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"Babies make everything better." – TV Tropes

Unfamiliarity was what first struck Roxanne when she awoke from what appeared to be a rather peaceful sleep. Her first in weeks. Whatever she was laying on was not her bed; it wasn't soft, yet it was surprisingly comfortable...wait, was she laying on the floor?

That thought took a back seat when she realized she wasn't alone. A warm, steady breath was expiring against the back of her neck, sending fuzzy shivers down the length of her spine with every second. Roxanne was also aware of an arm casually slung over her middle, squeezing ever so slightly as its owner slept. So she had obviously slept with someone. The question of why she was laying on the floor rose again, and when she discovered that she couldn't even remember the guy's name, the reporter kicked herself mentally. She was a mature woman. She knew better than to sleep with someone she barely knew.

Her thoughts immediately thought back over what had happened the past twenty-four hours. Morning: coffee and chat with her mother, which had turned into an argument. Lunch: met up with Wayne, chatted, but that had also ended with arguments. Early afternoon: her daily report, Hal had hit on her, and she had slapped him. Late afternoon: The kidnapping...


Not good. Not good.

Deep blue eyes widened when brief flashes of memory flickered into the light, revealing exactly who she had slept – and was still sleeping – with. Just to make sure she reached her hand behind her at an awkward angle. It came in contact with an abnormally large head, at which point she chose to cry out in shock, roll out of his grip and scoot backwards across the floor. Her eyes focussed on the blue figure, who had been disturbed from his sleep by her sudden movements.

Megamind blinked twice before he groaned. "Wut?" he asked in a tired voice. He suspected it was Minion, trying to get him up.

When he got no reply, though, the villain gave his eyes a rub and blinked a couple more times. His vision adjusted as he tried to make out the figure before him. It was Roxanne...wearing her birthday suit.

A lady scream left his mouth as he snatched up the blankets whilst stumbling to his feet; he was rather embarrassed that he was wearing his birthday suit, too. The purple blush rose in his cheeks as he tried to avoid eye contact with her, knowing all too well what they had done, and knowing that she knew, too.

It was when Roxanne covered herself with her clothes which she had tossed aside the previous night did Megamind dare look back at her, Roxanne choosing the same moment to take a glance at him; their eyes locked for moments, and they found that they couldn't move. Neither knew what to say to each other, or what to do. Roxanne was angry at both him and herself for letting it happen as well as embarrassed, while Megamind was just...well...embarrassed.

As they watched each other the pair contemplated over what exactly had happened the night before. Roxanne's day hadn't been the best; her mother had tried pushing her into taking her relationship with Metro Man to the next level, and when she had joked about it with the hero later at lunch, he had been on her mother's side. Angry at him she had gone to work in a foul mood, and when she'd voiced her problems to Hal, he'd hit on her harder than he'd ever dared to before, suggesting they become more "friendly" in their professional relationship. Roxanne had acted as any other woman would; she slapped him clean across the face before reporting him to her boss for sexual harassment.

Things hadn't exactly gone brilliantly from there. The familiar scent of the knock-out spray had filled her nostrils when she stepped outside the KMCP News building, and after a brief time in the darkness, she had woken up tied in her usual position in the centre of what appeared to be the abandoned brewery – unlike all the other places across town, this one hadn't been abandoned for very long. The young woman recalled reporting its closure no more than a month before.

Megamind had met her in his usual way, and since she had already been irritated enough, she had blown up in his face. Minion had hastily left the room and hadn't appeared again for the rest of the night (both were grateful for that, considering what had happened). Megamind on the other hand, completely taken aback by her sudden outburst, had offered her one of the many drinks around them in hope that it might calm her down. She had accepted his offer – a mistake she found she regretted.

That was when things had unknowingly gone downhill. The self-proclaimed villain had joined her in drinking, having nothing better to do, and the pair had found themselves talking. Roxanne had confessed why she was feeling so angry, to which he expressed his own enraged feelings for (only to cover them up momentarily and blame his outburst on the drink), and they had somehow gotten to talk about the type of guy Roxanne was looking for – how she had allowed that subject to even enter the conversation was beyond her.

Sometime after that Megamind remembered his damsel telling a story; something about herself back-packing through Europe (he wondered if this out-of-the-blue chronicle was a result of the drink, since by this time she'd had rather a lot), but he also remembered getting...drawn to her during the tale. Tempting temptress and her...temptress ways! Next thing either of them knew they were kissing, clothes scattering across the floor before they fell onto the blankets Megamind had found in one of the storage closets.

One thing which had Roxanne cringing the most, though, was that even though she'd been drunk, she could remember every detail of what had happened. And she meant every detail.

The horror and anger of the situation left, to be replaced with flat out embarrassment. As if they weren't feeling that already.

"Well," Roxanne began. She brushed a bang from her eyes. "I've certainly never done that with you before." The reporter was trying to keep the mood light. Even though she was angry, she couldn't place the blame entirely on Megamind. It was her fault, too.

The villain's eyebrows knotted. "I've never done that at all. Ever."

Roxanne was surprised. "Really?" But she mentally slapped herself for being stupid. Of course he wouldn't have slept with another girl before. Unless one would believe the rumours about him that he raped, which Roxanne knew with every cell in her brain was not true. At all.

"Hard to believe, I know," the alien returned with a hint of obvious sarcasm. He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly; at least they were keeping things calm. Megamind was also thankful that Roxanne wasn't throwing stuff at him in disgust and accusing him of being a pervert, or whatever the word was. He was very surprised she hadn't done anything remotely related to that (apart from crying out, but that had been more out of surprise than horror).

Sighing, the reporter allowed her gaze to drift to the floor. "Shall we just forget this ever happened?" she finally suggested.

Megamind exhaled a heavy sigh. "That would be best," he agreed. "We got way too coom-faar-table with each other last night, Miss Ritchi." He pointed a waving finger in her direction. "Our relationship is strictly professional."

For some reason or other, Roxanne was glad that he was trying to break the tension. She was awkward enough as it was. "I better go, then."

"You might want to get dressed first."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." She turned to do just that, but paused and strained her neck back to him. "Don't look!"

"What makes you think I want to look?" But when Roxanne turned again, his prying eyes stretched to their corners in an effort to defy her.

"I know you're looking."


The villain dressed too, and ten minutes later, the pair were going their separate ways; Megamind taking the invisible car whilst Roxanne chose to walk. Apparently Minion had left the building as well as the room, heading back to the Lair when he realized the evil plan was not happening that evening. Roxanne peered back over her shoulder at what she could make out as the invisible car. She took a step towards it, but pulled back, deciding wisely against it.

It was probably best he didn't know it had been the best sex she'd ever had.

"So this woman just kept on asking me if it was a girl or not, even after I explained to her it was too early to tell. I really felt like snapping at her..." Tianna babbled on, taking a sip from her morning coffee between sentences as she gave out yet another incident that had happened at work. Roxanne just listened in silence, her eyes not meeting her friend's, who didn't even notice her blank expression.

That is, until the African-American realized that Roxanne's own cup of coffee had gone cold. "Hey, what's up, Roxie? You've been like this for what, a month?" She took another sip of coffee.

"I'm fine," the reporter insisted. Her gaze wandered about her apartment, but was drawn back by her friend's raised eyebrow. "Really." Her voice was firm, giving a silent plea not to question further.

Tianna got the hint, but she didn't listen. "You're not fine, Roxie. I can tell. It's about what went down between you, your mum and Metro Man, right?" Her gaze lowered and noticed her cold coffee again. "Do you want me to get you another one?"

"No, I don't feel like one," her friend replied. Tianna shrugged it off, standing to go refill her own cup. "And you're right," Roxanne continued. "But it's not just being pushed into that relationship; I haven't been in any others since who knows when. I guess I'm just...lonely." She wasn't completely lying. The reporter's mood was mainly because of what had happened a month previously, as well as a mild stomach ache she was sure would soon go away, but the problem she had described wasn't new. Roxanne was twenty-eight years old; she needed to find a man.

"Girl," Tianna spoke, re-joining her friend with another cup of coffee, "you need to get laid."

If only you knew. Roxanne's face turned peachy red. She was still embarrassed about that, and apparently so was Megamind. He hadn't kidnapped her since the incident, and she wouldn't be surprised if he didn't for another whole month. It would without doubt set a record for him, too. The longest length of time without abducting Roxanne Ritchi.

"And I'm serious, before you say anything," her friend continued. She didn't even notice Roxanne's blush. "You've been in that false relationship with Metro for years without sleeping with him – which I think you're crazy not to, just so you know – and you just miss the physical aspect of being with a man. So what's say you and I go out tonight, meet new guys and have fun? It's Saturday, so neither of us will have work tomorrow."

Roxanne was about to reply; whether she was going to accept the invitation or decline it, Tianna would never know. Because all of a sudden Roxanne's face paled considerably, along with sensing a sickly feeling arise in her stomach. She clutched it with panic.

Her friend was immediately concerned. "You all right, Roxie? You look pale."

"I-" That was all Roxanne could say. She suddenly leapt to her feet, sprinted across the apartment to the bathroom before throwing up her stomach's contents down the toilet. It stung like pins in the back of her throat from the stomach acid that came with it, and she took in gasping breaths as she calmed herself down. Her gaze stared at what was down the toilet, until the smell got to her and she flushed it. Well, that had come out of nowhere.

The reporter within her switched on as she thought back to her meal the night before. A nice fresh salad with a bit of cold chicken to go with it; not something which would usually make her throw up. The chicken was cooked, since it had been left over from when she'd had it warm two nights before; if that had been the cause she would have thrown up then. So if it hadn't been food, then what could have possible made her throw...?


It couldn't be...

But Roxanne had to make sure. She took a glance over her shoulder to make sure Tianna hadn't come to check on her, before rummaging through her bathroom cupboard for something she had brought years ago, but never thought she'd use. She was thankful she had. Worry grew inside of her as she waited for what felt like hours, when she knew it wasn't even that. Maybe she was worrying to much? It wasn't like they could...

But when it was done, the answer she read rocked her world completely.