Title: As Usual
Summary: The dawn is breaking, and another night would come soon.
Rating: T
Genre: General

It was an ordinary night.

She was walking towards her own quarters when she heard the panting. A few steps and she would have not cared anymore. But she stopped. As always as it had been, caring, solely for him, was her favorite mistake.

The door was not closed, and the man is sitting resignedly on his bed. Panting heavily, loudly and it hung over her in the air, like the wild beating of her heart. As always as it had been, when it comes to him; she would know at one point she would drown in his scent and no scatterbrained excuses could ever help her escape.

"Do you need help?"

Instinctively, she went towards him, closer and closer to him and the smell thickened in the air that passed between them Oh she would not drown in him; she would most likely get drunk. But she did not stop. As always as it had been, she didn't stop when it should matter and she stopped when it mattered because that was always how it had been with him.

Instinctively, he caught her in his arms, panting heavily and his grip on her waist was so tight she could barely breathe. Drowning, like how she always imagined it to be. Drunk and intoxicated. His arms squeezed her some more and her rib cage was probably broken, but she did not care, she would heal them later. Right now, they were breathing in each other. Right now, that was all that mattered, as always as it had been.

And suddenly her hands are clutching his shirt too tight it would hard to fix the creases. Her grip was nearly as strong as his on hers, and she didn't try to understand how badly they wanted it to happen, how badly they wanted anything to happen to each other, with each other, right now, right now.

When he licked the pulsing vein in her neck, she joined in his panting and under the moonlight she cursed. She knew that she couldn't do this; he knew he couldn't do this. They couldn't do this. But she wasn't sure if doing it or not doing it, which would hurt even more, because she was bleeding inside as there are gashes and scratches underneath her skin and they had only been touching and breathing until nothing made sense anymore.


Like a snap he pushed her away, hard, and the sound traveled in the walls she was sure even the ground heard it. Same old story, same old game. He would be hurt, she would care. He would wait, she would come. He would run to her, and she'd be there to meet him. He would lick, she would urge him; he would stop, she would stop; he would hurt, and she would too. As usual, everything hurt.

It was an ordinary night.

"Go away." His voice was as husky as it was struggling but this was the point in the act where the curtains roll, and she would walk away. As always as it had been, she would just walk away as she knew she would be here tomorrow night, and the night after that, and the night for the rest of their eternal lives because this as how they learned to live with each other.

Wondering when the waiting would stop, wondering if the waiting would stop, and wondering if she should stop loving him, knowing that she wouldn't.

It was an ordinary night. As always as it had been, she walked out of his room, slightly hopeful, slightly defeated. The dawn was breaking, and soon another ordinary night would come.


A/N: Uhm, short drabble I wrote after reading Ch. 70. It's not spoilery though. This is just a testament of how much I still love this couple. Really. Also this is unbeta-ed, sort of like stream of consciousness type of thing, so forgive, forgive, forgive for any grammar headaches. Read and review, if you will.