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I just want to warn you guys about what you're getting into when reading this story. Basically, I'm leaping outside (more like jet packing) of my comfort zone with this story. There is smut every chapter. And it's not just PWP! I know, amazing right? I am dying right now because I can't believe I actually wrote any of this. And this is the tame chapter. I assure you. Reading this, you will be dealing with a swinger lifestyle. And yes, there is going to be quite a bit of angst with this.

Starting pairings are Kenlos and will turn into a whole smattering of couples. This is going to deal with the fine lines of what is considered cheating within a relationship such as this one. Also deals with polygamy. I played around with just turning it into an OT4, but I didn't feel that would be the best option. But you'll understand the ending couples soon enough, it's kind of obvious.

I really want to dedicate this story to waterwicca for pushing (/cough/shoving/cough/) me into writing the lemon for Mad World. It's kind of opened my eyes to a whole new style of writing for myself. Since I was able to push through that one and have such a lovely reception for it, I figured it was time I try my hand at one of these.

And of course, to Jakii for being up at (what was it...8 o'clock?) in the morning and reading this chapter and blushing with me. You guys, she is possibly the most awesome person ever. And she pushed me through the next chapter as well...but that's another story entirely. XD

Let me know what you guys think. I need the feedback to help me decide how I should continue. If it's too graphic or not graphic enough, I need to know so I can fix these things!

She was on her knees in front of him, her creamy white skin just bare and laid out for him to see every dip and curve. The tan color of his skin contrasted so beautifully when he gripped her hips in a way that made her skin look like it practically sunk in as he thrust into her ready body with slow and rhythmic movements.

Kendall loved it. Watching his Carlitos tear her apart with his cock. Even the thought of what Carlos was feeling was enough to make him hard as a rock. Watching her blonde hair spill over her shoulders and back every time her head was thrown back in a cry of pleasure, it was just so sexy.

And the brunette on her knees in front of him helped him to relieve that build up that had begun the moment Carlos had caught this couple's attention from across the room downstairs. Her mouth moved over his engorged member with a certain precision that made him curious as to her sexual orientation. He was gay, but he definitely enjoyed a good blow job. Fellatio was the same in every language and gender, and this woman was a master with her tongue.

Kendall buried his hand in the brown curls and gripped a little tightly, testing the waters. Her chocolate eyes flickered up to him and smoldered, a clear affirmative. Then he thrust up. She gagged a little, saliva trickling out of the side of her mouth and down her chin, dripping onto his balls in such a way that he had to close his eyes and think of chairs to stave off his inevitable ending. When he opened his eyes once more she was smirking at him from her position in front of his chair. He thrust up to gag her once more, just to get the cocky look to vanish as he went back to watching his husband pounding into her wife.

Carlos was getting close, his eyes beginning to open wide and then squeeze close with every thrust in; his thumb buried deep within her ass. Kendall smirked, it was the only way he knew how to get off with a woman. Some kind of ass play had to be there, otherwise his orgasm would never come. Kendall moaned at watching his husband's mouth drop open, his brows pulling together in what was always endearingly called his "O" face. And Kendall knew he had spilled out into his glove within the blonde, his hips still undulating while riding out every bit of pleasure he could.

Watching them had Kendall releasing into the brunette's mouth in front of him, pulling her head down as he did so he was sure she was swallowing. A dribble of cum rolling down the side of her lips as she tried to swallow it all. He didn't feel bad for it, she had already gotten hers earlier and hadn't warned him that she was a squirter, thereby coating his face in her own juices. Turnabout was fair play. Of course, it would be ridiculous to think nothing would come shooting out of his cock.

Once he felt like his limbs could move, he stood from his chair and made his way over to the panting Latino who was staring at him from his position on the bed. The women were already playing cuddle, kissing each other sweetly and whispering in each other's ears as they bathed in the blonde one's post-coital glow. Kendall's hands wrapped around Carlos's middle, as he fell on top of him, his head snuggling into the other's chest as he listened to the thump-thump of his rapidly slowing heart. Carlos ran a hand through Kendall's slightly sweat dampened hair, his other hand slowly traveling down the creamy skin.

Kendall grinned. If Carlos was anything, he was a romantic. He loved cuddling and feeling cuddled, and Kendall would give him anything in this world he wanted. And the fact that they wanted the same things made it oh so easy.

"Thanks you guys. That was amazing." The blonde woman crawled over to the couple and pursed her lips in a kissy face, waiting for them to make the next move. Kendall reached up and kissed her cheek, Carlos doing the same simultaneously on the other side. She smiled at them as they moved on to her wife. That was their rule, you could do whatever you wanted with another person, but you never kissed them. That was a privilege that was strictly for the significant other in their relationship, it was far too intimate despite the fact that they were fucking anything that caught their eye. And all sexual intercourse happened together. There was no going off with someone by themselves, even at the parties they went to. That would be considered cheating, to either one of them.

They were swinger, this was their lifestyle. And they absolutely loved it.

"Same to you, Jo." Kendall smiled at the blonde. "And Camille...I've never had a contender with my Carlos before." He joked, pulling the Latino into his arms as they all laughed together, dissipating any sort of post-engagement awkwardness . They all knew what they were there for, and Kendall tried to get rid of the tension afterwards as quickly as possible. He knew that the moment the awkwardness would set in, that was the end of the night for him. He wouldn't be able to "get it up" after that, he'd be too high strung and analytical about every gaze aimed at his husband.

He still remembered when he and Carlos had had just an open relationship. That hadn't worked out very well for him, he was possessive by nature and the thought of some other man running his hands over the caramel skin without his say-so didn't sit well with him after a while. Which is when they discussed swinging, because they still wanted to fuck other people, but they'd rather do it together. And the whole lifestyle had been working out wonderfully for the both of them for the better part of five years.

Kendall kissed Carlos, pushing his tongue into his mouth and groaning at the beautiful taste that only came with the shorter man. Camille and Jo watched them for a moment while they pulled their tight dresses up and put their heels back on, then they were gone. Probably back to the party for a second round, or maybe back home to be together by themselves. Kendall wasn't really sure, and he didn't really care.

Watching Carlos get dressed was almost as sexy as watching the clothes come off, the way his muscles tensed and moved beautifully under his skin when he pulled his black slacks up or the black button-up over his shoulders. The pure love Kendall felt for this man was almost ridiculous.

"So, are we going back downstairs? Or are you ready to go home?" Kendall asked, he didn't mind either way, he was actually quite tired even though the night was still young. It had been a long week.

Carlos shrugged. "I'm ready to go home if you are, need to get some stuff done before work on Monday and I'd rather not spend all of tomorrow doing it." He buttoned the third to last button before walking up to the blonde and helping him button his dark green shirt the rest of the way. "Besides, I think I want to cuddle and watch a movie tonight." The hopeful look on his face made Kendall melt. Even after being married near seven years, he still felt like he would do anything for this man in front of him.

"Sounds good to me." Kendall threw his arm around the shorter boy's shoulders, pulling him along the corridor and down the stairs towards the coat check room. The mansion that this weeks "meeting" was being held in was massive, but nothing new to the blonde. His family was wealthy themselves and he had no need to stop and amaze at the d├ęcor, or the fine polish of the marble staircase. This was a place of debauchery, plain and simple. He cared more about the people.

He was helping Carlos into his trench-coat when his eyes caught a glimpse of something. He turned his head to see what had caught his attention. Kendall felt his body set alight with a certain fire as he watched the young man across the room laugh with another couple. A taller brunette with hazel eyes had his arm wrapped loosely around the shorter brunette's shoulders. But really, he only had eyes for the shorter man, whose head was thrown back in another laugh, the sound traveling across the room and straight down to his cock.

Carlos watched his husband's face turn fiercely turned on for a moment and smirkingly followed his line of sight, watching the same couple for a moment before turning back to the blonde. "So, are we going?" Kendall seemed almost...lost, as he glanced between the couple and his husband. Indecision clearly written across his face. Carlos took his hand and squeezed. "I know, baby. How about next time? We'll look them up on the site and talk to them at the next meeting."

Kendall wanted to say no, but Carlos was right. Besides, his love had a lot of work to get done. His resolve almost wavered when those chocolate eyes honed in on him and he could see the passion ignite quickly. Oh, how he wanted to know this little brunette's name. His body burned with a want that he had only felt one other time.

Carlos chuckled, tugging slightly on his husband's hand to get him moving backwards. "It's always the little brunette's. I think I may be flattered." He joked, loving the look that adorned his lover's face. It was sexy, and he kind of wanted a little one-on-one time with him. He smirked at the man who had caught his Kendall's eyes, he was definitely attractive, and his spouse (because only married couples were allowed in this "club" of sorts) was just plain gorgeous. Next weekend was definitely going to be enjoyable, he really hoped they were at the next meeting.

Kendall allowed himself to be dragged backwards out of the mansion, maintaining eye contact with the brunette, sending a sensual smirk his way at the last moment. Oh yeah, he'd only felt that need once before; when he had met the man he knew he was going to be with for the rest of his life. The man dragging him back to their car and taking him home.