A/N: Strong Language. Btw Coop will be in "Mayhem in Stockton, but I don't where I'm going to put him. I really like Carlos and Miller together, but I guess Coop could put a spanner in the works.

"Mom, are you sure you don't want the peach slices and Strawberries in it?" Coop asked.

"Honey it's gonna be a chocolate cake" Laura told him.

"No it's not, and you're not baking" Coop said. "Come on mom, take a seat and relax" Coop said. Three weeks after her panic attack and she was still buzzing around the house like an angry fly. "I'll bake" Coop said. "When have you ever baked a cake?" Laura asked. "Pop will help" Coop said as his father came down the stairs. "Help with what? Laura you should be in bed" Brogan said kissing his wife on the cheek. He wasn't sure how much his wife knew. She acted normal, so he assumed his wife's memory had forgotten how she ended up in hospital. "Go to bed honey" Brogan ordered as his wife looked at her son. With his nod she got up and went to her room. "We're baking mom a cake after work Pop" Coop said. "Keep her off the sweet chocolate chips" Coop said.

"Talking of sweet...how's Jenny son?" Brogan asked. Coop nodded. "She's...nice" Coop said. "Coop I don't like the sound of that" Brogan said nodding. "Have you seen her since your mom's panic attack?...no I can tell by your face" Brogan said. "I'm inviting her over for dinner" Brogan announced. "Pop...don't" Coop moaned. "Don't paaap me son, you've got to snap her up before someone else does" Borgan said. "Pop I'll do it myself" Coop said with a determined nod. "You better" His Dad said. Like a kid his father was still driving him to work. Mcree paired him with a rookie called Tommy Conlon, a rough ex marine that looked like a bodybuilder.

They talked as they patrolled around the streets. Tommy was a bit of a mother's boy and had spent most of his life without his drunken evil asshole of a father. "Lucky you" Coop thought as they got out of the car to deal with the local trash. They saw one guy passing a small "package" and dragged him to the side to see what was going on. Tommy pinned him up against the wall while Coop was about to search his pockets. "Coop wait!" Bruno yelled. Coop looked up. "Conlon, put him down" Coop said. Tommy wasn't listening. "If you won't search this shit-bag I will" Tommy said. "Conlon, lay off...Mcree told me about your temper. Mcree blabbing that early is a bad sign. Go to the car cool off" Coop said.

Tommy dropped Bruno like a pebble into the water and Bruno stood up but couldn't look Coop in the eye. "Bruno, look at me" Coop said. "Jimmy...tell me you're not" Coop said. Bruno dug into his pockets and took out the note they pulled him off the street for. Coop took it from him being careful that his finger's didn't touch Bruno's. "You're setting up deals?" Coop asked. "Jimmy how fucking low can you go?" Coop asked. "Mcree didn't give me any choice" Jimmy said taking the paper back. "I say no to Mcree my career's over, and in case you've forgotten Coop I've got kids to take care of" Jimmy said. "So what? having kids hasn't stopped you from turning stuff down before" Coop said. "Just get out of here Bruno before I get Conlon on you" Coop said walking away.

"Bruno for fuck's sake! What did I tell you? Hmmm?" Mcree asked when Bruno told him what had happened. "I told you to make this your "evening" thing and you go out in broad daylight and get caught by cops" Mcree said. "My kids have got a school play coming up, I've gotta be there tonight" Bruno said. "Bruno I don't give a flying shit if your kid's knocking on heaven's door. "You do not and I repeat, do not do that again in the day. We're lucky Coop was the one that caught you" "What does that mean?" Bruno asked in surprise. "Any other Cop would have nailed your ass and then it would have been over" Mcree said signing paperwork. "Mmmmmm...that gives me an idea..." Mcree said, but he wouldn't tell Bruno what it was and sent him home.

"Jenny Dear, what's it like working with the police?" Laura asked as Jenny took her coat off. "It's lovely Mrs Cooper...all of the guys treat me well and there are some women at the phones with me" Jenny said. "No women working in the force of course" Brogan said. Coop and his father got the lasagna out of the oven and began spooning it onto plates. "I'm gonna take your mom out for a walk" Brogan said. "After dinner for the fresh air" "I'll come too" Coop said. "No son. I raised you to have manners and you'll stay here and keep your cute guest company" Brogan said. "This is lovely, Mrs Cooper" Jenny said tucking into her lasagna and vegetables with gravy. "Thank you dear" Laura said. "I can give you the recipe if you like" Laura said.

"Jenny be honest" Brogan said. "What kind of guy are young man are you looking for? Do you like smart honest men like our Coop here?" Brogan asked.

"Pop Please" Coop said embarrassed as he looked at Jenny dunking her vegetables in gravy. "It's okay" Jenny said. "Brogan Coop's a lovely guy. I can see why you're both so proud of him" Jenny said. Brogan smiled. Coop and Brogan collected the plates and Brogan got his wife's coat. "Time for a walk around Laura. We'll go anywhere you want" Brogan said. With his parents gone alone with Jenny, Coop turned on the Television back on. Jenny sat on the sofa and Coop didn't know what to do or what to say. "Do you want a drink?" He asked. "Umm...yeah...sure" Jenny said as he went into the kitchen. He got Jenny a drink brought it out and went back in the kitchen.

He was gonna make a fruit cake for his mom. It would distract him from Jenny and his Pop, and most of all from Jimmy. They'd known that Mcree was a crooked asshole for years. He never thought Jimmy would fall down the same path. In a way Jimmy's decision to team up with Mcree made it easier for Coop. He broke a couple of eggs in a bowl with flour butter, sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence. He began stirring as Jenny came in. "Your're um...making a cake? You should have called me" Jenny said. "Why have you got a degree in cake baking? That would come in handy right about now" Coop said. "Can I try the mix"? Jenny asked. Coop got a spoon and gave it to her.

Jenny took the mix off her spoon on her finger, and put it on Coop's nose. "Aww, don't do that!" Coop said as Jenny leaned foward and licked the cake mix off. Coop touched Jenny's cheek and she leaned forward and kissed him. It was nice, for a first kiss. Tense and short, but Jenny's hands were tugging his jeans towards him. Coop dutifully hugged her and she helped put fruit in the mix before Coop scooped the mixture into a cake pan and put it in the oven. As his parents came through the door Jenny was rubbing what was left of the cake mix off Coop's nose. "You kids having fun?" Brogan asked. "I guess" Coop said. "We made a cake" Jenny said. "That's great" Brogan said getting his wife a cup of tea. It was clear to him his plan was working.

"Don't they look amazing? Jimmy's wife said as he watched his kids in bright costumes in the school play. "Yeah...great" Jimmy said. He didn't know if Coop or Conlon were going to rat him out. Right now he didn't care. He was sitting next to his wife, the most beautiful woman in the world and his kids were professional little actors making him proud. But all he could think about was what Coop thought of him now. He knew Coop would be disappointed in him and that made Bruno's heart stop. His kids took a bow, applause erupted. Bruno keep grinning and clapping but he was determined to use Mcree to get Coop's trust back.