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Remy looked at the legs that dangled off of the bed in front of him. They looked like they hadn't seen a moment of sunlight. He imagined them to be soft. They were the finally revealed forbidden skin. They were untouched. They were perfection, even now as they were scratched and bleeding just slightly. It was such a sharp contrast, the red blood against the white skin. He wondered how her skin would look against his, which was dark and tanned.

He decided he would find out.

Remy looked up into Rogue's green eyes. They looked tired when he had entered her room only moments before. They looked worn out and as if she would personally eviscerate the next person who interrupted her. Now they were dark and wide and expectant. He half wondered if she would permit him to touch her so intimately. He was surprised she even allowed him to pull off her battered, dirtied, torn knee high socks. But she had. And now those legs were bare.

Taunting him.

Well, never let it be said that Remy LeBeau sat back passively while being taunted.

So, from where he was kneeling in front of the foot of Rogue's bed, he touched her foot. They were as soft as he dreamed. With high, delicate arches. It pleased him to see she had painted her toe nails a bright, ruby red. Even though the paint was chipped, he hoped she was thinking of him when she painted them.

His hand slid up the length of her foot to her small ankles. Past the ankles to her toned calves. Up to her bruised, bleeding knees. The moment his skilled hands came in contact with her thighs, he heard Rogue's breath hitch. He looked up again, wondering if she was going to stop him before he went further.

She looked a little scared but there was no denying the desire in her emerald eyes. Which was good because Remy didn't want to stop. He had said it and he meant it: just because Rogue couldn't control her powers did not mean that he did not want to be with her. He would be with her no matter the circumstances.

That didn't mean that he wasn't thrilled in a way that could not be fathomed or described to be able to touch her. And, oh, he was touching her.

So his hands traveled upward to her thighs. Remy stood. Never breaking eye contact and never moving his hands from where they so happily rested, he leaned forward. Rogue scooted back further on her bed. He thought it was so she could put some distance between them but it only served to help him with his goal. Cause if she was seated farther back on the bed, it would be all that much easier to lie down.

He chuckled. What a silly girl.

As he continued to close the space between them, Rogue moved back until her back nearly thumped against the headboard. It was at this point, Remy placed his knee on the bed.

He moved forward.

She let him.

He crawled up the length of her body, his eyes hot on her flesh. Despite her obvious fear, Rogue was receptive to his close proximity. Already, her back was arching just slightly. He hadn't even touched her yet. Hadn't even closed the space between their bodies.

He couldn't wait to see what she would do when he did.

When he was level with her face, Remy LeBeau stared into Rogue's eyes. Despite the treasure that was her body, he felt so much love looking into those intense eyes. He so loved those eyes. If he had a choice, he would be happy to simply stare into her eyes. He wouldn't have to touch her if he could always have those eyes. He just wanted to be with her.

More than anything, he wanted to kiss her.

In fact, Remy LeBeau would do just that.

"Hey, Roguey," he whispered, grinning just slightly. He couldn't help himself.

She made a little noise. An odd mix between a growl and a moan.

"I would like to further discuss these enthrallin' little socks of yours," he murmured as his lips descended upon hers.


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