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"And let it scream."

Excerpt from "The Curse of Seventeen", by Sasori Kewell and Viletta Nu.


The ringing of the glass echoed through the room, an instant silence settling. It was one of the Princes of Brittania speaking after all – not a main, well-known and adored prince, but a prince nevertheless.

It was Lelouch vi Brittania, son of Marrianne Lamperouge, who had been beloved to the people. Lelouch was well-known among the people, if only because of his association with ex-Eleven, Suzaku Kururugi. It was rumored that they were even friends.

Scandalous, I know. But rest assured – Lelouch vi Brittania didn't give a damn what the people thought. The people were mostly idiots anyway. Look at who Clovis surrounded himself with – it was a wretched hive of scum, villainy, and cakes.

God they ate so many cakes.

Lelouch cleared his throat, and smiled politely at the crowd. "I suppose you are wondering why I called you all here today. Despite my… misgivings at such an event, I accepted my brother's offer to host one for me."

Host. Ha. Clovis wanted to show off his power. Well, Lelouch wasn't about to put up with that. He had power to show as well – and that power was the reason he didn't want the Student Council here.

"This event may just be a mere formality for you, a chance to introduce yourself to the Lost Prince," The Lost Prince. A nickname he'd picked up while in Japan. "But it is more than that for me. You see, today is the day I formally choose my personal knight."

A murmur ran through the room, and a spark of excitement was lit. People rarely got to see the process for choosing a knight – and a personal knight was the most secretive ceremony of all.

"I know that most don't know of the selection process, and that is why I do this here today. No more secrets!" He slammed his hand down on the table, a fire in his eyes, a burning need of revelation, of truth, "Secrets are what are kept from enemies, foes, villains of the state! Not from the nobility, who aid us in every endeavor!"

Kallen continued seething at Lelouch beside her, as he ranted on about "nobility" and how "just and noble" it was to murder her people. Naoto, on the other hand, listened, enraptured by the boy- no the man's speech. He didn't seem like a "depraved sociopath", more like a... a…

A revolutionary. A freedom fighter. Someone who was sick, and tired, so damn tired of the injustice he'd seen, and he wanted to fix everything. And the man in front of him seemed like the kind of man who would burn the world to the ground to do it, make a fresh start – just so everyone would be happy.

"Today is the day my friends! The day where you will see my personal knight – the knight who will uphold my honor until the day he dies! When he speaks, he speaks with my voice, with my stature! He will be the standard to which my royal guard is held to, and his power will be the standard for Brittania!" He turned around, and roared, his arm pointing towards the sky, "SUZAKU KURURUGI, STEP FORWARD!"




Oh hell fucking no.

Suddenly, the people – apart from around twelve – didn't want to watch this selection process anymore. An eleven would be protecting the Lost Prince? Just… just fuck everything.

Suzaku, on the other hand nervously walked up to Lelouch. Come on, they'd rehearsed everything up to this part, but after this part was where Suzaku had no idea what happened. Lelouch had merely grinned, saying "But Suzaku, a single part of every plan is the most important part, the part that involves you, not you personally, but you as a collective term, is the only part you should worry about."

It made sense. Well actually no, it made no fucking sense whatsoever, but at the same time it did.

"Suzaku Kururugi – no, Sir Kururugi, are you prepared to test yourself, to see if you can follow my will?"

"I am."

Lelouch smiled, and then pulled something out of his pocket, and the audience gasped. It was a gun.

"This is my personal pistol! It was used on my first mission, and it will be used by me until the day I day, and the day my son dies, and the day his son dies! This pistol is me! Sir Kururugi, you are now me, and you will take this pistol!"

Suzaku gulped, and took the pistol, barely registering the words said in his ear.

Lelouch spun towards the crowd, arms open wide, and pointed towards a large screen, barely perceptible on the wall, which suddenly turned on.

A gasp ran through the people in the crowd, and twelve people in the crowd started in shock, or shuddered in barely contained rage. On the screen was a redheaded girl, eyes wide in fright, her mouth covered by a rag, tied to a chair. Suzaku took a deep breath, heart pounding. What was he going to do?

"That girl is a traitor! To me, to the state, to everything we stand for! Kururugi, she is in the room next to us, and you will enter that room! When you do, follow the orders I gave you exactly, and you will become my knight!"

Milly stared in horror at the screen. "Lelo… Lelouch wouldn't… he wouldn't…"

Suzaku nodded, and left.


Suzaku stared at the girl, heart pounding, throat tightening. He held the gun at her head, his hand shaking wildly, her eyes staring into his soul. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and

Lelouch smiled.

Milly was left mute.

Kallen couldn't watch, but couldn't look away.

Naoto watched stoically. The actions this boy took would determine the fate of the Lost Prince.

Rivalz didn't understand.

Shirley was shaking.

Nunally was staring at her brother with a sense of shock.

Alice was trying to soothe her.

The girl looked at Suzaku, her eyes filled with implicit trust.

Suzaku dropped the gun.

A roar ran through the crowd as Suzaku cut the bonds of the girl, and released her, taking her with him into the next room. Clovis stared, and smiled, "It looks like the Eleven won't be your knight Lel-"

Lelouch smiled, even wider. "Sir Kururugi, you have passed my test!"

What. But he hadn't killed her.

Lelouch turned to the crowd as Suzaku and the girl stood next to him, Suzaku's arm protectively holding the girl.

"That girl is no traitor! She is my close friend, Sasori Kewell's, only living sibling! She is the test I assigned Kururugi! And he succeeded, because he followed my orders to the letter!"

He turned to Suzaku, and roared, his voice filling the room, "Suzaku Kururugi, kneel! Kneel, but do not kneel to me! Kneel to the girl you have just saved, because she too followed my orders! She did exactly what I asked of her – she trusted you! This girl trusted an Eleven – no a Britannian with her life! And because of that trust, she lived! Marika Kewell, kneel! Kneel before Britannia, as the first member of my Royal Guard!"

The two kneeled when asked to, still shocked by his words. Then he said, more quietly, "Stand up."

This time, it was not an order. It was a suggestion, an offer. It was saying 'You can refuse me, and walk away. Or, you can walk with me, and see how deep this rabbit hole goes."

They stood.

And then he kneeled, and the crowd roared betrayal.

"It is not you who should bow to me – it is I who should kneel to you. I have deceived and betrayed your trust for my own reasons, and these reasons are horrible, terrible reasons. I ask you, not demand of you, to join me. Suzaku-kun, as my knight, and Miss Kewell, as my guard."

The honorific was not lost on the two Japanese sitting nearby, despite being lost on everyone else present.

The two nodded, almost imperceptibly, and Lelouch smiled, and stood, then he faced the crowd, his hand flashing before his eye, and roared again, and it was like a dragon newly woken, the heat of his voice blasting everyone present.

"Kneel! Kneel before your new standard! Sir Kururugi – the Champion of Honor, and Lady Kewell, the Lioness of Trust! These two are my standard for you, the people! They are the standard you will hold yourselves up to in my eyes! Two people, each of different backgrounds, who kept the only things they had in that situation – his honor and her trust! Can you match up to them! Is it even possible, for anyone, to match up to these two? For they are the only true Britannians in this room! Not even I can match the standard they have set, because the sheer power of that room has created a bond of trust that even death will never surpass! People of Britannia – Know! Your! Place!"

They kneeled. What else could they do? They kneeled – to a shocked Eleven, and to a blushing Britannian, to a standard that they couldn't even hope to match.

The nobility kneeled to an Eleven, and the world kept turning.

But Suzaku just stared, shocked, remember the four words that Lelouch had said, the four words that had changed life in Area Eleven forever.

"Do as you wish."


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