Chapter 1

A/N: New story! This was the one I was considering writing when I made a poll about this one and Beauty and the Vampire. Beauty and the Vampire won, but now that I finished up Vampire Diaries: Reverse and will be finishing Possession soon, I have time to write this one.

Pairings: Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Meredith/Sage

Bonnie's POV

"Bonnie, concentrate!" Mrs. Lorezzo snapped at me.

I broke my attention abruptly away from what I was doing: sending air messages to from underneath our table.

"So….sorry Mrs. Lorezzo", I stammered. I'll admit Mrs. Lorezzo scared me. Being the daughters of the royal families, of course the three of us also had the strictest tutor that our parents could find.

I could tell that Elena was holding back laughter, from where she sat directly across from me at the table, while Meredith simply rolled her eyes.

Meredith had always been the most responsible out of us. Sometimes, I honestly didn't know how she put up with Elena and I. But all three of us had known each other all our lives.

My parents, along with Elena and Meredith's, were the current rulers of our people. Our families were descended from the originals, which started the witch union. And since our families were always consulting each other at meetings, we all three grew up together.

"You girls need to play closer attention. How disappointed will your family be if you fail your exam next week?"

"Very", Meredith said, flashing Elena and I both stern looks.

Mrs. Lorezzo looked like she was about to say something else, when the dismissal bell suddenly rang, signaling the end of our study period.

"Oops, sorry Mrs. Lorezzo, looks like you'll have to continue the lesson tomorrow", Elena said, grabbing her back and quickly stuffing her things into it.

Meredith and I did the same, but just as we were about to head out the door, Mrs. Lorezzo stopped us.

"Wait girls, I have your results from your exams from last semester", she said, and we all three reluctantly made our way back to the table.

One by one, she handed us our results, and soon we were out the door.

"How did you guys do?" Meredith asked, once we were a safe distance away.

I quickly looked over my paper. "I did okay. It could have been better, but it's at least at standards."

"Damn it", Elena said, as she looked over hers. "I didn't meet standards! My parents are going to KILL me."

Meredith narrowed her eyes. "Did you study for it at all?"

Elena looked a bit flustered. "Yeah well um….I was kind of busy…."

"You were out with Gregory again, weren't you?"

Gregory was Elena's latest target. She was crazy about him. And behind her parent's backs, she had been sneaking off with him. Meredith and I were the only ones who knew, and due to our best friends/sisters code, we kept each other's secrets. It's always been that way.

"Okay, maybe I was", Elena said admittedly. "But I didn't think that one subject would dominate our entire test. I swear Mrs. Lorezzo did it on purpose."

Meredith rolled her eyes. "Yes, because EVERYONE is out to get you."

"Not just me. It's obvious that she doesn't like any of us."

"Except for Meredith", I cut in, grinning at my friend.

It was true. There was no doubt in my mind that Meredith was Mrs. Lorezzo's favorite. She had the best grades, and never fooled around like Elena and I did.

"Hey, can we stop talking about her though? It's giving me a headache", I said. She wasn't exactly my favorite person around.

Elena nodded. "Hear hear."

The three of us continued to walk out of the building, and were soon outside, looking out into our town.

Everywhere, you could see young witches or warlocks practicing simple spells, like levitating a small object, like a leaf, into the air, and the boys sending small breezes through the girl's hair, starting a game of some kind of spell tag.

It was such a normal setting, at least in our world. I guess that in another world, the non-magic humans had a different setting, but I would never know for sure.

I grew up in this place. And one day, me, Elena, and Meredith would marry and start our own families, and then we would take our parent's place as the three head families.

"Hey girls", a familiar voice said, that made my heart flutter.

Matt Honeycutt came rushing towards us, having probably just got out of his schooling as well.

Matt was another one of my best friends. And….okay, maybe I wanted more than friendship with him, but I was happy with having his friendship, if it was all I could get at the moment.

"Hi Matt", I said smiling.

I knew that Elena and Meredith were no doubt whispering about me from behind my back, but at the moment, I didn't care.

Matt gave a small smile back, and I fought back the urge to blush, for once.

Both Elena and Meredith knew I liked him, and they even think that he likes me back, and that we were both just at our "shy stage".

But I wasn't sure, and wouldn't do anything like asking him out until I knew for sure that he liked me back, since it would be really embarrassing if I asked and it turned out he didn't.

I sucked in a deep breath, that I hoped wasn't too noticeable, and made myself speak again.

"So, how did you do on your exam?"

All of the witches and warlocks below the legal age got the results of their exams back today.

"Huh well, I passed anyway. But it was only at standards", he answered, looking a little embarrassed.

"Dang" Elena murmured, "Was I the only one who DIDN'T reach standards?"

Meredith rolled her eyes.

I opened my mouth to say something else, when my phone suddenly went off.

Trying to hide my annoyance at being interrupted from my conversation with Matt, I looked down at the caller ID to see that it was my parents.

I turned away from my friends, and answered it.


"Bonnie, you need to get home, now", I heard my father's voice said, and there was an edge of serious in it that made me worried.

To make it even worse, I could hear the sound of my mom crying in the background.

"Dad, what's wrong? Why is mom crying?"

"Just…get home Bon, and tell Elena and Meredith that their parents are looking for them too."

I knew from the tone of his voice that I wasn't going to get anymore information over the phone.

"Okay Dad, I'll be home soon", I said, before hanging up.

Holding back tears, I turned back towards Elena, Meredith, and Matt.

"I….I'm sorry but I have to get home. And your parents want you home too", I said, gesturing towards Elena and Meredith.

Meredith raised an eyebrow. "Why? What's wrong?"

"I don't know. But….but I think it's bad", I managed, before turning away from them again, and began running in the direction of my house.

Ten minutes later

I lived in a large manor that was only about five minutes away from the ones that Meredith and Elena lived in.

Our three families had the largest houses, due to our placement in the law of our world.

I quickly opened the door and stepped inside, and was instantly engulfed in the arms of my mother.

I could feel her tears dripping onto my shoulder as she hugged me.

"Mom, what's wrong?" I asked, after she finally pulled away.

"My….my baby", she sobbed, not answering my question.

As if on cue, my dad stepped into the room, and even he looked depressed lifeless, even if he wasn't sobbing like my mom.

"Something bad happened Bonnie."

"What?" I asked, now getting scared, as to what could be making my parents, who were usually so calm and powerful, act like this.

"We….we finally surrendered to the vampires only a few days ago, the war is over", my mom answered, now calm enough to talk.

Alarms instantly went off in my head. For over a century, the witches and the warlocks have been warring against the vampires, our sworn enemy.

And now that he finally lost, gave in, there's no telling what could happen.

"Wh…why would we surrender?"

My dad looked grim. "At the way things were going, we would have lost, so we gave in before too many of us died. And they agreed to it….on one condition, a surrender offering."

When I didn't say anything, too frozen in fear at the possibilities of what this could mean, he continued.

"They….they want three witches to be sent to live with them, in an arranged marriage to three of their male vampires."

This was awful. I felt bad for the girls who would be forced to go through with this.

"But dad, how are you going to decide which girls will have to be sent there? It's awful…."

"It's already been decided honey", my mom answered, slowly beginning to cry again.

"Who…." I began, but my dad cut me off.

"The vampires were very pacific in their request. They require that the three girls be the royal daughters. It will have to be you, Elena, and Meredith."


That was the only thought running through my head, and soon I was sobbing.

All of my hopes and dreams, of one day asking Matt out, and having a family while ruling along with Elena and Meredith after our parents passed the thrones onto us, would be hopeless, gone.

Instead, our lives will be ruined, if we even still had lives. We would be forced to leave our home, and the people we loved, and to live among monsters, and even be married to one.

All of my goals and dreams, gone.

My mom hugged me tightly again.

"N…no…there….there must be some other way", I sobbed, not being able to handle the thought.

"I'm so sorry sweetie. If….if there was any way we could stop this, we would….", but my mom trailed off, now too lost in her tears.

My parents were proud people, who usually never gave up, which scared me. It means that this situation was hopeless, and there was no way out of it.

Soon, I would be forced to leave my home, and live in a different place, that was scarily unfamiliar.

And I would be married to a monster, and tied with the species that has killed many of my people.

I let the tears continue to fall.


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