Characters/Pairings: Bridget, Strauss, hinted one-sided Bridget x Strauss
Author's Note
: The prompt is "earrings".
Word Count
: 253
: I don't own Record of a Fallen Vampire.

Bridget holds the little lacquered roses in her hands, and honestly she doesn't know why she still wears them, after so much time. Twin symbols of the life she has left behind, of the life that has abandoned her, of the soul that has betrayed her over and again, and yet she still wears the earrings, and makes no attempt to hide it.

If she were more self-conscious, she would wonder what on earth those who work under her must think of it.

Among the dhampire community, roses are hated for what they represent, reviled utterly. A self-respecting dhampire will neither live near a rose garden nor take any into his or her home, not even to save their own lives. The smell is odious; the sight of the petals, unacceptable.

Especially red roses. Red roses like Bridget's prized earrings.

Bridget bites her lip as she stares at them and the wind catches her long fair hair. In the night, no one will ever be able to know; in the night, she can be safe in this.

She's always clung to these earrings, for untold centuries, even though she fights the Red Rose, the Akabara as Strauss has come to be known.

She doesn't know why—except she does, and the knowledge stings Bridget straight to the heart.

But not anymore.

Without hesitation, Bridget opens her hands, and the little lacquered roses float away, never to be seen again.

They are nothing more to her now than a past that no longer exists.