Blood maid

"It's really dark, but I am not afraid anymore…."

Seras Victoria, felt cool air kissing her skin as she closed her eyes as a human being for the last time. The vampire who held her so tightly carried her decaying body through the near forest. He walked but a distance before kneeling down in a small clearing, Seras still in his arms as he brushed all silky stands of hair away from her corpse like flesh. He traced a single finger down her jugular pinching it slightly as he reached the base of her neck. No words past his lips, how claim it all seemed. Alucard cupped the girl's face; pulling it closer to his mouth and kissed her eyelids. The dead sun above beamed eerie light on the pair and for an instance the world stopped to watch as Alucard bit into the soft flesh, drinking the chilled blood from his maid. Sears's breath become low and less frequent the last escape of life leaving her body, tiny fingers clutched around the red cloth of Alucard's coat; shaking a little this was terrifying for the little human.

Unlatching from the blood maid's neck he quickly dug a fang into the side of his hand, tearing the glove a little. A stream of ancient blood trickled down onto Seras lips, like small rose petals; as more and more dripped Seras pressed her lips together and the shot her tongue out to lick them. Something in her mind screamed to drink now before she was gone altogether. Instinct kicked in and with her last amount of strength she shot her head up to bite down on the small wound Alucard had made, sucking with all her might and swallowing like it was antidote. A thirst then built up inside her and her limbs began to feel stronger; her skin felt harder. Her hands moved to grab at Alucard's hand to steady herself, inside her mouth her gums felt like they had receded, she could also feel her other teeth scratching the inside of her cheeks, they became longer and sharper. Seras felt stronger; strong enough to lift her body forward and off Alucard's lap. The count knew she had enough for now and snatched his arm away for the little fledgling, he stood up of the ground putting Seras on her feet again as he did.

"Now then, open your eyes farm girl shall we see that hell fire"

Seras swallowed and obeyed, slowly she opened her eyes and stared directly at her drinker, who now was her master, Alucard chuckled and made a pleased noise.

"Indeed, such a haunted gaze" Sears's eyes now portals to hell, burning with crimson and black fire, pupils small and awake; her iris had many levels of burning colours with flecks of cold and ambers, very similar to Alucard's and they burned.

"I feel, strange" Seras could manage that sentence. She glanced down at her arms still covered in bloody markings. Confused she looked up at Alucard hoping for some explanation. He noticed her confusion but ignored her question, he only needed to take a small step forward to be pressed against her small frame. Grasping her waist, he lifted her into the air, wide eyed draculina thought she would faint and opened her mouth to objet when Alucard yanked her down and forced her open mouth onto his, shock went through her body like thunder. However, she did not protest she clung to him like an eager child and tried her best to kiss back, her arms tightened around his neck with unhuman strength. Her mind was dizzy, confused and shocked by all the new sensations and physical differences she gained in such a short amount of time, and a voice in her questioned her soul. Seras had held back tears for some time and finally proceeded to let them free. Unknown to her that water was no longer her tears and monsters weep blood. A small sob escaped her mouth as she still kissed Alucard and he pulled away to allow her to sob into his neck, little blood tears socking his shirt.

"I hope you know, I won't ever let you weep like this in front of me again, "He commented as he swung her legs up to carry her again, Seras made a nod in agreement in his neck and carried on sobbing gently.

They made their way back towards the path of the Forrest entrance when Alucard muttered into sera's ear;

"we will be travelling back to Hellsing now Seras, I am going to melt my body into mist, I will control your reflexes to do the same, keep your eyes shut do not open them as we may become whole again and become lost,"

Seras nodded again and tried to calm herself, squeezing her eyes closed she proceeded to hum to herself as a calming medicine.

As the two became mist and travelled throughout the still night, human beings around became unsettled, no one had seen such fast moving; thick fog before and many dogs howled and body's trembled as the echo of a woman's voice filled the night, a very unsettling lullaby.

Hellsing manor

Integra felt like something was wrong, a small knot inside of her stomach ached; she tapped her gloved fingers over the pile of letters from different organisations, one letter in particular had troubled her mind, she shook her head to concentrate. Sipping the camomile tea Walter had brought in she licked her lips and began with the unopened letter with the unsightly coat of arms presenting En Rico Maxwell. Dog to the Vatican and a pompous little puppet to all things holy. Letter opener equipped in hand Integra sliced the letter gracefully, pulling the parchment from its case she began to read, knowing already what was in its design.


To my dearest Integra Hellsing

I hope you and all of your vermin are well and that I am writing to inform you of a very alarming situation that us messengers of God has come to find, as I am sure you remember when your heathen vampire let a new born flee and run riot about a village killing millions of innocent people it caused great suffering , and that suffering I believe is only the beginning in the tale as we have learned from our sources that the draculina Emily has re appeared only this time has recruited a small army of demons with her, we believe that Emily has broken into the archives of a small but very old church in France and has stolen a very rare book that was confiscated from a group of necromancers . we believe that this book was used in order to cast out but also summon all kinds of hellish creatures, however one interesting fact is that only certain monsters are able to activate the spells and only certain monsters can be used as the ingredients,

So you see as caring neighbours we wish to arrange a meeting to discuss further of what I have mentioned in this letter to you, I hope you are no fool so please expect to see in the near future.

Your devoted friend

En Rico Maxwell

Integra felt like spitting the letter out and throwing it onto the fire, still she part agreed that Emily now was a serious threat if she had attained such a book, but questioned plagued her mind, but why should she believe such a man, Integra sighed to herself it was inevitable she would have to arrange a meeting. Integra reached over to pull a blue cord that rang the servants bell, she expected Walter to arrive soon. Only a few moments passed as her door opened and Walter stepped in sharpish,

"You rang sir?" Walter asked carrying a tray full of hot; buttery crumpets. Integra gestured for him to place them down on her easting table.

"Walter I need you to contacted En Rico's securities and arrange a meeting as soon as possible, I would like to say here but he would never even dream of it; not while he is stuck on that high horse of his; suggest a mutual ground perhaps in London somewhere as long as it is safe and concealed. Walter nodded as he always did when ever given a task by his lady,

"very well Sir Integra, I will make the necessary calls…." Walter suddenly spun around as every candle in the room flickered; nearly dying. Integra felt a pang in her head and knew that all too well familiar feeling,

"Alucard must have returned, from wherever he went I will be punishing him without even asking for leave," Walter cleared his throat, as an ex vampire hunter his senses never failed when it came to sniffing out the undead.

"Sir, Alucard is not the only vampire near the grounds," Integra's ice blue eyes widened.

"you mean Emily?" Walter shook his head, his eyes dim as his spoke.

"No Sir this feels like a fresh one", Integra needed to hear no more, she grabbed her revolver and shot down the hall way Walter close behind her, she quietly thanked that the French captain was not there to see.

Bashing through the doors and darting down the left stair case, Integra could feel her heart pumping hard, she cursed to herself.

"if he killed her without her permission I will put a bullet through his head!"

"No my master, it was her wish" a chilling voice answered back. Both Integra and Walter stopped halfway down the stairs to see mist gathering, swirling into two figures melted together, a few hollow moments passed before the shapes re animated to be Alucard and the new born draculina, wrapped up in his arms. Integra gazed down at sera's face and Seras stared back at her, blue meeting blood again.

"I am home sir", Seras whispered as her mouth parted to smile; small sharp fangs creeping out.

Author note

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