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Chapter One: It Takes Two

Jacob stumble through the day wondering why fate had bit him in the ass once again. It seem like these days he was constantly under a rain shower. No matter what he did or how much good energy he sent out into the world he was receiving bad vibes. What exactly had he done to piss off Karma?

He kept coming back to the one incident that had change his life completely in every possible way. He thought he was doing a good deed. His heart had been in the right place. His whole life he had manage to get by on just a little. He work hard each day to earn the rewards he now had. He never cheated, slack, or put off any of his responsibilities. He took blame when he screwed up. He accepted the consequences. He was a honorable man. He was a devoted son. He was a loyal friend.

When Sam Uley one of his oldest and dearest friends approach him about a personal matter he had been blown away. Sam was a good guy. He was a true friend. He was also proud. So when he approach Jacob about using him for a sperm donation to help Sam and his wife Emily have a child of their own he was devastated. He knew that they must have been through everything before they came to him. When Sam mention he was their last hope Jacob knew he was right about that assumption.

"I just don't understand Sam why you chose me? There are plenty of guys on the reservation that would be honored to help you." Jacob frowned as he sat across from Sam at the local diner where he had his Sunday breakfast every week.

He had been surprised to learn that Sam had drove all the way to Port Angles just to talk to him. He had told Jacob he had errands to run and wanted to drop by and see his old friend. Jacob had sensed it went further than that but he of course was curious by nature and agreed.

"Lets be honest Jacob none of them have the right ….qualities that Emily and I are looking for. I mean sure they are great guys but they have some serious defects." Sam chuckle but his face show the nervous twitch. Jacob squirmed in his seat. He knew that Emily had always wanted a house full of kids. He also knew that Sam would do anything to make his wife of five years happy. He worshiped the ground she walk on. Jacob respected that. He also envied it. Still, Sam and Emily were asking him to give them something that he had hope to share with his true love someday. How would that feel seeing their son or daughter and not be able to expose he was their biological father? He needed time to consider everything before he gave Sam a answer.

"Yeah, I see your point there." Jacob smirk. All of their friends were great guys but they each had some serious personal demons. Jacob was not sure if it was a genetic defect or just personal choices.

"I know it sounds so strange for me to ask you to pregnante my wife. I mean shit I am not going to lie to you it was the last thing I wanted to do. I feel like such a asshole that I can not give her the one thing she wants more than me." Sam look down at his coffee as his face expose the pain he felt about his inability to conceive a child with his own wife. Jacob suspected it was killing Sam to know that he was the cause of their lack of pink and blue booties in the house. Even he would feel lousy if he was in his shoes.

"I'm sure she wants you above everything else Sam. I know Emily needs you more than the air she breathes. Never doubt that, man." Jacob advised as he took a sip of his coffee. The hot beverage that usually woke him up was not doing its job this morning. He was still yawning from his late night out with some of his work buddies.

"I know she does. It just sucks Jacob. I mean why can't I give her a child of ours? I want a baby as bad as she does." Sam cries out as he crumbles up the paper napkin in his fist.

Jacob felt horrible. He knew that Sam was going through serious hell for his lack of sperm count. It did not seem fair to Jacob that so many young people get pregnant and give up their babies or abort them. When you have a couple who were stable and madly in love and they could not conceive a child of their own. It just did not seem fair. Yet Jacob knew that was life. It sucked some days and other days it was better than ice cream on the fourth of July. You had to take the good with the bad. That did not mean you would like it or agree with it but it was there to remind us to be humble and appreciate the good in life because deep down you knew it would not always be that way.

"I don't know man. Why not adopt?" Jacob ask curiously.

"Do you know how many Native Americans give up their babies? Like nearly none. It is hard to find a single native American female who is willing to give up her baby. We tried that route. And no, I'm not racist but I am not raising a white child on the reservation where it will grow up sticking out like a green thumb. It would not be fair to the child." Sam growled as he glance away.

Jacob saw his reasoning and knew it was true. He also sense that Sam did not want people to know that he could not conceive a child with his wife.

"So how would we do this?" Jacob chewed on the inside of his jaw as he contemplated everything.

"Well you would go to a sperm bank and register. We would go with you so they know you are donating specifically to us. The doctor would then deal with Emily. They mate the eggs with your sperm and place it in her. Nothing else would be needed from you. If any of the eggs take then we are done with the whole ordeal until nine months later when a boy or girl pops out." Sam shrug his shoulders.

"Oh." Jacob whispered as he stare down at his empty plate.

"I know it would be weird for you to be around the child. I mean hell I will have to see your ugly face each time I look at my son or daughter but since you don't live on the reservation anymore I just thought it would be less complicated or emotional for any of us." Sam explained further for his choice of Jacob's sperm over the other guys.

Jacob's eyes widen. He saw his point. He no longer live there. He only came to visit his father or his sister. Mostly he stay in the city. He had a great job. He has his own boss now. He had started his own business and had made enough to start building his own dream house. His bachelor buddies tease him about building a house when he was not even looking forward to marriage. He never said he did not want marriage but he was not going to propose to the first female that blew him away with great sex. He was all about enjoying the pleasures of being a single wealthy man before he caved into marriage with the right woman. His soul mate. He wanted the perfect girl who complimented him. He wanted her to desire him as much as he desire her. He wanted to be proud of her the way he would make her proud of him. It would have to be fifty- fifty in his marriage.

"So what are you thinking?" Sam ask urgently as he glance down at his watch on his wrist.

"I…damn Sam I want to help you but I just don't know. This isn't like making a simple choice between wheat or white toast. I mean this is enormous. I want to help you because your one of the best friends I have ever had or will. I just don't want to make a decision that I might regret later down the road." Jacob tried to find the right words to explain his frustration. He did want to help them. He knew he could. He just did not know how it would affect him or his future family down the road.

"Look, I totally understand where your coming from. I had a hard enough time finding the courage to drive up here and ask this of you. Give it some time and let me know. She has appointment in two weeks. The doctor will want to know if we have a donor by then." Sam reach out and shook Jacobs hand.

Jacob stood up and gave Sam a big pat on the back. He wanted so badly to just say "yes" right there on the spot to ease some of his burden but he could not. He had to be true to himself first.

He watch as Sam drove away with the same worried frown he had wore when he walk in a hour earlier. Jacob pick up the bill and walk over to the waitress. He smiled at her. She was new. She had dark brown hair that was held up in a pony tail. Her body was mouth watering even under the silly uniform. He flirted with her for a few minutes before he left after paying the bill and obtaining her phone number.

"Bella seriously this is what you consider the right thing to do?" Alice cried out as she look at the pamphlets that were scatter all over the small kitchen table.

"Yes I do. I want this." Bella stood firmly with her hands on her hips as she stare boldly into the eyes of her best friend. She knew that Alice could not possibly understand why she needed this so badly. She also knew that Alice who grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth did not understand that not everyone got their prince charming and the opportunity to sit at home leisurely while they pop out children. No, she had manage to finish college on her own, thank god for scholarships and loans. She then went out and manage to get a good paying reliable job. She thought she had the right guy in her life. She had even allow herself to start picking out future wedding gown possibilities when he suddenly announce that marriage was not in his plans for the future. He wanted to live more and see the world. Bella understood his dreams so she politely show him the door and ask him to never call her again. She had thrown away two years of her life with the jerk. She was no longer going to wait for a husband and the white picket fence fantasy. She wanted a baby and she was going to do it on her own. This way there would be no disagreements over the child's wealth fare and future choices. She would be his or her sole parent and therefore she or he would be her whole world and she theirs. She did not need a man to help raise her child. This was a different world from when her parents were growing up. She knew they would be shock and perhaps even frighten for her but she would show them that she was capable of doing this all by herself.

"I can't believe you. I mean sure I knew that Edward was a nice guy and I even saw glimpse of a possible life for you two. Why did you give him a ultimatum? He would have come around eventually to your way of thinking if you had not force him to make a choice that very second." Alice sighed heavily. She love Bella more than anyone but sometime the girl gave her migraines when she got into her stubborn streak.

"Look, I am twenty-five years old. I am not getting younger. I don't want to be so old that I can't play with my children or connect to them. I want this now. It is all part of my plan. Okay so I had to alter it some. No husband by twenty-five but I can still have my baby." Bella look at Alice with starry eyes as she imagine what her future unborn child would look like.

"Your parents are going to shit on their selves when they discover what you have done." Alice warn her as a smile spread across her face as she imagine their expressions when Bella explain what she had done. It was so unlike Bella that it was almost hilarious. Alice hated to admit it but she was rather proud that Bella consider doing something so brave and independent but on the other hand she was putting a lot on her plate for someone so young.

"So are you going to help me with this or not?" Bella sighed as she blew a loose piece of hair from her face.

"YOU SO KNOW IT!" Alice squeal loudly as she embraces Bella tightly. Bella relax's as she felt the victory of winning this battle. Her parents would be another story but by the time they were informed the deed would be done. She would not need their approval. She would just need them to understand and eventually come to see how this is a good thing for her and her baby.

"So what are we looking for exactly?" Alice ask excitedly as she pulled out the information sheet on donors. It gave facts about them with out using their real identities.

"I don't know. I want someone who is intelligent, funny, and has dark eyes. I think guys with dark eyes are sexy." Bella said with a dreamily smile on her face.

"I think we could have a problem." Alice wrinkle her nose as she read the list.

"What?" Bella frown.

"How do we know any of these facts are true? I mean some stupid young college geek could needed some funds and decided to donate some of his sperm and then wrote that he was a jock instead of the true genius he is. I mean your kid could come out with allergies and need glasses instead of muscular and healthy." Alice cringed at her own theory.

"Well …surely they do some sort of background on them." Bella chewed on her lower lip as she pondered the question.

"Honey I doubt that. I mean some young guy walks in and they hand him a chart and then he goes and pumps off in a plastic cup with some help of some poor excuse of porn. He gets his needs fulfilled and he gets paid for it. I doubt the guy considers being truthful a priority or a responsibility." Alice pressed her lips tightly together as she watch Bella consider these facts. She was not trying to talk her out of this but she thought she should consider all the facts before she jumped full in.

"EWWW." Bella shriek as she sat throwing down the sheet of paper and stares off in the room for a moment. She hated when Alice pointed out the obvious questions she should have thought of already.

"Damn it Alice." Bella mutters as she stands up and walks to the kitchen to pour a refill of wine. She sips leisurely on the red wine before she walks back into the room where Alice is back to scanning the donors information.

"Here is one that I would put in my top twenty." Alice began to read out the information while Bella listen. Bella smile despite the fears that were starting to brew in her head. What if she did pick the wrong type of donor and her child ended up being some odd specimen? Who could she blame but herself for having a weird and or worse sick child to raise on her own. She knew she was thinking selfishly. She would not care about any of the childs flaws. After all it was getting her as a mom. She was far from perfect. She could name off at least ten serious flaws of her own.

"Put it over here." Bella took the paper and made a clear spot on the coffee table for the ones they would consider.

"So do you want just caucasian guys? I mean there are some here that are Italian ethic and Hispanic and hey even Chinese. What sort of baby do you want?" Alice smirk as she look at this whole ordeal as rather fun.

"I don't know." Bella answer honestly as she sat down next to Alice.

"Well you need to know." Alice point out the obvious.

"Duh." Bella stuck her tongue out.

"Okay lets just read these and you tell me which ones you want in the consider pile then we will eliminate some. Until we manage to find the "one" for you." Alice giggled as she reach out to grab her glass of wine.

"Thanks Alice. It means a lot to me that your helping me." Bella smiled warmly at her best friend.

"Hey anything I can do for my future godchild." Alice's eyes sparkle at the title.

Bella laughed. She knew that Alice would expect no less since she was after all Alice and Jasper's godmother for their two sons, Roman and London.

"Alright lets get this done. I will need to go home before ten or Jasper will make me pay a hefty price later." Alice smile mischievously.

Bella rolled her eyes. She knew that Alice wore the pants in that relationship. She had Jasper whipped. Alice respected her husband, loved him but she was not the type to be bossed around by anyone. Jasper seemed to be content with his role in their relationship. They had gone out for four years before they got married. A year later and two days after their anniversary they welcome Roman into the world. Another year and half they had London. Alice was the proudest and most demanding pregnant woman Bella had ever met. Jasper would make two am runs for any flavor of ice-cream she craved. They share the responsibilities of staying up with the boys and changing diapers. Jasper was thrilled at the thought of taking care of them. While their other friends, Rosalie and Emmett argue constantly about who did more for their daughter, Emmalie. Bella was the only one who was single and had no children. She would no longer be childless. She would be single but hey you couldn't win them all she told herself.