Vanille gasped as Fang's lips left hers and started trailing down her neck. "Fang," she breathed, her voice faint and already trembling.

Fang purred and gently pushed her down the bed. Vanille shuddered and let out a long, quivering moan. She loved having Fang on top of her, loved feeling that strong body pinning her down. She loved how easily, perfectly they fit when they were moving together, when Fang was groaning over her, saying her name, and she was digging her nails into Fang's back and screaming for more, for Fang to go faster, to fu- love her harder.

Vanille blushed so much her face turned redder than her hair. She couldn't believe she was actually about to say 'fuck' in her mind.

Which she just did.


Then Fang kissed her again and slipped a hand under her skirt.


Vanille broke the kiss with a squeak and yanked Fang's hand away from her thigh. She was blushing even more now, if that was possible. There were tingles from where Fang's fingers had been and where Fang was going to touch her, and it was embarrassing how we- how soaking we- how ready she was when they had barely done anything.

Fang glanced at their now joined hands and frowned. "Vanille? Did I do something wrong?"

"No," she answered quickly, clumsily guiding Fang's hand back to her waist. "I, umm, I..." she stuttered, looking away from those curious, confused and utterly gorgeous green eyes because her mind was already spinning and it was already hard enough to think. "Is it okay if we... if we..." she babbled on,"can we... just kiss? For a little longer?"

Fang blinked a few times at first, then she chuckled and rested her forehead against Vanille's. "We can 'just kiss' for as long as you want," she murmured lovingly, smiling sweetly.

Vanille wasn't sure what that meant until Fang rolled off her. She whimpered in protest but it was too late. Had she been given some warning or a hint, she would have locked her legs around Fang's waist and told her girlfriend to stay there, where she should be until they were both panting, sweating, spent and satisfied.

Fang was now lying on her back and she was still smiling, looking amused. Vanille hurriedly scooted over so she was curled at Fang's side.

"I didn't mean it that way-" she started to say, started to apologize.

"Hey," Fang cut her off, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Don't worry about it."

Vanille tried to say more but Fang beat her to it again.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want to do."

"Fang, stop interrupting me," Vanille huffed, tempted to slap that sweet smile off her girlfriend's face.

The smile turned into a grin. "Okay."

She pouted at the playful tone. "I'm serious, Fang."

The next, "Okay," was soft, sincere and came with a kiss on the brow.

Vanille closed her eyes and snuggled closer. Fang undid her pigtails and began to play with her hair. She indulged for a moment, nuzzling the rough, warm palm that lingered on her cheek and planting a kiss there. She dropped her hand to Fang's stomach, lazily drawing circles on the exposed bronze skin. "I didn't mean it that way," she tried again, looking her girlfriend in the eye.

"Did you want me to slow down?" Fang asked, still playing with her hair. "I wasn't rushing. I just wanted you out of your clothes."

Vanille felt her cheeks burn as the blush came back with a vengeance. Fang just talked about getting her naked like it was a normal, every day thing. She almost shuddered as she thought, as she remembered how good Fang's hands and mouth felt on her body, all over her body, especially between her le- "N-no!" she suddenly squeaked. "It's not like that!"

Fang seemed surprised by the outburst but recovered quickly, slipping her arm down to Vanille's waist and holding her closer. "Tell me?" she urged gently.

Vanille tucked her head under Fang's chin and sighed dejectedly. "I'm such a bad girlfriend."

The grip on her waist tightened. "Vanille-"

"I am!" she snapped, not even giving Fang a chance to argue. Realizing she yelled, she buried her face in her girlfriend's neck and mumbled, "I'm sorry, Fang. I didn't mean to yell, it's just, I... I..." she faltered, then reluctantly pulled away so she could look at her girlfriend. "Promise you won't get mad?"

"I promise."

Vanille smiled nervously and gave her girlfriend a quick peck on the lips. "I... I like this, okay?" she began awkwardly, then she inched back for another kiss, longer and deeper than the first, and it left her flushed. "I like the kissing and the... touching and-and everything else we do- I like it. A lot. I love it," she stopped to take a shaky breath and lick her suddenly dry lips, "what you do to me, how you make me feel... I love it, I do, I just- I'm still-"

"Still...?" Fang prompted, and if Vanille was paying more attention, she would have noticed that her girlfriend had almost groaned when she licked her lips and was now staring at her hungrily.

"I'm still-" she hesitated, bowing her head and biting her lip. "We've been... together like this, we've made love before," she rambled lamely, reddening further, "but I'm still... embarrassed about it," she finally blurted out, then looked up and quickly said, "I don't want to be! I shouldn't be!"

Fang blinked, eyes a little less dazed but still glazed over. "And that makes you a bad girlfriend?"

Vanille stared at Fang, finding the question ridiculous. "It does!"


Vanille whined, frustrated. Her girlfriend wasn't supposed to be dense. "Because!" she exclaimed like it was more than enough to explain everything, but it just made Fang confused, so confused that it looked painful. "I should be okay with it, like you are," she went on, leaning further and pushing her breasts against her already squirming girlfriend. "I want to be okay with it," she mumbled, pouting.

She felt a hand caress her cheek. "You will be," Fang said, sounding somewhat strained.

Vanille nuzzled her girlfriend's hand. "How do you know that?"

Fang grinned. "Because I'll make you feel sooo good you'll be shameless when I'm done with you."

Vanille blushed.

Fang laughed and kissed her. "You need to relax, love," she purred, "get comfortable."

Vanille pouted again and tucked her head back under her Fang's chin. She felt fingers running through her hair and heard a murmur of apology for the teasing. She smiled, eyes beginning to close from the soothing petting. She dropped her hand back down and stroked her girlfriend's stomach.

Fang couldn't stop the groan this time, and Vanille finally noticed that her girlfriend was tense and breathing heavily, almost panting. She was about to jump, to ask Fang what was wrong or where it hurt, but when her hand fell lower, she found her answer, hard, throbbing and aching for her.

Vanille kissed Fang's neck, feeling her girlfriend's racing pulse, and began to slide her hand under those shorts.

"Vanille," Fang gasped, jerking at the feel of her bare hand, "what are you doing?"

She delicately wrapped her fingers around her girlfriend and squeezed gently. "I'm..." she breathed, "getting comfortable."

Fang moaned hoarsely and said something that barely sounded like her name. She felt Fang's fingers, still buried in her hair, twitch, curl and tug before slipping away. Soon the arm around her waist was also gone, and she was being treated to the sight of her girlfriend reaching for and pulling down the front of her shorts.

Vanille watched as Fang was exposed to her inch by inch. She stared, as if just realizing, now that she was seeing it, that her hand was on her girlfriend's... her girlfriend's... her girlfriend's- that her hand was on her girlfriend. She gave another squeeze, fascinated with how big and hot Fang felt in her palm. "How long have you..." she started to ask, trying to look at her girlfriend's face but unable to keep her eyes off her hand. "How long have you been hard like that?"

"A while," Fang wheezed, laughing breathlessly. "Since you kissed me when I got back."

"But that was-" Vanille sputtered, but then stopped to give her girlfriend a confused, incredulous look. "Even when I was talking about being a bad girlfriend?"

Fang shuddered, her eyes rolling back. "Especially when you were talking about being a bad girlfriend."

Vanille turned red all over again. "Fang, I didn't mean that kind of bad!"

"I wish you did." Before Vanille could even think of smacking her girlfriend for saying that, she felt a brush against her hand. Her gaze immediately dropped down, just in time to see Fang's hand close over hers and guide her on a slow, firm upwards stroke. Vanille's entire body tingled as Fang brought their hands back down and then back up.

Vanille was still and quiet, unable to do anything but watch their hands move together and listen to the wonderful, delightful noises Fang made as they went faster and harder, until Fang was squirming and gasping under her.

Fang whimpered her name, eyes shut and hips bucking, asking, begging for more, and if Vanille was still feeling shy, it would have gone away in that instant. She kissed her way from her girlfriend's neck to her lips. Fang kissed her back, desperate and needy. Propping herself up with her other hand, Vanille pulled away and, remembering what her girlfriend had said, whispered, "I want to make you feel good, too, Fang."

She moved down until she was facing their hands and reluctantly let go of her girlfriend. She shushed the questions and protests with a well-placed kiss and completely pulled the shorts off, grateful that Fang had gotten out of the sari before they reached the bedroom.

Vanille got settled and kissed each of Fang's knuckles, which had gone white from gripping so hard. She eased her girlfriend's fingers off and replaced them with her mouth and her tongue, enjoying the startled cry and girlish whine that only she can get out of Fang.

She gripped Fang in her hand again and grazed her lips higher until she tasted what had already started to spill from her aroused girlfriend. She pulled back and licked her lips, feeling Fang shudder under her and feeling her own body quiver just from a little taste of her girlfriend.

"V-Vanille..." Fang groaned, thrusting against her tight grip and arching for more of her tongue.

Getting even hotter and wetter, Vanille eagerly brought Fang into her mouth, easily finding a matching rhythm with her hand. Fang's fingers were now tangled in her hair, tugging gently, urging her on. Vanille happily answered the silent plea, stroking harder and mouthing Fang deeper and longer. She moaned, loving how hot, hard and big Fang was, knowing it was all because of her. She loved how Fang tasted, how good Fang felt, throbbing deep in her mouth, and she was wishing so badly that Fang was inside her instead.

Her hips twitched, and she had to keep her other hand busy with stroking her girlfriend's stomach just so she wouldn't reach down and touch herself. She could tell by the harsh panting and the flexing muscles under her palm that her girlfriend was struggling to keep still, struggling not to come. She opened her eyes, not realizing when she had closed them or that she had at all.

Fang was looking at her, watching her with hungry, wanting green eyes that were telling her to stop so they could fuck, mate and make love like they were supposed to. Vanille clawed at Fang's stomach and moaned her yes. With one last greedy pump of her hand and suck of her mouth, she hurriedly straddled Fang and kissed her, yanking her girlfriend's hands to her ass and grinding against her shamelessly.

Fang groaned against her lips and squeezed her ass for just a moment before reaching for her skirt. Vanille immediately broke the kiss and held her girlfriend's hands still. Fang looked at her pleadingly, and Vanille could tell, just by staring at those hungry, desperate green eyes that her girlfriend wanted nothing more than to rip her clothes off and feel all of her naked body.

Vanille sat back up and let go of Fang's wrists, pleased that her girlfriend kept her hands where they were and where they should be, at least for now. She carefully but quickly unwrapped the fur pelt from her waist. Feeling Fang's eyes on her, she slowly removed her bracelets and beads. The slower she went, the closer she was pulled and the harder those hands squeezed her ass.

She moaned as Fang was pressed so firmly between her legs, and suddenly she was gushing and soaking through her panties because she could feel her girlfriend, hard and pulsing and begging to be inside her. Under her, Fang shuddered and groaned, and then those rough but gentle hands reluctantly moved away from her ass and easily, hurriedly ripped her skirt and panties off.

"Fang," she gasped, getting even wetter now that she could feel every hot, bare inch of her girlfriend. Grinding eagerly, uncontrollably against Fang, Vanille stripped her top off to reveal and offer every bit of herself to her girlfriend. Her hips were suddenly grabbed, the grip gentle but strong enough to hold her still. Fang was looking up at her, staring at breasts, her lips and her face, and Vanille had never felt more wanted, beautiful and perfect than she did now.

"I love it when you hair's down."

The way Fang had said that, panting, breathless and sounding so adoring, loving, possessive and raw all at once, Vanille simply couldn't wait anymore. She had to have Fang now. She glanced down, between their bodies, and shivered in delight when she saw that Fang was soaked and slicked from her, with her. She could tell that Fang was looking, too, and she enjoyed how much it made her girlfriend twitch, squirm and wordlessly beg for her.

Vanille slid her hips back and slowly eased Fang into her. She moaned loudly, both at the feeling of being stretched and filled by Fang and the sight of it. She watched as she took more and more of her girlfriend, unable to look away even if she wanted to, even when Fang was finally hilt deep, so big and thick and hard inside her.

She almost didn't hear Fang groaning her name and telling her how hot and tight she was and how good she felt. She felt the grip on her hips tighten and nudge her upwards, pleading for her to move. Vanille finally looked up, wanting to see Fang's face. She slowly drew her hips back, her eyes almost closing at the delicious sensation of Fang sliding out of her. She stopped just before Fang was all the way out, then quickly, eagerly slammed back down, wanting, needing her girlfriend back inside.

"Vanille, please," Fang whimpered in a way she had never heard before. "Fuck me. Ride me. Please."

Fang was begging for her so desperately, so shamelessly that it almost made Vanille come. She jerked forward, forcing her girlfriend even deeper and clamping down hard. Fang gasped and bucked, and Vanille quickly leaned in for a rough, greedy kiss, trying to distract both of them.

Her hands combed and tugged her girlfriend's sweat-soaked hair as she pulled her hips back once more and pushed right back, then again and again. Fang moved with her, perfectly matching her pace, pushing into her so deep, deeper than she'd ever felt. Vanille squealed, the sound muffled by Fang's mouth, then pulled away from the kiss to gasp for air, to try to slow down.

"Fang," she whispered, resting her forehead against her girlfriend's and staring into those glazed green eyes.

Vanille moaned and closed her eyes. Fang's hands were all over her, rubbing her back, stroking her sides and fondling her breasts. She had forgotten what she was going to say. She suddenly didn't know what else to say other than her girlfriend's name.

She squeezed tightly, not letting Fang pull back out.

"I want to see," she said, sitting back up.

She smiled when she saw that Fang was already looking down. She followed her girlfriend's gaze and braced her hands on that smooth, flat stomach as Fang's own hands slid back to her hips to support her. She relaxed around Fang and began to move again, watching Fang slide in and out of her. Fang followed her, meeting her with thrusts and hitting this spot inside her that made her squeeze and clench hard.

Vanille tossed her head back and shut her eyes. She was riding Fang, she was fucking Fang, and Fang was loving every second of it. "Fang," she moaned, she screamed. "Fang!" She didn't really care what kind of sound she was making as long as she was saying her girlfriend's name. She was so close, she was going to come, and all she could feel was Fang, Fang, Fang.

Vanille arched her back, greedily taking her girlfriend deeper and gripping tight. She cupped, squeezed and palmed her own breasts, imagining it was Fang's hands she was feeling instead, wishing it was Fang touching her.

She didn't hear Fang growl, not over her own gasps and moans. She didn't know Fang was groaning about how sexy it was that she was touching herself. She didn't notice how Fang's fingers dug into her hips before slipping down to her ass. But she knew that Fang must have said something, must have done something, because she felt so hot and Fang felt so good and she close, so close.

Vanille rode Fang faster, fucked Fang harder. She reached down with one hand and rubbed herself frantically, nearly falling out of rhythm. Fang growled again and she heard it this time.

"Fuck, Vanille! I love that- I love you!" Then Fang roughly pulled her down and kept her there, shoved deep into her. Her hips jerked and twitched as she took all of her girlfriend and suddenly, she was coming. She was coming all over Fang and Fang was coming with her, inside her, claiming her intimately, completely. She welcomed it, even squeezed and demanded for more until they were both weak and breathless.

Vanille collapsed on Fang, gasping, spent and limp. She felt Fang's chest heaving under her. For a while, she just listened to her girlfriend's racing heartbeat. She frowned when she realized that Fang was still wearing her top. She tugged pitifully at it and whined. "Take it off."

Fang chuckled lightly, voice barely there. "Can't while you're on me."

Vanille huffed and rolled off her girlfriend, shuddering at the sudden empty feeling between her legs. Fang peeled the top off her sweaty body and carelessly tossed it away. Vanille curled at her girlfriend's side as she did before. She nuzzled and kissed Fang's neck and rubbed lazily at that stomach she couldn't help but touch. Her hand brushed a little lower and she smiled. "Mmm," she purred. "That was gooood. I liked it. A lot."

Fang laughed again and wrapped an arm around her.

Vanille giggled, "And Chip! I liiiike Chip."

Fang blinked. "Chip? Who?"

Vanille grinned and dropped her hand lower.

Fang arched a brow. "Why 'Chip'...?"

She giggled again at her girlfriend's tone, like it was the funniest question she had ever heard. "Well, you know I can't say Fang Jr. because that'd be soooo silly. You're not a boy and you're not a dad! I thought about Little Fang, but that's not right because... you're not little. Not at all," she paused to appreciate and admire her girlfriend. "So, 'Chip' because, hmm, it's like... a chip off a fang. A part of you!"

Fang stared at her, and after a long moment of silence, finally spoke up. "I love you."

Vanille smiled brightly. "Does that mean it's okay?"

"No. But I love you."