Author's Notes: Look, I'm going to be straight up and tell you that I have not read the book yet and am going from the movie and the little knowledge I know of this. So, there will most likely be mistakes and be a little out there. I am also adding some things. Just putting that out there. Thanks a bunch to those of you who still read. 3

The strong burning in my leg is the sign that number three is gone. Another scar is what's left.

I don't know where or who he or she is, all I know is that them being gone makes it that much closer to me.

"Carmen!" A few short seconds later a tall, tan, brown haired woman walks into my room with a blank face. The moment she sees the new addition to my leg she lets a scowl take over. "Number Three is dead."

Her eyes left my leg and traveled to my face with a scowl still in place. "We should leave." She informed me in a stern voice, but I only shook my head.

"No." A thin dark eyebrow rose in question. "We've been here for over two years now Carmen. Nothing's happened." A bout of silence passed over us a few moments before I broke it. "We'll be fine." I told the woman as I pulled her in for a hug.

She only let it last for a moment before letting out a deep breath and pulling away. She was never one to show emotions or sympathy, she's so strong. We were so different. "You better hope so." Were her last words before exiting my room.

I let out a sigh as I flopped down onto my bed and propped up my still burning leg.

Three were dead. There are only six of us left.

Good thing Paradise is so off the grid.

My name is Mary Rice, or well, my alibi's name. I live in Paradise, Ohio, a.k.a Nowheresville, it's perfect.

But it's getting closer. There's only one more until me. Then it's my turn.

You're probably confused at this point.

Number Three just died, now it's number Four's turn. Eventually he or she will be hunted down and killed. Then it'll be number Five's turn.

I am number Five.

Author's Notes: Okay, I tried. So, I really hope you'll like this story. This is just the intro. Chapter 1 will be up soon. Let me know what you think please. Much love- Native23.