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Fleck and Gangle took Gustave on a tour of the many stages at Phantasma. They tried their best to keep the distraught boy entertained. He saw part of every show in the world of wonder. From acrobats to magic shows. One thing he noticed was that there were employees walking around the park, pasting over the posters for the "Oo La La Girls".

Miss Giry wouldn't be dancing again.

She had seemed so nice too. There was none of the hostility she had showed at the pier when his mother first saw her again. He had trusted her and so had his mother.

"What do you think of the park, little boy?" Fleck asked drawing Gustave away from the poster of the "Oo La La Girls". "Is it everything you dreamed?"

"Yes." Gustave nodded and turned away. "I don' know why she did it."

"Why who did what?" Gangle asked with a little smirk on his face at his sentence.

"Miss Giry. I don't know why she killed my mother."

Fleck gasped, "But she isn't dead! The master will fix him I promise you. He fixed Gangle and myself, and Squelch."

"What?" The young boy's head tilted.

Gangle tapped the gold toned trumpet shaped pipe coming from his neck. "My vocal cord was severed, but he fixed me."

"I fell during a stunt and my leg was twisted and shattered, but the master reset it." Fleck rested her hand on her brace. "He was our salvation. If he can fix us he can fix her."

Gustave stared in wonder at Gangle, "I can't believe you can talk now."

Gangle laughed hoarsely, "It was a miracle."


"Where's Gustave?" Christine asked, though her eyes were still closed.

"He's with Fleck and the others. I sent him away, remember?"

"Yes." Christine nodded blearily opening her eyes. "I do remember now."

"Stay still, I don't want you to reopen the wound." Erik brushed his fingers along the curve of her cheek. "You passed out while I was removing the bullet and I was afraid you had slipped into a coma." His hands were trembling.

"I feel like I have slept for weeks."

"Losing consciousness can be the best moments of rest." There was a long moment of silence and Erik suddenly laughed.

"What is funny?"

"That we are sitting here, talking about sleep, when you nearly died." Erik took her hands in his shaking hands, bringing them to his lips and kissing them. "I am sorry for everything I have done to you. I shouldn't have done this. I shouldn't have brought you to Phantasma, I should have kept my distance."


"When I heard that you were to sing for Rogers and Hammerstein, I longed to see you once more. I have craved the sound of your voice for ten years. I was going to attend their concert but it was not as satisfying as bringing you hear to sing.. for me."

"Oh." Christine's eyes opened wide as she felt a tear from his eyes falling on to her hands. "Erik. Don't think that this is wrong. This happened for a reason, I am certain. I didn't love Raoul… He was not the man I married ten years ago. He had changed. Changed because of my lack of interest. I didn't care for him as a wife should. Gustave became my pride and joy and devoted my time in raising him. I think Raoul always knew…"

"How are you certain?"

"Raoul was gone nearly a month after our wedding. I was ill the evening of our wedding night and we decided to postpone our marital bed. I kept hoping and praying that I would see you in the courtyard during my wedding, that I think I worked myself up into a very stressed state. A month later when he returned, I was already a month pregnant."

"How did you conceal…" Erik didn't dare to say it. He didn't feel that he had the right to mention the night he took her when he had left her.

"I am a dancer, things happen." Christine shrugged, cringing at a stab of pain. "Gustave was born a month early in Raoul's mind. But he was such a healthy size for an early birth, I knew that he had some question in his mind. But Raoul would never question me."

"I am so, sorry." Erik whispered, bowing his head in defeat. "I shouldn't have left you. But I was ashamed of this." He jerked when he felt Christine's hand on his mask. She pulled it free from his cheek and he closed his eyes. Her hand pulled away the wig he wore, discarding both to the opposite side of the bed.

"I had wanted to kiss you when I came to take Gustave away. You reminded me of the man I left standing on the shore of your labyrinth. But I knew if I kissed you, we would all be undone. But I have lost Raoul for real now, he doesn't linger like he has for ten years. It is only you and me and our son now."

"Christine." Erik muttered, bringing his face close to hers with a light beckon of her finger. She showered his disfigurement with tender kisses, setting the twisted flesh alight with pleasure. She clutched to his hairless head as if her life depended on it.

"I love you." Christine bit her lip and looked up at him. "Please don't leave me again"

"Never again." Erik leaned down to kiss her, loosing himself in her lips. She was alive! She was here! She was his! Finally he could have her as his own. He didn't have to find some way to lure her to him, to capture her and ensnare her.

For ten years she had been missing him too. That was the most satisfying revelation he had heard. He had a chance to correct the wrongs he had done to Christine. He couldn't go back and change it but he could change the way things would go from here.

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