A Broken Heart. Pain. Sadness. Hoping.

These were the things Yen felt when she got the news of Doc's death. She didn't know what was going to happen next. Would same men that killed her Doc, come after her and their son? Would she ever see any of the boys that were with Doc? But the most important question was: Would she be able to live without him? Her thoughts faded away by a tiny hand tugging on her dress. Yen looked down with a small smile. She kneeled down to her son's level. "What is it Josiah?" She said quietly to the three year old. With blue eyes looking into her brown ones he said, "Momma when is daddy comin' home?"

Yen held back the tears that threaten to fall. With a shaky voice she replied, "Oh sweetie, dad…daddy is never coming home". "But why? Does he not want us anymore?" Josiah asks with tears in his eyes. "Oh no hunny, he's gone to a better place." Yen answered still holding back her tears. "You mean like heaven?" Josiah asked wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt. "Exactly" Yen smiled the best she could. Josiah smiled. "Now its time for bed little one." Yen said picking him up and walking to his room. She gently set him on the bed tucking him in and kissed his forehead. She turned to leave but his little voice stopped her. "He's watching us mommy. Daddy is. He'll protect us from up there." He said looking at his mother with big blue eyes. She looked over at him with a small smile.

"I know little star. Now sleep." She said walking out of his room shutting the door a little. When she got to her room she wiped a few tears anyway. When she got into bed she laid there for awhile she thought back to what Doc had said once, "I'm just one man, that's all I'll ever be .I never can be everything you wanted from me." She wiped more tears away as she said, "You were wrong Doc you were everything to me." She turned over on to her side and looked out the window of the bedroom to see the moon. She was drifting to sleep when she heard a voice whisper in her ear. "My China Girl. Your strong I know you are. Now you have to be strong not only for yourself but Josiah too. I love the both of you. Be strong My China Girl." with that she could feel a warm feeling on her temple. As quick as it came it was gone. She was fast asleep.

When morning came Yen felt like a huge weight was lifted. She had new questions to ask herself. Could she fix her own broken heart? Could she push the pain aside for the rest of her life? Could she protect her son? But the most important question, Could she keep hoping? She answered her own questions she could do all of them, only because a miracle happened last night that brought her hope to all the things she never thought she could. "Thank you my love" was all she could say looking out the window at the sky with a little smile.

A Mending Heart. Pride. Happiness. Miracles.