Chapter 22: Part Two: The End :) xoxoo

Sam sat in the nursery watching as Emily fed their son. He knew that Emily was happy to be home and finally able to walk around the nursery that she had not been able to participate putting together.

"This is crazy Em." Sam sighed as he ran his hands through his hair.

"I know. I still can't believe what Dr. Matthews told us. How is it possible that this baby is not Jake's and not the other donor's either. It just does not make any sense. Then whose baby am I holding?" Emily fought back her tears.

She knew the baby would pick up on her discomfort. She did not want him to worry about a thing.

Minutes before they got ready to leave Dr. Matthews had strolled into their room and ask the normal questions about how she felt and so forth. Then he hit them over the head with a bomb.

Apparently Dr. North had contacted Dr. Matthews with the DNA results. Dr. North requested that Dr. Matthews have a swab test done on Sam before they left. Somehow the baby was not connected to the "other" donors baby and it was not Jake's either. Emily knew on one hand it was a relief to Sam to not have to look at the man who was responsible for creating the very life he could not. On the other hand he was pissed off that the mess was this outrageous. How was it possible that they had no clue exactly who the father of their son was?

Sam was insulted when they requested a swab test. He inform them it was next to impossible for him to be the father. Dr. Matthews began to ask Sam if he had any tests perform with results that would lead to think this negatively about being the actual father? Of course Sam had not had any tests or results to offer the doctor to refute the ideal of him being the father. Dr. Matthews was being kind and so patient with them both. Emily had been so embarrassed however that their family doctor had to put Sam in a situation that was already hard enough for him.

"I am going to sue them Emily. I am sorry I know that I might expose our secret but damn it they do not deserve to get away with this. This is just cruel and just plain fucked up." Sam growl as he stood up and began pacing back and forth in the room.

"I know Sam." Emily sighed heavily as she pulled her sleeping son from her breast. She realize that he had fallen asleep while eating. She lifted him over her shoulder as she began to pat his back. She did not want him to wake up later with gas on his stomach.

"I need to call Jake and tell him. Maybe Bella got her results in. Who knows she might be having his baby after all." Sam snorted.

"I doubt it. I think they never got Jake's actual sperm." Emily disagreed.

"It's possible. I mean someone could have drop it and just stuck another sticker on the damn thing hoping no one would notice the difference. Shit there are a million excuses they could find." Sam grunted as he listen for his son to burp. When it came it was low but deep. They both laugh.

Sam took him from Emily's arms as he place him gently in the crib.

"All I know is that I have you and Sam Jr. and that is what makes me the happiest. If you want to sue them I will back you up." Emily gave Sam her support as she wrap her arms around his neck and place a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"I love you Emily." Sam stated with a warm smile on his face.

"I love you too Sam. Now let's take a nap while he is." Emily yawn as Sam follow her to the bedroom.

Bella held her precious son in her arms. She was relieved that Jake had manage to push everyone out of the room so she could have some mommy and baby bonding time. It had been an incredible day. She had this little precious baby in her arms and he seem so content to be held by her. She caress his smooth skin on his tiny little fingers. Then her hands reach out smoothing over the black wispy fine hair on top of his head. He was definitely a keeper in her eyes.

When Jake reappear in the room he held Bella's mothers camera in his hand.

"She insisted that I take more pictures of you two." He laugh as he plop down in the chair next to Bella's bed.

"I swear she is going to fill up two albums before I leave here." Bella giggled happily.

"Can't blame her. You look truly beautiful with him in your arms." Jake reveal what he had been thinking all afternoon when she got the chance to hold her son.

"He is gorgeous isn't he." Bella smiled proudly.

"Why wouldn't he be. He takes after his old man." Jake smirk.

Bella's smile pause on her face as she look at Jake. She was surprised by his remark. Sure Jake was Lucas's father in every way that matter but biologically that was still up in the air.

"Crap it's Sam. I forgot to call them." Jake wince as he answer the phone.

"Hey man. Guess what I am a dad too now." Jake exclaimed excitedly.

Bella watch as his facial expressions began to twist. She was not sure what Sam was saying but it was apparent to her that it was not all good. She hope to God everything was okay with Sam Jr. She knew it would break Jake's heart if something happen to that baby. She look adoringly down at Lucas and thought about how lucky the two of them were to have Jake in their life.

A few minutes went by before Jake hung up the phone and sat back down wearing a sullen expression.

"What's wrong?" Bella ask softly.

Jake sat there with his face covered by his hands. Bella heard him take a few long breaths before he remove his hands and stare sadly at her.

"Jake?" Bella felt her stomach twisting in anticipation and fear to hear what had happen to make him look so awful on such a joyous day.

"He isn't mine." Jake gulp hard.

"Who isn't?" Bella look frantically at Lucas and then back at Jake.

"Sam Jr. he isn't my baby." Jake's voice trembled.

"Oh Jake. I'm so sorry." Bella felt her heart break and the loss that Jake had just been dumped with.

"I don't understand. Whose baby is he?" Bella's voice crackle.

"Well apparently he isn't your anonymous donor's either. So that means that Lucas here is probably not mine biologically. Sam thinks they never sent my sperm to the damn Dr.'s office in the first place." Jake snorted furiously.

"How did they get the results? I mean why haven't I been informed yet?" Bella ask with a frustrated sigh.

"They said that Dr. North's office had Dr. Matthews tell them before they left the hospital this morning." Jake answered.

Bella felt like weeping but she did not want to upset her son or shed tears on him.

"Is that what they plan on doing to me too?" Bella ask nervously.

"I don't know." Jake shrug his shoulders as he reach out and touch the wispy hair on top of Lucas's head.

"I swear to god Jake we are going to sue their stupid moronic asses off." Bella cried out.

"I know Bells. Sam is planning on doing the same thing. He is really pissed off because they made him do a swab test before they left." Jake tug on his lower lip as he thought of the embarrassing situation that put Sam in. Sam had a lot of pride. When someone step on it Sam reacted usually with fist. In this case he was planning on getting every penny they paid the lousy Dr.'s office and more.

"Swab test?" Bella ask with a puzzle look.

"They need to make sure he is not the father." Jake stated with a angry glare.

"Has Sam ever had tests done on him? I mean is that why he is sure that he is not the father?" Bella flash Jake a hopeful smile.

"No. He said that when Emily's tests came back fine he knew it was his fault. He did not see any reason for putting himself through all that." Jake explained.

"It would be so great if he was the father." Bella thought out loud as she place a tender kiss on her sons soft forehead.

"Yeah, it would be. But hey this is life as we know it." Jake sighed with a sarcastic grin.

"Jake I don't want to know the results." Bella suddenly found herself saying the very words that had cross her mind more than once since she learn of the possibility that Jake could be her unborn child's father.

"What? Why not?" Jake sat up looking alert and upset.

"I don't want it to change how we feel about Lucas or us as a couple." Bella confided her fears.

"Honey it would never change anything between us. Any of us." Jake reach out and took Lucas into his arms as he stare down at the dark skin face of the newborn that had stolen his heart.

"I know you say that but look at how it changed your view of Sam Jr. A few days ago you were looking at him with so much pride in your eyes. Now when you look at him you won't see a part of you in him anymore. It will change. It will change us." Bella's voice crackle as tears once again threaten to spill from her eyes.

"Bella I don't want to upset you or do anything to hurt you but I need to know. It will eat at me until I do." Jake hope he was explaining it in away that would help ease her fears but still make her understand why it was necessary for him to know.

"Okay Jake. But I promise you that no matter what they say he is YOUR son. As long as you will claim him." Bella vowed as she smiled tenderly at Jake and Lucas.

"Nothing in this world could stop me from loving him or you." Jake gave her his own vow as he smiled happily down at his son.

Jake helped Bella get dressed. Their two days was up. It was time for them to go home and take care of their son without any assistance. Renee had pleaded with Bella to let her stay a few more days but Bella had insisted that she leave for her flight like she had plan. Renee had fallen madly in love with her grandson. She could not get enough of him.

When Charlie had arrived he was just as bad. He promise Bella and Jake to try and come out for a visit at least once a month. In return Jake agreed when they went to visit his family in La Push they would try to stop by to see him. Charlie was excited.

Renee had agreed to go to the house and make sure it was ready for them to come home. Her flight did not leave out until the following morning.

"How is the happy couple?" Dr. Matthews ask as he steps in the room.

"We are great." Bella smiled happily.

Jake place his arm around Bella's shoulders while Lucas sat snugly in his car seat on the floor.

"So your fertility specialist, Dr. North told me that there had been a mistake at his office in concern with your donor. " Dr. Matthews stated as he frown at the couple who look like they were preparing for the worse news ever.

"Yeah." Bella nodded her head.

"He says that the results will be in the mail. You should receive the actual paperwork that his office received." Dr. Matthews explain.

"What? Aren't you going to tell us?" Jake look startled by the Dr.'s answer.

"I can if you wish." Dr. Matthew shrug his shoulders.

Jake and Bella both knew that he was a bit worried to give them the news that was not his place to do so.

"Bella he said the assigned donor you requested was not the father of the baby. Instead it was someone else's. He could not give me the name based on the privacy of the patient and donor." Dr. Matthews replied with a sad smile.

"So will it give us the actual name of the donor that was used?" Jake cried out angrily.

"I am not sure Mr. Black. I would suggest you guys call his office." Dr. Matthews suggested.

"Okay. Thanks Dr." Jake shook the man's hand and reminded himself that Dr. Matthews was only a messenger. He could not get pissed at him for doing his job.

"Good luck guys." He wave at them before strolling out of the room.

"This is fucked up Bells." Jake ran his hands through his hair as he started to count from ten backwards. He hated the not knowing process of this situation. It was truly bullshit and he was going to seriously kick ass and take names later once they got to court over this mess.

"Hey, we have a healthy baby. Dr. North at least got that part right." Bella hope to show Jake the bright side of the situation.

"Yeah, he did." Jake picks up the car seat and follows Bella out of the room. He hopes that by the time they get home he will be calm enough to keep up the pretense that their lives were just perfect. He knew that Renee would refuse to leave if she thought there was trouble in paradise. She had already warn him about how special Bella was to her and that she would personally stick her boot up his ass if he hurt her or Lucas.

He understood right away why Charlie was no longer married to that woman.

A week later…

Jake, Bella, Sam and Emily all received a request to be seen by Dr. North at his office. All four of them were glad to know that the man finally had the balls to face them. When they arrived at the same time and set in the waiting room together the secretary kept looking at them with a worried frown. Bella suspected she knew why the four of them were there although this was suppose to be a private facility.

After having to wait for twenty minutes they were finally shown into a private room where two men in suits sat at the end of a table with Dr. North in the center of them. As the four of them found a seat. The first man in the suit Mr. Bobby explain he was the attorney for the sperm bank and Mr. Thorton Dr. North's attorney.

"First of all let me tell you how sorry I am that you fine people are in this situation to begin with. We have never in all of my years came across this type of situation ever. I assure you." Dr. North began to speak first.

"Now with that said I will read your results further. I understand that because of the privacy clause that Mr. Black signed we were not at liberty to discuss his name with Ms. Swan at any time." Dr. North gave them a weak smile.

"Sam and Emily, you guys are a odd occurrence for this office. I knew we should have requested you be tested Mr. Uley before we perform the procedure. Apparently the sperm that was use for Mrs. Uley did not work because she got pregnant by you shortly after the procedure was done." Mr. North smiled proudly at the happy couple that wore identical shocked faces.

Jake and Bella stare at the happy couple. Sam and Emily grab each other holding onto one another for several minutes. Before Sam's face suddenly change back to concern.

"Are you sure Dr.? I mean your office has made mistakes before." Sam gulp hard.

"I am positive." He smiled happily at them.

"Now Ms. Swan I know that you choose your own anonymous donor but in your case it was not his. I am truly sorry. This is where this gets difficult to explain." Dr. North gulp hard as he glances between the two lawyers.

"Ms. Swan it appears that you were inseminated with Mr. Black's sperm after all." Dr. North sighed heavily.

"Wait a minute if Bella had Jake's sperm whose did you put in my wife?" Sam cried out furiously.

"We don't know. We won't ever know because it did not take." Dr. North adjusted his tie as his hands shook.

"We apologise to all of you for this mistake. And the attorney are here to offer you a compensation for your grievances." Dr. North look at the lawyers as he sat back in his chair.

"Wait a second. Bella had my baby?" Jake look at Bella who had tears streaming down her face.

"Yes, I am afraid so. You will also be compensated for our mistake." Dr. North cough nervously.

"Oh my god!" Jake stood up in his chair and pull Bella up. She was sobbing as he wrap his arms around her squeezing her tightly.

"Air …Jake…need air."She choked as her face was pressed against Jake's chest she was sure there would be a imprint of on her face.

"I take it you are happy with this outcome." Dr. North and the attorneys look bewildered by Mr. Black's outburst and affection toward Ms. Swan.

"We are happy that it's my baby but we are not happy with any of what has occurred here." Jake wipe away the tears from his face as his eyes glared furiously at the Dr. and the two attorneys.

Once the meeting had come to an end both couples walk out of the office with each a check to start a college fund for their children and a little extra for themselves.

"You know this is incredibly odd." Sam told them as they sat in a diner across from the hospital together.

"I know. I can't believe it." Jake was grinning from ear to ear.

"You know I was wrong. I mean I consider the odds and dude it was so not in our favor." Sam stated to Jake.

"I know I guess Karma is back on my side at last." Jake reach over and kiss Bella passionately in front of everyone.

"Yeah, well I hope it stays on our side." Bella agreed with Jake.

"You know I knew our baby was too damn good looking to be Jake's." Sam smirk.

Jake and Bella glance at one another and burst out laughing while Emily just rolled her eyes at her husband.

The End

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