A/N: This ending is different. I've use Surname's a lot. Coop's father is more supportive.

"Don't forget that"

Jimmy clung onto the radio tightly. He urged Thompson the rookie to hurry up, he could feel Coop fading with each screech of the tyres on the pavement. If anything happened to Coop...Jimmy shook his head absent mindedly. He couldn't afford to think like that, Coop would hate him for it. At the same time, he resented his...whatever, his partner, that was the right word. Coop always looked on the bright side, even when he was grabbed by the dark. It was easy for him. He didn't have a wife he'd known forever, three kids that were proud their daddy was a cop. Coop was crazy if he thought Bruno could leave the people who depended on him. But at the same time, Coop depended on him now. Yeah, he was crazy, foolish and headstrong, but his time was running out and they had to help him. Thompson didn't even have time to pull up when Bruno got out of the car. "Call back up" Bruno ordered as his body freaked out when it realised his feet was stepping on glass. "Stay here Bruno" The rookie piped up. "You're not covered" "Get an ambulance too" Bruno said as the image of Coop's lifeless body caused him to sprint. Looking around for any signs of the perp, he failed, but gently touched his partner's arm to feel any pulse. "mmm..." Coop mummured as he felt fingers on his wrist. "Coop it's me" Bruno whispered. "You're gonna be OK" Coop moved his eyes across the car interior and twitched as he forced his neck to turn. "Don't move" Bruno warned as Thompson gave him the OK Sign. "You're gonna be fine" Bruno repeated. "I know" Coop replied breathlessly as Bruno's smile almost took his pain away but it came back with fury and made him feel faint.

The next thing Coop knew he was in a hospital bed. He could feel pain in his chest and near his ribs, a cute little nurse changed his bandages, but nurse's uniforms didn't do it for him. To his surprise, his father briskly walked through the door and paused as he walked towards his bed. His dark officer uniform a worrying contrast to the bright lights and white hospital walls. Coop used humor to break the iceberg between them. "Come finish me off pop?" He asked, putting his arm over the sheet. "How are you?" His father asked as if he were inquiring about a dog, and a mutt at that. "Your mother's driving me crazy with worry" "So that's why you're here? To report back to mom?" Coop asked, looking at the tag on his wrist. It looked like the hospital would have to be his new pop, his real one didn't give a shit. His father smoothed down his sleeves and gave him an offer that he knew he couldn't refuse. "Your mother wants you back home, with us" "Pop, I'm a grown man" Coop reminded him, determined that he wasn't gonna be an invalid. "Who's going to pay for your medic bills huh? You've been shot. You can't even use the toilet by yourself" His father explained but his son only had two words in response. "I'll manage" They both knew what that meant, and his father was never going to let that happen. "Now you've got a second chance, you're gonna see sense son, things are gonna change" He stepped back and walked away, while the nurse who was lingering outside came back in to re-adjust the patient's drip.

Brogan walked out the door, having said very little but felt physically exhausted all the same. It was ironic, the very thing that made him and his son so alike was the same thing that was keeping them apart. At home, he could focus, if Coop was around family, he could get a good head on his shoulders. Return back to the force, be labelled a hero, girls loved heroes. Coop had always been a good looking boy, one of his father's traits obviously. He could have any girls he wanted instead of being stalked by that...thing. Brogan barely had time to push that thought away until he saw that problem right in front of him. Bruno rushed up to him, trying to look presentable. "Sir can I go in?" He looked at the door and Brogan looked at him as if even glancing at his son's room was a crime. "Don't Sir me. How dare you" "Excuse me?" Bruno asked. "Get out of my sight. This...this is your fault" Bruno looked at him confused. "Sir I found him, called for back-up" "That's not what I meant and you know it" Brogan scathed. "You drag my son into your sickness and then you have the nerve to step foot in here. Everything about you disgusts me Bruno. He doesn't want to see you"

"Did he say that?" Bruno asked, knowing that he didn't, daring his father to say otherwise. "He doesn't have to. I know my son" Brogan told him with certainty, but was annoyed at the pang of doubt he felt. Bruno had no choice. With one last glance at Coop's door, he walked down the corridor. He hoped that Coop could sense him here, a bond like theirs was untouchable, he just wanted to see Coop's face, but now he would just have to keep it in his head like he always did. Brogan knew that in order to gain his son's trust, he'd have to take things slowly. Actually talk to him when he got in from work, encourage the family to eat together, try to treat his son like normal, then introduce him to every classy girl he could find. Bruno was a pervert, and Brogan would make sure he'd get what was coming. As soon as his son got on his feet he'd never have to see that scum again. Brogan would make sure of that. Bruno meanwhile had other plans. He got home and took a shower, his wife painfully unaware of the hell he'd been through in the last few hours. "The kids made brownies" She told him. "I told them to stop licking the bowl, the eggs will make them sick..." "An officer got shot tonight...it was bad" He blurted out, and his wife didn't have the courage to ask who "this cop" was. "Is he...?" His wife asked. "No" Bruno said quickly. "He's in hospital" His wife nodded. "How is he?" She asked. "I'm gonna find out" He said with a steely determination that troubled her. She put her hand up his damp T-shirt and ran her fingers down her husband's back. "You OK?" She asked, nudging herself against him. Bruno patted her lightly but her feminine curves couldn't take his mind off Coop. Coop never nudged himself on him like that, he just took him in with a warm smile, while they ended up collasping into one another, and now Bruno had fallen so deep and so, hard, he couldn't get out, and the truth was, he didn't want to.

"How do you feel Jimmy?" His wife asked, wondering if her husband would be up all night, for the wrong reasons. Bruno kissed his wife's forehead but laid still as Coop's words took over him.

"Lucky" He replied with a secret smile. "Just real lucky"