Title: Caught out in a Storm

Rating: R for some sexiness and swearing

Summary: Kurt and Blaine, together a little more than a month, take a walk before practice and get caught in the rain. The fight about Blaine being overly hesitant and Kurt gets a little daring and then they make up.

A/N: Okay, wow. So I wrote a bit of a one off fic a day ago and everyone was so incredibly lovely about it and I am a total addict when it comes to reviews that this just kind of happened. I'm really, really liking examining the possible path the relationship between these two boys will take and that is basically what this fic is. Hasn't been edited again so if you find mistakes or have critiques, let me know, because I like getting better.

Hope you all enjoy this one as much as you enjoyed the other.

One afternoon they get caught in a rainstorm while out on the grounds. They had time before practice and had matched each other's raised eyebrow when their eyes met in the hall after class. Blaine's hand had slipped into Kurt's, just like it had so many times before and they'd wandered the halls talking about nothing mostly until the throng of students had thinned out and they were mostly along. But not alone enough, Blaine had decided, and had pulled Kurt out one of the side doors and walked with him, hand in hand, across the ovals to the line of trees that grew up against the school's south wall.

They talk the whole way, critiquing the most recent arrangement by the Warblers and ending up with the trade-mark back and forth that always follows their duets: Kurt acts ever so slightly self-deprecating, shunning his high notes or his continence or his moves until Blaine squeezes his hand and whispers the he's amazing and then Kurt agrees far too readily and makes a joke at his boyfriend's expense. Then the good-natured jibes just flow and Kurt picks on Blaine's hair and his too-white teeth and his gangsta moves and silly facial expressions and Blaine counters every time with Kurt's naturally blushing cheeks or his hair or his coy expressions and they end up kissing.

But the sincerity in Blaine's voice when he breathes out words like 'amazing' and 'remarkable' and 'special' hasn't waned since the first time he dared say it and the frisson that races up Kurt's spine and out to the tips of his fingers and toes has only built over time.

"You really think I'm all that?" Kurt asks after another round of affectionate insults. Now he's just fishing for compliments. They're sitting under a tree, cross-legged with their knees touching and one of Blaine's thumbs drawing circles on the toe of Kurt's shoe.

A half smile and a flutter of eyelashes as Blaine looks down giving Kurt the chance to glare openly at his overly-gelled hair. "You know it," Blaine huffs. "You do," he must, "Because I tell you every damn day and you know you're the only one who can make…" he hesitates because there's still a gap – granted a gap that's being bridged – between the Kurt he dreams of and the one in front of him and he doesn't want to come on too strong. Not that that hasn't worked for them in the past but…Kurt's delicate, fragile, and he shouldn't forget that.

"Make you what?" Kurt's intrigued voice breaks his train of thought and Blaine realizes he kind of left that sentence hanging. He looks up and coaxes Kurt's face closer, capturing his lips in a sweet kiss as his fingers dip into his hair careful not to disturb the pristine arrangement.

"Crazy," Blaine jokes as he breaks the kiss.

There's an adorable expression on Kurt's face but before Blaine can even begin to appreciate it, Kurt's pushing back. "That's not what you were going to say though, is it?" It's rhetorical and Blaine just works hard at looking innocent because he hasn't realized that Kurt has caught him cutting his sentences short several times in the last few weeks, nor that he is learning to push back. "You can tell me, you know, I'm not made of glass, I won't break."

Blaine isn't so sure but they discussed honesty weeks ago and both recognized its importance in the relationship because neither has ever had that complete openness before. And even though Blaine has been able to justify holding back as not being dishonest but rather just waiting for the right time to come, now Kurt is asking him directly and he can't lie. A deep breath. "Kurt, sometimes you make me think or do things I wouldn't ordinarily do, sometimes you make me say things." He demurs and it's Kurt's turn to wonder at how cute his boyfriend is. Blaine continues, "For example, I swear only when I'm with you. You know that. I'm pretty sure that the only other time I've sworn was when I broke my arm a few years ago."

Kurt points out: "You're grouping the serious pain of a broken bone with what I do to you?"

"No, " Blaine groans but knows that Kurt's just teasing. "I'm equating the magnitude of raw feelings."

Kurt thinks it's sexy when Blaine shows off his brain but he doesn't comment on it.

"I'm just saying, you make me forget myself and I know you think that's hot and it is, but I don't want to forget myself and do something stupid to upset you." He's been watching Kurt as he speaks and what he sees is not the dawning realization and acceptance he was aiming for. Holding both Kurt's hands in his and skimming his thumbs back and forth he asks, voice insistent, "Do you understand?"

"No" Kurt insists back. "Give me an example because I don't see how you being honest could upset me unless you honestly don't want me any more but that's not what you're saying, is it?"

"Look, less than a month ago you were absolutely against anything more than kissing, you didn't even seem keen on letting you hands wander and I know we got through that beautifully and now we're comfortable and looking forward to next but you are so, so sweet and innocent so excuse me if I'm not about to start letting you in on every sordid detail of my imagination."

Blaine completely misses the widening of Kurt's eyes and the slight arch of his back which is probably lucky because if he had he would have completely misinterpreted it. Instead he just decides that Kurt really doesn't get it and he frowns and is ready to brush the whole conversation off when Kurt looks away and up and a moment later the sky opens and it is pouring rain.

Blaine's on his feet first, a hand over his head in a futile attempt to block the raindrops and the other offered to Kurt. Thunder crashes above them and Kurt ignores the hand and pushes off he ground, working himself up to angry as he stands because this conversation is not over.

Already walking briskly across the oval it takes Blaine a few moments to realize that Kurt's not beside him. He looks back at a thoroughly soaked boy standing with his arms crossed over his chest and a scowl on his face. Blaine debates leaving him but, with his clothes already soaking through, he sees no point.

"Come on, you'll catch a cold," Blaine yells over the sudden ferocity of the storm, already walking towards him.

"Why am I the innocent made-of-glass one?" Kurt yells back, blinking to try to keep the water from his eyes and hold the gaze across from him. "Do you not feel as strongly as I do?"

"No that's not it," Blaine says and it's sounds like an apology and a plea, "We can talk about this, but come inside!"

Kurt shakes his head and another crack of lighting illuminates the anger in him. "Talk. Now."

And Blaine has seen him like this. Once or twice at rehearsals, once with his dad, once with Mercedes and if it isn't the most stubborn, childish reaction he's ever watched in a teenager he doesn't know what is.

He gives in. "Look, I just don't know. Maybe I'm ready for things that you aren't and I'm trying to protect you from that?" Kurt doesn't look convinced at all. "You don't get it, I'm hot blooded, I'm like any other guy. I watch porn and I think of you and I'm not some Disney movie wannabe, I want you every which way and sometimes that includes the not so nice ways."

"I'm not like any other guy?" Kurt asks, voice quieter and Blaine can identify it is as neither anger or pain.

"You know what I mean. You don't just look at sex as a way of getting off. Not that I do either but sometimes all I can think about is touching you."

There's more to 'touching you' and Kurt can hear it in the strain of Blaine's voice but he's not happy that they've been dating over a month and Blaine is still treating him as less than equal. He needs to clarify before he pushes again so he asks, "What do you mean the not so nice ways?"

Blaine stares at him, hands on his hips, rain dripping down his face and he is starting to shiver in the cold. "Kurt, I really don't want to talk about this now."

"I do."

There's only so much Blaine can do and Kurt is deliberately pushing him, playing games with him even, and provoking him under angry skies and pounding rain. "You remember I told you I think about you when I touch myself?" A quick nod and he's disappointed Kurt hasn't shied away. "And you said you did, too. And as hot as that makes me, you don't think of me like I think of you. I think of you naked and against me." Kurt doesn't flinch and it angers him. "I've know how this all works, I've seen it and I can imagine it and I imagine you touching me and whispering in my ear, whispering dirty things I doubt you'd ever really say. And sucking me off. I imagine you mouth on me everywhere, places that probably would make you sick to your stomach."

Kurt hasn't fled or started crying and, in fact, he's fighting the urge to roll his eyes because all of a sudden Blaine seems to be the insecure one. And Blaine wishes Kurt would just do something because he hates getting stuck talking like this, pushing because he can be aggressive and possessive and quick to anger. "Last night I imagined you fucking me." Come on, flinch, ask me to stop. "I imaged you with your cock inside me and I came. So. Damn. Hard." Blaine flinches, choking on the words as they escape his lips because he cannot believe he just said that.

Kurt lets out a sharp laugh and one day he'll tell Blaine why but not now because Blaine's already blurting out an apology, wiping rain from his eyes and fog from his mind as he begs a higher power to take it all back.

Then Kurt kisses him, crushingly, maddeningly kissing him and he is so slow to react because it was the last possible scenario on his mind that by the time he responds, giving back in rough, devastating presses as their tongues slide against each other, Kurt has his hands all over him.

Down his back, at his waist, squeezing, at his hips, pulling, and then tracing around the belt of his pants, letting his fingers press against the wet shirt there and hook ever-so-slightly into his pants. The stark realization that Kurt's hands are so close to him makes Blaine buck his hips forward. Kurt's breath catches and his hands move instinctively to Blaine's ass, digging his nails in and drawing him close and if he wasn't completely lost in the moment Blaine would note that this is the first time he's been pressed flush against this boy because he's always been so terrified that it would be too much and now he has had absolutely no say in the matter and it absolutely is.

Somehow, Kurt has managed to get a hand around his thigh and has coaxed his leg off the ground slightly, enough, and then Kurt grinds and Blaine feels it across his entire body, can feel every nerve ending firing up and sending electricity into his blood and the deep ragged moan pulled from him is swallowed by the mouth of his boyfriend even as then both try desperately to memorize everything pressing together and how overwhelming it feels.

And then he's staggering, trying to find the means to stand up straight as Kurt places both hands over his chest and pushes him back. Kurt stopping a few steps back and breathing heavily but certainly coming off a lot better than Blaine as he watches the incoherence dissolve and the dark eyes rise to meet his.

"What the hell?" Blaine mutters darkly.

"I am all for taking it slow," Kurt tells him, voice remarkably almost back to it's normal well-pedigreed self. "I am and I don't think we'll be having full on sex for a little while yet. Like, months," he clarifies and Blaine's mouth goes dry at the idea that it might even happen at all. "But you have got to stop treating me like I'll run or break at the slightest escalation because you were meant to be in charge and if you don't push us forward we might end up just wandering around holding hands forever."

Blaine is still recovering and it makes Kurt smile and some of the anger dissipates because despite the frustration he knows Blaine was being ridiculously slow with his best interests at heart. And, as always with these things, the loss of anger lets him remember himself and he's blushing as water runs down his face but Blaine can't see it. Bushing hard and he has to ask. "You really imagine all of that?"

Gritting his teeth and still swiping at the rain, Blaine nods without comment.

"You imagine me inside you?"

Another mute nod.

Kurt considers. It's not like he hasn't had the same steady stream of hormone-fuelled fantasies. Maybe Blaine doesn't know but for the last month, ever since he realized Blaine could make him feel sexy and he could make Blaine lose control, he's been an avid researcher of all things sex and with the constant reference of his beyond-scrumptious boyfriend he hasn't struggled to absorb it all.

Maybe Blaine doesn't know that.

"I imagine you inside me," Kurt whispers, moving close enough that the white cold of the lighting storm makes the proximal heat obvious and even though the clouds have made it dark and the water is clouding their vision he knows. "Actually, I imagine me inside you as well and I haven't really decided which is best because I think I'll want to try both for real before I make my mind up." What a ridiculously obvious thing to say.

Up until this moment, Blaine had no idea Kurt had taken his advice about educating himself to heart. Hadn't dared think that maybe he was buying magazines and surfing the web and imagining things. Making up for lost time and wanting to know because now he has Blaine and developing his own set of depraved teenage sex-dreams all on his own.

"What does it feel like? What you imagine?" Kurt asks, a bit uncomfortable under Blaine's stare and trying to ignore the goosebumps across his arms and back.

Blaine cannot stop from leaning forward and kissing him again, rain on his lips and across their tongues and it has nothing to do with image and everything to do with conveying as much heat and taste and momentum as they can and the little sounds coming from Kurt make him never want to stop but an answer escapes between breaths regardless.


Kurt's hands are either side of his head and he is holding him in front of him and the slight height difference, for once, puts Kurt in the controlling position that he needs. He kind of wants to talk more, to discuss the angles and technicalities of their eventual sex life but it hardly seems pertinent. Instead he presses his hips close to Blaine's, liking how they fit, and touches their noses, then their foreheads and shuts his eyes. "Blaine," he whispers and doesn't get to see Blaine gulp down a breath of the air that's escaped his lungs. "I don't think there's anything you could tell me that could change how I feel. And I know I'm taking the lead but maybe that's part of what I have to learn. And maybe I should push you a little bit. Maybe that will work."

Eyes opening Blaine has never felt as breath-takingly in love as he does now. Kurt's surprised him and suddenly he's the strong one of the two, the one calling the shots and telling him how it's going to be. It feels terrifying and wonderful all at once and he just stares at the strong set of Kurt's jaw and the hair plastered to his head and makes a pathetic mewling sound that is well worth it because Kurt grins.

"I think we should argue more often," he murmurs, pulling his boyfriend into a hug and talking into his wet hair, revelling in the smell of it.

It breaks any tension still present and then both laugh easily. Blaine lets his hands wander, creeping over Kurt's backside to rest at the small of his back. "You really want to hear everything?"

"Maybe, but I don't just want to hold hands and I promise I won't break or run. I might have trouble but then so might you. I want more, though." There's heavy emphasis on 'more' and Kurt's hands have decided to wedge between them, finding a wet cotton shirt no cover for the hard-soft muscle and flesh beneath and Kurt doesn't hesitate to lay both hishands between blazer and shirt and feel the heat and the wet and then move up.

He's deft with the button of the blazer: one minute it's done up, the next it isn't and Blaine thinks it's because of all the crazy buttons Kurt usually deals with. The hands on him are wandering and the cold rain has nothing on the heat there and between their lips which are touching in soft kisses every moment they can get away from the flesh of necks and jaws and in between a thousand different sounds emanating from the pair.

One day they'll have time to work out which one of them growls and which one of them whimpers and which touch makes them louder but today it's just one more fierce kiss and another flash of lighting and the distant rumble of thunder and Kurt forces them apart. "I want to get you out of this shirt," he murmurs into the air between them. "And I want to touch you and taste you."

Blaine's eyes go wide and it's adorable and that's always been Blaine's word for describing Kurt. He wants another kiss but Kurt pushes him away with a laugh and starts walking back across the oval.

Blaine follows, catching him up quickly and ignoring the squelch of water in his shoes as he grabs his hands and pulls him close enough to press a stupid kiss to his cheek. "You surprise me sometimes," he declares. "I kind of really love that about you."

Kurt's eyes flicker to Blaine and he wonders at the choice of words, wonders whether it's a slip of the tongue or a dare or a promise or a compromise and just ends up settling for feeling warm inside to have made Blaine smile, to have made progress, and to be running through a rainstorm with him. And maybe, just maybe, they're running somewhere where he'll get to do one of the hundreds of things he's spent over a month dreaming up.

But even if they don't, even if by the time they find a change of clothes and somewhere to change and manage to calm there breathing they have to go to practice, he really is in no rush and is just happy to savor the idea that he can push Blaine back.

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