Hey there everyone! Here's my third Naruto Fic! It's about an Jincuriki from the Yuki no Kuni (Land of Snow) who comes and helps in the sealing of Kyuubi. I just want you all to know I'm having Writer's Block on my current stories right now. This is also co-authored by DragonKnightRyu so thanks also go to him. So, without further adue, here it is! The Prologue Chapter of Artic Wolf, Crimson Fox. Enjoy!


Artic Wolf, Crimson Fox



October 10th

Night of the Kyuubi Attack

It was an average day in Konohagakure... well so long as the average is hundreds of ninja dying fighting a 900ft tall nine-tailed demon fox that has a inexaustable chakra supply and is able to heal any wound it recieves, and if that is your idea of average either you are very blood thirsty or the unluckiest person to be alive.

'This isn't good,' thought one lone figure as he stared at the carnage from the top of a hill, 'If this keeps up, Konoha will be no more,'

He stood at 5' 10", with black hair in a wolf-tail, glacier blue eyes, and having a Martial Artist build. He was wearing a Black Leather jacket with white trim and a hood, grey pants, shirt, and flak vest, Black combat boots, gloves, and a mask that covers the lower portion of his face from his neck to his nose (like Kakashi's). Attached to his back was a sword, with a carved wood handle with vine plant designs carved into the hanldle. He stared at the ba..no, slaughter that was happening between the Shinobi of the Leaf and the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"You planning on helping them out?," said a voice in his head.

"(Sighs) Might as well. But I don't understand, is'nt the Kyuubi suppose to be their Guardian? What or who is making her do this?," he asked with a puzzled look.

"Only one way to find out...," the voice began.

"Is go straight to the horse's mouth," He finished and with that, he shunshined in a blizzard of snow to the Hidden Village.

Hokage office

Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, aka Konoha's Yellow Flash, was having a bad day. Not only was the Kyuubi attacking them, but his wife Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze who is pregnant with his first child, is now in labor. And the only way to stop it was to seal it in a newborn child, which in this case, his own. He stared at the forbidden scroll which showed the seal to do it. But, there was a catch, a fatal one at that. He'd have to sacrifice his life to seal the Fox and his son would be ostracized by the village despite his wish to see him as a hero, such as a Jinchuuriki's life is.

'DAMN IT! Why did this have to happen NOW of all times?,' he thought as he banged his head on his desk. It was then he got a un-expected visitor.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," said an unknown voice and Minato turned his head to the source and saw a man standing in the window. He immediatley went on guard.

"Who are you?," he demanded in a cold-tone. The stranger put his hands up in defense.

"Whoa! Easy there Hokage-sama! I was just passing through and I saw the little show outside," he replied as he pointed his thumb outside the window, "As for who I am. The name's Sanada, Magoichi Sanada, formerly of Yuki no Kuni."

Minato quirked an eyebrow at that. "You're a long way fom home."

Magoichi just sighed at that. "Well, I have my reasons. One of which is that the late Daimyo's little piece of shit brother is a tyrant." Then he noticed the scroll with the Shiki Fuujin.

He hopped off the open window and walked toward the desk and began studying the seal including the handsigns to how to do it. Minato looked at the stranger warily as he looked at the seal. It was then the doors to the office door burst opened to reveal a man with long spiky white hair, a red jacket a large scroll on his back, .

"Minato you need to...Who's this?" Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannin asked Minato, when he saw the unknown shinobi in the office.

"Not enough time for that Jiraiya-sensei, what is it?" Minato asked his sensei from his days as a Genin.

"Right, the Kyuubi is getting closer! Shiori, the Okamikaze, the Okamikage, and the other shinobi can't hold it for long! You better have a solution, NOW."

"I have one," Minato confirmed with a nod "The Shiki Fuujin."

Jiraiya stared at his pupil incredulously for a second "ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME MINATO!" Jiraiya roared "YOU BETTER NOT BE PLANNING ON USING IT YOURSELF! At the very least I should be doing it! You have a kid and wife!"

"I KNOW THAT JIRAIYA!" Minato retorted, "But as the Kage of this village it's my responsiblity, and when I seal it into my child-"

"ARE YOU CRAZY?" Jiraiya interrupted, "You, Me, and Kushina all know how Jinchuriki's are treated! You saw so yourself with Iwa's Jinchuriki!"

"That is why I am going to request that he is to be treated as a hero!" Minato said with conviction "They will listen to me!"

"No, they won't" Magoichi denied from where he was still studying the Shiki Fuujin startling the pair who had briefly forgotten about him "The Yukikage asked the same thing for the Jinchuriki of the Wolf Spirit, but they hated him all the same."

Jiraiya lifted a eyebrow at that, "How would you know that? Who are you? And what do you mean Wolf spirit?" he asked and Magoichi just sighed.

"Because...I'm that Jinchuriki, I contain the Hokubu Hokkyoku Ookami no Seishin (Northern Arctic Wolf Spirit) of Yuki no Kuni" he said sadly, and the two Konoha-nins eyes just widen at that.

"HUUUUH!" they both yelled in unison.

Magoichi merely sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose "Unfortunately there is no time for me to explain, so I am just going to say this my sealing does not like yours," He explained "Once every generation there will always be a Jinchuriki of the Hokubu Hokkyoku Ookami no Seishin, he is always sealed in by a set of very specific seals and is in a kinda symbiotic relationship with the Host, and while most hosts die within a month or so after the transfer it is said to be rather painful for the current host."

They both winced at what he was saying.

"Ouch." Jiraiya said and Magoichi nodded at that, he was lucky he did'nt get go through what his predecessors went through. Minato although curious of how he know about such knew their wasn't time, but then a Shinobi came through the doors wearing a Ninja mask and his Hitai-ate slanted over his left eye. He was Kakashi Hatake, one of Minato's students, and Jonin of Konoha.

"Sensei!" He shouted desperately "The Kyuubi has reached the outskirts of Konoha!"

"Dammit!" Minato cursed loudly "I thought we had more time!"

"And also sensei, your son Naruto was just born, but..."

"But what? What's wrong Kakashi? Is it Kushina? ANSWER ME!" Kakashi flinched at his sensei's tone as he answered.

"T-The Medic-nins say she doesn't have long to live, the labor took it's toll on her, she'll probably have at least 6 hours to live," He said as he had sad look in his visible eye.

Minato eyes widened at the news his student just gave him as he fell to his knees.

"No...No, no no no nonono NOOO! Please tell me it's not true!" he begged to the heavens as Kakashi and Jiraiya lowered there heads in sadness. But then Magoichi said something that will elate their fears, but also shock them.

"I can save her," Minato and the others perked at Magoichi's words, "I know a little trick the Wolf taught me while I was in Yuki no Kuni, I've not used it though because the human wielder sacrifices a huge chunk their life force,"

"What?" Minato asked hopefully "But why would you?"

Magoichi shrugged "I may not look it but I am well into my 70's," He announced shocking the room's occupants "And I know the pain of growing up alone, I will need a child no older than 10 months of age though, any older and the transfer of the Wolf Spirit will not work."

Minato was taking this in as he thought about it, "Alright, but we need to do something about the Kyuubi and Seal it into my son," Magoichi nodded at that.

"That's fine, but I suggest you use this seal intead along with the other seals , except the one that kills you, you plan to use. It'll leave you weakened for a while, but you'll live," Magoichi reached into his trench coat and produced a scroll and handed it to Minato.

"Arigato, but may I ask one thing?" Minato asked and the Former Yuki-nin looked at him and gestured him to continue, "Exactly how long will you have after you sacrificed a good of your Life Force?"

Magoichi scrunched his face in thought at that, "From what the Wolf told me, I will have only five months to live until I can a new host find for him. So you better find a child before then,"

Minato nodded "I'll do everything I can to," He agreed "Come, I'll lead you to the hospital."

*Konoha Hospital*

The hospital of Konohagakure was currently embroiled in chaos as medics, doctors and nurses rushed through the building desperately trying to heal the wounded that streamed in during the Kyuubi attack, and in one part of the Hospital a beautiful red headed, amethyst eyed woman holding a whiskered blond haired blue eyed baby murmuring sweet words to her child as tears streamed down her face 'Kami why must you be so cruel?' The woman asked sadly 'To take me from my child so soon...'

"Kushina!" called a voice she knew that made her heart scream for joy.

"Minato-kun!" she responded with happiness, but also had a hint of sadness, as the man she loved moved from the hall way and to her bedside.

"I heard what the Doctor said..." Minato whispered quietly as he rested his forehead against her's blinking away his tears at her weakened condition.

"I'm sorry Minato-kun, I won't be able to be with you and Naruto-chan..." Kushina sobbed as her husband embraced her.

"I's alright Kushina-chan," He said encouragingly "There is someone here who can help you."

Kushina's eyes widened in shock and hope at hearing what her husband said.

"W-what? Who Minato-kun? It can't be Tsunade-sensei, she's not here" she asked, but before Minato could answer another voice she did'nt recognize spoke up.

"That would be me, Kushina-sama," She looked behind her husband and standing by the doorway, was a man with black shoulder blade length hair in a wolf-tail, glacier blue eyes, standing at a height of 5' 10" tall, wearing a Black Leather jacket with white trim and a hood, grey pants, shirt, and flak vest (similar to a Konoha Jonin's but grey) , Black combat boots, gloves with metal plates on the back, and a mask that covers the lower portion of his face from his neck to his nose. Attached to his back was a sword, with a carved wood handle with gold vine plant designs carved into the hanldle. She could tell he was a shinobi just by looking at how he carried himself.

"Who are you?" she asked with a hint of concern.

"My name is Magoichi," He said introducing himself with a respectful bow "I am the Jinchuriki of the Hokubu Hokkyoku Ookami no Seishin who taught me a technique I can use to heal your body."

"But... why?" She asked confused "What do you stand to gain?"

"Nothing," Magoichi replied shaking his head slightly with a slight smirk "I gain nothing from this other than ensuring that the Hokubu Hokkyoku Ookami no Seishin has a new container before I die."

Kushina's eyes widen at that, and she can tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn't kidding.

"But why? Why do you want to sacrifice your life for me?" she asked, and Magoichi eyes gained a sad look to them.

"Let's just say, I'm tired of wandering around the world alone, and wish to be reunited my parents. Also I'm helping a member of my mother's clan seek happiness" he confessed and Minato and Kushina's eyes widen in shock at that. Minato was the first to recover.

"Y-you mean...you're a..," Minato stammered and Magoichi just eye smiled.

"You guessed right Minato-san. I'm Uzumaki on my mother's side, I inherited my father's hair and eyes, while I inherited my mother's face and antics." he said and laughed at the shocked expressions.

"I'm always told that the Uzumaki are pranksters at heart," Magoichi said as he chuckled "I'm glad to have met at least one other Uzumaki, when I heard about the destruction of Uzushiogakure I feared that we were a dying breed."

Kushina smiled at her now realized cousin "So am I." She whispered fresh tears in her eyes "Wish I could have gotten to know you before though."

Magoichi nodded in agreement "Just make sure this little guy learns about his 'Uncle' though will ya?" He asked smiling, as well as softly patting Naruto's head.

Kushina smiled sadly, as she nodded, "I will," Magoichi just eye-smiled at that. Out in the hallway, Jiraiya heard the whole exchange between Kushina and her long lost cousin, and had a small smile on his face.

He heard Magoichi sigh as he turned to Minato.

"You better hurry Minato, and if anything happens to my 'Nephew' regardless of my condition for the last few months of my life," His body was then surrounded by a dark aura, as his voice took a demonic tone "I'll kill you,"

Minato nervously sweatdropped as he nodded his head before taking his son out of Kushina's arms and then kissing his Red Whirpool telling her that he would be back, and then flashing out of the Hospital thinking 'Geezus, is it an Uzumaki thing to be so scary?' He mentally wondered vastly preferring to fight the Kyuubi than piss of his wife or another Uzumaki.

Back in the Hospital room Magoichi breathed deeply as he prepared himself for what he was about to do 'Thanks for teaching me this technique Fubukitsume-dono,' He thought as he began the series of handseals to save his cousin.

He could hear the wolf sigh regretfully from within the seal "Thank you for being a good friend Magoichi." The wolf thanked smiling as Magoichi completed the final hand seal "And I wish you luck wherever it is you go old friend."

Magoichi smiled under his mask at that, 'Likewise, hairball,'

"HEY!" shouted Fubukitsume as Magoichi called out the name of the jutsu.

"Kinjutsu: Saisei no Meikon!(Forbidden Technique: Rebirth of Life)" He shouted as a bright white light filled the room blinding any who saw it temporarily.

*Outskirts of Konoha*

The Konoha-Nin were barley holding by their fingernails, and when the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, came on his trusted Toad Summon Gamabunta, the shinobi all cheered at the arrival of their leader. Shiori Ookamikaze, Head of the Ookamikaze Clan, and Commander in chief of the Ookamikage Black Ops jumped on the Toad Boss' head to speak to her old friend. She was dress in the black battle armor of her unit, which consisted of a form samurai style beast plate, Black ANBU pants, Anbu sandals, arm guards, and fingerless black gloves with metal blacks on the back. She had jet black hair in a high pony-tail, brown-yellow eyes, and a figure that any woman could kill for.

"You're late Minato!" Shiori shouted at him as she panted for breath.

Minato chuckled weakly as he shifted Naruto slightly in his arms "Sorry 'bout that, had an unexpected, but good, visitor." He explained "Shiori, I'm going to seal the Kyuubi, I'll be extremely weak afterwards, you are the temporary Hokage until I recover."

Shiori was confused by that, but she was also hocked that he choose HER to be temprorary Hokage, before she could comment though, a soft cry caught her attention as she looked at the bundle in his arms.

"Minato, is that your child?" she asked. She knew Kushina was pregnant with Minato's child, because she was one of the guest at their secret wedding because Minato trusts her.

Minato grinned proudly as he showed Naruto to her, and Shiori could'nt help but smile at how cute the young Namikaze looked.

"Indeed it is, Shiori," Minato said, then the Kyuubi's roar, which sounded like a mournful roar, caught their attention.

"We've all been fighting hard Minato," Shiori "Your plan better work, 'cause if it doesn't..."

"I know," Minato confirmed "Have everyone fall back, I don't want anyone to get caught up in this."

Shiori nodded and leapt off Gamabunta shouting orders to fall back and let the Yondaime handle it. Squaring off against the Kyuubi Minato couldn't help but smile down at his son "Naruto, I hope that when you learn of the burden you are about to bear, you can forgive your old man for doing this. LET'S GO GAMABUNTA!"

"WAY AHEAD OF YOU, GAKI!" said the Boss Toad with a giant leap, and Minato began the handsigns as Gamabunta held the Kyuubi at bay.

"KEEP THAT FUZZBALL BUSY AS LONG AS YOU CAN!" Minato shouted. The Kyuubi swiped a claw at Gamabunta, which scratched him near his eye.

"AGH! THAT'S GONNA LEAVE A MARK! HURRY UP!" the moment the toad said that, Minato landed on the final seal and called the jutsu.

"Fuinjutsu: Ōkami no Rei Fūin! (Sealing Technique: Spirit Seal of the Wolf) " a bright light erupted as everyone who had fallen back from the fight covered their eyes.

When the light faded the Kyuubi was gone and Gamabunta stood alone in the middle of the field nursing his wound "Minato!" Shiori shouted landing on top of Gamabunta finding her friend unconscious while Naruto slept peacefully "Thank god, are you alright Gamabunta-sama?"

"Nothing a couple of stitches won't fix," The boss toad assured "I trust you can take of things from here."

"Hai, Gamabunta-sama." Shiori assured picking up Naruto as another Ookamikage Spec Ops picked up Minato.

"Very well, tell the brat to get in contact with us once he's recovered." Gamabunta rumbled before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Shiori sighed as she turned to her partner "C'mon let's get these two to the Hospital with Kushina-chan." She ordered receiving a nod in acknowledgement.

*Konoha Hospital*

Kushina looked sadly at the bed across the room that her cousin was on. He was pale, sweating, and had a coughing fit every now and then as the doctors and nurses tried to make him comfortable.

'I finally get a member of my family back, only for him to sacrifice himself for me,' she thought as tears leaked from her eyes.

A sudden scuffle of movement brought her attention to the doorway as Shiori busted into the room with Naruto in her arms and another Ookamikage was carrying Minato "Minato-kun!" She shouted fearfully.

"Don't worry, he's only sleeping." Shiori assured as she passed Naruto over to his mother "The knucklehead wouldn't die even if the Shinigami told him to."

Kushina let out a sound that was a mixture of a laugh and a sob as she held Naruto close to her "Thank you Shiori-chan." She whispered smiling at her longtime friend who returned it with her own.

"Hey now, you know better than that. The Ha no Roku Tenshi (Six Angels of the Leaf) always look after their own." She said and Kushina chuckled at that, she and her five friends, Tsume Inuzuka, Yoshino Nara, Hitomi Hyuuga, Mikoto Uchiha, and of course Shiori Ookamikaze formed a group with her as the leader when they became Chuunin. They were known through out the Elemental Countries in always succeeding in their missions by dealing heavy casaulties to the enemy, and keeping allied forces losses to a bare minimum.

"Thank god we're all alive," Kushina whispered hugging her son and looking over to Minato "But... It took a cousin I just met sacrificing himself for this to happen."

"Then don't let be in vain girl!" Shiori shouted "Kick ass and take names in his honor then!"

Kushina couldn't help but laugh at her friends exuberant attitude "Thanks Shiori-chan, you always helped cheer me up." She thanked as she leaned back against her pillow as exhaustion crept over her and her eyes started to close "Thank you Kami, for letting me keep my family." and she fell asleep, with Naruto safely in her arms. Shirori smiled warmly at the scene. Taking a breath, she turned to her subordinate.

"Go and gather the Clan Heads, the Sandaime, and the...civilian council," she spat the last part like it was venom, and the Ookamikage Spec Op knew why. They, along with the Uchiha Clan, with the exception of Mikoto, have been mingling in affairs that they were not supposed to be, and thus, got on the nerves of the other Clans. The Spec Op, nodded in affirmation and left to carry out his orders.

"Well, it was quite a show, huh Shiori?," Shiori turned and saw Jiraiya enter the room with a not so happy smile on his face.

"I agree Jiraiya-sama, we would've all perished if Minato had'nt come in time," Shiori said and Jiraiya nodded at that. It was then the sound of terrible coughing caught their attention as they turned to Magoichi's bed, he was now starting to tremble as he used a pretty good amount of his Life Force to revitalize Kushina.

"Damn...*cough, cough, cough*...I never thought it would...*cough, cough, cough* ...be this bad," he said in a weak voice as Shiori and Jiraiya came over to his bed.

"I understand I have you to thank for saving my friend," Shiori said looking down at the weakened man who nodded slightly "You have my deepest gratitude."

Magoichi chuckled slightly before erupting into another fit of coughing "Did the sealing work?" He asked the two Konoha-nin in a raspy voice and received a nod in confirmation "That's good to hear."

The Spec Ops agent returned and nodded to Shiori who nodded back and turned to Jiraiya "I'll need your help with the council." She informed "Fugaku and the civilians will probably try to pull something with Minato out of action."

Jiraiya nodded at that as he knew they've been trying for years to gain control of things that are WAY out of their jurisdiction.

"I agree. I'll help you anyway I can," he replied.

"Jiraiya-san...I have a request," Magoichi said in a hoarse voice. Jiraya perqued at that.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I wish to entrust you with my journal," Magoichi informed passing him a worn leather bound book "Around 70 years of my accumulated knowledge, I hope you find it useful."

Jiraiya nodded "I'll treat like men do Icha Icha," He informed smirking at the smile that spread across Magoichi's lips "You rest, I'll take care of finding you a child you can use for the transfer."

Magoichi nodded weakly as he fell back unconscious "Thank you Jiraiya-san." He whispered as his eyes closed again.

Jiraiya turned to Shiori with his hardened 'battle face' "Let's remind these peons who is in command here shall we?" He asked making Shiori smirk ferally and nod in agreement before they vanished in a whirl of leaves.

*Hokage Tower, Council Room*

The room was full of conversation as the Shinobi Elders, Clan Heads, the now retired Sandaime, and the Civilian Council were murmuring on what was going on.

"I wonder what this meeting is about," whispered one Civilian as he talked to his compatriot.

"It's probably about the situation with the Kyuubi, and how the Yondaime defeated it," said another, and before they could continue, Jiraiya and Shiori appeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Thank you for coming," Shiori said as she sat down in the Hokage's chair.

"What is this! You are not allowed to sit there!" Fugaku shouted infuriated.

"I am allowed because I am the interim Hokage while Minato recovers!" Shiori snapped glaring at Fugaku "Maybe if you and your clan were actually fighting instead of hiding like the cowards you are you would know that!"

Fugaku and the Civilian Council's eyes widen at that, and Fugaku was now seething.

'He Failed! That old geezer FAILED!' thought Fugaku as he looked at Shiori who was glaring at him, daring him to try something. Knowing a shouting match is about to erupt between the two, Hiruzen Sarutobi coughed to get their attention.

"If I may ask Shiori-chan, how is Minato-kun?" the old Hokage asked and Shiori stopped her glaring match with Fugaku and looked to her old superior.

"He's alive, but was weakened by the sealing of the Kyuubi, he's sleeping at the Hospital right now. He named me as temproray Hokage until he recovers," she informed them. "So let's get some things straight, we are incredibly weakened from this attack and we will be remaining under martial law until we have had a chance to repair and assess our situation."

"What you can't do that!" A civilian member shouted "What about trading and our food supplies!"

"We have enough rations to last us for a year." Shiori remarked taking in the civilians roundness "Besides it might do you some good to lose a couple of pounds."

"How dare you! You bi-"


The Civilian stood stock still as his cheek bled from the kunai that was now implanted in the wall. Shiori stood with her hand outstreched glaring at the man, and unleashing a Hell amount of KI on the fool as she spoke in a feral voice.

"I prefer you do not refer to me by that title civilian," the Civilians were scared shitless by the interim Hokage.

"What do you plan to do with the Jinchuriki that Minato created?" Danzo asked making Shiori and Jiraiya curse.

"WHAT! The demon still lives!" Another civilian shouted, this one was Abi Haruno, a pink hair banshee as well as a massive fan girl of Minato and a certified idiot "We have to kill it while it's weak."

"In no way are you touching that child, any of you touch him and I guarantee it will be a very public and very painful death for you." Shiori growled as KI poured out of her causing everyone in the room to freeze "That so called 'Demon' is the son of Minato and Kushina, not the Kyuubi."

"I don't care if it's their son," growled Fugaku, "And I believe it should be either executed or turned into a- ACK!" the Uchiha Head never got to finish as he was grabbed by his throat and held in the air by a VERY pissed Jiraiya.

"If you so much as FINISH that statement Fugaku, and I will send you to the Shinigami myself," growled Jiraiya as the man struggled to break free.

"Jiraiya! That's enough. He's learned his mistake," ordered the calm but furious Hiruzen as his student reluctantly let him go.

"Know this Fugaku..," the Toad Sannin growled as he unleashed KI on the Uchiha prick, "If you go anywhere near Minato or ANY of his family...I will KILL you," with that and a brief glare at Danzo for shooting his mouth off, Jiraiya returned to his spot beside Shiori.

"On to more pressing matters," Shiori declared shutting out any more arguments "I will need all Clan heads to report a list of their casualties and damaged sustained from the attack, if I feel that the damage is not related to the attack or insignificant I will not be funding the rebuilding for it or reimbursement, same goes with any civilian home or establishment, you all seem to have forgotten that the seat I am sitting in is the ultimate power of this village, not you, am I clear?"

The Clans nodded in approval while the civilians nodded in fear of pissing off the irate Acting Hokage even more. Before the meeting could be adjourned, Danzo, Hiruzen's rival and head of ROOT, decided to add something else.

"Before we adjourn this meeting I like to present something that has gathered my attention," Danzo informed as Shiori, Jiraiya, and Hiruzen look at him warily.

"And what pre-tell is that, Danzo?" Shiori asked as her eyes narrowed at the warhawk.

"What of the second Jinchuriki that had arrived in the village?" He asked nonplussed by the growls from Jiraiya and Shiori "One Magoichi Uzumaki isn't it?"

"None of your concern," Shiori declared her hardened gaze daring someone to speak out "He was merely coming to visit Kushina, his cousin,and in the process saving her and the Yondaime's life when he used a forbidden technique that saved Kushina at the cost of his own lifeand also provided Minato with the seal he used for the Kyuubi."

"I remember him," Sarutobi declared smiling fondly "I used to spar with him occasionally when i was younger, actually it was I who informed him of Kushina-chan's presence here in Konoha."

The civilians and the other Elders were shocked by this.

"Why did'nt you tell us this Hiruzen?" Koharu demanded, that caused Hiruzen to glare back at his former teammate.

"I didn't knowing you two and Danzo, will try to do anything to make him a weapon for Konoha, like attempt to kidnap him and wipe his memories and make him your obedient slave!," Hiruzen growled out, "And I won't allow a old friend to suffer that kind of fate," he continued, and the Elders and Danzo were now fuming at that.

"And now he's dying," Jiraiya in a somber tone, "And he has at least FIVE months to live until we find a new host for his tenant,"

"I have a few suggestions in min-" Danzo began only to be cut off.

"I will not hand over a Jinchuriki to your sick ROOT Danzo," Shiori snapped glaring at him "Continue this up and you will find yourself and your precious ROOT in a very bad position."

Danzo frowned but kept his mouth shut as a couple of other people recommended their children.

"If I may, my wife will be giving birth to our first born in a couple months, you may use her." Hiashi suggested raising his hand.

Shiori thought this over for a few moments and nodded in approval at the Hyuuga Head's request.

"Alright Hiashi, but I suggest you update Hitomi on the situation and bring her to the Hospital to meet Magoichi," she advised and Hiashi nodded in understanding, "Now, if that is all, then we are done. Me and Jiraiya are off to the Hospital to inform Magoichi of the situation," with that the meeting ended.

"Mind if I come with you, Shiori-chan? I wish to catch up with my old friend before he passes on," Hiruzen requested as he followed Shiori and Jiraiya's example.

The interim Hokage nodded and the trio vanished using a shunshin shortly followed by the remaining clan heads sans Fugaku as well as Danzo and the Elders.

"This is ridiculous they are letting not one but two demons live!"Abi shouted infuriated "We have to do something about this!"

"Calm down," Fugaku ordered harshly "The Uchiha plan is getting close to its final stage, just be patient and the demons will be dealt with when I and the Uchiha take our rightful place as the leaders of this village."

*Konoha Hospital*

"Is that you Hizuren?" Magoichi asked smiling as he saw a familiar face enter the room.

"Yes it is old friend," Hizuren assured smiling as he took in his friend's condition "And I must say you look like shit."

Magoichi laughed for a minute before coughing "You try transferring your life force to someone else and see how you feel." He countered making Hizuren chuckle "I'm glad to see you again before I pass on."

"And I you Magoichi." Hizuren replied "We have found a potential child for you to use for the transfer, she will be born in a month, a member of the Hyuuga clan."

Magoichi smiled and nodded in relief "Good, that means she will not grow up alone," He said gratefully "My sword, the Junsuina Yuki (Pure Snow), pass it on to her will you, also I have another sword for my nephew, the Kokin Okami (Noble Wolf)." He lifted his hand up and channelled chakra into the seal that was on the palm of his hand and in a puff of smoke a double edged straight edged back katana sword appeared in his hand, near the hilt of the sword was a single opening line that was a couple of millimetres thick and a couple of inches long "I hope he gets good use out of it."

Shiori moved to the seat where Magoichi's possesions are and picked up the katana-like blade still in it's sheaf, while Hiruzen took the Kokin Okami.

"I'll make sure they get them, you have my word," Hiruzen promised and Magoichi simled.

"Also, there's something else," he said as Hiruzen, Shiori, and Jiraiya moved forward, "On the inside of my jacket are pockets for storage scrolls, and a few Jutsu scrolls, since the girl will inherit my ability to use Hyoton because of the wolf,"

Hizuren chuckled "Swords, Hyoton, and the Byakugan, that will be quite the interesting mix don't you think?" He asked smiling at his friend.

"No more interesting than uber regeneration with extremely high Fuinjutsu skills and the Hyoton." Magoichi countered with a smile "It's funny Hizuren, I always wondered how I would die, if it would be from when that bastard of a Daimyo in Yuki caught me and extracted the wolf spirit or if it would be in some glorious battle."

Hizuren chuckled "Indeed," He agreed "It's very rare that a shinobi reaches our age these days."

Magoichi nodded "I can only hope for a new age of peace where it isn't so odd for people like us to reach this age." He mused "Who knows, maybe it'll happen sooner than we think..."

Hiruzen then put a hand on his shoulder, "Rest now, Hiashi will be here with his wife tomorrow afternoon to meet with you," he said and Magoichi nodded in understanding.

"One more thing though...," he says and Hiruzen leans in to listen, "See if you can get that troublesome, drunk, bad sense of gambling, cousin of mine back here to see her family,"

"Even if I have for drag her back by her hair," Hizuren promised "I'll make sure she returns."

"Thank you old friend." Magoichi whispered as he fell back unconscious smiling.

Hizuren sighed as he stood up and looked over to the other three occupants and smiled faintly "Well, I best send that letter off to Tsunade-chan if she is to return soon." He murmured to himself before quietly exiting the room.

"Well that was amusing, don't you agree?" Joked Kushina, who held Naruto in her arms, as she woke up a few minutes before Hiruzen and the others arrived and heard the whole thing.

"I'll say Kushina-chan," Shiori said with a grin, but before they could continue, a grunt came from the bed that Minato lay, as said was waking up.

"Ugh! What hit me?" groaned the weakened Yondaime Hokage.

"That would be an SS-class Fuinjutsu technique," Kushina said smiling at her husband "I'm glad to see you awake Minato-kun."

Minato immediately sat up in his bed only to pathetically groan in pain as he collapsed "Glad to see you're alright Kushina-chan." He said waving his arm as Kushina giggled with a happy smile before a small cry caught her attention.

"Naruto-kun sends his greetings as well," Kushina translated smiling at her husband "And the wish for food."

Minato chuckled as he looked at his family, happy that they will be together. He turned his head to the bed next to him and a sad look came upon his face at Magoichi's condition.

"Sigh, I wish I got to know him more, he could've taught me a lot more Fuuinjutsu," Minato said sadly as the other three nodded.

"At least in was'nt in vain, kiddo," Jiraiya said as he put a hand on his shoulder, "He at least some stuff for your son and his sucessor,"

Minato raised an eyebrow at that, "Who?"

"Hiashi volunteered for his daughter who is to be born sometime in late December," Shiori informed him, and Minato nodded at that. Shiori then looked at the jacket drapped over the chair next to all of Magoichi's other possessions, walking over she picked up his jacket "He left her everything he owned, from his notes on fuinjutsu to his scrolls on Hyoton even a sword for her and Naruto."

Minato looked down in regret as he paid his respects to the man that saved his family "Is there anything else we can do for him?" Minato asked heavily.

"All he wanted was to see his other cousin, Tsunade." Jiraiya said with a slight smirk "Turns out his aunt was Mito-san's sister,"

Minato nodded at that, Tsunade was not only a member of the Senju but also a member of the Uzumaki Clan as well.

"And also the best we can do for him is to make him as comfortable as much as possible," Minato said as he turned back to his wife and child, and smiled.

*Somewhere in Fire Country*

Walking along a road somwhere between Tanzaku Gai and Konoha a rather buxom blond haired woman with honey brown eyes looking to be in about her thirties walked along the road. Beside her a young woman with black hair and eyes wearing a black kimono and carrying a pig in her arms.

"I can't believe we're going back to Konoha!" The young woman said excitedly "It's been so long!"

"It has hasn't it." The older woman stated nostalgically looking up into the sky 'Konoha, all that place represents to me is death.'

"Still Tsunade-sama, you seemed pretty shocked when you got that letter, what was in it?" Asked Tsunade's companion and apprentice Shizune.

"A cousin of mine from the Uzumaki side of my family is dying," Tsunade explained sadly "He wanted to see me before he passed on..."

Shizune looked at her sensei with a look of understanding and a hint of sadness.

"What is his name Tsunade-sama?" Shizune asked and the Blonde smiled sadly at the memories of a young man with black hair tied in a wolf-tail, and wearing a black jacket with a Hitai-ate with four snow flakes on the metal plate as she gave her answer.

"Magoichi...Magoichi Uzumaki-Sanada," she said and they continued their way to Konoha.

*Konoha, the next day*

"In terms of damage we got off pretty light, it was mostly in the forest surrounding Konoha that was damaged during the attack," A Okamikage Spec Ops agent reported to Shiori as she looked through the stack of paperwork on her desk and sorted it into piles for her Kage Bunshins to look over and sign, modify or discard "Our casualties however are heavy, over 200 are wounded with serious injuries, 50 with minor injuries and 100 are dead, for the civilians there were no casualties, but numerous injuries due to panicking in the village during the attack."

Shiori nodded at that, it could've been worse if the Kyuubi had reached the village, and the amount of casaulties would've tripled.

"Also," the Spec Ops said, "we've been getting reports of rumours going around the village,"

Shiori perqued at that info, and frowned as she did'nt like the sound of that, rumours were dangerous, and mostly could be lies.

"What rumours?" Shiori ordered in her "Commander" voice.

"People are saying that the Kyuubi was never killed or even sealed properly, that it had taken the form of a young boy casting a spell over the Yondaime fooling him into believing it's his kid." The agent reported in a disgusted voice "Many are planning on 'freeing' the Yondaime."

"Those goddamn civilian FOOLS!" Shiori shouted enraged "How dare they say that bullshit, find who started the rumours and arrest them for treason and conspiracy against the Hokage NOW!"

With a shout of "Hai!" the Spec Ops left the office to carry out the order, leaving Shiori to take her anger out on the desk by throwing it out the window, smashing onto the ground below scaring the crap out of a few villagers.

"Damn them!" growled Shiori as her yellow eyes burned with hatred, "Damn them all to HELL!"

*Konoha Hospital, Uzumaki-Namikaze Room*

"WHAT!" Yelled Minato as he sat up in his bed a look of anger on his face as he looked at Yuugao Uzuki, one of Kushina's most trusted students.

"That's right Hokage-sama, rumors are going around the village that Naruto-kun is the demon," said the purple-haired young woman with a look of disgust on her face, "I'm willing to bet it was those damn Civilian Councilors, along with the Uchiha, and the Elders"

Minato gritted his teeth in anger, as Kushina held her baby protectively to her.

"Dammit! And they do this while I'm out of commision! I'll personally sign their execution papers for this!" Minato declared with a snarl "What is Shiori doing?"

"She has the Ookamikage investigating the rumours looking for the source," Yugao replied "Even though we know who is behind it we have no proof, she had also ordered ANBU to detain anyone that makes any overt moves against you, Kushina-sensei or Naruto-kun as well as seven squads guarding this hospital and your room to prevent anything from happening."

Kushina growled as her eyes narrowed "Those damn bastards, why can't they let us live in peace." She asked angrily "Naruto-kun is not the goddamn Kyuubi!"

Naruto started to cry at the loud noises happening around him and Kushina rocked him in her arms to calm him down.

"Shh, shh, there there Naruto-kun, it's okay. Kaa-san's not gonna let the evil people get you," she cooed and Naruto instantly calmed and started giggling. Minato smiled at the scene of his small family. Just then voices outside caught their attention, and it was one they recognize.

"Oh come on! I just got back to see my cousin who's dying because he saved my student, and now you say I can't see him!" came the angry voice of a female.

"I'm sorry but you are not authorized to enter-" A voice was heard before a ANBU flew through the door and out the opposing window and continued into the next building as Tsunade entered with a terrified Shizune behind her.

"Humph ANBU my ass that boy was a runt!" Tsunade declared standing in the remains of the door way as the rooms occupants stared at her in shock.

"Still as brutal as ever, ne sensei?" Kushina asked with a smile as Tsunade blinked and looked over at her.

"Kushina-chan?" She asked looking at her former student "Well I'll be damned so that's my Godson huh?"

Kushina giggled as did Naruto when he saw his Godmother. Tsunade smiled as she saw her Godson and walked over to Kushina's bed to take a look.

"Well ain't you a cutie," cooed Tsunade as she rubbed her finger along one of his whiskered cheeks making the blonde babe purr, much to the girls likeness for the child as they all give off a squeal of "Kawaii!" and making Minato chuckle.

"If you're done playing with my nephew...*cough,cough*...how about you come say "Hi" to me?" said a raspy voice that caught Tsunade's attention.

Looking over Tsunade's eyes widened in shock at the sight of her cousin, over night he had grown thinner and more gaunt "Magoichi?" She asked in shock walking over to his bedside "What happened to you? Who did this to you?"

"I did this to myself," Magoichi said smiling up at Tsunade "Kushina-chan was dying so I used a Forbidden technique that the old hairball taught me to transfer my life force to her in order to save her."

"What!" Tsunade shouted in shock "Why would you do such a foolish thing surely there must have been another way!"

"Unfortunately there wasn't," Magoichi denied sadly "I don't regret it though, dying to save a life has always been a fantasy of mine."

Tsunade chuckled weakly as tears welled up in her eyes "You goddamn fool and your damned hero complex."

A hand stroked her left cheek (NOT THAT WAY YOU PERVS) as she looked back at her cousin who was still smiling.

"So do all Uzumaki, and the reason I did what I did is because I don't want Naruto to grow up alone like me," he said as Tsunade's tears fell onto his bed, "You know my story of how I was alone, how my father and mother's last wish was cast aside by my village, that betrayed my parents' trust," he said sadly as tears started welling up in his eyes, too.

"Magoichi..." Tsunade whispered.

"Please, do not let it happen to Naruto as well, protect them, and show this village the truth." He begged as tears fell out of his eyes "They cannot continue this path of self destruction, and that is all their hatred will bring, is death and destruction, no one wants that."

"I promise, as a Senju I will not allow that to happen Magoichi," Tsunade swore "I refuse to allow them to destroy Naruto and themselves."

Magoichi gave a relieved smiled at that, "Good, now I need to give you something to hold onto, until the next Jinchuriki for the Old Wolf grows to be a Genin," he said as he pointed to his jacket, "On the inside of the left sleeve of my jacket is the summoning scroll for the Artic Wolf Clan," Everyone in the room was shocked by that, "It's a blood seal, so only you, and any others of Uzumaki blood can unlock it and get the scroll," he told and Tsunade nodded as she walked over to the Jacket.

Cutting her thumb she winced at the sight of blood but pushed on regardless as she swiped it across the seal and in a puff of smoke an old looking scroll appeared, it was about half the size of the one Jiraiya carried with him, but it was undoubtedly a summoning scroll "I'll keep it safe cousin." Tsunade swore walking back to his side.

"Good," He said smiling before coughing harshly "Dammit, this is defiantly more painful than I thought it would be..."

"Idiot, you never do think things through do you?" Tsunade asked good naturedly as she tried and failed to restrain her tears "But then again, that is another Uzumaki trait isn't it, when one of your own is in trouble you all go running."

Magoichi chuckled at that, "Yeah, that's what we do,"

"A-Ano, excuse me?" said a soft voice and everyone turned to the source.

In the doorway a heavily pregnant Hyuuga stood there uncertainly her navy blue hair fell to her waist and her lavender eyes were filled with uncertainty "This is the room for Magoichi right?" The woman asked nervously.

"Hitomi-chan!" Kushina shouted "Yeah this is his room, how are you doing girl?"

"I-I'm fine." She replied nervously with a smile, Hitomi Hyuuga while one of the Ha no Roku Tenshi she was still one of the most uncertain and shyest person you will ever meet in a shinobi village "H-How are you Kushina-chan?"

Kushina smiled at her friend, "I'm doing fine, and so is my little Naruto-kun," she said as she gazed lovingly at her child. Hitomi looked at the child and could'nt help but squeal at how cute Naruto looked with his whisker marks.

"Awwwww, he's so Kawaii, Kushina-chan!" Hitomi said in delight.

"You're Hitomi Hyuuga?" Hitomi turned to the source of the voice and could'nt help but gasp in shock at the condition of the man she was there to meet.

"Y-yes, I am. A-are you Magoichi?" she asked.

"I am," He confirmed as Hitomi nervously approached him "Don't worry it's only the hairball that bites, not me."

"Hey I resent that!"

'Oh shut it hairball...'

Magoichi smiled gently as Hitomi approached him "How is you soon to be born daughter doing?"

"Ah, Little Hinata-chan is doing fine." Hitomi assured quickly with a slight blush.

"So her name is Hinata is it?" Magoichi asked "That's a good name, may I?" He asked again raising his hand.

Hitomi nodded nervously as the dying Uzumaki placed his hand on her swollen belly and channelled some of the Wolf's chakra into it allowing the Old Wolf to inspect his potential host.

"She is perfect for me," Fubukitsume said startling Hitomi who heard him as well "Don't worry, I am only ensuring that your daughter will be strong enough to hold me when she is born, and she is, I can see she will be very much like you... heh, very much like you indeed."

Hitomi smiled and blushed at the comment.

'Okay Fubukitsume-dono, no need to embarass her,' Hitomi heard Magoichi's thought's and before she could say anything, Magoichi's told her, 'Just think the words you want to say, Hitomi-sama,'

'Oh, um w-what's happening right now?' She asked curiously and nervously 'How are we speaking like this.'

"We are currently connected through my chakra, the three of us," Fubukitsume answered "Can you not feel her? Your daughter?"

Concentrating Hitomi could feel the barely formed thoughts of the life dwelling within her as she gasped in awe 'T-this is amazing.' She mentally whispered.

'It always is amazing feeling a new life being grown,' Magoichi replied wistfully 'She will be strong your daughter, she has that very strength you carry within you.'

With that he cut the link, and to say Hitomi was awestruck was an understatement, Magoichi chuckled before he started coughing harshly again, worrying those around him.

"Magoichi! You must rest! You're putting too much strain on yourself!," Tsunade chided in worry for her cousin's health.

"I know, Tsunade, I know," Magoichi replied as he looked at Hitomi and everyone else in the room. He then looked at Minato.

"Can you make a Privacy Seal in here, Minato?" he asked the blonde, and the Yondaime nodded as he made the signs for the jutsu and the room glowed blue.

"Alright," he said, "Listen to me, all of you. Tsunade, you already know the story, but these kids have'nt, so...I'm going to them," he finished and Tsunade nodded in understanding and a hint of sadness.

"Alright, what I'm about to tell you younglings, is my past," He said and that got everyone's attention, "It all started on the day of my birth, when my father Koya Sanada was the Shodai Yukikage, and my mother, Kikyo Uzumaki, was the previous Jinchuriki of the Hokubu Hokkyoku Ookami no Seishin...,"


Author's Post word: Hot damn! Longest Prologue I've EVER written! I hope you all will enjoy this new fic. This was a "on the shelf" project I had on hold. And I hope to make chapters of this soon to fill your desires, and to Namikaze09, yes I know Naruhina is overrated, I'm sorry, it's just I don't know who else to choose for being Magoichi's sucessor, and that goes to all who think so about Naruhina, and if you all want, you can borrow this idea, cool? Thank you.

Also, for the Jutsu of the Day

Fuuinjutsu: Okami no Rei Fuin- A SS-rank Fuuinjutsu created by a member of the Uzumaki Clan in order to secure the Hokubu Hokkyoku Ookami no Seishin inside a Jinchuriki host and share a symbiotic relationship with said host, the seal was specifically designed for holding the Wolf Spirit but allowed it to talk to it's current host. The major drawback is that the user is severely weakened for 6 months after using the seal.

See you next time!