This Day: The Start of Everything True

She was once called the matriarch,
prancing mother who took care
of the "younglings" he wanted best,
but she missed the baby boy
that was too weak to live this life.
They were all false,
but she catered to the mate,
she adhered to his false wants,
his fa├žade, his redemptive plan
that kept them all under his act.
The mother was dead,
the broken, battered wife was dead.
All that wanted to live in this new form
was the mate that wanted to love him,
the vampire, the beast that craved blood-
but he was broken too.
He desired salvation
and curtsied and prayed his way
through the humans who were his fodder.
He listened to the seeing child,
never ruling his coven like one should,
never being the vampire he should,allowing the counterfeit life
to be run by brats, spoiled by their whim,
and reign behind his mask.
He lost touch with what's true,
what was natural-
He shunned his reality
and left his love in the dark,
corned and shelved till he needed her.
But when the dark prince finally took his proper throne,
being brought to life by his own
newfound mate,
speaking secrets,
settling truths,
making way for the madness brewing at the root,
it all collapsed,
the patriarch's world sprawled bare at his feet-
No more happy home,
No more possessions to show his worth,
No more physical to prove his deliverance.
It's all left burning,
Being reborn like he once did,
becoming nothing more than a memory
of a life that wasn't his to begin with.
And his mate was right,
she had it right,
this was not their life,
and someday,
he'd understand.

Lynette C. Nichols aka TheUnderStudy