A/N: Grrrr. Today (3-24-11) I had an argument with my friend on Ella's age. She said she was twelve, and I said fourteen. Turns out she was right. Sigh. Anyways, this is about how Ella feels on her and Iggy's age difference. It's broken down into her age at the moment and Iggy's age.

Chapter 1: 12 and 14

Of course. Of course, he had to be older. That's just how it worked. Ella always wanted the boy to be older. But not two years older, and six-foot tall to add. No, two years older was too much. And she was too young for him. He was mature and smart and strong, and fourteen. She was clumsy and awkward and babble-ish, and twelve.

She loved reading to him. His face always seemed so calm. His light blonde hair had a mesmerizing shine in the light of the chandelier. His eyes were closed, and she was breathless. It wasn't fair that he so beautiful and so older.

He turned to her and thanked her for reading, and she blushed. It didn't matter, because he couldn't see. But still, she was ashamed. She didn't want to have a petty crush on him. It was just embarrassing. Just plain embarrassing.

But she couldn't help it. Everyday her crush grew, suffocating her heart. Her tiny, twelve-year-old heart. Then finally, she admitted to her sister. Half-sister, but they shared a bond so strong it didn't matter. She always looked up to her older half-sister. She anticipated advice on her stupid crush.

Her sister told her that he was a 'sexist pig'. But she didn't believe her sister. She refused to believe that he was such. He was sweet and kind. Not a sexist pig. To no avail, she couldn't break the petty crush she developed for him. And her sister was no help. But then she remembered that he was her sister's brother. Not by blood like her and her sister, of course, but by a bond much stronger than blood. Did that make him her brother? She hoped not. Because that make her crush all the more confusing.

Being twelve had its downsides, she realized. He would like girls much older than her. Girls that were as old as him. Or even older. Guys liked older girls, didn't they? Not younger girls. And fourteen-year-old guys definitely did not like twelve-year-old girls. There was no chance. Liking her would entitle that he was immature and desperate for a girlfriend, which was something she was sure he would never do.

So she waited out her crush in silence. One day, those two years wouldn't matter. One day, it wouldn't be strange. But for now, she would hide her stupid, embarrassing, and pitiful crush, until that day when it wouldn't matter.

But for now, she was twelve and he was fourteen.