A/N: It took me a while to really get what I felt was right. Then I realized, nothing can ever be right or wrong with this. So today it finally hit me and I gave in to Peter. So this is from the 'Brother-in-Arms' POV. I hope you like it.

Calm Before the Storm: A Response to Chapter 27 of Someday

I am not a follower,
but I would allow a true leader
to guide me, to direct me,
trusting their leadership wholly.
The Dark Prince had always
seemed to be the one
who'd never disappoint me.
But he left for something miniscule,
for someone that did deserve him.
He left my mate and I
to wonder if we were ever worth it.

Then the soothsayer in me
alerted me to the change,
something new was coming.
Had I known it would come
in the form of a withering maiden-
a woman with a desire to be more,
but lacked the push to do it,
to break the mold and hands holding her-
I would have laughed.
I would have slayed them for their stupidity.
But the Iron Maiden proved me wrong.

She was something better for him-
The Dark Prince became something,
worth me being at his side again.
Now she was strong, but abused,
wise and yet whimsical,
breakable, but her soul invincible.
So I did what was asked of me,
I suited the woman, my sister, his mate
I armored her well and loved her already.
And I would break the world
to protect her from harm or even herself.

However, now my leader has fucked us, royally.
he has broken my trust,
broken my loyalty and my love.
He has lied and put my own mate
in perilous danger,
one which will take longer to forgive.
He has brought in someone different,
someone not of this venom that has bonded us.
He has kept vital secrets from me
and right now the reasons don't matter.
He has made me a follower, unforgivable.

So now as things begin to settle,
the next phase of our existence meshing,
I begin to accept this fate-
I must forgive and move on,
we must prepare and train
the Iron Maiden and this new link.
We must be settled and ready,
for whenever the storm may start.
I try to reason that the Dark Prince
Has a plan, that there's some meaning,
instead of thinking he's flying blind.

But even through all of this madness,
it is good to finally see my Dark Prince
He is not some perfumed & coiffed Lord,
he is a true leader and harbinger of Death.
I have let him guide me to the gates of Hell,
and I pray we leave victorious.
When the storm does begin to surround us,
My mate & I will be by the new Death & Destruction's sides,
and even I see the link being guided with us as well.
I will not doubt, but be faithful,
all because the Iron Maiden has made him moreā€¦

Lynette C. Nichols aka TheUnderStudy
June 8. 2011 11:00am