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Summery seras has left her friends and her old life behind to become alucard's blood maid , but after a series of disturbing events the vampire is even more insane then ever and he has chosen seras for his prey O_o watch out seras!

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Blood maid

The dream had ended like it had never begun. Blue eyes flicked open and were welcomed by the early morning light that seeped through the cream curtains and blades of light scattered along the walls of the bed room. The girl dragged her feet out from her warm, cosy cocoon and gazed out of her Window, The autumn leaves had turned and the roses had withered winter was on its way. She squinted her eyes so that the distant hills became more visible, she knew that she had a long journey ahead of her, but like always she would ignore realty , it did not touch her, it never would. Seras Victoria, a young girl of nineteen would soon be on her way to become a blood maid, she did not know herself why she accepted the peculiar job but then again would she ever understand anything she did. As her mind made its usual routine of asking her strange, random questions there was a knock at her door, the same knock that had always been on time for nine years

"Sears?, are you dressed I am coming in" Mrs porter whose checks were flushed from the many stairs that led to her bedroom was caring a tray with a bowl of hot porridge sprinkled with sugar , the sweet oaty smell lingered in the air

"Morning sleeping beauty" she teased as she placed the tray down and laid out the cutlery

"Sleepy yes, beauty no" she replied leaning against the window frame, Mrs Porter rolled her eyes

"You won't be if you keep staying up late" seras smiled at her concern , Mrs porter was a well built women with butch features, the thing that seras loved about her the most was seeing something good in everything in her sight, no matter how grim.

"Now come and have ya breakfast I am not letting you set a foot outside this room until you have eaten every last grain" she proclaimed, seras pulled herself away from the window and sat to eat. Every last spoonful was as delicious as the first and left her with a warm and satisfied feeling

"Wonderful as always, thanks P" seras wiped her finger along the bottom of the bowl and she licked her fingers

"Well I try my best love" The room fell silent, seras knew that today would be difficult and she sensed that her beloved P would still try to dissuade her

"Are ya sure you want to go love, nothing is set in stone ya know" seras only smiled gently at her

"P, I will be fine Sir Integra promised you that I will be in good hands"

"Hump, That woman, also promised maddy's daughter that she was in good hands, and look what happened to her"

"But no one really knows what happened to her, I am sure she is fine P" the women gave her another look of protest but seras spoke before she could speak again

"And the pay is good, all I have to do is give my blood" seras felt her mouth become dry when she said her words

"Yes for a blood sucking monster" she snapped back and then her expression changed to a softer look

"Ah come now seras you don't need to go, why you don't stay here for another year until some work comes up in town"

"P we both know that there is nothing, besides I want to do it...and I will" her words were clear and the women huffed

"I just don't like the thought of you working for them dear, lots of people had gone missing there" seras held her paw like hand in her own

"I will be fine" she reassured her and the angelic look in her eyes swayed Mrs Porters attempts

"Well...if it's what you want lovie, but if anything happens and I mean the tiniest thing you came straight back here, right?" she nodded

"well then you best get dressed, I will see ya down stairs" with that she left leaving the girl alone again, the previous night she had already packed what she needed , just simple things to help her live so all that was left was to prepare for the long, tedious journey ahead of her. Blue had always been her favourite colour, and last Christmas Mrs Porter had made her a long blue cotton dress with white embroidery stitched onto the hem and sleeves. After she had washed she pulled on her chosen dress and brushed her hair, she had recovered from a deadly fever from a year ago and her hair had to be cut short, but it had now grown just below her shoulders, the effects of the fever were terminal it was the reason why she could not work in a factory or even farm work, she was weak and hated it so when this job was offered she knew she had to take it. Seras had been dependent on Mrs Porter for nine years and wanted to repay her badly. She brushed her hair until it shone and laced a blue ribbon threw to tie it up, only looking in her reflection once she dragged her suite case , she had made sure that she travelled light so that she was able to lift her own belongings.

"Good bye room" she spoke as she left her now empty room and made her way down the steps.

Mrs porter had her sons and daughters lined up so that seras could bid farewell, she could not help but giggle at the way P had set them up as if they were soldiers on parade, she kissed and hugged and shed tears as she said good bye to each and every one of them, and the hardest part was saying good bye to Mrs porter she had been like a mother to her and loved her dearly

"G...good bye...lo...ve" she spoke between sobs, seras wrapped her arms around her and hugged her like a child hugging its teddy bear

"Thank you P, thank you for everything" The women kissed her forehead and blew into her handkerchief

"Don't forget to write now will you?" seras smiled over her shoulder

"I promise to write! Take care I love you all" she called as a coach men took her bags and tied them to the roof , another opened the door and offered his hand for her to step in, she took it and slumped into the soft leather seats, she stuck her head out of the window

"Don't forget me seras!"

"Yea and me"

"Tell me about everything in your letters" the children called waving and blowing kisses, seras waved in response

"I will, I will!" The horses started to trot and the carriage pulled away from the farm, seras waved once more before turning around straight in the seats, she rubbed her eye

"I did stay up late again, well I am going to be travelling for quite some time so it won't hurt to get a little more sleep" she pulled her legs up so that they were resting on the seat beside her, and she soon stared to drift off to sleep her thoughts faded back to that day when fate brought her and Integra Hellsing together

"Mama there is a fancy carriage down the lane, one of the wheels had broken and the woman is stuck!"

"Now, Lydia is you telling tall tales again?" the child shook her head in protest

"no mama really there is, seras I will show you" she yanked on seras dress and she was obliged to follow, the child was right a large red oak carriage had fallen on its side and one of the wheels had cracked on the bumpy dirt track. Seras rushed to see if anyone was injured

"Hello is anyone in there?" she heard a groan

"Hang on I am coming!" she turned to the child

"Lydia go back and send for help" the girl obeyed and spirited back to the farm, seras struggled to climb on the side of the carriage which was facing upwards because of her weakness but she was determined to help

"Ok, just hang on I am almost there" she yanked open the door to find a women jammed in between the seat and the floor, she carefully lowered herself down into the fallen carriage and gently helped the women to slid out of her entrapment. Soon enough the help had arrived and they carried the women into the house along with the driver, seras had pushed herself too far and was a little weakened by the exercise so she also had to be carried back. The driver was not to badly harmed neither was the women and after a few moments of fussing over the cut on her head she had the chance to thank seras

"I wanted to thank you for helping me, if you had not pulled me out the damage would have been considerably more than it is now"

"Oh you're very well come...miss?"

"Sir Integra Hellsing" seras cringed at her name this women was also known as the (Iron madden) who apparently was master to a vampire and seras was unsure whether to believe it or not

"N...nice to meet you, I am seras Victoria" seras observed Integra's features as she spoke, her ice blue eyes were similar to hers yet very different, they held a tint of mystery and something else which seras found unable to place her finger on, her hair was incredible long and almost white, her natural face expression was not stern nor gentle again seras found her to be very usual as if she was from another world, and she asked seras questions about her and her life and when seras said that she needed a job Integra's eyes glinted

"This is rather sudden but how would you like to work for me?"Seras without thinking said yes even though she had not explained what she would like her to do, she smiled and explained the job to her

"I can tell you now that all of those rumours are true, but no one except you and Mrs Porter must know this, vampires are real and the only reason that most people doubt their existence is because my organisation has been doing a good job of maintaining blissful ignorance" seras found her words were like ice even thought she knew that she had nothing against the young girl , she continued

"I am head of an organisation which deals with things that humans like your self should not have to, but I will explain that in further detail later, Hellsing's main weapon is a vampire and vampires need blood to survive, however we are struggling to find volunteers to be his blood maids and he is now having to kill for his meal, this is not good at all so what I am asking you is will you become a blood maid?" seras felt her head spin with so many questions that demanded answers and answers the demanded questions

"The pay is fifty pounds per unum" seras cleared her mind of all doubt and only one word screamed in her head"

"Yes, yes I will"

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