Characters/Pairings: Kayuki
Author's Note
: Just a short little drabble.
Word Count
: 161
: I don't own Record of a Fallen Vampire.

Kayuki likes origami. She'll fold any shape and do it well—cats, cranes, frogs, bats, animals of all shapes and sizes. She sees worlds opening up in flat paper of all colors, her thin, delicate fingers itching to fold down corners and bring shapes to life.

It's not the urge to keep alive ties to the past that drives Kayuki to create animals out of paper. Personally, tradition doesn't mean all that much to her in the long run. Rather, Kayuki practices origami because she is easily bored and it's something that keeps her occupied and amused. No one's complaining, considering how Kayuki can get when she's bored.

She does this all her life, until the day she dies and no one is willing to stop her.

There's just one thing.

Once the Black Swan parasite enters her body, even after it's gone, the only origami Kayuki ever makes again are swans, on black paper. Anything else is beyond her reach.