep up like this, and Mickey and Ail still won't answer!"

She hovers fast into the shrine, calling for Mima, while Renko walks over to Cirno and Rumia, eager to congratulate them for a job well done.

She places a hand on their backs, kneels between the two girls, then softly says "come on, let's get inside.


Donald arrives to the front of the shrine like a luminous ball of light that spreads on the stone pathway in front of the stairs to the donation box.

Immediately besides him is Marisa, whom remains on her hands and knees and refuses to look up.

Behind them are Star and Sunny shaking Luna's limp body and calling out to their little friend, until they notice they are back on familiar grounds and start looking around, though not leaving their fallen friend's side.

To the magician's right are Alice and Hourai, both holding to Shanghai's body as they look around, while the youkai girl asks "wait, why are we here? How did you do that?"

The humanoid duck looks back at Alice, and sounding a bit tired, he says "it's really complicated, but I can explain later."

"Later is good," says Patchouli as she, Mima, Renko, Rumia and Cirno rush over to the newly arrived group.

The purple haired magician walks over to Marisa and Donald, places her hand on both their shoulders; the duck getting pink cheeks out of this gesture; and softly, yet coldly says "you did a good job, now just relax. Marisa, stop your whining. You did all you could, but that's all gone now. I need you to focus on right now!"

Mima approaches her former apprentice, pulls her up to her feet by her shoulders, and reveals the dazed and hungry face of a pale blonde that's just BEGGING for food.

With a giggle, the evil spirit says "she's fine you two, she's just famished. Come, let's go inside and- Oh dear."

All heads turn to Cirno, Star and Sunny, and hearts start to feel heavy all around.

For everyone, particularly the residents of Gensokyo, seeing fairies so depressed is enough to bring down the mood to even the most cheerful of persons.

Rumia walks away from Alice toward the fairies, and says "come on, don't just stand there. Let's get her to a futon! Really, what kind of stupid friends are you? She'll catch a cold!"

Cirno rapidly lifts her fists to the air, and along Star and Sunny, they all complain to the darkness blonde for her harsh words, but all she does is stick her tongue out at them and giggle as she takes Luna's body with her.

Alice and Hourai ignore this and look to Patchouli as the former slowly raises her voice while asking "so what exactly is going on? How is Reimu? And what happened to Shanghai? Why is she like this? Why does she seem to be both dead and alive?"

The purple haired girl lifts a hand, gestures her magician colleague to follow after Mima, and calmly says "let's first head inside, eat something, then I'll try to explain everything I can."

And so, after Luna Child and Shanghai are placed on a futon next to Wriggle, and a hot meal of eels, soup, rice, eggs and tea made and served by Mystia and Daiyousei is devoured by hungry adventurers, Patchouli and Mima begin discussing things with Alice, Marisa, and Donald.

After pacing for a bit, the purple themed girl looks to Alice, and says "from what I can tell, that crystal had taken hold of Shanghai's heart, and removing it so forcefully caused her heart to be taken into darkness."

"Don't start thinking morbidly, you fool," quickly begins the spirit. "Like Wriggle, Luna and Keine, as well as the many fairies and people that have had their hearts taken, I am sure we can get their hearts back."

Alice looks with disbelief at the green haired woman, and asks "and how can you be so sure about that? Have you experienced something like this before?"

"Oh, my, of course not. Well, not that I can remember," casually admits the woman with a silly smile on her face, then points outside and says "but that seems to be a clear indication that my theory is right on the money."

The girls on the table all turn to look to the open sliding doors, and surprise quickly takes them.

Cirno and Hourai, who sits on the fairy's shoulder, and whom happen to be hearing the whole conversation from the shrine's veranda, raise their frowning faces to look to the trees, then brighten up when they start seeing fairies and youkai waking up from their long dark sleep.

The ice fairy and tiny blonde quickly perk up, stand on the tip of their toes, and the blue haired girl exclaims "so we can get Wriggle, and Luna, and Hourai's big sister back! ? Rally! ? What do we have to do?"

The little blonde quickly adds a desperate and shrieking "TELL UUUUUUSS!"

Everyone except Hourai herself has to rub the inside of their ears after such a powerful shriek, then Patchouli says "we can't be too certain about this, but it seems that by releasing captured hearts, you restore the being the heart was stolen from. Again, we are not too sure about it, but seeing those wake up as they have, gives us a good feeling about it."

"And what about the others?" suddenly asks Marisa.

She looks around as though in a daze, looks to Reimu in her crystal prison, notices the middle and left prongs on said crystal still are in place, then asks "what happened to them? Why didn't they get their crystals too?"

Mima sighs, places her fingers on her forehead while thinking on how to word her knowledge, then says "Hunk's team was big, and they would have gotten that crystal, but their opponent was Mokou, and she put up one hell of a fight. She also took Keine's heart right before their very eyes."

Patchouli shakes her head while looking to the floor, and says "we've lost all contact with Ail and Mickey, and although we know they are alive, wherever they are, they are completely out of our reach."

Marisa lightly wraps her arms around herself, as though hugging herself while looking down to the ground, then says "so, splitting up like that was a mistake from the start."

The purple haired girl hums to this, then says "we did get a glimpse of their target, and if I'm not mistaken, Ail said it was Kimi. However, though we could see through the emblems, the images are a bit distorted."

Mima rapidly adds "we'll be working on that for tonight, but you all have to sleep. You've all had a long day, and tomorrow promises to be even longer."

Cirno complains a bit, but quickly complies to rest, and so all the girls quietly make their way to the futons in front of Reimu's crystal and the heartless girls, though Marisa stops her walking, and before she asks, Patchouli says "yes, like with you with Yuffie, Kyo and Ail were met with some particular allies."

Mima chuckles as she gets closer to the blonde, and says "there was Cid, whom was looking for his friends while helping Kyo, and Aerith, quite the charming girl, helped Ail, though she's probably disappeared too. Like Yuffie, Cid appeared and disappeared through means of a dark gassy vortex, same as Aerith, though the latter, again I say, I'm not sure if she's gone too."

Marisa looks away to her futon, then in a low tone of voice, says "not that I care about them, but maybe we should see if we can check on them, ze. And Ail and Mickey; don't worry about them. We'll be seeing them soon. ...I hope."

To this, Mima, Patchouli, Alice and Donald share a confused and shocked stares, but decide to keep their thoughts to themselves.


While the girls all sleep away their weariness all around the Hakurei Shrine's floor, right in front of the trapped Reimu, darkness creeps around them.

"No, if we do that, the light from the sun will blind us," comments Patchouli as she, Mima and surprisingly enough, Alice, work on perfecting the emblem's visual capabilities.

The girls start bickering in low whispers as they argue many pros and cons of augmenting the capabilities of the emblem, and maybe even extending its reach to other worlds, but then Alice raises her voice and all three start hushing each other.

Meanwhile, Renko start turning and tossing under her sheets, grimaces and sweats coldly, and as she starts muttering under her breath, a black, gassy vortex opens up under her, sucking her inside of it and closing up just as Mima notices and shouts "RENKO!"

She, Patchouli and Alice quickly scramble towards where the girl last was, waking up the others as they do.

At that very moment, at Eientei, Maribel wakes up with a jolt and screams "RENKO, NO!"

She starts to cry and calling for Renko, stops when she realizes where she is, and now finds herself surrounded by Reisen, Medicine and Luna Rivers, and breathes hard as she slowly calms herself down.

And so ends the disastrous first day of the hunt for the sources holding Reimu Hakurei imprisoned inside a dark crystal.

To be continued...

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Original Spell Cards by Willie G.R. (similarities are coincidental)

Ail, Kyo, Budou, Phredia, Kimi, Kali, and Luna Rivers were created by Willie G.R.

APR 25, 2012

Written by

Willie G.R.


And what do you know! Took me a whole darned year to get this ONE DAY finished! Well, that's motivation for you. Sadly, this crossover has gotten very little response (I blame myself for that for taking so damned long to work on it), but as a result, my motivation to work on it has diminished greatly. As you may have noticed, I lessened the details of fights, made them shorter, and honestly will do this for the next chapters, and no, I will not continue with the "Day 1; Day 2" thing, and will now work as I normally would. Well, ok, maybe I'll let you know it's Day 2, but won't emphasize on it too much. Anyways, the other reason I am doing this is to hurry up with this, cut to the chase, and end it with a glorious bang! GLORIOUS! So don't worry, those-of-you-whom-are-reading-this! I will make sure you STILL enjoy reading through to the end, just don't expect that many chapters, unless my mood and motivation towards this adventure changes.

Oh, and I'll make sure there are no more loses to the Heartless. They are getting theirs, and there's nothing they can do about it! FOR GREATER JUSTICE!

This Chapter's New Heartless

Poison Plant - I won't lie to you, I don't remember much of this Heartless in the game they appeared. They are stationary, and will shoot unblockable blobs of poison from their mouths, and if you get close to them, they try and hit you with a headbutt. That headbutt bit I didn't remember, so thank you KH's Wikiw "The Keyhole".

Bookmaster - These little nuisances will fly around in their books, which are the Akashik Records, and will attack with elemental magic from afar. Not only that, they absorb elemental magical attacks, but spells like Magnet and Reflect work well on them. Though physically weak, if you get close to them, they swirl the book around themselves, pushing you away from it, though sometimes it won't. Oh, and if you manage to guard against their projectile attacks in time, you can bounce those back at them, making their defeat easier. I personally prefer beating them all to a pulp, though.

Fortuneteller - These seemingly lovely ladies won't read your fortune, so beat them quickly. They fly around, shooting ice crystals, swinging their crystal balls in an eight shape, and they have this annoying attack that, after three seconds, your character gets trapped in ice for a bit. They are still surprisingly easy to deal with.

Boss Heartless - Grim Reaper - An Aztec-looking Heartless that represents death. Quite the tough boss. In the game "Kingdom Hearts 2" he knocks coins out of the Aztec treasure chest and makes itself an invincible ghoul, changing its shape to something more frightening and ghostly-like. Its scythe swing is quite damaging, but it can be avoided or blocked. Oh, and its real scythe looks more like an Aztec-made treasure, not like what I made it wield here. Sadly, I can't remember more about it. Sorry about that.