Never Forgotten

My very first fanfic so please don't be too harsh in the reviews!

**Oi=hey in japanese

**I'm also going to stick to the traditional Japanese movie when it comes to names (Kaonashi=no face) and some language.

**Kanji=japanese writing/characters

***DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters or this movie by any chance. They go to their respectful owner, Hayao Miyazaki-san. This fanfic is merely an extension of the original plot, which however, is owned by ME. Enjoy!

The spring breeze playfully tugged at the strands of hair free from the purple band. She wore the same shirt as the day she left that world. The trees swayed around her as the girl walked towards her everyday spot on those cool stone steps bordered by a thick river of large stones. Her backpack softly thumped against her back as she purposefully stepped over the river of rocks and sat down.

After Chihiro finished her homework, she started doodling the little soot balls, Boh, and Kaonashi. Eventually she started on Haku, but stopped once more with frustration building up inside of her. Chihiro could never get his eyes right not even in his dragon form. She couldn't properly portray his scales or even his aqua mane. Irritated, she slammed the doodle book shut and started to wander farther into the abandoned theme than she's ever been since 4 years ago. She knew she shouldn't but continued anyway with her backpack hanging loosely in case she needed to run.

She leaned over the bridge and before she knew it, hot tears sprung to her eyes. Chihiro wiped them away roughly bewildered by the sudden flood of emotions. It's been four years and not a single message, not even a scale left for her. Suddenly, she felt a cool breeze whip around her almost like it was hugging her. She thought of Haku and started to cry again. On the railing, she lightly wrote in perfect kanji, "Haku" and then next to it "I miss you, Sen." She knew names had power and didn't want to endanger Haku. Her tears lightly fell on it and she was horrified by what she had done. She started to erase it but another strong breeze whipped around her. Then she noticed her tears weren't falling but she hadn't stopped crying. They were floating in midair as if a hand held them. Instinctively, she reached out to touch it but her body jerked and her legs ran on their own back home...just before the sun fell.

A few days later...
Haku's POV

"Oi Haku, could You do me a favor and go check the other side of town beyond the river because everyone's in a ruckus over there about some new spirit. It's not everyday we get a new spirit so check on it to make sure it's not wreaking havoc. It would be bad for the business," said Yubaba a little annoyed. Haku nodded slightly and without a word, jumped off the balcony and transformed into a dragon in midair.

The cool night air tickled his mane. It felt good to be out on a spring night like this. Suddenly, his nose picked up a familiar scent. He dove lower to the ground and followed the fading scent to the bridge. The railing had a slightly salty smell with some kind of metal. His eyes spotted a neatly written kanji saying, "Haku I miss you. Sen". Haku remembered how he left it there as he silently watched her cry on the bridge. He caught the tears in his hands and hugged her knowing that she would think it was just the wind because she wasn't part of the spirit world. He quickly cleaned it before the treasured guests started to arrive, but the image burned into his mind. She was here he thought and looking for me. Purring softly with happiness, he flew towards the other side of the river.

As he landed, other spirits squealed with delight. "The dragon has come!"

"Relax," muttered Haku "I'm only here to explain the rules to the new spirit. Now where is it?" with his sharp jade eyed glare they dispersed all except for one.

A girl who smelt of bird. She stepped forward and took the feather from her hair and handed it to him while bowing. He dismissed the gesture and asked again "Where is it?" She started to walk and he followed her a little wary of the situation. They walked to the outskirts of the town near a train station with 3 tunnels. A spirit kept fading and it's form started to blur and redefine itself. It sounded like a girl as it continued to sob in despair. As he neared it, the spirit lifted its head and that was when the sudden realization hit Haku like a lighting bolt. The form started to become clearer and clearer as his eyes widened in horror. The spirit curled up kneeling in a position he knew all too well. Why? He thought. WHY? Haku's desperate plea for an answer echoed in his lonely mind.

The spirit was becoming clearer again and this time it spoke. " ha...ku..." Haku's agonized roar scared off the bird spirit and the deafening sound rang in his own ears.

Burning, angry tears welt up threatened to desperately fall free from the dragon boy's eyes as he knelt down in front of the spirit. "Chihiro?" he whispered.

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