Hello, readers. I know that it has been awhile since I posted anythig in the Sorcerer's Apprentice fandom, and I will admit that the delay was a little longer than I would have liked. However, I found myself suffering from an age old problem that all writers have had to contend with from the beginning of time: writer's block. I had a pretty severe case of it with this story, but I think that I managed to overcome that. I am hoping to post the first chapter of The Road Goes Ever On, the sequal to The Never Ending Road, in the next few days.

Before I did that, though, I wanted to post a little bit of information on it first. I am going to be giving a try to the Balthy 100 with this story. I can't say that the story will be 100 chapters long, as some adventurous writers on this site have done so well. But the prompts will be something of a structure.

That being said, I should also warn you that this is not going to be a necessarily conventional sequal. A lot of the sequals to the movie are very well written, and I have enjoyed all of those that I have read. However, they all seem to follow the same basic structure of Horvath comign back on the scene and trying to cause havoc in one way or another. Well, I am going to be upfront when I say that won't be the layout of this story.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, here is a little list of what I am hoping to do. These aren't necessarily spoliers, but just little tidbits to whet the appetite, so to speak.

First of all, there will be characters who are not human. Specifically, I am going to be dealing a lot with the idea of vampires. Now, before you all unsubscribe, I should say that these aren't the vampires inspired by Stephanie Meyer. They are sort of a mix of a bunch of vampire stories that I have found, along with a few of my own ideas. For some reason, the idea of vampire mythology, if written or performed well, is kind of facinating to me. And I could see a lot of potiential in having two factions like vampires and sorcerers appearing in the same story as both allies and enemies. There will also be other supernatural characters that I will be exploring, like werewolves, fairies, nyads and dryads. We didn't really hear a lot of them in the movie, but they always seem integral to all of the fantasy that I have ever read, so I wanted to be able to explore a little bit of that as well.

Secondly, there isn't going to be a lot of Horvath in this story, more like a few cameos here and there. Though I thought that he was brilliantly portrayed in the movie by Alfred Molina, I wanted to bring in other bad guys, spcifically other Morganians. That is the one thing I thought was missing from the movie, purely for the sake of the story they were telling, as well as time and money issues, and that was the structure of the magical factions. There is going to be a lot of that in this sequal, both Morganian Circles and Morganian Sects/ Societies. We are going to see how they operate together, and how they come into conflict. In my mind, the sorcerer war could not have been fought over so long and so secretly without some form of organization. I am attempting my own narrative on that.

Finally, the characters we all know and love are going to be joined by many new ones, sometimes in very important ways. Former Morganians come under the tutelage of Merlineans who are not necessarily do-gooders all the time, those who thought they didn't have magic will discover they have a gift which they either have to pursue or bury, and people who have a very specific kind of magic must come to terms with where they belong and what they want from their talents. I won't be giving away anything other than that, but there will be a lot of twists and turns to be found in this story.

Anyway, that's where things stand. Hope that you are all with me for the long haul. Drop me a message to tell me what you think of these ideas. In just a few days, I will begin posting The Road Goes Ever On.