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Chapter One

'Where am I?' Spyro thought, opening his eyes to a burning city. As he looked around, he found himself lying on a mound of dead dragons, three of which startled him. The three were the remaining elemental guardians Cyril, Terrador, and Volteer. He was shocked to see the strongest dragons of each element taken down at once. As he got up, a scream behind him caught his attention. He turned around to find the black dragoness, Cynder, now lifeless beside him. When Spyro looked to see who had taken their lives, his heart sank. He was attacking the city himself. Hovering a few feet in front of him was his dark form. His purple scales had been changed to black and covered in pulsing shadows, his purple eyes were now a ghostly white, and a dark, lightning-like aura had engulfed his entire body.

Just as Spyro tried to attack, he caught a blast of convexity in his chest. He screamed in pain when he felt the beam rip through his chest and slammed him into a nearby wall. He looked up in time to see his dark side already standing over him and put a paw on his throat. He began to feel weaker as the dark dragon held tight, as if he was being drained. Spyro looked into his dark form's soulless white eyes for a moment and thought he saw emotions he never had when he became this menacing killing machine. It seemed as though he didn't transform by accident when the dark dragon looked back down at him and spoke.

"You will know all about what we have done. We changed history too much by stopping the great cleansing. I have to set it straight." Dark Spyro said in a voice that sounded like many voices echoing together. Almost as soon as he finished the sentence, he fired a blast of convexity at the purple dragons head.

Spyro sat straight up with a jolt, finding himself still in his room in the large citadel in Warfang that was to serve as the new dragon temple. He looked over to the window and saw his dragonfly brother, Sparx, still asleep on a small cushion specially made for his size on the windowsill.

'Another nightmare' He thought, rolling out of bed. After pushing open a heavy wooden door, he walked into the hallway and closed the door behind him. The door's weight made an echoing sound a bit louder than he wanted, but he ignored it. He went to the balcony, hoping some fresh air would make him feel better, and to see how the city was coming along in its reconstruction after Malefor's invasion two weeks before. The tapping sound of claws on stone made him turn around to see Cynder walking towards him.

"Are you alright Spyro?" she asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah," he said. "It was just another nightmare, nothing to worry about."

"Spyro, you can tell me anything. You've been having nightmares every night for the last two weeks and I have yet to hear about one of them."

Spyro looked at her for a moment before answering. He knew Cynder wouldn't stop asking until he told her. "Okay Cyn, I'll tell you, but I need some time first." He said, not wanting to tell Cynder he had killed her in the nightmare just yet.

The black dragoness nodded before sitting next to him as they both looked towards the volcano outside the city. Spyro was thinking of his dream while Cynder was focusing on the view from the enormous citadel in Warfang.

"Good, you're awake." A deep voice behind them said. They both turned around to see Terrador walking towards them. "I know it's early but I need the two of you to do something for me. After you two killed Malefor, many outlying dragon villages contacted us here in Warfang and are on the way. The closest groups will be here tomorrow and I want the two of you to help them find some places to live here in the citadel until we can finish rebuilding. Once we do, Cyril, Volteer, and I will take over. Some of the messages mentioned some young dragons, some around your age too."

"There are more dragons our age? I thought we were the only eggs to survive the night of raid." Cynder said, looking at the battle worn earth guardian.

"I thought so too, Cynder. Apparently some of the other adults managed to take some eggs with them when they fled. Warfang may be known as the dragon city, but I'm sure this is not the only place dragons have ever lived. There are other cities; just Warfang is the largest and a symbol of unity for dragons, moles, and now cheetahs. It is a perfect place for the dragon race to recover." Terrador said in his usual calm tone. "Some are reluctant to stay in Warfang very long, but I'm sure seeing the purple dragon in the city would change their minds."

"Or make it worse." Spyro added. "Malefor was purple too remember?"

Terrador nodded. "I doubt they will compare you to him. If you were anything like him, he would be alive and the world would still be shattered. Having you two on our side is the only reason we are all alive." The earth guardian walked away without another word.

Cynder put her head on Spyro's shoulder and they looked at the pitch black sky again.

"The guardians make it tough to really have fun anymore don't they? You would think that saving the planet would give us a break, but we somehow went from saviors to tour guides…" Spyro said, attempting to clear his head of his nightmare and getting a giggle out of Cynder in the process.

He looked at the black dragoness and thought about how much she had changed in the past few years. At first, she was gloomy and felt sorry for herself all the time. When they had their adventure together to stop Malefor, she was about as cocky and confident as he always was, but after Ignitus died and Spyro transformed again, she had taken on a very caring, gentle, almost innocent personality.

"So how did you get up at the same time I did?" Spyro asked, trying to start another conversation.

"Your door shut pretty hard, I thought you slammed it at first."

"Oh, well I'm sorry for waking you up then."

"Don't be, I just don't like seeing you sad like that. So decided about telling me what your nightmare was about yet?"

"It's kind of a long story. I'm going to go back to bed soon anyway."

Spyro told Cynder goodnight before walking back to his room. When he opened his door, his eyes widened.

"You didn't think I'd just let you off that easily did you?" the black dragoness on his bed asked.

"H-how did you beat me here?" he asked.

"Shadow is good for a lot more than fighting." Cynder said. "Now, come on Spyro, I really want to know what is bothering you." For a while, Spyro could only stare. She clearly was not going to let him have his bed back until he told her.

The purple dragon jumped onto the bed with Cynder and told him the entire dream from beginning to end. By the time he was done, his head was lying on Cynder's back while she rested her tail across his chest and curved her long neck around to look him in the eyes.

"-and then you were killed but when I saw that I was the one that did it… I just hope it never happens…" Cynder had been paying very close attention to every last detail as she listened to his story.

Even in his sleep, Sparx was a pain. He rolled over on the cushion and started snoring louder than any dragon could, effectively interrupting them several times. The two dragons looked at the sleeping dragonfly and couldn't help but to laugh. Cynder waited for a while longer before speaking.

"It will be fine Spyro. You're stronger than your dark side; we even beat Malefor's so I know you can win against your own. I'll help you in any way I can. I love you Spyro and I refuse to let any dark power take you away from me." With that, Cynder leaned over and gently kissed the purple dragon before laying her head back down and closing her eyes.

"I love you too Cyn." Spyro said before falling asleep again.

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