Four chapters and 10 scenes, detailing the progression of an inevitable union and one stubborn soldier's struggle against it.

i. biology

x.x.x.-the first dance-.x.x.x

Light's cursory examination of the stadium-esque Palumpolum center confirmed all the men who previously held her and her young charge at gunpoint were no longer a threat. Her grip on the Blazefire Saber relaxed, although she inwardly roiled with irritation; Sergeant Lightning Farron in need of a couple of heroes to save her. She shoved her young charge at Snow unceremoniously, eyeing both him and his unique (albeit gorgeous) female companion distastefully.

"Take care of him," the soldier bit out brusquely, leaning the saber back in her grip and turning away.

"No, Light, listen to me!"

"Get moving."

"No, you don't understand!" pleaded Snow. "Serah's all right! She'll turn back!"

"Take care of Hope," Light repeated, heavily emphasizing her words. Trying to get her point across to Snow was difficult when he wouldn't shut up.

His pleas were wasted breath, for she was already sprinting towards Felix Heights. The former sergeant's ears tuned into the sound of an alarmed and inexperienced PSICOM squad around the corner. She silently slipped closer, pressing her back to the adjacent building for cover. Before she could raise hell, Snow's new friend quietly darted to her; the brunette's only response to that arched cherry blossom pink eyebrow was an infectious grin.

"You looked like you needed some company," murmured her new comrade, "and I'm not about to leave a lady all by herself."

One of the first things Light noticed was a peculiar accent that she couldn't quite place, though it sounded quite charming. Nevertheless, she rolled her eyes and turned her head to listen to the panicked squad. She motioned for Fang to follow her lead and rushed the unsuspecting squad, startling the badly under-trained PSICOM soldiers. Those milliseconds were all she needed to cross the distance between her and the closest unwitting victim; before he knew it, one of the dreaded l'Cie had severely burned a good portion of his body. The pain was excruciating, until a brunette's lance separated his head from his spine and granted him a quick death.

The lethal pair moved as one. To the stunned and scrambling PSICOM squad, it was as if the l'Cie had choreographed the fight beforehand, or shared some freaky psychic l'Cie link. Perhaps on some level it was true. Both the exotic huntress and the alluring ex-sergeant were vastly experienced in the art of combat; words were unnecessary when they could just as easily predict the other's intentions by body language alone. Lightning was true to her name, dashing through to opponents with unmatched speed and delivering multiple blows in the blink of an eye before jumping away to recover before hitting the next target. Her anonymous partner, she noted, relied on her strength, stamina, and intuition; she could just as easily skewer a PSICOM goon with the sharp end of her lance as she could knock another flat on his ass with the wooden shaft. The two warriors made short work of the comparatively inexperienced PSICOM recruits; in approximately 70 seconds, the squad had gone from four men to one. After a debilitating chain of Blazefire Saber slashes and bullets left the last PSICOM goon stumbling, the huntress swooped in on easy prey and severed his spinal cord with one swing of her Bladed Spear.

Light couldn't help but grin in the alluring stranger's direction when the fight was over, and she was pleased to see it returned in kind. She had never been teamed up with someone she could consider an equal. She took the opportunity to study the taller woman, who was currently crouched next to their victims as she rummaged through their pockets. She had never seen a woman that looked anything like that before; Cocoon's civilian women were normally soft, both emotionally and physically, just like the men. The first distinguishing characteristic that leaped to mind was that distinctive foreign lilt; noticeable without being unintelligible, making the woman's throaty timbre seem that much more hypnotic. Underneath flawlessly tanned skin, she perceived the rippling of powerful muscle; enough to lend impressive power to her blows, and yet remain unmistakably feminine. There was a thick black tribal tattoo on the huntress's left arm, which looked rather like the skull of some savage beast, and Lightning could only imagine how painful getting such a large and dark tattoo must have been. Her hair gave the impression of being wild and untamed but was, in fact, rather clean. What the soldier liked the most out of all the stranger's lovely qualities were her eyes. They were a gorgeous jade color, with a thin outer ring of very dark blue. She couldn't deny it, the strangely foreign woman was incredibly...appealing.

"Enjoying the view, love?"

The strawberry blonde snapped out of her reverie, trying not to do something incredibly stupid out of embarrassment.

"I must have spaced out while waiting for you to finish looting corpses," Light reasoned, steadying her voice, and immediately sought to change the subject before the huntress could begin to pester her. "What's your name?"

"Fang. And yourself?"

"Lightning." Thank Etro, she dropped it.

She didn't truly appreciate her luck until much later, when she realized Fang would love to pester her until the day she died.

x.x.x.-the unfortunate confession-.x.x.x

Not even Fang's intoxicating lilt could ease the anger that was beginning to fester inside her. Out of all the people in the world to finally be attracted to, it had to be a Pulsian. And not just any Pulsian, but the Pulsian who could be directly blamed for her sister's crystal imprisonment and the harrowing situation she found herself trapped in.

"When we came out of crystal stasis, we didn't remember our Focus or what we'd done. All we could do was wander Cocoon, looking for what we'd lost..." Fang half murmured, leaning against the side of a building. Her demeanor stilled slightly as she remembered that feeling of panic and desperation

Light pursed her lips as she fought to conceal the depth of her emotions. She exhaled quietly and kept her eyes on Fang's, hanging on to every word of the story. For some awful reason, her attraction to Fang made these little nuggets of information much more difficult to digest. At least it's not all bad, she thought to herself. If Fang and Vanille woke up from crystal stasis, then maybe Serah will too.

"By the time I took care of 'em all, Vanille was long gone," concluded the taller woman, having seated herself on a thick pipe that ran along the wall.

"After that, Raines and his cavalry found me. I never stopped searching for Vanille, but I couldn't find her. Her, or our Focus."

"So, you're telling me Serah will come back to life someday, too?" Light inquired with a hint of disbelief; she didn't want to get her hopes up and have them crushed again.

Fang sighed heavily and looked up from her lap to the carnation haired beauty. Didn't think they made vipers like goddesses. She rather thought a smile would look much better than the current jaw clenching.

"Yep. We didn't do our job right. That's why it made her a l'Cie. We messed up. Sorry."

Although Fang looked genuinely apologetic, it didn't stop Light from backhanding her hard enough to startle nearby PSICOM guards.

"That it?" inquired the Pulsian, slowly moving her head back into its previous position. The pretty pink haired soldier had a very bad temper on her.

"You sure better hope so," Lightning nearly growled. "But whether we're square, that's up to Serah."

"You sound exactly like Snow," Fang chided. "And he didn't hit me."

"Wait, he already knows this?" Light demanded, making a face at the repulsive comparison. She turned away from Fang and gazed at Palumpolum's skyline, feeling incredibly indignant about the flow of information in their little group.

Fang pushed herself off of the metal pipe she'd been sitting on and stretched her hands skyward, oblivious to the soldier's sour mood.

"Wow. That's a load off. Glad I apologized," she admitted, stretching out like a cat.

"You apologized so you'd feel better?"

"Guess so," the taller woman acquiesced amiably, calmly ignoring her companion's acrimonious attitude.

"How about you? Feel any better now that you hit me?" she teased. If she was completely honest with herself, she enjoyed teasing the tightly wound soldier a little bit more than necessary.

Light huffed, her frustration evident.

"It didn't change anything."

"Tell that to my jaw," Fang groused, rubbing the stinging area that had borne the brunt of Lightning's temper.

x.x.x.-the much needed release-.x.x.x

"Hey Lightning."

"Call me Light."

"Did you see Vanille's brand?"


"Mm. No, huh? Want to know how long until it's Cie'th city? Just look at your brand. You start getting more arrows, and then finally an eye. Once it opens all the way, you're done. Let's have a look. Don't be shy."

Fang's nimble fingers slowly and sensually unzipped her brown jacket, gently prying the fabric apart so her hungry eyes could feast on alabaster skin. They settled on Light's brand, still in its beginning stages. She gently traced the lines of the brand with a slightly calloused finger, smiling when Light's breath hitched in her throat.

"Nowhere near, you got time," assured the Pulsian in a low, intoxicating murmur.

Light's heartbeat raced underneath her fingertips and she crushed her lips to Fang's in a searing kiss. The hands switched from tentatively exploring her breasts to firmly grasping her shoulders to pushing her back against a soft surface (a bed?) and suddenly she felt the weight of the warrior's body and her hands on her breasts and a knee gently coaxing her thighs apart-

The young sergeant's face contorted in pleasure as her back arched off the soft covers, one hand buried between her legs and the other stifling a moan. She remained still for a good half a minute while her body pulsed with pleasure, then slowly relaxed against the covers. Her eyelids squeezed shut and she mouthed a thank you to the Maker, as a warm sense of peace flooded her body and replaced the prior hungry, desperate want. The soldier was loathe to admit she'd been on edge since they'd arrived at the Estheim home, and had nearly kissed Hope's father upon learning there was a guest bedroom with a lock.

With a heavy sigh, Light withdrew her right hand from between her thighs and swung her feet off the bed. She half stumbled towards the adjacent bathroom and freshened up, then readjusted her undergarments and mini-skirt and zipped up her jacket. Get it together, soldier. She's just a very, very irritating female, Light thought to herself as she gazed at the woman in the mirror. Her back went ramrod straight and she steeled her gaze, so that the only hint of her prior activities was the lingering sensation in her loins and some very choice mental images.

It's just simple biology at work; a normal physiological reaction to appealing female anatomy. Light nodded to herself and exited the bathroom, every bit the selfless, fearless leader once more. She had to check on Snow and apologize to him for being a complete ass, and after that...Etro knows what. Trivialities, like these superficial feelings, would only serve to distract her.

This is the first of four chapters, but thankfully I know where I'm going so I'll actually finish it and stuff. Feel free to nitpick grammar or spelling, the internet is my beta.