Goodbye, Ender. Goodbye. Goodnight. Rest in peace, wherever you may be now.

I don't know if you knew, Ender, you probably did. But, you were my closest, my only, friend for so many years. Although I have Miro now, you must have known that I have always thought of you first. I have loved, or in how I can, you, Ender. For you were my first friend; you were the one who made me almost human. And of what I know of regret, I regret having lost you these past years. There is so much I wished to have told you. It seems the only human emotion I have no trouble with is pride. Pride told me to let you go. But of all the things I should have, could have said. I believe this to be the most important.

It is a message from the Hive Queen. She was not the one to tell me, for she was not the one to tell anyone. Perhaps it is something that neither you nor I should ever know. Perhaps you will never know, my friend.

Your hate, Ender, your frustration was misdirected. Your initial anger was towards the giant itself, until you realized that the giant was only a program, designed by the teachers. And so you directed your rage towards them. Rightful perhaps in rage but not quite in reason. They knew, Ender. The formics, they knew. That's why they built you a monument. Because they knew, and they wanted you to know.

They were the ones controlling it, using it to warn you. But you were too clever to realize. The giant, you could never pass. Not until you ignored the rules did you win, but they didn't want you to win. They didn't want to see the barbaric side of you Ender. They hoped so desperately for you to remain innocent, remain constricted by the rules of the game. You didn't.

You did not choose a cup. How could you not have realized? No, you couldn't have. It was there to protect you. They were there to protect you. Whichever cup you chose, you died a gruesome death. It was so you did not have to go beyond, further than it. For beyond, as you now know, lay the wolf children. That's what you called them. The children you could not play with, the playground you could not play on. How they attacked you, those children. And how you were forced to kill them, one by one. The formics did not want that of you. You may not have known, but they knew. They knew all along that they were peaceful, raman. You did not.

They wanted you to remain innocent and ignorant, protected by the giant. They did not wish for you the fate that lay beyond. There, as you had lived, you were alone. Those who had been your friends could no longer play with you. The places, the things you had always trusted you could not any longer. Each and every one of them, you destroyed. You killed them in your mind because you could not have lived with them.

They tried. They failed. They could not protect you and you could not protect yourself. And so, as they have gone, they left you with one last plea. This for themselves. When you had reached that planet, so many miles away, you saw what they had made. It pained you to see, but still you did not realize. They wished that maybe, maybe this time you could help them. For did you not love them? The fallen giant, their failed attempt, the tower, the Queen inside, it was for you. It was not simply a message or a monument as you took it for, Ender. It was a request. Perhaps this time, you could protect them, as how they had tried to protect you. Of all the times I spent with you, of all I knew for you to have done, Ender, it is my opinion that you have succeeded and perhaps mine alone. What you should have protected, Ender, you did not. What you could not have, you did.

Goodnight, Ender. God, god, god, god, oh God. Godspeed.