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Summary: Kagome did not fall down the well, but her beautiful cousin Mizuki. Now four years has passed and Mizuki is stuck in the Sengoku Jidai. Naraku was defeated, but at a price. Instead of Miroku's wind tunnel vanishing, it spread and consumed both him and Kikyou. A grieving Sango and Inuyasha share a heated moment together, gradually falling in love. Mizuki, heartbroken, leaves with Shippo and encounters two youkai who claim her as their own. Will Mizuki escaped or will she become their Willing Mate?

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Unwilling Captive turned Willing Mate

"Wha-what did you say, Inuyasha?" Mizuki questioned.

"Look Mizuki, Gomen ne, but I don't love you the way you want me to. I'm…I'm in love with Sango, She's pregnant with my pup and she has agreed to become my mate. Gomen." Inuyasha confessed, his ears pressed flat against his head.

No. No, this can't be happening! Mizuki fall to her knees, covering her ears, No, Inuyasha was supposed to ask me to be his mate, not Sango-chan.

"Mizuki, Gomen nasai." Inuyasha repeated.

I shouldn't be crying; I should be happy for them. Mizuki thought, slowly she began to stand. "Inuyasha,'' she gave him a sad, watery smile, "Don't be sorry, if you and Sango-chan love each other, go be with her there is nothing I can do about."

"Mizuki," Inuyasha sighed, "Thank you."

"But, I'm taking Shippo-chan and leaving. I no longer feel comfortable with being by your side. I need time to clear my thoughts. I want you to know that you will always be my best friend and first love." she said.

"Mizuki, you were the first person to befriend me, to stand up for me, and I am eternally grateful for that, but do you really have to leave?" Inuyasha inquired, his eyes shining with unshed tears.

"I am afraid so. Now don't you have a mate-to-be waiting?" Mizuki teased lightly.

Inuyasha's ears perked up at the sound of her teasing voice. "Yeah, let's go back." he spoke, throwing his arm over her shoulders.

They walked back to Kaede's hut to find a very nervous Sango pacing back and forth. "Sango! You can stop worrying, she's not angry with you." Inuyasha's tone was soft.

"Mizuki-chan! Gomen nasai." Sango apologized repeatedly.

"Sango-chan, there's nothing to be sorry about. If you and Inuyasha love each other, then you should be together, and there is nothing I can do about it. I'm taking Shippo-chan and leaving though." Mizuki smile sadly.

"But, why? Why are you leaving, Mizuki-chan?" Sango gasped.

"She's leaving because she no long feels comfortable around me." Inuyasha told her.

"Oh, Mizuki-chan, please take Kirara with you." Sango said.

"No, I can't take Kirara-chan." Mizuki denied.

"I insist, I would not be able to forgive myself if I let the woman I see as a sister left unprotected." Sango said with a smile.

"Oh Sango-chan!" the younger girl cried, running into the older woman's arms

"Shh, Mizuki-chan." Sango cooed.

"I will miss you Nee-chan." Mizuki whispered.

"And I you, Imouto-chan." Sango whispered back. "Inuyasha, I will always love you, but in a way one loves an onii-san." Mizuki said, giving him a hug.

"Yeah, me too." Inuyasha said, inhaling her scent.

"I'll take the rosary off now." she reached for the beads.

Inuyasha caught her hand, "No, leave them."

"Are you sure?" the miko asked.


"Oswari." with that said Inuyasha plummeted to the ground.

"What the hell, wench!" the hanyou growled.

"You said you wanted to keep it." Mizuki giggled, "Sango-nee-chan, come here please?"

"What is it Mizuki-imouto-chan?" Sango asked, approaching the miko.

"Since Inu here wants to keep the rosary, I'm also giving you the power to subdue him." she replied.

"NANI! Never mind take'm off!" Inuyasha yelped.

"Nope." Mizuki said, "Now Nee-chan, give me your hands. OK." Mizuki began to pray. Soon the females were enveloped in a purple light. "Ok, Nee-chan the word, please." Mizuki told her, once the light dissipated.

"Hmm? How about 'Down boy!'" Sango said

"San-." Inuyasha was forced down to the ground leaving a nice sized crater.

"Now, I see why you 'sit' him so much, Imouto-chan, it's fun." Sango giggled.


"Well, I guess, I'll take my leave now." Mizuki turned to exit the hut..

"Kirara, go with Mizuki-chan and keep her safe, ok?" Sango told the fire neko.

"Mew." Kirara hopped on the miko's shoulder.

"Good bye, I'll come back to visit sometimes." she called.

Mizuki found Shippo playing with the village children. "Shippo-chan." Mizuki called out.

"Kaa-san!" Shippo yelled, running to his adopted mother.

"Come on, we are leaving." she stated.

"Why, Kaa-san?" Shippo quipped.

"Because, Sango-nee-san and Inuyasha are in love and I don't want to burden them any longer." Mizuki explained.

"Oh, Kaa-san I'm sorry." Shippo bowed his head.

"No, it doesn't matter. They make each other happy, so I am glad for them." she said, "Now let's go."

"Hai, Kaa-san!"

It has been a month since Mizuki left Edo. I wonder if Nee-san and Nii-san are expecting their first child? she thought.

Over the past month the love Mizuki once held for Inuyasha has gradually faded into the love for an older brother.


"Shippo-chan? Where are you?" Mizuki looked around for the red headed kit.

"Kaa-san!" Shippo yelled. "Shippo-chan, I'm coming." Mizuki ran towards the voice of her kit. She found Shippo trapped by a large greenish-blue youkai.

"Kaa-san!" Shippo yelped.

Mizuki's eyes flashed a silvery-violet color. "Step away from my son." her tone deathly.

The youkai turned around. "Stupid wench, I will devour you alive." it snarled.

Mizuki called forth her bow made of her miko ki. "I will say this once more Step away from my son." she repeated.

"A miko mothering a kit, now I've seen it all," the youkai chuckled, "Now, you die!"

Mizuki fired a sacred arrow which embedded itself deeply into the youkai's chest. The youkai growled loudly in pain as it was slowly purified into ash. "C-curse y-you, m-miko." it growled out.

"You should have listened to me. Nobody messes with my son." she snarled.

"Kaa-san, I was so scared. The youkai came out of nowhere and knock Kirara out. Oh, no Kirara! Kaa-san Kirara's hurt. Kaa-san you have to help Kirara!" Shippo spoke frantically.

"Shippo-chan calm down. Where is Kirara-chan?" Mizuki spoke softly. Shippo pointed to a nearby bush. Mizuki found Kirara in her small form. She had a gash in her side that was bleeding slightly. Hm. It doesn't look that deep. She won't need stitches. Mizuki thought. "Shippo-chan, Kirara-chan is going to be fine. You can stop worrying, ok." Mizuki reassured the kitsune tyke.

"Hai, Kaa-san." said a teary eyed Shippo.

A week has pasted since Kirara was injured. "Ok, Kirara-chan we can take your bandages off. You should be healed by now." Mizuki clapped her hand and removed Kirara's bandages

"Kirara! I'm glad that you're not hurt anymore." Shippo cried, hugging Kirara's neck.

Kirara growled happily.

"Ne, Shippo-chan how would you like to go visit Sango and Inuyasha?" Mizuki asked.

"Hai, Kaa-san. I would like that very much." Shippo answered.

"Alright get back to camp so we can pack up." she ruffled Shippo's auburn hair.

"Kaa-san, don't do that. I'm not a little kit anymore." Shippo complained.

"Hai, hai. Now hurry on back so we can leave." Mizuki instructed.

"Hai!" Shippo agreed readily, turning back to the campsite with Kirara in suit.

Once they were out of sight Mizuki turned to a nearby tree. "I know that you have been watching me. Come out and show yourself." Mizuki called out.

"Heh. You're shaper than I thought." A silky male voice drawled.

"Show yourself, youkai." she ordered.

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