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"Mommmmmm!" The little boy cried, running into the house. His face was covered in tears and his hands were shaking as he ran into his mother's arms. "Mommy it hurts!" She pulled away to look at him, cupping his face.

"What happened?" Cooing, she searched him with her eyes. He wailed and pointed at his leg.

"I fell." Scout dipped down and kissed the knee, avoiding the bloody scrape.

"Come 'ere baby." She purred, picking him up and carrying the boy back into the kitchen. Setting him gently on the counter, she softly pinched his cheeks with her thumbs. "My big boy. What were ya doin' out there?" He sniffed as his mother crossed the room, opening a cabinet.

"Michael wanted to play a game and I was running and I tripped on the sidewalk and I fell." He rambled, whining as he gripped the countertop with white knuckles. Scout returned with a box of Band-Aids and antibacterial cream.

"What did I say about Michael Rambi?" Her voice was stern, but gentle when she questioned him. The boy lowered his head, shrugging. She dipped down to look into his face.

"Mark, answer me." The little boy glanced up at his mother with watery eyes and she put her hands on her hips.

"He plays too rough." He murmured, sniffling to gain pity points. Scout snorted and messed his brown hair.

"And he's too old for you." She reached for the cream and put a little on her finger. "He's going to high school next month." Scout added, reaching down to his knee. Mark flinched and she kissed the skin softly before rubbing the white goo on the cut. He barely moved, watching his mother place a blue Band-Aid on top. When she was done, Scout straightened and kissed his forehead.

"There, all better." Mark smiled a little, wiping the tears off his face. His mother lifted him from the counter, setting him on the floor. "Your father's gonna be home soon so play in your room. Okay?" The boy nodded and gingerly walked back towards the bedrooms. Scout shook her head, watching him totter away. It didn't seem possible that he was almost six. It felt like yesterday that she'd been cursing her overgrown belly.

"Hey sexy." A voice purred as arms wrapped around Scouts shoulders. She laughed and sunk back into the embrace, reaching up and rubbing the forearms in front of her chest.

"Hey yourself." She cooed. Chris kissed her cheek and Scout giggled, his stubble tickling her face. Releasing his arm, she saw the black on her fingertips. "Chris you're a mess!" He chuckled and dropped her shoulders, stepping away. Scout whirled and took him in.

His white t-shirt was smeared with transmission fluid, oil, and dirt. Chris raised his eyebrows and gave her a grin, flashing his best smile. Even when he hadn't shaved in a week and his hair was messy from work, he looked amazing. She wiped at her shirt, the oil smudged on the grey material.

"Uck. There goes another shirt." She moaned, narrowing her eyes. "You suck." Chris threw his head back and laughed.

"I missed you too babe." He purred, wrapping his arms around her again, intentionally messing her further. As he planted a kiss on her lips, Scout laughed. She could never be truly mad with him. Not anymore. He'd stuck by her side these seven years, saving her from herself more than once.

"Daddy!" Mark called, running out to the kitchen. Chris released Scout and scooped up the boy, hoisting him onto his hip.

"Hey chief." He laughed, pinching Mark's nose. "What's this?" Chris added, pointing to the bandage on his knee. Mark wrinkled his face.

"I fell." Chris opened his mouth in dramatic shock.

"YOU FELL?" He cried. "OH MY GOD!" Chris threw the boy over his shoulder, Mark's butt sticking up in the air. "QUICK SCOUT! CALL AN AMBULANCE!" She rolled her eyes at the goofy man, watching her son kick his legs as he giggled incessantly.

"Daddy!" Mark cried, holding on as he convulsed with laughter. Chris chuckled and lowered him to the floor. The boy's green t-shirt was smudged and dirty. With a loud scoff, Scout smacked Chris' shoulder, motioning to both of them.

"Give me your shirts, dirty boys." They complied and Chris messed Mark's hair.

"Go wash your hands." He said and the boy took off down the hall. Scout called after him.

"And change your—" Chris kissed her abruptly, pressing her between his body and the counter. She giggled and let him run his hands all over, indulging in the sudden heated exchange. When he pulled away, Scout patted his face with little slaps.

"You too." She ordered. He groaned and crossed his eyes, stepping away towards their bedroom. Scout leaned against the counter, watching his butt as he went. She might be tamer than ever, but she still loved his ass in those jeans.

Scout sighed and looked out the window, watching dark clouds roll over the trees. She exhaled and rubbed her arms. How were her brothers doing? Did they miss her?

"What'd you make?" Mark asked as he pattered back into the kitchen. Scout stroked her chin.

"I don't remember." The boy put his hands on his hips.

"You're lying." She laughed. He looked so much like his father when he did that. Scout scooped him up, cradling him in her arms. Laughing, she brought her nose to his.

"I love you." She whispered, kissing her son's cheek loudly. He wrinkled his nose and squirmed.

"Love you too, Mommy." Scout felt her heart warm at the words. Seven years ago, if she'd been told she would have a son, she would have laughed. Now, as she held her baby, Scout realized she couldn't live without him. She would do anything for the small boy in her arms. Her son with icy blue eyes.

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