shannon - jay me - nathanKasia - sivachloe - tomnaomi - max

NATH - so me, tom and siv were all walking around London, looking for the pet shop where jay went. Max was out watching rubbish Man city playing Arsenal with his new girlfriend Naomi. "Hey look there's THE WANTED!" we heard 4 cute girls, who were obviously fans shout from across the road. We crossed the road and went to do what we normally do when we meet fans. that means hugs,photos and signings. But these girls were different, two of them, who's names were Kasia and Chloe, they seemed to have a certain effect on Siva and Tom. Being Tom he had already exchanged his number with Chloe. The two other girls named Lauren and Shannon, were more quiet and shy. "I take it these are some more fans?" Jay said while walking up to us. This made Shannon smile. A little thought came into my head. I looked at Siv and he had the same idea. We were going to hook those two up. "Jay i think this young lady here," i point to shannon "would like an autograph." i smiled, and he got what i ment. Siva and Kasia, like Tom and Chloe seemed to be getting on amazingly. They were chatting and laughing like they've known each other forever. I looked from all the pairs, they all seemed so cute together. Me however, well i was busy chatting to lauren, it turnt out we had loads in commen. The weather started to get worse and seeing as we were close to our apartment, we invited the girls round for dinner. "yess please" they all chorused when we asked them.

TOM - We walked into the apartment and i never realised how messy it was. I knew it was a mess and all, but we had girls round to impress and well i wanted to impress Chloe, i really liked her. more then any other girl i've liked. So we lead them into the flat and Jay and Shannon went off to see Tia and Jay's skittle draw. Siv and Kasia also went off to play table tennis. I decided to lead Chloe into my room. it was tidier then the lounge for sure. While i lead Chloe to my room, we were descussing the many things we had in common. We both liked TW for a start. She also liked me and i liked her ALOT. We walked into my tidyish room and she looked around, i think she was kinda shockd. "so this is..umm..your room?" naww she's sweet. I nodded and patted my bed so she would come sit down with me. she walked down and sat right next to me. she smelt so nice. Would it be wrong to kiss someone you just met? just as i was leaning in for a kiss, max walked in. Seemed like the footy game finished. God hehad to spoil it. you could tell Chloe was annoyed aswell. "who's these girls round the house?" max asked me while looking from me and chloe. "umm fans..." i said smiling at chloe, just then naomi walked in, not looking to happy. i take it Arsenal lost. "bad game naomi?" i asked her. "no it was the most amazing game ever, we won 4:1" replied max with a massive smile on his face. then he grabbed naomi and dragged her to his room.