Chapter 80

Benjamin Matthew Gilmore-Danes, aka Benji, was 7 pounds 1 ounce. Lorelai and Luke had trouble agreeing on name combinations, so they ended up giving their son both of their last names. The overnight period they had at the hospital showed nothing else to worry about. But that didn't weaken the Danes Family's decision to not have any more children.

By the time Benji was 6 months old, he had a very small amount of hair, brown like Rory's. He mostly looked like a mix of his parents, with some Rory-isms. One face in particular that he often made, screamed Lorelai.

"Look at this?" Luke said to Emily and Richard one Friday night dinner. He showed them a photo of Benji leaning forward in his high chair, his mouth wide open, posing for the camera. "Who does he look like?" Before the grandparents could answer, Lorelai rolled her eyes and showed her parents a photo on her cell phone, of herself making the exact same face. The family laughed and Luke and Lorelai shared a loving kiss. Their family seemed complete. Almost.

By accident, Lorelai managed to get pregnant again, when Benji was 7 months old. Luke had been putting off getting a vasectomy because he in all honesty hadn't been looking forward to the experience. Lorelai had avoided getting her tubes tied because she didn't like the idea of being cut open again. And there was no way she was getting a hysterectomy. Early menopause was not for her. Emily of course accused them of being negligent and irresponsible, but the couple was too surprised by the impossible to get too upset about it. Lorelai was 40 by then. She was sure God, or whoever controlled things, must have a soft spot for her.

Margaret Jane Danes was born right before Lorelai turned 41. She was a c-section like Lucas, and this time Lorelai did have her tubes tied while she was open on the table. But when the family had gathered in the hospital room for the 3rd time, Lorelai still laughed at her husband, and told him he was getting fixed.

"Not taking any chances," she told him. Luke decided to humor her.

The birth of their 3rd child made it quite clear that Lucas wasn't the jealous type, but they later found out Benji was. Benji wasn't always nice to Margaret (generally referred to as Maggie), but she had her big brother Lucas to protect her. While Benji had gotten a sometimes volatile nature that his father had, Lucas had inherited Luke's protectiveness. Maggie was all her mother. She was Lorelai's clone, except for one little quirk: differently colored eyes. Maggie had been born with one blue and one that depending on the light was on the browner side of hazel. It was one of Lorelai's favorite things about her youngest child. Luke's favorite was her curly raven hair.

Despite being in their 60's when most of their grandchildren were born, Emily and Richard lived until their late 80's. They were able to go to L.J's high school graduation. Richard unfortunately didn't make it to Benji's graduation, but Emily did. Emily even lived long enough to see Maggie graduate, one of the good things about the children being close in age.

Because of his name, Lucas had been telling his parents his entire life that he would one day own the diner. When they'd ask him about the Inn, he'd always say that Benji and Maggie could share. But he often said that Maggie should own it, since it was their mother's. Benji often didn't like hearing his brother say that.

Luke had a dream for his youngest daughter that she'd grow up to be a doctor. He didn't know why he had that dream, other than the fact that it was somewhat inspired by his daughter's initials: MD. But much like Lorelai, Maggie had a mind of her own. No one would tell her who to be or how to be it. Maggie was similar to Lorelai as a teen, except for the level of which she acted out. She wasn't nearly as wild as her mother had been, mostly because she hadn't been raised in a strangling environment like Lorelai had.

Gifts that Maggie seemed to have inherited from her mother were her sense of humor and voice. Maggie got very into musical theater in her teen years, she and her technically niece would often perform for the family.

Rory didn't get the job at the New York Times after the internship was over. As crushing as it was, she figured it was for the best. Before her second brother had been born, she'd gotten a job at the Hartford Courant (recommended by Doyle). She'd planned it to just be a temporary job, but she kept it for many years. She had a daughter with a guy she dated at the newspaper, named Christiane after her favorite journalist. Her younger siblings always thought it was funny that they had a niece barely younger than them. Rory didn't marry her daughter's father. She never went back to Logan or Jess, or Dean either. She married someone from New Jersey that she met while working a mob story. She and her husband chose to not have any more children.

April ended up going to college in Illinois. She felt it was a decent middle distance between her mom and dad. She went into biology. She never had her shot with Freddy, her beloved crush in 7th grade. But she found love eventually.

Anna had one more child around the time that Lorelai was pregnant with Maggie. Anna had a boy. April felt very blessed to have the chance to have so many siblings.

Christopher had kept his word, and not become a nuisance again. He and Lorelai generally saw each other at birthdays for Rory or Christiane. They'd walked down the aisle together at Rory's wedding, which had been slightly awkward, but they'd managed. Christopher never remarried, and G.G was his last child. But it worked for him.

Lorelai and Luke's life wasn't always perfect. They ran into many bumps in the road. But being who they are, they always stood by each other. The day of Maggie's high school graduation party, Luke had a surprise for Lorelai. While everyone was partying and having fun, Luke pulled Lorelai over to the swing he'd gotten just for her all those years back, and showed her something. It was the horoscope. It was very old and fraying at the edges, but still in Luke's wallet. He gave his wife a meaningful look, and they watched from under the tree at their family and friends.

Lorelai thought back to the day she'd met Luke. From what she remembered of that day so long ago, she knew she never would have suspected the man she'd met that day, the keeper of the blessed coffee, would be with her forever. Lorelai thought about the nearly 30 years she'd known Luke.

Did she regret anything?


Was she sure?


* My ending was kind of cheesy ('kind of' being the operative term), but I wanted to give my story a sweet send off. I honestly didn't know this morning that I'd be finishing the story. I knew the day was coming, but now that it's here I'm almost sad. Obviously I could continue the story, I could write out their entire lives if I wanted. But I feel that some things should be a mystery. I am so glad to know my story has generally been liked. The praise I've gotten from readers is what has kept me going. I'm so thankful for my readers. I don't know if I'll be writing another story soon, I might take a break. But I'm pretty sure, my time on this website is far from over. I think? Not sure. Only time will tell (aren't you getting tired of me saying that? Ha Ha). –DD *