Thought to try my hand at a one-shot of really messed up thoughts. and DANG this guy is smart. Messed up and kinda sad.

But it ended well at least for Jacob.

This poor writer will give you a warning. IT IS REALLY DARK. The kind of thing that made me feel like I needed to go to church afterwards. and I don't even believe in god.

it has a mild plot but essentially it is a drabble.

This took me to a dark place. like barely skimmed but still.

I lay here in death and are only left to my thoughts

I remember before the metal plate in my head. and feeling the brains rotting right out of my skull.

Mother brought me back, she did. The terror, the pain, the fear. After we left that place. she found me. She brought me back. She told me that I could not die. That she did not die. she said it was a miracle of god that I just lay there. I didn't believe. But I do now. I do now. she was right. i am the hand of god. I am.

do you see the sin, do you see it.

Water washes into my eyes. They sting. I haven't got any strength to fight back. i am ten here. To young to actually see. all i saw was sin. But I did not believe that it was sin. Mother did. She showed me. She knew me.

Why did she do this to me, why. She saw the sin. That girl had no sin. But she saw it. it wasn't sin. She had no sin.

She had no sin

She had no sin.

Mother. Are you wrong?

Could this girl you forced me to kill have actually been innocent.

The cross on her body proved it.

No sin, another hand of god. And you killed her. Mother, you killed another hand of god.

I am sixteen here

This memory stuck with me.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

I will fear no evil.

Mother was evil.

Mother was sin.

And I died for her.

For I am not living. nor am I an angel.

I am in hell.

For my mother. She did this to me. i am a monster. The monstrous ideas that where flooded into my brain where her doing.

I was a child of insanity.

Please grant me your forgiveness. i acted out of spite.

No answer. He isn't here.

Only me in my memories.

My twisted cruel memories.

I did wrong. I did. Please forgive me lord, please.

And I am lifted.

The thoughts cleared away.

I have been forgiven.

Everything clears away. i am a child again. And instead of a cage. There are parents who love me.

I am a teenager again, And instead of death. I have a normal life.

I graduate.

I get married.

I become a father.

I grow old.

I die.

and in this i have shed the horrible memories of my mother.

And I am free.

Alright. Twisted and messed up. Prepare to meet god

I AM NOT RELIGOUS. I Just wanted to quit with the bad and twisted. And opted for the ultimate happy ending. And I saved him.


That was the only way I could do it though. it fit with the story .