Strangely, every now and then I feel the urge to write fanfiction. It's an embarrassing habit, but I don't feel like fixing it. I enjoy writing, and worlds that truly capture me are ones I'd liked to preserve. So, I present to you, Those That Gods Walk With, chapter One.

"When the Brittanians came, they destroyed everything without mercy. They did not stop for 'civilians', or only go after those who were armed. They were indiscriminate. I gazed into one soldier's eyes, pleading with him for my daughter's life, and I saw nothing in his eyes. An abyss gazed back at me."

- Minamoto Toshiro, Survivor of the Taking Of Japan.


Two pilots scoured the demolished landscape. Both were fairly well built, as was the custom for pilots, one with fair cropped hair, the other with disheveled dark hair. The darker haired one seemed to be in a foul mood as the two scanned the landscape, viewing the burnt ground with distaste.

"It ain't right, I tell ya." The other pilot glanced at him, surprised. The two hadn't said a word most of the trip, even if the trip had taken the better part of two days to get to the warzone. He replied nervously, "What isn't right Tom?"

His fellow pilot glowered at the burnt ground, as if it filled him with hate. "You know what I mean Jimmy. This... this massacre. It's worse than when we took Germany, I tell ya."

The fair haired pilot – Jimmy, nervously shivered in his seat. He had a feeling that these conversations were monitored, and he liked Tom. "Tom, you can't say things like that. The Japa- I mean, the Elevens resisted. If they hadn't, this wouldn't have happened, right?"

Tom glared at his fellow pilot, and pointed at the newest fixture on the horizon, a village, smoke still rising from it. "I'd like to see ya tell me Jimmy, tell me that that's fucking right." Jimmy shuddered as he viewed the village. He could see the bodies everywhere, strewn across the ground as if they weren't people, merely papers. He couldn't imagine what the ground troops must have gone through, having to follow orders that caused what he now viewed. He answered Tom's question, more talking to himself than Tom, "We can't do anything about it though. Our mission is to find the missing Prince and Princess, and bring them home. We can't help the dead."

Jimmy flinched at his fellow pilot's rage, feeling it to his core. "Can't help them? Look at them! That's not a fucking battlefield! We've seen battlefields! That's just a slaughter! Are you telling me that... That we can't even honour those that died here? Well?" Jimmy had no answer. How could he? The thoughts that his copilot was expelling were ones he shared. But he couldn't do anything about it, he could only feel his friend's anger. Because Jimmy had a family, and he wanted to see them again. He didn't want to be trapped in a cell for eternity, which is where he felt Tom was going.

"Let's... Let's just find the royals, and get back home, alright?" Jimmy was pleading with his fellow pilot, begging him to drop the subject. Tom grunted his approval, and the helicopter fell back into silence.


Two boys walked tirelessly through the wartorn country. The one leading carried a girl on his back, and his violet eyes had a look of sheer determination. The follower had the same look, tinged with mild regret. The follower spoke up, asking a simple question,"Lelouch... shouldn't we split up? Nobody will help us together, we should go our seperate ways..."

The leader stopped momentarily, ignoring the quiet breaths of the one on his back, and turned around, before saying in a furious tone, "No Suzaku. We may get help faster if we split up, but we'll never see each other again. I'll be spirited back to Britannia," The sheer malice that dripped from that word startled the follower, "And you'll vanish into Japan. I'm not letting that happen."

Suzaku sighed as Lelouch continued on, steadfastly following his friend. "Why do you have to be so stubborn Lelouch..."

The two walked across the wrecked landscape, coming across a village. Both stopped in horror, and the leader almost dropped the girl on his back. The village had burned down, few houses remaining. But, the shocking factor was that all around the village, bodies lay. Not buried, not even in a pit. Lelouch looked at Suzaku, a newfound fire in his eyes.

"This is why we can't separate Suzaku."

Suzaku stared at the prince in surprise. "Because of the dead, Lelouch?" Lelouch shook his head, glaring at the village, wishing he could have stopped this.

"No, because we can prevent this from happening again. We can change the world Suzaku, if we try. We hold the fate of tomorrow in our hands, and we can make sure nobody is ever hurt like this again." Suzaku was shocked by Lelouch's speech. He had to be joking, right? No single person could change the world, not even if he could control earth itself. "Lelouch... are you serious? How would we do that?" The ten year olds continued walking, hoping to be rid of the village as soon as they could.

"It'll be easy once I get back to Britannia, with you, Suzaku." Suzaku nodded. He had forgotten that Lelouch was a prince, especially when he acted so normal sometimes. "Right, we can talk to the king right?"

Lelouch snorted. "Of course not Suzaku. The king was the one who let this happen. He was the one who forced your father to kill himself, even though he had helped me for so many months." Suzaku flinched at that. He wished he could have told Lelouch the truth about what happened to his father, but he felt that Lelouch would damn him for it. Lelouch continued with his speech, not noticing Suzaku's reaction.

"We can talk to my brothers and sisters, the ones who can really control what goes on. People like Schneizel and Cornelia control events like this, but this time the king ignored their suggestions, because he wanted Japan." Suzaku nodded again, understanding what Lelouch said. His father hadn't controlled Japan without the help of his advisors. "Of course, Lelouch. But why would he do that?"

Lelouch grimaced as he replied. "Because what the king wants, the king ge-" He was cut off by a sound that both boys hearts jumped at hearing. A helicopter was nearby, and it was landing. Lelouch grinned as he put down the girl he carried, and heard her sleepily ask, "Big brother? What's going on, are we resting for the day?"

Lelouch shook his head, replying with delight, "No Nunally, there's a helicopter that can take us back to Britannia."

His sister smiled happily, before frowning and asking, "All of us? Even Suzaku?" Her brother nodded vigorously, even though she couldn't see it. "Of course."

The two pilots quickly exited the helicopter, briskly walking towards the trio. The fair haired one, Jimmy, said, "Your highness, we must get out of Area Eleven immediately, it's not fully under our control." Lelouch nodded, motioning to Suzaku, who was standing back as to avoid notice, to come forward.

"Of course. I would like to request to bring my guest, Suzaku Kururugi, with me." The fair haired pilot stepped back in shock, as the dark haired Tom nodded in approval.

"Your highness, he's an eleven! We can't allow him to come to Britannia!"

Lelouch grinned wickedly. "Is that so?" Suzaku paled. He knew that voice. It was the voice Lelouch used when he had come up with a brilliantly stupid idea. The one where he skirted the rules ever so slightly, and which he had witnessed Todou, the owner of the dojo, beat furiously into his head that just because he was royalty, didn't mean he could 'Lawyer his way out of the law.'

Lelouch turned to Suzaku, and said, "Kneel." Suzaku obliged, dreading what came next. He didn't feel anything, but heard Lelouch's words with a mixture of horror and excitement.

"Suzaku Kururugi, I, Lelouch vi Britannia, 17th Prince of the Britannian Empire, hereby dub thee Sir Suzaku Kururugi, Knight of Britannia. Rise." Suzaku rose, and heard Jimmy's screech. "Milord, you cannot knight a number! He cannot be a knight if he isn't nobility, and he isn't even a Britannian!" Lelouch looked at him, smirking. "Ah, but my dear pilot, Suzaku, excuse me, Sir Kururugi, is nobility. He is the son of the now deceased Prime Minister of Japan, who was descended from a Japanese royal. Besides this, Suzaku has saved my life several times during this conquering of the newly dubbed Area Eleven, and as I recall, that requires me to reward him." Jimmy stammered, unable to find fault in Lelouch's logic, as Tom cackled inside of the helicopter, unable to contain his mirth. Jimmy continued attempting to find excuses as Lelouch gently picked up Nunally and placed her in the helicopter, as Suzaku got onto the helicopter, still dazed by his new title, and as Lelouch got in, motioning for the pilot to enter. Tom was still snickering as Jimmy began the ascent, ignoring his copilot's muttered "Shut up Tom."


King Charles vi Britannia, 98th Emperor of Britannia, was not amused. He had just discovered that his exiled son had been picked up by the search party, even though he had been so very sure that Lelouch would have avoided the search party like the plague after he saw what had been done to his host country. He glowered at the form his wife inhabited, as if he could send Lelouch back with his glare.

"Marianne, your son is unpredictable and frustrating. Why on earth would he wish to return here, with Nunally? I thought I made it clear that I did not want him here." His wife smiled, infuriating him all the more.

"You must try to understand, Charles, that Lelouch believes he can change the world. How would he do that from far away, exactly, where he can't control or predict what will happen?" Charles pinched the bridge of his nose, unable to fathom his deceased wife or her blindingly stupid son's decisions.

"Marianne, Lelouch is mere hours away from Britannia, which is nowhere near where I want him to be. C.C. has, in fact, already left to follow the blasted boy. It is unfathomable why he would wish to return, and C.C. will be most annoyed by his decision. I thought you understood what he would do in response to this invasion."

His deceased wife grinned. "I thought I did too, dear, but it appears that I was wrong."


Suzaku stared in awe at the castle. "Lelouch, you live here?"

Lelouch nodded absentmindedly. He was busy planning on how exactly to reveal to Cornelia that he had knighted a ten year old he met in Japan. He planned to do it around Nonnete, so as to prevent extreme harm to himself. "Yes Suzaku, I do. So does Nunally, as well as you now." The two had left Nunally in her quarters, mostly due to the fact that Lelouch was rather worried about how his father would react.

Suzaku shook his head. "I just can't begin to imagine how big this castle is, Lelouch. Where exactly are we going?"

"To tell my father that you're a knight."

Suzaku stopped abruptly, and paled. He had heard stories of how King Charles loathed surprises, and he was certain that this would not be a welcome one. He desperately thought of way to get out of it. "Isn't... Isn't he meeting with your siblings right now?"

Lelouch nodded. "Probably. Oh, and Suzaku? That was a terrible attempt to avoid this. Try harder next time. Besides, this is when he meets with Odysseus and Guinevere, and he most likely wishes to avoid that." Suzaku cursed Lelouch's perceptive nature, as well as his enjoyment for aggravating powerful figures in government.

Specifically his father.

Lelouch opened the doors to the throne room, and heard the end of his least favorite sister's sentence, "-Oh and you'll never guess what he got me! Go on, guess!" He grinned inwardly at his father's neutral expression, which quickly turned towards him as he heard the doors opened, and dropped into one of disapproval. "Lelouch, why are you interrupting my meeting with your eldest siblings? We have important matters to discuss." When Lelouch glanced at Odysseus' face, he could tell that they were anything but important, and that the man was looking for any way to get out of it he could. The boy answered politely, bowing with a flourish, "My dear father, I merely wished to inform you that I have returned."

His father's expression switched back to neutral. "Yes, and I am... pleased." The pause before he said please was enough to let Suzaku know, with a sense of shock, that the man truly, honestly, hated the 17th Prince with all his heart. Suzaku began to quake as he saw the king's gaze turn towards him, sneering.

"And who is this... Eleven you have brought with you? A keepsake from the East?"

Lelouch shook his head, replying, "Why my dear father, he is your newest knight!"

The king froze, the sneer dropping from his face. His look of disapproval turned to one of confusion. "Surely you must be joking Lelouch. You cannot have knighted this... creature."

Lelouch nodded happily. "I do not joke dear father. Suzaku Kururugi is a knight of Britannia." The boy laughed with mirth inside at his father's expression of sheer horror.

"He cannot be a knight Lelouch. He is a mere child."

Lelouch looked up at his father with wide, soulful eyes. "But Cornelia joined the army when she was but a few years older than us! Surely he can be a knight, if she could join the army?"

Suzaku had no idea what was going on, but a few hours later he was leaving the throne room with a sword, instructions on where he was to go, and information that he and Lelouch would be training together for the next three years to enter the army.

He really hated how Lelouch could always create these situations.


Marianne the Flash grinned at her husband's newfound anger at their son.

"Honestly Marianne, your son has quite possibly just done the most aggravatingly stupid thing I have ever seen in my time as king!"

His wife giggled as she reminded him, "That's what you said when he was six and demanded o buy a pony for Milly's birthday."

Charles glared at her. "This surpasses even that! Although that damned pony was indeed stupid. He knighted an eleven he met while in Japan!" Marianne blinked. Charles sighed. His wife was a brilliant Knightmare pilot, and could kill twenty men in seconds, but she had no clue what to do with court matters.

"Marianne, if he knights one number, then numbers will think that they can become knights! And pilot Knightmares!"

Marianne pursed her lips before replying, "Well, I don't see why not. Why would you need to be a Britannian to be good at piloting Knightmares? That's as silly as only having nobles pilot them, which you do, even though I was quite good at piloting them."

Charles knew she was being more than modest. She was called The Flash because she was one of the most brilliant Knightmare pilots anyone had ever seen. He glowered at her, unamused by her joking tone. "Mark my words Marianne, this will go badly! What if the number becomes accustomed to being a noble, and demands to be made royalty?"

Marianne rolled her eyes. "He's not a noble, he's a knight. He serves nobles. Besides, you're sending him to join the army, aren't you?"

Charles nodded, not really paying attention. "Yes yes, him and Lelouch are both joining."

He didn't realize what he said until he heard the icy tone of his wife's voice. "I... I see. You're sending my son to join the infantry. Excellent plan Charles, he was always ever so fit."

Charles cursed the day that his son had ever left to Japan. Nothing good could ever come of what had just happened.

Well, thus ends the first chapter of Those That Gods Walk With. I do hope that you enjoy it, and I will return with more soon. The next chapter will feature a few time skips, because ten year old Lelouch isn't very interesting.


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