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Blood maid

Even though the young human was recovering from a sudden spell of dizziness, she knew without a doubt who the figure was standing behind pip, her heart began to flip and her breathing uneven. The captain swallowed despite the fact he knew that Alucard could do nothing to him whilst in the presents of his master, fear still invaded him. He twitched as the vampire realised his grip from his shoulder, he turned to face him fully and cleared his voice before speaking.

"M….Mr Alucard , you came to join the party?" he asked his voice shaking like a leaf, The vampire lowered his gaze down to the tiny figure hiding behind the moron of a mortal. Sears felt small sparks of anger in her mind, seeing him made her heart hurt with the acidic sting of heartbreak. She felt a bravery and courage she never encountered before, she span on her heels and took steps away from the two, wanting very much to get some fresh air. However her drinker would not allow her to leave, before she could take more than three steps he lunged forward and grabbed her arm with an iron grip around her fragile bones. She reacted almost instantly,

"Let me go," her voice still and cold. Alucard took her shoulders and with great force twisted her around to face them, he knew before he even saw her that something was not all together normal with her, not including the shattered remains of her once glowing heart.

"Mr Alucard, release me I want to get some air," He could not understand why the fact she called him that annoyed him; he took it as some kind of sarcastic stab.

"Show me your neck," he replied, ignoring her request. Sears looked puzzled; surely he was not going to start that up again in front of everyone.

"Why?" Alucard tightened his grip,

"Do as I say," Sears frowned at him, where was this bravery coming from she wondered,

"No," again her voice like shards of ice. The vampire king let out a small growl but before he could retaliate he sensed something, something that made his blood boil. The blood maid noticed the change in his face, her eyes in turn widened as she knew what that look meant as she had seen it once before, when she was kidnapped and she knew instantly what was wrong.

In a few seconds of frozen realisation, there was a massive flare of fire and light the backdraft of a large explosion bombarded its way into the ballroom. Screams pierced the once happy melody of the music , cuts of wood, fragments of glass shot through the air and smoke and dust blinded the terrified humans that where shouting with panic and fear. The ground and walls shook and crumbled, along with them the chandler fell to the ground, obliterating five humans with it, squashing them as if they were ants, they blood splattered along the walls and coated the other guests making more mortified than ever. Alucard moved with incredible speed towards Integra who stood in awe at what was happening , her vampire servant grabbed his master and jumped towards the centre of the ball room , avoiding the large beam of wood that was about to crush her.

Shards of glass flew throughout the room as the once grand tall windows bellowed with flares of fire and shrapnel. Everywhere sears turned she could see destruction of the ball room, such wasteful shame the room was one of the first rooms that where built in the hellsing mansion so much history had just been obliterated.

"What the hell is going on!" intergea roared her eyes in such a heavy frown they would have almost dropped to the floor

"Hahaha" alucard chuckled

"Alucard this is no bloody time to start laughing!" despite his masters anger, he continued to laugh and threw his head back cackling towards the ceiling.

"Oh things where so boring before they showed up, I am almost happy that they decided to crash the party,"

As soon as alucard spoke sears felt a strange sensation in her head, almost like a tiny sting but not painful enough to cause pain. The captain re appeared from the rubble, his clothes torn and his hair mangled and soot and dust stuck to the strains.

"My men are helping ze guest get out, what the hell is going on around here? Did someone eat too many spicy peanuts?!"

"Alucard what is going on?" Integra asked becoming more agitated by the minuet. The vampire king grinned his shark like teeth protruding from his thin pale lips. He turned to face the main entrance, the doors sliding from there hinges, small breeze blew from the smashed open windows lifted a few threads of his hair in a ghost like wave.

"It seems, we have a few uninvited guests," he breathed, and after that moment the main door burst open, sears started in fear and shock to that was now standing in front of the four.

"Well, hello there again," rip van winkle started down into the eyes of the young maid, a creepy dark smile spread across her twisted features. Behind her stood the mysterious girl that seras had seen before, but there was another person present one which seras had not yet seen. This being stood behind Rip and behind the cloaked figure, one thing that seras was defiantly sure about was that she was not human.

"Vell, vell, vell, and the famous vampire king it's nice to see you in a more solid from then the one I saw last time we met," Rip sneered at him.

"Rip Van winkle, so you and your pathetic little trio have come to die,"

"as much as I would love to tear your limbs form you, That is not my job to do…..sadly," Seras wondered what she had meant by that, however she felt all her attention drawn to the third women in their trio , something about her did not sit well.

"May a present to you all, my master" Rip moved to the side to allow their member to pass through, she was too wearing a cloak however hers was long and red will black trimmed lace along the seams and hood. Seras then noticed that Alucard was rolling out a very low and deep growl which made a gargling sound in his throat.

"Alucard, it is so good to see you again, my drinker," Seras froze as she spoke the words, she realised within an instant who the women was, she lifted her food from her face to relive blood red hair and fell at her feet as she pulled back her hood the girls face was marble white, her eyes deep scarlet with specks of bright red and gold.

"Your favourite blood maid has returned,"

"Emily?!" Integra's jaw dropped to see the blood maid she thought she sent to her death years ago, Alucard instantly drew out his Jackal from his coat and aimed it straight in the face of the beautiful dead creature standing but a few paces from him, Seras was a little surprized as there was a tiny hitch of hesitation in his eyes.

"How dare you come back here," he hissed

"Why so bitter to see me alucard, we were once friends where we not?" Emily stated with a simple but sweet smile.

"Such harsh words, it was not so long ago that you where sucking from by creamy and sweet flesh," alucard clicked his gun and fired, she dodged them with very little effort.

"There's no need for that, I am not here to fight I am here for a little pick up mission,"

"I would much rather seen you remains splattered across the rooms, and her face wrapped around the end of my gun," the vampire king spat

"What do you want Emily?" Integra asked swat beads dripping from her fore head.

"Oh nothing much just a little something, nothing that someone like you would know about of course,"

"You have five seconds to explain yourself or Alucard will destroy you," she said through gritted teeth very much wanted to remove her from the mansion.

"very well then if you insist, twenty five years ago, a human solider was sent ago to a far land to fight in a war against creatures of the night , ancient vampire beings that ruled the land and fed off its people , however these where no ordinary vampires they were called shadowed mancers, they had the ability to give birth to human vampires and would be born with incredible shadow bending ability's, powers that could even match your own alucard, these human vampires are basically humans with the blue prints of becoming a vampire and all it takes it one bite of a vampire from royal and ordinal blood to activate these blue prints, however this solider stubbed upon the vampires most prized passion, the grim stone this stone is what gave the vampires the power to birth these children and without there would be no children. The solider took the stone dooming the vampires and in time his own fate, thinking the stone was just a valuable rock to be sold for gold, he was very wrong indeed, he took the stone back with him to England but then something happened that no one could have possible thought to happen the wife of this unsuspecting human was pregnant and somehow unexplainably the stone activated and the child within the human become tainted with its power, that child is with us in this room now,"

If a breath was possible to him alucard would have breathed in winds, he turned sharply as did pip and Integra, all faced seras who's eye reflected there atoned fearful gaze.

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