A/N: So, does anyone else think it's really cute that before The Cave was finished, Connie stayed at Wally's place? And Batman was like "Here's a credit card, go have some fun!" Not really. But he sent them a loaded card, and the two of them went out to compile Supey a wardrobe of cargo pants and tight shirts. C:

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"For the last time, this time," Wally said carefully, enunciating every word as though Conner might have been hard of hearing, "I can't explain it any better than that. You would've gotten hurt, so I pushed you out of the way."

"You kicked me," the clone corrected so seriously that Robin, watching from the live feed, had to grin even as Wally threw up his hands in exasperation.

"Whatever! I removed you from the situation." A moment later, pain seemed to catch up with him, and he put a hand to his ribs with a wince.

Conner frowned. "You shouldn't be moving around. The Flash said it'll be at least a week until you're back on your feet."

The speedster laughed humorlessly, and Robin winced at his expression. "It'll feel like a month," he promised, struggling to dredge up a more honest smile. "So you guys better keep me entertained."

Superboy was staring at him with that frown still on his face, obviously trying to work out an enigma and having limited success. Robin wished him luck; Wally was hard for him to figure out sometimes, and he had the added advantage of knowing him better than almost anyone.

But Wally was watching him, and his expression warmed into one of fondness. "Alright, big guy, I'll bite." His voice was semi-normal again and Robin smiled. "What's on your mind?"

"You're hard for me to understand," Conner said bluntly. "You could have died—for nothing—and you don't regret your decision at all."

Wally gave him a crooked smile. "It's sad to hear you talk that way, bro. It wouldn't have been for nothing, it would have been for you." The clone looked even more uncomprehending and Wally chuckled, moving on. "And I wouldn't have died, don't be melodramatic—we had enough of that from Miss M." That was very true; Robin and Conner both conceded with a nod.

Robin watched him as he said it, though, the way his fingers tightened for an instant on the quilt Megan had almost suffocated him with, the way his eyes grew a little vacant and his next breath shook.

For a minute down there, he must have really thought he was a goner.

"But you could have died," Conner pushed relentlessly, eyes bright with the effort of understanding.

"Nope." The subtle insecurity in his face was replaced by shining confidence, so quickly Robin was blinking. "Not possible, Conman."

"Why not?"

"Because the Flash will bail me out, every time." He grinned. "And I have the best team ever. Even if he hadn't been there—" yeah right, the boy wonder thought dryly "—you guys always will be. I have complete faith in you, one hundred percent."

It wasn't fair that someone could say that so easily and mean it with everything, Robin decided firmly, trying to control the way his heart had sped up with Wally's declaration.

Not fair, he thought, but I don't mind.

"We're a team, Conner," Wally was saying, "and I'm glad I got to save you for once."

Robin rested his chin in his hand, smiling at the pair of them as something very close to happiness lit up Conner's eyes, and he leaned over to knock his fist against Wally's, carefully minding the speedster's broken wrist.

"Let me get the next one, KF."

"You got it, Supes."