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He was okay looking. After staking out several of the bar occupants, she finally settled on him. It wasn't for his face; it was worn from the sun. And it wasn't for his body either. He wasn't fat, but he wasn't fit. The only thing she was interested in was the bulge in his pants. The moment she'd seen him grinning at her from across the bar, she'd noticed he was packing heat in his jeans. And that was what she needed.

Crossing the room with a big smile, she took him out of his seat by the collar, leading him towards the back of the bar. She hadn't been laid in a couple of days, and that was a couple of days too many. This man was going to feed her fix, whether he enjoyed it or not.

When they reached the backroom, she guided him inside roughly, tugging as her body warmed with anticipation. There was nothing stopping her now. Inside the room, there was a lone pool table, left to die. It wasn't useful for the game anymore, but the patrons of the bar had found another use for it. The wear on the green felt was almost down to the wood beneath, the romps of many couples rubbing away at it for years. She shoved him roughly towards the table and he grinned. He had no idea was she was planning. Without returning the grin, she stepped forward and pushed him again, this time ramming him into the side of the pool table. The grin on his face only spread.

"No rush honey." His voice was as greasy as a cheap burger, thick with suggestion. If he had his way, she'd shake her tits like a stripper and let him hump her to death against the wall. But not her. Not tonight.

"Lay down." She ordered. The man's face dropped a little as he studied her expression. There was no hint of games or teasing; she was calling the shots. He lay back and watched her nervously, unsure of himself with such a commanding woman. By now, her blood was boiling, screaming with need. She wanted that bulge inside her, filling her.

Looping her thumbs under her jeans, she threw them to the floor. His face lit up at her lack of underwear. Then she lunged, climbing up on the table as he scurried to rip down his pants. She aided him impatiently, withdrawing his hard cock. Hissing breaths through his teeth, he moaned as she pumped him eagerly, lifting her hips to straddle and settle on his girth in a quick sit. He howled like a wolf as she rode him fast, pressing his chest down onto the table. Hands flying to her hips, he tried to slow her. But she took his grip away, pinning his arms to down.

The bar was bustling, but it could have been empty. It wouldn't have made a difference to Billy tonight. He was bored. Drunks stumbled everywhere and his men were all occupied by women, petting them lustfully in their laps. The same went for Billy, only he wasn't paying attention to the blonde tracing his cock. Most nights, the combination of booze and women was enough to get him riled. But the fake nails on his chest and leg weren't enough and he was getting irritated.

"What do ya say, baby?" The girl was purring in his ear, and he hadn't been listening. That was the drill with all of them. But this one hadn't caught on, she'd kept talking until his brain was numb to her words. When he didn't answer her last question, she cupped his shaft and kneaded it until he turned his head. She licked her bottom lip, smearing the lipstick over the flesh. Just get it over with. Billy stood and took a drag, exiting the booth in a swift step.

"Back." His words were blunt, monotone. He didn't even blink as the girl lept from the booth and practically ran to the back of the bar. Exhaling smoke from his nose, he held the cigarette in his lips, sauntering slowly away from his table. He liked getting laid, but this blonde was exhausting.

Her body started to shake, the tension building inside of her body rocking her to a high.

"Fuck me harder." She growled, slamming his cock inside of her. His response was grunts and moans, unintelligible sounds from a man fucking beyond his ability. She was supporting herself on top of him by her arms, pinning his wrists down to the table. He was not going to control her speed, she wanted this fast and hard, no foreplay needed. His head rolled back and forth and she cursed at him.

"Don't you dare cum." Her voice was dangerous and breathy. The man beneath her only gasped at her fierce pumps. The slick, tight fit was too much for him and she could tell. Balling her hand into a fist, she hit him in the chest. He grunted a little louder than he had been and opened his eyes to look at her.

"What the fuck?" Snarling at him, she arched on his hips.

"You aren't done yet. Fuck me." His pants became whimpers, the walls of her body squeezing him tighter as she leaned against his shaft. Despite her punch, he was in over his head, drowning in his arriving orgasm.

The door opened and she whipped her head around, rocking her spine as she rode. Without missing a beat, she roared.

"FUCK OFF!" A blonde stood in the doorway, gaping into the room as she watched. "You enjoyin' the show sweetheart?" That made the girl scowl and the door was closed. She laughed as she turned her attention back to the man below her. He was reduced to grunts again, squeezing his eyes closed. The man was incredibly close and she wasn't ready for it to be over. Stopping, she hovered over him, withdrawing his cock entirely. His eyes snapped open and he pushed hard on her hip, trying to bring her back down.

"Come on, baby. You're killin' me." He whined. His cock was swollen and red, pulsing under her body. He reached for it and she grabbed his hands, pinning them again.

"You're too close." She said, her face inches from his. He thrust up at her and came in contact with her throbbing, empty opening. Refusing him entry, she swallowed a moan and moved up higher. Anger started to flush his face.

"Fuckin' bitch." He growled, trying to free himself. She was much stronger than she looked and her arms flexed over him, revealing that hidden strength. With each push, he grew angrier, struggling harder. When he was close to freeing himself, she glanced down at his dick. The color had changed, back to a pink. Fisting him quickly, she pressed him back inside, sighing with her own fulfillment. His eyes bulged and he let out a moan that rumbled throughout his body. He thrust up hard and she met him, picking up the pace once again.

"There's someone in there." The blonde trotted to him, pouting with her painted lips. Billy sighed and pointed to the bathroom.

"Wait." Nodding her head, she obeyed, silently standing where he'd instructed. He couldn't have her hanging on his arm when he went to alleviate the backroom of its occupants. Striding down the hall, he put a hand on the door, poised to enter, when he heard a sound.

"You're too close." Leaning in, Billy peered through the crack in the open doorway. From what he could see, a woman was hovering over a man on the pool table. She was bare except for a shirt, her entire lower body exposed for him to see. And he took his time looking. Between her legs, the man was flat on his back, cock begging for attention. Suddenly, the girl's words made sense and Billy raised an eyebrow. He paused, interested in the events.

The man struggled and Billy's second eyebrow rose in surprise. The woman was strong, keeping her begging companion pinned without too much exertion.

"Fuckin' bitch." The man hissed, wiggling in an attempt to connect his erect dick with the prize that waited above. It was almost funny and Billy grinned, watching with the most entertainment he'd found all night. What a pussy. The guy was trapped beneath a girl who couldn't be more than 130 pounds and he was at her mercy. Laughing at him, she was leaning over to keep a hold on his arms. As she did so, her shirt rode up in the back and Billy noticed the black ink for the first time. It started on her butt and spread up her spine. Squinting, Billy could see the black design through her sheer, white shirt and he was impressed. It was huge, covering her entire back. If Billy didn't know better, he could be looking at one of his men.

He was still staring when the girl lowered onto the man's dick in a harsh thrust. And he couldn't help but grin as the man let out a primal moan, slacking beneath her. As she started to ride him, Billy realized his jeans were tightening around his crotch. The movement and sound of them had him riled, another first for the night. This girl was intriguing and she hadn't even touched him. She moved her arms around her back and arched, angling herself as she ground down. Hissing like a snake, the pinned man bucked into her body with crazy speed. They were gasping and panting, filling the room with sounds as they went.

Then her face came into view. Instantly, Billy's pulse rose and his chest warmed, accompanying the erection that was growing in his jeans. She had tilted her head to the side and back, biting hard on her bottom lip, eyes closed as she let out low purring sounds.

And she was driving Billy crazy.

It was getting better. The pressure in her hips was borderline amazing and she let herself whine. Just enough to encourage the man beneath her to keep it up. She hadn't been wrong about his size, he was hitting all the spots and, with a little more time, he might satiate her thirst. As she relaxed and started enjoying herself, he let out a cry and went rigid on the table. Spoke too soon. He came with heavy groans and his cock softened. After that, it was useless to continue so she dismounted once he was spent. Swinging her leg over, she slipped quickly from the table. She pulled on her jeans in a flash, following suit with her boots in rapid movements. Her jacket came last, the cool leather sliding on her hot arms.

"Babe, that was awesome." The man on the table groaned, leaning up on an elbow to look at her. Pulling a cigarette from her pocket, she put it to her lips.

"Glad someone enjoyed it." Her voice was venomous. Feeling over her pants, she found her lighter and lit the tip of her smoke, taking a quick drag. The man sat up as she started to leave.

"Well fuck you." He growled. With a small smirk, she threw open the door and came face to face with a tall man. He was over a foot taller than her, chest tight as he glared into the dark room. But she didn't give him a second glance, instead turning her head to address the naked man splayed on the table.

"I wish you had." She retorted, pushing past the looming figure. Exhaling, she strut down the red hallway, clouding it with her smoke. She tugged on the collar of her jacket, pulling the leather tight on her shoulders and around her chest. It was a snug fit, and the sharp design highlighted her strength, made her look as tough as the men sitting around the bar. A blonde, the intruder from earlier, was leaning by the bathrooms when she came around the corner. With a smirk, she didn't avoid the girl's gaze. The peroxide junkie didn't back down, standing off the wall to block her path.

"Fuck you, bitch. I needed that room." She hissed.

When Billy watched the girl slip off the pool table, he felt a laugh build in his chest. She was disgusted with the pussy on the table and he could see it in the way she moved. Obviously unaware of this fact, the loser leaned up on an elbow with a grin on his face.

"Babe, that was awesome." He purred, looking over at the girl who was rushing to dress. Billy rolled his eyes. What an idiot. He'd barely pleased her and it was obvious.

"Glad someone enjoyed it." She growled. Her tone and quick retort made Billy smile. She was impressive. The idiot on the pool table frowned and lifted a lip in a snarl as she made her way to the door.

"Well fuck you." That made Billy frown. The punk should be apologizing for being a limp dick, not insulting the disappointed girl. Then the door opened in a violent jerk and Billy found himself staring in to the face of the leaving woman. Up close, he absorbed the finer details. She had brown hair, long and straight, and it was in a ponytail, some strands hanging loosely around her eyes. In barely any makeup, she still had an electric effect on his groin. Nothing like the blonde waiting for him, caked in layers of fake colors. Her face was tanned and untouched, shadowed sharply by the dark hallway. Even her clothes defined her, jacket and jeans setting her apart from the miniskirts and tube tops that dotted the bar. Billy barely had time to react to her before she smirked and turned her head back into the room.

"I wish you had." She laughed. Billy suddenly regretted not barging in when he could. He would have shown her a good time, and she'd have come back for seconds, in more ways than one. Two fingers placed a cigarette in her lips and she pushed past, taking drag as she left. By then, the punk on the table had spotted Billy. This was his bar and everyone knew to clear out when he showed up. So the guy was on his feet beside the table in seconds, pulling on his jeans in a flustered hurry.

"Get the fuck out." Billy growled. It wasn't necessary, but the urge to mark his dominance was almost animalistic. His bar, his room, and… Turning his head, Billy spotted the retreating brunette as she neared the bathrooms…just as the pouting blonde stood to block her path. A purr warmed his chest as the leather-clad girl exhaled in the whore's face, stopping with her shoulders squared in confidence.

He wanted to watch this.

Anything else and she would have just pushed her aside, moved along without incident. But the blonde skank shoved a cheap, plastic nail into her shoulder. As if she was addressing an equal. I could snap you in half. She exhaled in the girl's face and narrowed her eyes.

"You don't get your hand off me, you'll need a doctor to get it out of your ass." Her tone dropped to a threatening growl. No one got away with pushing her around, no matter where she was. As she hissed the words, the blonde retracted her finger with haste, hesitantly glancing past her face. She was all talk and no walk. Typical. Her temper ebbed as the girl's focus shifted to something back down the hall. With a drag, she gave in, turning her head to follow the eye line.

It was the guy from outside the backroom. And from what she could see, he was something else. Unlike their first run in, she took her time examining him now. He had a blank stare, rolling his shoulders back as she rotated slightly to look him up and down. There was plenty to see. His face was strong and strangely beautiful for someone without hair. Normally she didn't like bald, but he wore it differently, dangerously. In the dark, his eyes were shadowed and it made them a hauntingly steel color, powerful in their own way as he glared at her. But his power didn't end there; his body continued the effect. Wearing a tight black t-shirt, it was obvious he had muscles threading over every inch of his torso. Then there were the tattoos. They stretched from his wrists up under his sleeves and reappeared on his throat, snaking their way up to his ears. She praised him in her head, knowing all too well the pain of impressive ink. Before she'd been staring too long, she grinned.

"Hope he shows you a better time." She directed her words at the blonde, still facing the bald man down the hall. At her words, he flexed his jaw and blinked. Damn. He was intimidating without uttering a syllable. The blonde stepped into her path, suddenly blocking him from view.

"Don't get any ideas, bitch." She threatened, careful to keep her hands to herself this time. With a dry laugh, she dismissed the pathetic jealousy of the woman.

"He's all yours sweetheart." She teased, winking to emphasize how much she didn't care. But, as she flicked her eyes back to the dark man, she wondered why someone so good looking was settling for so cheap…and how she'd missed him in her initial list of prospects. Then, turning on her heel, she pushed through the crowd towards the front of the bar. Donnie was probably looking for her and she wasn't supposed to be on this side of the city. Time to go.

When the brunette had threatened the blonde, Billy's pants had tightened further, meriting a quick adjustment. This girl was so comfortable with herself, and fearless to boot. Nothing he'd come across before. She'd walked past him like he was nobody, and that was something he hadn't seen from a woman in years. Not only that, but she was confident. Many girls tried on the tough card for him, making crazy threats to try and win his approval. Starting fights for no reason meant nothing to him. But this girl, she wasn't looking for a fight, but she knew when to stand her ground.

The blonde lowered her hand, looking back at him, helpless. Christ. They were all pathetic like that, gazing up at him, doe-eyed and pouting, when something didn't go their way. Like he gave a fuck. Picking up on the blonde's stare, the brunette turned her head to glance at him over her shoulder. As their eyes touched, she took a drag and shifted her hips to fully face him. This time, she was paying attention, noticing him. Billy shifted, raising himself to his full height while he squared his shoulders. Take a good look honey. He thought. Take it all in. He looked good; he'd made sure of that. Watching her face was frustrating, however, her expression remaining fairly unresponsive. With a final look up and down, she snorted and gave him a small smirk.

"Hope he shows you a better time." You have no idea. Much longer and he wouldn't be able to hide the erection she'd started against his right leg. He wanted to show her how good he was, take her back to that pool table and finish her the right way. He'd been screwing since he was fourteen and he knew what he was doing. Whores don't beg for it unless it's good.

The blonde moved around and interrupted his devious thoughts as she blocked the brunette's gaze. From the movement of her head, Billy could tell she was talking, hands braced on her hips. The brunette merely took a drag, hand rising to her face and returning to her side without an ounce of emotion. Then she laughed, short and dry. He couldn't hear what she said over the music, but she shifted to look at him again, winking at the blonde as she did so. Reading her lips, he finally got insight into the conversation.

"He's all yours sweetheart." Billy had dealt with women for years, many pretending to be indifferent to intensify anticipation. But they'd all been faking, easily read. Without much prodding, he had them begging for him, succumbing to his every command. This girl. He felt a combination of frustration and arousal sweep through his stomach. This girl truly didn't seem interested in him. Screw her. I could have anyone I want in this place. With that thought, he flexed his jaw. It didn't make him feel any less insulted.

Then she was gone. In the blink of an eye, she turned and left, disappearing into the bar. A little bite of disappointment fed into his festering anger, but he fought it off, cracking his neck to ease the tension. The blonde walked back to him, squeezing past the backroom's previous occupant. He avoided Billy as he passed them both, turning into the men's bathroom, probably out of embarrassment. Billy Darley had walked in on him stark naked after all.

"I told her off." The blonde gushed. Liar. He kept the thought to himself as she wrapped her arms around his waist, looking up with lustful eyes. His cock reminded him of a very real need and he tugged her towards the backroom, closing the door with an abrupt slam.

Hope he shows you a better time. Billy ripped the blonde's skirt down to the floor and roughly placed her on the edge of the table. He wanted this hard. With the anger in his gut, that was exactly what he needed. Unthreading his zipper with a short tug, he set his jeans on the bottom of his hips, exposing just though of his boxer's to reveal the bulge inside. The blonde bit her lip and kicked her legs, scooting closer with a whine. Her face didn't fit. He grabbed her thighs with his large hands, jerking her off the table. With a small yelp, she stared up at him, confused as he whipped her around. Then he bent her over, pulling on her right knee to set it on the edge of the table. Her breathing increased and he knew she was slightly afraid. Taking her like this, it would be raw, harsh. Perfect.

Cock in hand, he tore inside of her without warning and she clawed at the felt, closing her eyes as she opened her mouth to moan. Moan. Every woman enjoyed him. Every single one.

"Yesss." She was hissing through her teeth against the table, holding on as he pounded, jolting her back and forth on the surface. His thrusts were accompanied by pulls from his hands, ramming her butt into his hips. It took no time at all before she was reaching back, trying to touch his thighs as the movement thrashed her into the side of the table. He slowed to deliver harder, snapping bucks, causing the blonde to abandon moans in favor of shouts. Swallowing, he closed his eyes to listen. That was the sound of satisfaction.

Could have been all yours sweetheart.

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