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When Rogue had taken control of Remy LeBeau's motorcycle that day two months earlier, she thought she had driven impressively fast. She thought that she had pushed the limit and there was no one upping her.

She was, in fact, quite wrong.

Rogue came to this conclusion as she hung on to Remy for dear life. There was nothing exhilarating about the ride. Nothing sexy. It was terrifying.

Clearly, Remy LeBeau had lost his mind.

Rogue had expected an enthusiastic reaction from him, to put it lightly. But this was a beast of a different color. This was pure insanity.

They had been dating ever since the Hellfire Club infiltration. Rogue's days were filled with short sleeve shirts, motorcycle rides, witty repartee and heated make out sessions with Remy LeBeau. The make out sessions were only that, though. She was waiting before she progressed their relationship to the "chocolate syrup" phase.

He didn't mind. They took time with their relationship. Revealed bits and pieces of themselves to each other to build up the trust between them. Rogue even managed to convince Remy to tell her why he came back to Bayville in the first place. That unfortunately led to swear words being spouted viscously at Rogue's end before she finally threw a motorcycle helmet at his head and stormed off in the opposite direction.

"How do you not tell me that you almost got married? Married!"


"Don't call me, Roguey!"


"Don't call me that either! And don't even try to use that 'mon Coeur' crap with me either!"

"But Rogue—" His sentence was cut off when she threw the second helmet at him. Remy managed to duck, but not without receiving a glancing blow to the head. "Rogue—"



That was not a good day for either southerner.

The storm passed with quite a bit of begging on Remy's part. Other than the brief spat, the two had lived in twisted, dysfunctional, romantic bliss since then. And still, it took Rogue and Remy quite some time before she was comfortable enough to give every bit of herself to Remy.

She wasn't sure how she knew. Just one day, she looked up into his absurdly handsome and continuously smug face and just knew. The final vestiges of doubt that remained in her mind faded away into nothingness. So what if he had almost gotten married to some psycho blonde? He ran away and came straight for her. He was hers now.

He belonged to her.

She belonged to him.

It really was as simple as that.

So there was no reason to not be with each other in the "chocolate syrup" way.

Rogue wasn't quite sure how to tell Remy the news she was certain he would be thrilled about. She had imagined doing so casually. She had imagined an elaborate, romantic proclamation. She half considered not even telling him and just letting him figure it out the next time he snuck in her room past curfew. He was sure to love that one.

Rogue hadn't done any of those things though. In fact, it just happened.

He was holding her face in his big, thieving hands and kissing her like she was the most beautiful creature on the face of the earth. Kissing her like she was too delicate to handle any more harshly. Kissing her so that her toes curled and her heart almost pounded right out her chest.

Two months in and he never failed to make her body act funny.

So after he was done peppering little kisses all along her face, she looked up into his red and black eyes and simply said "I'm ready." It looked like at first he didn't understand what she meant. Then understanding registered across his face. He smiled softly.

"Oh, Cherie, you never fail to say the words to make this thief's heart sing."

Then he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

Immediately following this tender display, Remy LeBeau picked Rogue up and tossed her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Then, without even so much as saying one word, he ran through the mansion, down the stairs, and right into the garage. Before Rogue could find her bearings, she was fitted with a helmet. Once again, she was picked up and placed on the back of a motorcycle.

He didn't even give her a heads up. A warning. One minute, she was standing in his bedroom. The next, a motorcycle was vibrating the life beneath her. Remy just took off. Rogue hung on. Like her life depended on it.

Which it totally did.

She couldn't see where she was being taken. He was going too fast to even make out the blurs of the cars they zoomed past. She wasn't even sure why she was being taken. She thought he would kiss her. Hug her. Whoop and jump up and down with glee. Break out into an elaborate dance number with a marching band playing Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (see also: Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You). Maybe do a few cartwheels and set off a few fireworks.

But no. He picked her up and tossed her onto his motorcycle and drove off like a madman.

By the time the bike had stopped, Rogue's head was spinning rapidly. Before her vision could clear up, her helmet was yanked off, leaving her hair a disarrayed mess. She was then lifted bridal style off the bike and carried away. She briefly managed to get a look at a bright blue Wal-Mart sign. Seriously?

She had just proclaimed she was ready to sleep with him and he takes her to Wal-bloody-Mart?

It was official. Remy LeBeau was insane. This was her thought as he dumped her into an uncomfortable (and probably dirty) shopping cart and ran to the food section.

"Remy?" she asked, pushing her hair from her eyes. Her legs dangled uncomfortably over the side of the cart, which she was far too large to sit in. She must have looked ridiculous.

Her Cajun paramour looked down at her. His eyes were as wide as they were wild. She gasped a little at the sight of him. He had an expression that was an odd mix of love, lust and crazy.

Pure, unadulterated crazy.

"Remy, what are we doin' here?"

He pushed the cart down the candy isle. "Stockin' up."

"For what?"

He stopped long enough to look down at her. The look in those loving, lustful, crazy eyes was so…well, loving, lustful, and crazy, it made Rogue's body starting acting funny all over again.

"Tonight," he said, before turning to the shelves of candy. He considered it briefly before he reached up and grabbed an armful of Hershey Kisses. He then picked up a variety pack of fun sized chocolate bars too. The then dumped all the candy on top of Rogue and continued down to the ice cream section.

She blushed as she understanding slowly dawned on her. "Tonight?"

Without answering, Remy reached inside the freezer and pulled out a pint of chocolate ice cream. He considered it briefly, nodded to himself, then dropped it on top of Rogue.

"Tonight," he said, continuing to push the cart filled with treats and Rogue. He pushed her through Wal-Mart, picking up everything from brownie mix to chocolate chip cookies. But when Remy LeBeau picked up not one, but five bottles of chocolate syrup, Rogue knew.

She was in big trouble.

"Tonight," she squeaked. She watched as he left the food section.

He nodded just once. "Yes. Tonight." Then Remy pursed his lips thoughtfully. "And maybe the next day…or five."

She gulped.

Smirking just slightly, Remy turned the cart abruptly down the personal hygiene section. She frowned, taken aback by the odd turn the already weird day had taken.

"What are we doin' down here?" she asked nervously.

He didn't appear to hear her, for his eyes were too busy scanning the shelves for…whatever he was looking for. It was while her boyfriend was preoccupied doing whatever it was his incomprehensible mind was up to, that Rogue noticed someone standing off to her side. She turned fully, her eyes bulging.

"Edward Cullen guy?"

Sure enough, it was him. Wearing the exact same shirt she saw him in months earlier. With the same shampoo in hand. Maybe it was just a weird coincidence.

But she didn't think so.

When she abruptly called out to him, he turned to look at her with a sneer.

"I'm team Jacob," was all he said before turning to leave.


"All done," Remy announced, returning Rogue's attention to him. He dropped toothpaste into the cart before heading in the direction of the clothing.

"…what's that for?"

"I'm all outta toothpaste."

"Oh." She paused when he took her down the sock isle. "Are you all outta socks too?"


He picked up a single pair of red knee high socks and dropped them into Rogue's lap. She stared at them, slightly frightened. Mostly excited and humming with anticipation. She ran her fingers along the cotton socks before looking back up at her boyfriend.

He just grinned at her. Predatorily. And affectionately.

But mostly like a man full of want and lust.

And love. Love was in there too.

"Tonight, Cherie, we are finally gonna finish that discussion 'bout those enthrallin' little socks of yours."

Rogue gulped. Her heart fluttered. She felt like it was going to be a very, very long discussion.

Not that she was complaining.


I hope you liked it. I slaved for the longest time trying to figure out what Remy's last line would be. I'm happy with it. This was a pure fluff chapter. Fluffy, fluffy, fluff. Something for my amusement. And hopefully yours.

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