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EPILOGUE After the Curtain Closes

::Welcome to the Balamb Garden Festival Website!!!::


I'm so happy! The play was a hit! Booyaka!! And the party was so fun!

I'm really glad that the play did good but I think the reason I'm REALLY happy is that...ah, well. It's for me to know and you to find out!

I think the only person happier about our play than me is Zell. He did so many flips that I lost count! And not only that but he got a ton of hotdogs at the party! Gee, I hope he doesn't die of happiness...

I got some e-mails from people who are asking me who Seifer's crush is. I said one of the Disciplinary Committee members had a crush but I never said it was Seifer! I know all the rumors about him and a certain someone I won't mention but it isn't him! It's close! Can you guess? It's Raijin! And I'm so happy for him because his crush seems to like him, too! You're in for a surprise once I tell you who she is... It's none other than our very own Miss Rinoa Heartilly! The sweetest thing happened between them. Raijin wrote a letter to Rinoa, asking her if she'd like to go out with him and he put it in the her monthly delivery of Pet Pals. When Rinoa was packing up to go to Timber, she didn't have time to read her magazine and it got mixed up with all her other stuff. When she was on the train, she opened the magazine and there was Raijin's letter! So at the last minute, she came back to Garden just so that she and Raijin could go out together! Tee-hee...

It seems like romance is in the air. Sorry to disappoint all you Trepies, but yes, Miss Quistis Trepe HAS A BOYFRIEND! Ah, ah, I can't tell you. It's a secret! I know this might not be very helpful but her boyfriend is blonde and his last name is Alma_ _. Your have to figure out the rest for yourself and don't even try asking me because my lips are sealed! Oh, and her boyfriend told me to tell all of Quistis' male admirers, Trepies specifically, to "Keep your hands to yourself or be prepared to be beaten into a bloody pulp". He's strange but he cares a lot about Quistis! Good luck, Quistis and Seifer!

Irvine and Fujin look really happy. It's funny 'coz before, Irvine was so creeped out by her! I wanted to thank them for being in the play but they've been missing since last night... I wonder where they could be...

That reminds me... THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!! I love all of you! All the cast members and the audience... Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You're all great!!!

I think this is all I want to say for now... Oh, wait, just one more thing. This is to a person that I hold very dear to my heart. I'm not gonna say who because it'd be kinda embarrassing for me. But if you know who you are, I just want to let you know that you're the one that makes me happy and I hope that you feel the same way, too. Thank you for trusting me and I hope that we can have more wonderful experiences together. I care for you so much...

Thank you, Squall.


Those good old days
In my heart memories go round and round
The curtain rises on the stage
Changing tears to songs
Hope is drawn by a sparkling smile
Shining in the spotlight

Blossoming girls
Have thrown away the past
Tracing bold, multi-colored figures
When they dream, it is always a dream of love

Pleasant thoughts warm my body
Even if my life be gone tomorrow
Sing, dance and the curtain opens
The audience is waiting for our performance

Blossoming girls
Embrace the future
Beautiful sky, golden world
When they dream, it is always a dream of love

Pleasant thoughts warm my body
Even if my life be gone tomorrow
Tonight, song, dance and the open stage
We've put those smiles on their faces

Pleasant thoughts warm my body
Even if my life be gone tomorrow
Tonight, song, dance and the open stage
A standing ovation for us all

Sing, dance and the curtain closes
The night is over
The audience is leaving
But we've made good memories
I hope we'll make some more


::~The End~::

Author's Notes: One of the very few fics I've ever finished! I hope you all enjoyed it! Even if the contest is over, I want to see more Squalphies! Thank you, everyone! Good luck to all contestants!