He was gone for the weekend. He had no say in the matter, it was his career choice. He had to give up his personal time to become exactly what he dreamed of. He didn't want to leave. Traveling took too much away from his relationship at school. He smiled, "Derek." The name slipped comfortably off his tongue as he walked into the boarding house he resided at. Placing his bags at the stairs of Stuart House, he made his way into the common room where Derek had told him he would be waiting. Opening the door he heard music playing and someone was, crying.

"Derek? Why are you crying?" Bailey asked as he made his way over to the couch.

Derek looked up at Bailey and smiled through his tears. "I was watching the Notebook." He offered through his sobs.

"The Notebook?" Derek nodded. "You big softy. Are you sure you were ever really into girls?" Bailey smiled and collapsed half onto the couch and half onto his boy. Derek shifted under him so that they were more comfortably snuggling on the couch.

"Shut up." Derek said as he placed a kiss on the top of Baileys head. "I missed you, Bailey."

Bailey turned his head towards the Athletic male and smiled. "I missed you too, Derek," He leaned up slightly to place a soft kiss on Derek's lips.

Derek wrapped an arm more firmly around Bailey as he pulled a blanket over them both. "You better have." He whispered softly in Bailey's ear.

"I missed you too much." He said sleepily, "I never want to be away from you for that long again."

Derek chuckled. "It was only two days."

"It was only two days too many." Bailey replied. Derek smiled and closed his eyes.

"Goodnight, I'll be here with you when you wake up." Derek whispered to Bailey, sleep overcoming him before he could hear the almost asleep Bailey's response.

"Goodnight, I love you."

The pace of their breathing evened out and smiles played at their sleeping face. They seemed so perfect and innocent in that moment, they had love. They were happy.