WARNING: I do not own Sonic and Friends. Some characters, and you'll know who, I do though. This will also have a few songs like it's prequel;Friction. Check it out if you haven't already!

I stared at the window of my cell. I was forever trapped on this damned ship. If he ever let me leave I could maybe have an inch of happiness. I never even knew anybody on the ground. I heard a knock at my door. "Come in," I said with my deep voice.

"You have to celebrate your birthday, Ember." Aphrodite, my best friend on the Egg crate, sat down on the cold bed I had. I sat next to her. "The big 28!" She showed me the small cake and I smiled. "Don't tell Eggman." She was only 14. She pushed her chesnut hair past her face.

"Thanks," I said as I wrapped my arm around her charcoal body. It went well with my maroon skin. Now, onto who I am. I've been trying to avoid that. My name is Ember, as metioned before. It goes with my power; flaming. I lit the candle on my cake with a slight touch. It came in handy sometimes. I can even go into fires unharmed. That thought just brought a memory.

"Help!" I heard a girl scream. I ran into the buiding I jsu tsaw burn down. Eggman never saw me jump, so I thought I had some time. I was now in my flaming state. I saw a small pink blur underneath a metal beam. I quickly lifted it, melting it during the process. I carefully picked up the girl and never looked at her. If I did, I don't know what to say. I never really had the correct kind of social connections. I had only Aphrodite and she was like a sister.

"Thankā€¦" I couldn't stay around, She was going to start a conversation. Maybe I should stay. I turned around and saw her hugging a blue hedgehog. I had a strange feeling in my heart. I ran off and jumped on the ladder Aphrodite threw down for me.

"That was a sweet thing you did right now. You looked like you liked her," she teased. I never knew what she meant by that, but I decided not to ask. I just wanted to sulk in my room.

Aphrosite left a while ago, She noticed I wasn't talking. She knew that was when I was in deep thought. I felt the bed being slightly wet. I looked underneath me. It was singed too. Whoops! Well, at least Aphrodite was there with her water magic.

"EMBER! APHRODITE! GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" Gosh, he was loud. It was Boomer(ironic, huh?) calling us down. Probably had some scientific invention he wanted to show us before he showed Eggman. I groaned as I got out of my bed.

"Okay," The large gray amirdillo started. "This allows you to see anybody and learn any kind of information about them. Aphro, you try." I hated that nickname for her. That makes her sound like a hair style in staed of a goddess of love. She stepped up to the machine. I knew who she was going to say.

"Cyrus," She said in a slightly auidlbe voice. The machine started whirring. The milky surface sphere started forming a shape. There he was. He was her father. She hadn't seen him in years. Eggman had taken her from him when she was only a newborn. She saw him again when she was 5, but didn't know it was him.

He was sitting with the resistance. I growled. I hated the resistance. I worked for Eggman, and all he wanted was peace. He always told me that damn group always ruined his plans of saving the world. He told me to stay on the ship to stay safe from harm. I always decided to stay.

Cyrus was sitting next to a blue hedgehog. Sonic was his name. That just made it worse. Scratch that, the girl on Sonic's other side made it worse. It was the girl I had saved. I pointed. "Who is she!" the picture started fading away. "No!" I got down on my knees and tried fixing it, but Boomer pulled me up.

"It still has a few kinks, but I'll find out for ya'." He dusted my shoulders off.

"Why does he have to find that out by a machine?" He gave us both a sly eye.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" She nodded and they said in unison.

"ROAD TRIP!" I groaned as they opened the hatch to the outside.

"It's not safe." Aphrodite passed me a parachute.

"Now it is." And she jumped out, Boomer following. I guess I had no choice. I jumped out the ship and pulled the string. Fun, right?