Maria sacrifices herself in the sea of horses, but she survives because the magic help her, and everyone were very happy. But more troubles, sacrifices, danger and love are waiting are heroes.

After, the governess of Maria reminds the girl:

Maria honey, don't forget you have to go to the "One for all" academy!

Oh! Gasps Maria

What? Where are you going? When are you coming back? Asked Robin with a worried voice.

There's an academy named "One for all" and I have to go and learn there. Explained Maria.

And when are you coming back? Ask Robin. Maria doesn't answer and down her head to the floor.

She has to stay three years there! Answer the governess.

Robin look at Maria with a really sad look and Maria looked at him in the same way. Nobody knows what's happening except Loveday who asks:

Maria you're leaving us for three years?

Yes! Answered Maria and then runaway crying, Robin run behind her.

Then, Maria arrives in front of the house. She tried to get in but she heard Robin telling her:

Maria, why did you run off? Ask Robin who is still shocked about the fact that Maria is leaving him for three years.

Robin, I'm sorry! Said Maria crying.

For what? Asked Robin. And please don't cry!

I'm going for three years! I'm not going to see you for three years Robin! Cried Maria and hug Robin.

Robin didn't answer but he hugs her back and Maria get away from Robin and say:

Bye Robin.

She enters the house crying and Robin can't think of something else than Maria and how she's leaving him.

The next day, the sun didn't even show up yet and Robin is running in the forest to catch Maria before she lefts. In this time, Maria was preparing the valises to leave and she was miserable that it's like this that it will end. For once, the fairytale has a bad end! Digweed put her valises in the car and Maria gets in.

When Digweed was closing the door, they heard Robin screaming:

Maria! Princess wait!

Robin? Asked Maria surprised.

I wanted to say goodbye before you go. Said Robin.

Robin, I…

Hey, hurry up if you don't mind! Say Digweed.

Princess, who obliged you to go? Asked Robin.

I'm really sorry but I have to go! It's now or never! Bye Robin.

I'm goanna miss you! Said Robin sure about what he's saying.

Maria looked at him and then, the car goes and Robin says:

Yeah, you're right, it's now or never! And Robin runs behind the car.

Maria knew that Robin was behind the car so she tells to Digweed to stop.

What do you want? Asked Maria. Just let me go.

No! I can't! Said Robin.

You can't what? Asked Maria and she gets down of the car.

I can't get you out of my head, I can't think about anything but you, I can't stop dreaming of you at night and I can't let you go! Answered Robin looking at Maria who is smiling at him.

Robin, so you mean that you're … answered Maria.

Yes, I'm in love with you. Said Robin.

I love you too. Replies Maria.

Robin looks at Maria then, they kiss. After, they look at each other like they are going to cry.

Princess I love you, please don't go! This story makes us both miserable. Said Robin trying to convince Maria.

Robin, please! I'm obliged to go! I have to. Cried Maria.

No! No you're not obliged! You don't have too. Said Robin.

I love you, and I'm sorry! Said Maria before she gets in the car and she goes.

Maria! Screams Robin.

In the car, Maria was alone and sad. She can't think of anything except Robin and she was talking to herself saying:" I can't believe it happened, I can't believe we kissed! Oh Robin, what am I going to say to Tim? But I don't like Tim anymore, I love Robin! Just Robin! He showed me the real love!"

Suddenly she heard Digweed saying to her:" We're there!"

And she saw her village and her friends and she saw Tim.

Maria! You look so beautiful as usual! Says Tim to Maria trying to kiss her but she rejects him.

Tim, I break up with you! Said Maria.

What? Why? Asked Tim confused.

Because, I fall in love with someone in moonacre and this someone love me back and he let me know what love really mean so I was never in love with you Tim! Because I didn't know what love means! I break up with you! Said Maria before she walks away.


After 3 years


Maria gets back to moonacre and she was sixteen, beautiful and nice.

When she arrives she hugs her uncle and run to the forest.

Robin? Robin?

Princess? Asked Robin coming from nowhere.

Robin! She runs into his arms and they hug.

Maria I'm so glad to see you! You look so beautiful! Answers Robin.

Thank you and you are so sweet!

Princess, I have a question for you.

What is it?

Do you still love me?

Maria come closer to Robin, she laughs and she kisses him.

Does that answer your question? Asked Maria.

I love you too Maria. Answered Robin before he kisses Maria again.

And I have a question for you Robin and if you lie that will be shown on your face! Did you cheat on me? Asked Maria.

Never, ever! Answered Robin. You?

Nope, like you said never ever! Answered back Maria.

Wait, by "cheat on me" do you mean we're together? Asked Robin hoping that the answer will be yes.

Yes, I'm surprised you didn't know before! Answered Maria laughing!

It is the best day! Said Robin before he hugs her.

Maria and Robin were having fun all day they were very happy and the night came.

I don't want to say goodbye Robin! Tells Maria and she does the puppy face dog to Robin.

Uh, I don't want to say goodbye ether and don't do this puppy face! It's made me to kiss you! Said Robin. Maria continues doing this puppy face.

Fine! You made me! Said Robin before he kisses her softly on the lips.

Goodbye! Said Maria.

Goodbye! Answered Robin.

Maria enters home, she looked at Robin a last look smiling, he smile back and she enters closing the door.

The next day, Maria met Robin in the forest with a girl in the same age than Maria, she begins to be jealous and she walks.

Well hello! Says Maria.

Oh hey Maria, I want to introduce you to Alex! Answers Robin.

Oh, so you're the famous Maria! I'm Alex, the little sister of Robin and Loveday! Tells the girl.

Oh, I'm so happy to meet you! Answers Maria (who is not jealous anymore) and she was smiling at Alex.

I want to talk with you for a second Maria! Said Alex.

Ok! Answers Maria.

Alex takes Maria away from Robin and say:

I just want to tell you that Robin passes all the time that you left, thinking and talking about you! He never forgets you and he loves you more than you can even imagine!

Really? Asked Maria happy.

Yes. Answers Alex, Suddenly the phone of Alex rings. Oh!


It's Mason, my boyfriend! We have a date now.

Oh really? Asked Maria.

Yes! Answers Alex.

Well you know Alex? I like you!

Really? I like you too actually!

So we're friends? Asked Maria.

Of course we are and actually, I can't believe my brother is dating someone so cool! Answers Alex.

See you soon! Said Maria.

Alex is gone to her date with Mason and Maria gets back to Robin.

So what did my sister said to you? Asks Robin.

Robin, Robin, Robin, it's best friend stuff, I can't tell you what my best friend told me! Answer Maria.

Best Friend? Asks Robin.

Yup, me and your sister are now best friends! Answers Maria laughing hard.

Alex! Screams Robin.

Robin come down!

Fine, but you have to admit that you were jealous from Alex before you knew that she was my little sister.

No, I wasn't!

Yes you were!


Yes! Just admit it!

Fine, maybe a little bit! Admits Maria.

And admit why you were jealous. Said Robin staring at Maria smiling.

Robin! Really?

Admit it! Insists Robin.

Fine, I'm in love with you! Happy? Admits again Maria.

Robin comes really fast closer to Maria and catches her and he kisses her.

I love you too and more than you can ever imagine! Said Robin.

I know, Alex told me! Says Maria laughing and she kiss Robin on the cheek.

Alex told you what? Asked Robin.

Nothing! Answers Maria.

Princess! What did the evil witch told you? Asked Robin.

Maria laughs and she runs away.

Maria! Says Robin and he run behind her.

Maria saw Alex and her boyfriend Mason, so she says to Alex:

Alex! Help me, your brother want to catch me!

Ha! You're here princess! Said Robin trying to catch Maria.

Oh my God! Alex help me! Says Maria.

Robin, stop please! Begs Alex

No! I have to catch her! Answers Robin.

Ok! I tried! Sorry Maria! Says Alex.

Alex! Screams Maria laughing!

Sorry! Says Alex before she lefts with Mason.

In this time, Robin catches Maria and he picked her up and Maria begins to scream laughing:

Robin, put me down now!

Sorry princess! But I want to know what the evil witch told you or I'm not going to put you down! Answers Robin laughing.

Oh really? Asked Maria looking at Robin smiling.

Oh, I don't like that look! Answers Robin and he puts Maria down.

Good boy! Said Maria laughing.

The day pass, Robin and Maria have a fabulous moment together and the night came; Robin and Alex are talking before they sleep.

Robin, how much do you love Maria? Asks Alex.

A lot! Answers Robin; why are you asking?

Because Maria is a really lovely girl! I knew when I was talking with her and she deserves a big love from the person she loves so don't disappoint her! Answer Alex.

Alex! You know I really love Maria more then she and you could ever imagine! Said Robin.

Yes, I know! But I just want you to know that! Said Alex.

The next day, Maria wakes up and she went to the dining room, who does she found? Tim smiling at her.

What are you doing here Tim? I wasn't clear? Asked Maria. We're done!

Please Maria! Don't leave me like this! Answers Tim and in this moment, Robin came in and nobody saw him. I love you Maria!

Tim, we're over! I love someone else! I don't even like you! Answers Maria and Robin smiles when she said this.

But Maria … Begs Tim.

No! Just go, I don't like you, I never liked you! I don't want you! Screams Maria really mad.

Fine, I have one question. What is the name of the guy that you "love" that much and he love you back? Asks Tim.

His name is Robin, now bye! Answers Maria.

When Tim was walking to the door, Robin was coming in laughing. Maria saw him and smile.

Robin, I suppose. Said Tim to Robin.

Yes, it's me and I really liked your discussion you and Maria. Answers Robin smiling.

Tim is gone really mad, Maria begins to laugh and Robin begins to laugh with her.

Did you hear our discussion? Asked Maria.

Yeah, and for your information, I love you too! Answers Robin kissing Maria on the sheek. Come, do you want to hang out?

Of course, but let me eat my breakfast first! Answers Maria and she sits on the chair to eat. That jerk didn't let me eat.

Ok, but I have some questions. Said Robin sitting next to her.

Tim was my ex-boyfriend but when I came back to the academy, I directly break up with him because I fell in love with you. Said Maria.

And did you ever kiss? Asked Robin looking at her.

Never happened and never going to happen! Answers Maria smiling to Robin.

Robin smiles back and kisses her. After an hour, Maria already finishes to eat and she spends all day with Robin in the forest, they had so much fun.

Robin, did you ever have a girlfriend except me? Asked Maria

No, but for your information, the girls was all around me but they weren't that good for me! Answers Robin.

So I guess that I'm lucky! Said Maria laughing.

Yes, you are lucky princess! I am lucky too to have you! Said Robin.

Yes, you are lucky mister the bandit! Laughs Maria.

Hey, hurtful! Said Robin laughing with Maria.

The night came, Maria goes home and she sleeps.

In the morning, Robin wakes up wanted to go meet Maria but Loveday came running to the "De Noir" castle and she seems really worried.

Loveday come down! What is it? Asked Robin.

Oh my god, Robin, promise me you're going to stay calm! Said Loveday.

Okay! What is it? Asks again Robin.

Today morning, I came to Maria's room to say good morning and I saw this. Answers Loveday giving to Robin a letter.

"I take Maria with me when she was sleeping, and you will have her back if you let me marry her because if she isn't mine, she's for nobody!"

What? Freaks out Robin.

Robin, you promise me that you will still calm. Said Loveday. And I don't want to freak you more out but I don't know who puts this letter.

But I know! Answers Robin. Tim!

Who's Tim? Asks Loveday.

Robin doesn't answers Loveday but he runs to the forest.

Tim abducted Maria in a little house in the forest.

Tim, you're really evil! Let me go! Screams Maria crying.

Yes, I am evil and you just have to wait for your friends to came here and save you. Answers Tim smirking at Maria.

I hate you! Screams Maria and her tears are already on the floor.

Oh no, keep those words and tears for after! Said Tim in a really mean evil way.

Maria begins to cry and scream but she was stick in a chair by ropes. Robin hears those screams.

Maria! Princess, where are you? Asked Robin screaming, he was really worried.

Robin! Do you hear me? Asked Maria back.

Yes, Maria where are you?

Nobody answers, Robin saw Tim in front of him. Tim was pointing a knife at Robin.

Tim, kill me but leave Maria alone please! Begs Robin hoping that Tim didn't hurt Maria.

I have another plan Robin, I kill you and Maria marries me! Answers Tim. Isn't it a great plan?

And Tim holds Robin's neck and he is trying to chokes him. Robin holds the hand of Tim and trying to take her off of him and he succeeds. Tim came close to Robin and he shoots him in the stomach with his knife. Robin falls down and Tim re-comes to the little house in the forest where he abducted Maria.

And he's done! Says Tim smiling and he sit next to Maria.

What do you mean? Asked Maria.

I killed Robin! Thanks me! Answers Tim laughing.

I don't believe you! Said Maria crying so hard that she doesn't want to believe that.

Don't believe it but it is true! Said Tim laughing (he is now crazy).

You are crazy Tim! Crazy! I hate you! Said Maria really mad that she begins to move and move that she broke the ropes and runaway.

Wherever you go, I'm going to re-catch you! Said Tim.

Maria run and run and she founds Robin on the floor.

Robin? Robin! Tim hurt you, he didn't kill you! Ok? So wake up please! Begs Maria crying really hard hoping that Robin will answer her. Robin wake up! Please!

Suddenly Maria hears the voice of Loveday screaming:

Robin? Maria? Where are you?

Loveday! Screams Maria crying.

Loveday suddenly came running and she saw Robin on the floor with blood coming from his stomach and Maria crying.

Oh my god! What happened to him? Asks Loveday and she almost cry.

He sacrifices for me! Answers Maria crying hard.

My brother sacrifices for someone? He really loves you Maria! Said Loveday crying.

Hurry we have to take him to the hospital!

Maria and Loveday take him to the hospital and they putted him in a suite, Loveday waits outside and Maria wears her clothes and waits outside. They wait like an hour, suddenly the doctor came outside, Maria and Loveday run in his direction.

He's goanna be fine, Right? Asks Maria worried.

Well… Answers the doctor.

What? Asks Loveday more worried than Maria.

We don't know actually! All we have to do is waiting because maybe he will die and maybe not, I'm sorry! Answers the doctor.

Is he awake? Asks Maria and she will almost cry.

Yes, but he is really fragile! Answers the doctor.

Can I go before you, Loveday? Asks Maria to Loveday.

Of course, he sacrifices for you not to me and I'm sure he wants to see you more than he wants to see me! Answers Loveday.

Maria smiles to Loveday a short smile, she gets in and she saw Robin. Robin saw her too and smiles to her.

Maria? Is that you?

Yes it's me Robin! I'm here for you.

Maria gets closer and closer to Robin and she sits next to his bed.

Thank you Robin!

For what? Asks Robin really confused.

For saving me! Without you I'll never get away from that nightmare!

I will do anything for you Maria!

I hope you're going to heal fast!

Robin doesn't answer but he smiles at Maria and he holds her hand and kisses it. Maria smiles to Robin and she goes outside and wave with her hand to Loveday that it's her turn to go see Robin. Loveday gets in and run to Robin direction with a real sad face.

Oh my little brother, what happened to you? Asked Loveday shocked and worried in the same time.

Loveday, I can sacrifice myself to Maria, I can kill myself and let everybody behind to let her live her life with happiness! I don't know why I love her that much! Answers Robin.

Maria loves you too more than everything and you love her that much? Well I'm telling you that it will be a long and strong relationship! Said Loveday smiling.

Yeah, you're right if I live! Said Robin looking at Loveday with eyes that looks hurt.

You're going to live Robin! If you die, Maria will never forgive herself and she is goanna be miserable more than we will expect. Said Loveday like she is going to cry.

Loveday, the doctor told me that I'm done and, he lied to you and Maria!


I'm going to die! Please Loveday when I'll be done take care of Maria! Let her be happy!

You're going to die?


I'll take care of Maria! Said Loveday and her tears already fell on the floor.

Loveday runs away, Maria saw Loveday crying so hard that she begins to feel the danger and she get scared. Maria didn't even ask Loveday what's wrong. Loveday already disappears in the forest. Maria re-enter to the room of the hospital where is Robin and she saw him closing his eyes like he isn't breathing.

Robin? Robin please answer me! Begs Maria really scared.

Robin doesn't answer. Maria still calling Robin but he isn't answering. He's died, gone, in another world and Maria begins to cry harder than Loveday but she still next to the corps of Robin crying.

Please wake up! I'm begging you Robin! Don't do this to me! Cries Maria.

Alex comes in and takes Maria's hand. Their eyes met.

Alex, Robin is died! Said Maria crying.

I know Loveday told me everything and when I say everything I mean it!

Alex what am I going to do? Asked Maria.

Move on! Answer Alex sure about what she's saying.

No, never! You heard me, never! Said Maria really mad and she runs away.

Maria! Calls Alex really worried about the Merryweather girl and suddenly talks to Robin's body: Did you saw what you just did?

Maria runs fast to the moonacre manor where she lives and enter in her room. She begins to cry; suddenly she sees a vision of the moon princess calling her. Maria gets out of her room and stared at the picture of the moon princess.

Maria, listen to me! There's one way Robin can re-live! Said the moon princess in the picture.

Well what is it? Asked Maria.

The pearls are in the sea?

Yes, they are in the sea and don't try to change the subject.

Maria, you have to take the pearls and ask them to let Robin heal! That's the only way! Said the moon princess and Maria just after she listens that, she runs and go to the De Noir castle.

When she faces Alex, she told her everything, about the pearls and the moon princess.

Well let's go! Said Alex before she runs with Maria to the forest.

Maria and Alex are running in the forest to the direction of the sea of horses. Suddenly, they saw Tim and a gang with him.

Hey girls, I present you to my own gang! Like it? Smirked Tim.

What do you want Tim? Asked Maria holding the hand of Alex and Alex is holding her knife pointing on Tim.

I'm not going to let you save him! Answers Tim.

Why? Asks Maria. All the men laugh and Alex runs into one man direction, punched him in the face and come back next to Maria.

Wow, come down girl, it's just the beginning! Laughs Tim at Alex.

And push out of my way stupid boy! Answers Alex mad pushing Tim to let her pass.

Who did you called stupid? Asks Tim holding Alex with her clothes.

Tim, leave her you already killed Robin that is enough! Protest Maria trying to save Alex.

He leaves Alex, suddenly she comes closer to Maria, she takes her hand and they run together to the sea of horses passing the gang. Tim and his gang run after them and they were faster than Maria and Alex. The gang abducted Alex when she was running, they didn't let her scream but Maria continue running worried to the sea of horses and when she arrives, she stopped wondering how she will catch the pearls. Maria thought it's over, they're goanna catch her and kill her and she's going to meet Robin in heaven, but Maria looks behind her and she didn't found any sign of Tim or his gang. She sawWrolf trying to take her somewhere, so she followed Wrolf hoping it's going to help her re-found the pearls. The black lion takes her to the room of the moon princess and suddenly Wrolf disappears. Maria saw the moon princess on personal, tending her hand to her, so she takes her hand and suddenly find herself in the water of the sea of horses. Maria finds the pearls and began to take it one by one; when she takes all the pearls they turned themselves to a necklace. When the pearls changes to a necklace, Maria re-find herself in the room of the moon princess with the necklace in her hands.

Maria, you have only one wish! Or you wish that you heal Robin or you'll wish that you will save Alex. You have one chance, one wish! Said the moon princess to Maria.

But it is not fair! I can't choose between them! Protest Maria.

One choice, one wish! Said the moon princess before she disappears.

Maria goes to the moonacre manor and talks with Loveday about what happened.

I have an idea Maria! Said Loveday.

Really? What is it? Asked Maria relaxed, the pearls in her hand.

You will choose Robin and when my brother healed. You and him will save Alex!

I love you Loveday! Said Maria jumping and laughing; but I have one question, where is Robin?

He still is in the bed in the hospital.

Maria goes to the hospital with the pearls in her hands and when she saw Robin in the bed she asks to the pearls to heal him. The pearls glow and disappear, in few seconds Robin wakes up and stood up.

Robin, you healed! Said Maria with happy tears.

Maria, thank you! Said Robin walking into Maria's direction.

For what?

I know everything and we have to save my sister fast. Answers Robin hugging Maria hard. The girl missed being that close to Robin.

Let's go! Said Maria still hugging Robin (she didn't want him to leave) and she stepped back away from him and she holds his hand.

Robin puts his hat and they run together in the forest calling Alex, thenWrolf the lion came next to Maria who is holding the hand of Robin. Wrolf runs to a direction, the couple runs behind him. They run for hours and they finally found themselves in front of a mansion.

I'm sure my sister is here! Said Robin.

Well let's go! Said Maria walking to the mansion.

No! Said Robin holding Maria's hand not letting her go. You should stay here; it's too dangerous I'll go!

I lost you once; I don't want to lose you a second time! Said Maria smiling at Robin.


They went to the mansion running, they stopped in front of the giant door and Maria saw a scale so she runs in its direction and she begins to climb.

Maria, stop! Scream Robin running and he puts Maria down.

What? Asked Maria looking at Robin.

It's too dangerous!

But we have to save Alex!

Maybe you don't want to lose me but I don't want to lose you ether! Said Robin before he lifted Maria up, suddenly runs and putted her away from the mansion.

Robin, please! Begs Maria.

No, stay here and I'll go!

I'll go with you!

I don't think so! Said Robin, he take his scarf, take the hands of Maria, wound them and he attached it in the tree.

Robin deliver me now!

Sorry Princess and you're going to be safe! Said Robin and he climbs the scale.


Robin climbs the scale, he entered the window and he walks in. Maria begins to be worried about all this, in this time Robin had enter the mansion.

Suddenly, he listens to some men talking, he searches where he can hide and he find a closet, and he hides in it.

We cached the girl with black hair who doesn't have any importance and we let go the one who is important. Said the black man.

I know! But the girl with black hair is really strong! She hurts 5 men! Said the white one.

Wow! But we don't have to tell anybody that the girl is abducted in a tree! Said the black one.

Really? Which one? Asked the White man.

In the tree who is directly in front of the door! Answers the black man.

Suddenly, after the discussion the 2 men go, Robin gets out and climbed down the scale. He goes to deliver Maria.

Princess! Screams Robin.

Whatever it is deliver me before! Said Maria and Robin deliver her.

I know where Alex is! Said Robin but Maria looked at him mad.

Maybe it's too dangerous for me.

Don't be mad at me princess! I only did that because I wanted to protect you! Said Robin doing the puppy face.

Fine, okay! Where is Alex now?

Come with me!

Robin takes Maria's hand, he takes her to the tree in front of the front door.

Why are we standing in front of this tree? Asked Maria confused.

Wait a little bit Princess! Answers Robin touching the tree like he's a blind man.

What are you doing?

Be patient Princess!

Suddenly, Robin opened a door in the tree and in this door, Alex was attached with ropes.

Alex! Screams Maria, she and Robin deliver her.

Thank you guys! You saved me! Said Alex.

All the pleasure is ours! Said Robin.

Robin, you're alive? Asked Alex.

Yes, he's alive! Answers Maria and Alex hug her brother then she hugs Maria.

Alex, Maria and Robin run to the moonacre manor and when they walked in they begin to call Loveday and Benjamin screaming. Loveday hug her sister and her brother then Maria.

Alex and Maria become the best friends ever and they was always in agreement, they trusted a lot each other. Robin and Maria had the stronger relationship ever and anybody could mess it up between them.