The story left un-sheathed.

A/N: Sorry everyone, but I was having a total moment with my friend...T-T so touching... anyway, on WITH THE STORY!

This story is about a debate between two people. =)

Sherry: I lost my only family.

Yukiko: I saw mine get killed.

Sherry: I wish I could die.

Yukiko: I never can.

Sherry: I got betrayed by the person I love.

Yukiko: I had to kill the person I love.

Sherry: I will always be alone.

Yukiko:I needed to be alone.

Sherry: My friends are here.

Yukiko: My friends are dying.

Sherry: I wish they could come back to life.

Yukiko: I wish I could turn back the clock.

Sherry: My life is planned.

Yukiko: My life is forever.

Sherry: My life is trash.

Yukiko: My life was to be forfeit.

Sherry:I never lived a life I loved.

Yukiko: I always lived a life I hated.

Sherry: I was born to kill.

Yukiko: I was born to be killed.

Sherry: I created a drug that killed.

Yukiko: I lost my mind and killed hundreds, NO, thousands.

Sherry: I believe you.

Yukiko: I believe my friends.

Sherry: The person I love is hunting me down.

Yukiko: I wish I could believe enough to look for my love.

Sherry: My love is here.

Yukiko: My love is in heaven.

Sherry: The person I love is...

Yukiko: The person I love is...

Sherry: Gin


Sherry and Yukiko: Please, come save us.

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