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Chapter 2

One's gone, One's Born


On the road from Kawa no Kuni, 30 miles to Konoha


On a tree near the Kawa no Kuni road, a tree squirrel was holding an acorn as it makes its way down said tree to bury the nut so it could eat it later. It paused on a branch to look around for any predators that might be around, satisfied that the area was clear, it moved to continue back down, only for several blurs to pass by knocking the acorn out of it's paws and sending it tumbling through the trees. . Screaming in worry, the squirrel went after the acorn hoping to get it back while cursing those blurs from earlier. As he reached the acorn the squirrel immediately picked it up and started patting and stroking the nut, like a human mother will do when she was separated from her child for too long. But as he was about to make his way back upthe tree, another large blur, this time a white colored one rammed into the squirrel sending it and the acorn flying while said mammal was screaming.

'Did I hear something scream just now?' thought the blur which appeared to be a horse-sized wolf as he ran to catch up with his prey, but shrugged, "Probably nothing," He muttered "Hope Kushina is in a pleasant mood when I arrive or I am in BIG trouble."


Konoha Hospital


Reimei smiled softly at her newfound daughter Hikari as she giggled playing with Magoichi's finger as he held her gently in his arms.

"My my, don't you have a strong grip," Magoichi pointed out and chuckled as Hikari continued to play with her new father. The two Jinchuriki lovers couldn't be happier now that they have a child to call their own, Hikari was now the shining beacon in their lives as the baby girl healed the wounds of their past. As they were attending their new child a soft but strong masculine voice came from the door way.

"Well now, ain't this a lovely sight," the couple turned toward the source and saw a young man who looked to be in his mid twenties standing at 6' 2, his black hair in a high-ponytail, and dark eyes that will make women get lost in, he was wearing a blue traditional Shozoku gi ninja attire with a white sleeveless Haori coat, and wearing tabi socks with warajii sandals, his presence surprised the two jinchuriki as they looked at him in recognition.

"Gennouske-san...," Magoichi said as Reimei came over and collected Hikari in her arms "Oboro-san..."

"Hey, Kanna-san sent word that you were in bad shape," Gennouske said looking Magoichi over and winced slightly "Seems like it's true."

"What happened to you Magoichi?" Oboro queried in concern "Not very many people can put you in this condition."

Magoichi chuckled lowly as he answered her, "Well, let's just I used a Kinjutsu that allowed me to give up my life force and transplant it into another," he said and the two were shocked by that since Gennouske was shown that particular Jutsu only once by Magoichi years ago.

" used the Saisei no Meikon?" the head of the new Iga-Kouga ninja said as Magoichi nodded.

"I did," He confirmed "It was the only way to save my cousin Kushina here."

The pair's eyes turned to Kushina who had been sitting silently with Naruto in her arms and Minato beside "Uhh, Hi." She greeted nervously with a weak smile.

"Oh! We're sorry! We didn't there other people in here," Oboro said as she sheepish smiled.

"It's alright, but can you explain how you got past the ANBU?" Minato said as Gennouske rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Well..." he said as the sound of pained groans came from the hallway as Minato sighed.

"That's the third time," he said with an exasperated look, as Gennouske and his wife laughed sheepishly.

"Sorry, they wouldn't let us through." He explained "And we were rather in a hurry..."

Minato sighed as he rubbed his temples while Kushina giggled "At this rate I'm wondering if I should just retrain them all!" He muttered in irritation "Maybe I'll put the corps through the Final Hell training regimen."

Oboro blinked at that, "I thought the ANBU were supposed to be the Elite Ninja of the village?"

Minato scoffed at that, "Well, the now defunct civilian council as it turns out, has been cutting the Training budgets, WITHOUT permission, so that they can turn the village into a vacation hot-spot," he said with a growl and Gennouske frowned at that.

"I saw that the area outside the hospital was covered in craters and some other damage to the buildings," he said and Minato nodded.

"There was an attempted Coup D'état led by one Fugaku Uchiha, formerly of the Uchiha Clan," he said with a snarl to his face.

Oboro blinked in surprise "A Coup?" She asked "Nothing, other than those craters, seemed like that happened."

Minato shrugged "That would be because of what happened to him," He announced "Let's just way that watching a person get torn apart by an Eastern Dragon and then eaten by a pair of Tigers turns a person off of rebellion."

The two from Nagi Island could only nod, as they know who it was.

"But still, why would they start a Coup, when they were the ones who founded the village alongside the Senju Clan?" Gennouske said puzzled, it was Kushina that answered him.

"Because Fugaku-teme was jealous that Minato-koi became Hokage instead of him, and he wanted to get revenge by killing him while he's weak, and also kill my sochi, who is now the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi," she said with a growl as she held her son close "I still say what happened to him was a too easy of a punishment, he should have been kept alive as molten gold was poured over him and allowed to harden while he was still alive within it!"

By now everyone in the room took a step back in fear as a red aura surrounded her being.

"Geesh Onee-chan, you sure get angry when somebody crosses you," everyone turned to the window and there was Kanna with Shirokaze on her shoulder as she stroked the falcon's feathers under his chin making said bird of prey make a murring sound in content.

"Imouto, what are doing here?" Kushina asked her sister and the Jinchuriki of the Eagle just shrugged.

"Well, I heard you and Minato were visiting Magoichi today, and I heard Gennouske-san and Oboro-chan were in town, so I decided to drop by and say 'hello'!," She chirped happily and everyone in the room sweatdropped, she turned her eyes to Naruto and immediately in a red blur was right next to Kushina "Awww I can't get over how cute my nephew is!" She shouted as she rubbed her cheek against Naruto earning a massive fit of giggles from the boy and a slight one from Kushina who only shook her head at her sister's behaviour.

"Don't spoil him too much Kanna," Kushina warned "Especially when he's older, I don't want him having a massive sweet tooth like yours was as a kid!"

Kanna immediately blushed in embarrassment, but smiled, "Sorry, sorry. I just can't help it every time I see him," she said as Magoichi and Reimei laughed, and Kanna turned toward them and spotted Hikari and again vanished in a blur and did the same with Hikari as she did with Naruto, "And let's not forget our Chīsana uzu (Little whirlpool)," Kanna squealed as she gave Hikari the same treatment and Hikari also went into a giggle fit, prompting everyone to laugh in the room.

Minato watched the on goings with a smile as he felt Kushina's happiness pour off her, a knock on the door however interrupted the group's gathering "Hokage-sama," an ANBU said entering the room with a bow "There is a man here to see you... He says he has information on Danzo and Madara Uchiha, do you wish to see him?" Minato's face immediately became serious at what the ANBU said, "Yes, tell Tsunade I need to borrow her office for awhile, and tell him to meet me there," the young Hokage said and the ANBU nodded and left to carry out the order.

Leaning down he placed a kiss on Naruto's forehead before kissing Kushina "I'll be back shortly." He whispered before exiting the room and heading to Tsunade's office, nodding to the two ANBU standing outside he entered the room and froze "You..." He breathed in shock staring at the person who was sitting in one of the guest chairs. The man had midnight black hair with ice blues eyes containing crimson flecks, his outfit was a black neck to toe covering robe with the Kanji for 'Death' embroidered in red on his back "Karite."

Karite nodded in acknowledgement and raised his hand placatingly as Minato went for his tri-pronged kunai "I am not here to fight you," He announced "I'm here to give you information on Danzo and Madara."

Minato kept his guard up as he looked at Karite with narrowed eyes, "And why should I believe you, after what you did?" he said his voice holding a cold edge.

"That was not my doing," the man said in a rare display of anger in his eyes, "It was all the work of that bastard Uchiha and my former, back-stabbing, student, they feared what I held in knowledge and viewed me as a threat to them taking the world over, I never had that desire, I only wanted to protect Konoha and live with my beloved, but then they killed her and FRAMED ME!"

Minato recoiled slightly at the amount of KI the man put out briefly "So Danzo and Madara framed you then?" He asked in confirmation as he sat down behind Tsunade's desk and sighed as Karite nodded "So why come to me then? What do you wish to gain from this? A pardon? Amnesty?"

Karite only shook his head, "Nothing of the sort, I'm just here to give you some important information. Most of it concerns that child your Okamikage Spec Ops liberated from Danzo's lair,"

Minato's eyes widen a little at this "What of Hikari?" He demanded his demeanour changing in an instant as his entire body coiled to strike as his eyes hardened.

"She is a part of something called Project Fenikkusu," He explained seriously "From what my informants have gathered Danzo has been trying to merge the Uzumaki Bloodline with the Uchiha's Sharingan and the Shodai's Mokuton, he's is trying to create the perfect weapon for controlling Bijuu and Jinchuriki's and quite possibly the Shugo Rei as well."

Minato's eyes now REALLY widen at this information, and then he snarled in anger, "Why the hell would Danzo do this? To an innocent child no less!"

"Power, Minato," Karite said as it was simple, "That's what most people care more about in the world we live in, it is an unfortunate truth that we must learn the hard way, even I succumbed to it myself leading to my Gene Splicing experiments, even going as far as using myself as a test subject, though thankfully I never went with using children and prisoners as subjects."

Minato nodded "I remember Sarutobi-san talking about you when I took the office," He said "He always said even when you were doing morally questionable things you always upheld a code of honor while doing it."

Karite nodded in confirmation "Never use an unwilling patient, and always be sure that the patient knows what exactly is going to happen to them and what the possible side effects are," Karite sighed "Do you ever know what became of Deimujin?"

Minato blinked "You mean the one you tried splicing wolf DNA into?" He asked receiving a nod in confirmation "Quite well actually, he retired recently and is teaching ANBU recruits about advance tracking, had a genin team for a while as well."

Karite nodded "Good to hear," He said "That man was the first success I ever had with Splicing."

Minato nodded at that, "His daughter is one of my best friends, and I trust her completely to keep Kushina and my son safe," Karite smiled knowingly at that, realizing something.

"Ah, so he finally married that beauty Tatsuki from the Okamikaze," Karite said with a soft laugh and shook his head "He was so nervous about approaching her for the marriage I thought he would never do so."

Minato chuckled slightly "Actually she had told him that unless he had put the ring he had bought on her finger she'll beat the shit out of him and put it on herself," He laughed remembering the time Kaori told him the story.

Karite laugh good naturedly, "It's been a while since I last saw her, she was quite the handful. Beautiful, but a short temper." He commented reminiscing before growing serious "On to business, Madara is currently the shadow leader of a group known as the Akatsuki, a group of S-ranked missing nins, while I do not know where their base of operations is yet I do know what their goals are, the capture of all the Bijuu and merging them back into the Jubi, then creating himself as the Nidaime Rikudou Sennin and placing the world under a massive Genjutsu using the moon which holds the Jubi's body."

Minato's eyes widen in shock while at the same he snarled in rage. "Which means he'll come after my son who now holds the Kyuubi? DAMMIT! Why does almost all the Uchiha have to be so power-hungry?" the young Kage yelled out as he slammed his hand on the desk.

Karite shrugged "I've wondered that myself quite often, personally I think it's mostly due to how they advance their Sharingans to a further level," He said "They have to kill their best friend to get the Mangekyou Sharingan, and then use their sibling's eyes to get the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, it really is a fucked up clan, although the females do have a different awakening process."

Minato sighed in half irritation, half relief, "Thank Kami that at least the women aren't as arrogant," he said in an exasperated tone as Karite nodded in agreement.

"Ain't that the truth," He agreed nodding "I honestly don't understand everyone's obsession with the Sharingan, sure it's handy, but for crying out loud a bloodline is a trump card!"

The two men continued their rant for another ten minutes before they stopped for breath, and Karite straightened himself out as he decided to conclude the meeting. "Anyway, as I said before, I came to warn about Danzo's and Madara's plans," He said giving a small bow "If I learn anything else I will contact you."

Minato stood and offered his hand out to Karite "Thank you; if you need anything please do not hesitate to ask." Minato said as Karite gripped his hand briefly in a handshake "I owe you for the information."

Karite just smirked, "Just be sure if you ever catch my former pupil and that bastard Uchiha," his KI spiked but not too much to scare the whole hospital, "Make sure they suffer tremendous pain,"

Minato grinned ferally "Oh, I have a few ways I can make them suffer," He said "Hirashin is not the only technique that I have that can bend space and time."

Karite chuckled at that and with that he stood up, and proceeded to walk into the shadows but not before turning and looking at Minato. "Also, make sure you train your son and the Wolf's new vessel," he said making Minato's eyes widen a bit, "They're gonna need it," And with that he stepped into the shadows and disappeared.

Minato sighed as he felt Karite's presence vanished and leaned back into the chair "Things are going to be hell for those two kids aren't they?" He said out loud "Well, thankfully me and Kushina will be there for them at the very least."

With that thought, he deactivated the Silencing Jutsu and walked/half limped back to the hospital room.


Meanwhile, Hidden Root Base, Somewhere in the Land of Fire


The ROOT agent was nervous, although he didn't show it outside, as he made his way to his superior's office. Entering the room he knelt to one knee as he waited for Danzo to address him "What do you have to report?" Danzo asked turning to face the agent.

"I have bad news Danzo-sama," The Agent reported "The child was not placed in an orphanage; instead she was adopted by the two Shugo Rei Jinchuriki's Magoichi and Reimei."

As soon as he finished giving his report, Killing filled the room, and the source was a VERY pissed off elder. Danzo, while calm on the surface, was absolutely furious at this development as he leaked a ton of killing intent after hearing his soon-to-be-dead subordinate's report and ranting in his head.

'How could this be possible?' He asked himself 'Everything was supposed to follow my plan, Minato would die from sealing the Kyuubi and Kushina from the Kyuubi's release then I get their son for ROOT! Now everything has gone to hell!'

He then began to think back when it all went wrong: Mito Uzumaki. The Shodai's wife and the first Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi, after she and the Founding Father, along with Madara Uchiha, sealed the Bijuu inside herself after said former head of the Uchiha Clan was thought to have been killed. Decades after this and the Uzumaki was growing older, he and the Sandaime's Advisor's and Former teammates Koharu and Homura planned to replace her with an younger Uzumaki female, and then turn her into a weapon, after they took her from her home village of Uzushio, and then destroying it with ROOT ANBU, under the guise of Kumo and Iwa nins. Unfortunately, Mito found out their plan, and released the Bijuu after she left under the guise of traveling to the hot springs.

Growling softly to himself Danzo looked at his still-somehow-living-but-not-for-long subordinate and lashed out with Wind Chakra tearing into the man's chest with high speed super condensed wind blasts killing the man instantly "Get me that child now or you all will face a longer death." Danzo growled to his subordinates "I will have my weapon, one way or another."


Back in Konoha Hospital


"Oh come on, Onee-chan!" shouted Kanna as she tried to hug her favorite teddy bear, (Cough-Naruto-Cough), while Kushina was using one arm to keep her away.

"NO Kanna-chan!" Kushina shouted back "I would like to spend some time with my son, and would like for you not to spoil him stupid!"

"But why?" Kanna whined as she pouted.

"Cause I SAID SO!" Kushina shouted her answer, all the while Naruto, surprisingly, was laughing at their antics, while everyone else sweatdropped at the scene of the two sisters arguing over who gets to hold Naruto.

"Quite immature for grown women," Reimei putted in her observation while she held Hikari.

Magoichi chuckled "They're Uzumaki, it's to be expected," He said smiling "What do you plan to do Reimei?"

Reimei looked at Magoichi and then at her new daughter, who was fast asleep, as she thought about it. "I'll take Hikari with me back to Cha no Kuni. I'm sure Kaa-san would love to hear she finally has a granddaughter," she said as she smiled lovingly at Hikari, while Magoichi nodded in agreement. Before he could comment any further, Minato came back into the room with a look that said that whatever the secret messenger told him, it was serious.

"Minato-kun?" Kushina said questioningly "What's wrong?"

"Received some very important information about Hikari," He said looking over at the now worried parents "It's about what Danzo was doing with her, he was making her into the perfect weapon for controlling Bijuu, Jinchuriki's and quite possibly the Shugo Rei as well. Danzo had implanted Uzumaki DNA along with Uchiha and the DNA from the Shodai Hokage, meaning if all of those bloodlines activate within her..."

"She could effectively control the Bijuu to a level beyond what we know." Magoichi finished with a grim face "So that was what Danzo was aiming for."

Minato nodded at that, "Exactly, which is precisely why we need to keep an eye on her, and make sure none of Danzo's ROOT get their hands on her," Minato said as Reimei held her daughter protectively.

"I will NOT let that bastard get his hands on Hikari," she said with a growl as her eyes turned yellow with an orange tint with slits, "I swear on my nindo and as a ninja of the Akaneko that I will tear him limb, from limb, to limb, if he or any of his drones comes near her!" she swore as everyone in the room sweated nervously.

"Well put Sensei!" said a pair of young feminine voices as everyone turned to the window.

Everyone turned to the window to see Serina and Suzuna standing outside the window on a tree branch along with Kashiwara "Yeah we'll help protect Hikari-chan too!" Suzuna continued.

Reimei blinked as she looked at her apprentices, "How long have have you three been there?" she asked and Kashiwara rubbed behind his neck sheepishly.

"We've been out here since we arrived an hour after you did yesterday," the young samurai/ninja in training said as the girls nodded.

"Of course we ran into those guys with the black helmets, weird face masks, and body armor," Serina inquired.

Minato sighed "They're the Ookamikage, and I hope you didn't piss them off," He said "They are the best this village has to offer."

"Tell that to the patrol they nearly beat to a pulp." everyone looked to the door and there was Shiori with an annoyed look on her face "Those three managed to to knock out a whole squad of Ookamikage as easy as swatting an ant!"

The three apprentices chuckled nervously as they looked at each other "Well they wouldn't leave us alone to rejoin our Senseis," Suzuna explained nervously "We had to get past them somehow."

"Master always told me to barrel through and apologize later." Kashiwara added weakly.

Reimei and Tetsu could only sigh and shake their heads in embarrassment. "You three," Reimei began.

"Are a group of ruffians ya ar'," Tetsu finished.

Minato could only sigh 'I guess this means Shiori has to double the training regimen for the Spec Ops," He muttered to himself.

"Double?" Shiori asked skeptically "Try triple, getting shown up by a bunch of brats? I'll have to show them how a true Ookamikage fights! "

Kushina sweatdropped at her friends shouting "Don't be too hard on them Shi-chan," She said placatingly "After all they are needed to catch Danzo."

Shiori sighed as she gave Kushina a knowing look, "I know Kushi-chan, but if we find the One-Eyed Mummy, afterward, I'm putting them through the meatgrinder!"

Everyone had a massive sweatdrop at Shiori's rant, as she continued to think of multiple ways to make her Spec Ops members training hell. "Ano, Kushina-san?" Reimei asked as she moved next to Kushina and whispered in her ear, "Is she always like this?"

Kushina could only sigh at that, "Only when someone beats her Ookamikage." Kushina replied while Minato chuckled weakly.

"Is this a bad time?" A voice asked out the window causing the three apprentices to yelp in fear as they turned to see a horse sized white wolf standing there with a nervous look "Um, hi?"

"Jiyuu!" Kushina exclaimed in surprise, "When did you get here?"

"Just now," the wolf, now identified as Jiyuu said as he strolled into the room, "I was busy hunting some 'deer' near Kawa no Kuni when I was approached by a group of Ookamikage, a bit paranoid groups these days aren't they Shiori?"

Shiori snorted "If they were following the 'Deer' you were hunting then I think it's justified." She countered "Do I have to increase their training regime again because of you as well?"

Jiyuu chuckled lightly "Nah, they only told me what's been happening," He said before looking to Kushina and the child in her arms "Looks just like you Minato."

Minato looked at his son in Kushina's arms and could only chuckle as Naruto reached out with his chubby arms trying to reach Jiyuu, "Yeah, he does. But he gets his personality from Kushi-chan," he said while Kushina nodded with a proud smile on her face. The large wolf then moved toward Naruto and gave the baby a couple of sniffs while said blond grasped his muzzle.

"I think he likes you Jiyuu," Kushina said in amusement while Naruto giggled happily.

"Ah, he'll be a strong one," Jiyuu commented "That's for sure."

"You wouldn't happen to be Jiyuu, son of Moro of the Western Pack are you?" said a voice that caused Jiyuu to freeze and turn his gaze toward Magoichi who was giving him a neutral look.

"Who are you? And how do you know my mother's name?" Jiyuu demanded as he gave the Uzumaki a suspicious look.

Magoichi bowed slightly on his bed "My name is Magoichi Uzumaki-Sanada," He introduced politely "And as to how I know your mother, she was my mother's partner while she was a kunoichi."

Jiyuu's eyes widen a bit as he remembered another familiar red head. "You're Kikyo-sama's kid?" he asked the dying man who nodded.

"Yes," Magoichi confirmed with a nod and a slight smile "Your mother talked about you often actually."

Jiyuu gave a shocked look, but then that turned into a fond smile as he remembered his mother.

"That's good to hear, my mother always loves to say things about me," the wolf said as a smile of mischief formed on his face.

"Oh, she said some things about you, alright. Most likely your little escapades with the opposite gender," he said, as Jiyuu looked at the Uzumaki in morbid shock.

"She didn't," Jiyuu replied horrified "She couldn't have."

"Oh she did," Magoichi confirmed grinning "While she was happy with the grandpups she wasn't all that happy with the amount of granpups."

Jiyuu, if it was possible, paled at the thought of his mother telling someone of his late night visits of the opposite canine sex.

"Wow, Jiyuu," Kushina said as she gave her partner a perplexed look, "Didn't know you were such a pervert like Ero-Sennin. Who would've thought,"

Jiyuu's head moved so fast the occupants thought they heard something crack.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" he shouted in denial, "I'm not like that Peepin' Tom!"

"You have to give him that much," Minato inputted "At least he can get laid."

"But he's so defensive. Jiyuu, have you been peeping on people?" Kushina asked in a sickly sweet voice.

Again, Jiyuu shouted in denial, "I said NO! It's pure instincts, I swear!"

"Right," Kushina said as she rolled her eyes, not believing his instincts excuse one bit. She suddenly remembered the other people in the room,most likely, Gennouske, Oboro, and the three apprentices who were giving looks tht clearly said, 'What the fuck is going on?'.

"OOPS! Sorry. Forgot all about you guys!" she said sheepishly as the mentioned sweatdropped, "This is Jiyuu, he's my old partner back when I was younger, we had went our separate ways a few months back when Naruto was conceived."

Jiyuu shrugged "I like to travel a lot," He said "I don't take just anyone for a partner either."

Oboro looked at the wolf quizically, "Why is that?"

Jiyuu looked at the young as he explained, "One: They must have a pure heart. Two: They must show loyalty to their pack, i.e. family, friends, etc. And third: They must not seek power for their own ambitions,"

"Wow," Serina said in awe, "Steep rules,"

"I have to test them before I decide, if they pass my test, and that's a big if, then we will share a bond unbreakable than the Inuzuka with their ninken," the Wolf explained further.

"And if they don't pass?," Gennouske asked curiously, which he recieved a vicious smirk from Jiyuu.

"I eat'em," The wolf answered bluntly as everyone's eyes widened "Believe me, the world is better off without some of the people I tested," Jiyuu shuddered slightly "Some of their thoughts made Orochimaru seem sane."

There was a collective wince from the room at that revelation "Makes me think twice about finding a familiar." Kashiwara inputted shuddering himself.

"I'll... stick with my Raptor Birds thank you very much," Kanna put in as she swore she could hear her tenant chuckling at her predicament.

"YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT YOU LITTLE HAIRBALL! I could've died!," Kushina shouted as she leveled a glare at her partner who cringed.

"I never tell the person who is about to take the test the rules," He stated hastily "And I only eat the bad ones, besides I knew you would pass." his response from the red headed mother was said Uzumaki glaring at him and a ominous aura surrounding her form.

"Jiyuu..." Kushina growled menacingly narrowing her eyes at the wolf. Jiyuu gulped as his eyes widened at seeing Kushina's scowl deepening.

'Oh shit. I'm in trouble,' Jiyuu thought in fear.

Kushina turned to Minato with a not-so-sweet smile on her face, "Minato-koi, would you like to hold Naru-kun?"

Minato knew his wife well enough that it wasn't a question and relieved her of her burden, as soon as she was free of Naruto, Kushina shot out of her bed in a red blur as Jiyuu disappeared in a white one "Aaahhh!" Jiyuu could be heard yelling as he ran down the main street of Konoha.

"GET BACK HERE YOU MANGY MUTT!" Kushina was heard shouting in the distance.

Before anyone could comment on the event that just happened, Magoichi started coughing again, prompting Reimei to ask Oboro to hold Hikari while she tends to said Uzumaki. Oboro nodded, and took Hikari into her arms as Reimei placed a hand on her beloved's shoulder and chest.

"Magoichi, are you alright?" the Akaneko asked in worry.

Magoichi groaned as pain lanced through his chest sharply "I've felt better," He said sitting up slightly straighter "I think I don't have long left now."

Reimei's eyes brimmed with tears at that as she embraced her love tightly, but not too tightly as Magoichi muttered soothing words to calm her down.

Unknown to them as of yet, a figure was crawling through the ventilation shaft, and was now looking at the group through the grate at his intended target.

Taking advantage of everyone's concern over Magoichi the figure slowly slid the grate up and out of his way and prepared itself to grab it's target. Darting forward the figure surprised everyone when he appeared before them and tried to grab Hikari from Oboro's hands, only to be stopped by a kick to the head from Kanna and slammed the would-be-kidnapper into the wall.

"It appears you have rats in the vents, Hō no ani (Brother in Law)" Kanna commented, as Oboro gave a crying Hikari back to Reimei who held her close trying to calm her.

"Indeed," Minato growled coldly passing Naruto over to Kanna before grabbing the kidnapper and dragged him up to eye level "A ROOT Operative huh? Well, You'll be singing like a bird for me boy, and I am in a bad mood right now, so let's go have a small 'Discussion' shall we?"

The ROOT couldn't help but gulp, realizing he was caught. His thoughts then went to his master, knowing Danzo will have him killed for failing his mission to capture the girl, and his death won't be quick like his comrade, Danzo killed hours earlier. His thoughts of being tortured by Danzo were interrupted by Minato's voice, laced with a cold anger.

"Well? Better talk, or I'll have Inoichi's protege Ibiki have his way with you," the Yondaime growled.

The operative tried to talk, he really did, unfortunately however the seal that was on his tongue prevented him from doing so.

"Ibiki it is then." Minato declared with a sick grin as he grabbed the ROOT member and vanished in a yellow flash.

"I don't know who this Ibiki is, but by the look on Minato's face, it's not good for the ROOT," Magoichi said, as Reimei came back to his side with Hikari, who had calmed down. Then sounds of baby giggles were heard as everyone turned to see Kanna playing with Naruto.

"You're such a good boy Naru-chan! Yes you are!" squealed Kanna as she rubbed her cheek with his whiskered one causing the young Uzumaki to go into another fit of giggles.

Before Kanna could continue her fun, a voice caused the hairs on the back of her neck to stand.

"Having fun with my Sochi, i-mou-to-chan?," Kushina asked as she re-entered the room carrying a whimpering Jiyuu over her shoulder "Because I thought I asked you to stop spoiling him."

"Ku-Kushina...have mercy," whimpered Jiyuu, and Kushina dropped the wolf unceremoniusly to the ground in response, "Ow!'

"Well, Imouto?" Kushian said as he went into the beginning phase of her Habanero form. Kanna gulped as she held Naruto like a teddy-bear, but careful not to hurt him.

"A-ano, Ane-ue, I-I can ex-explain!" Kanna stammered out as her older sister loomed over her, "I CAN'T HELP IT! HE'S JUST TOO CU-U-UTE!"

There was a collective sweatdrop at Kanna's proclamation as she began rubbing her cheek against a giggling Naruto's again with a happy squeal.

'And she is the Jinchuriki of the Golden Eagle?/She is MY Jinchuriki?,' Everyone, including said Eagle, thought while a huge sweatdrop formed. Kushina sighed at her little sister's antics.

"Can I have my Sochi back now, Kanna-chan?," Kushina asked, and reluctantly, Kanna gave Naruto back to her sister. After getting her son back into her arms she noticed all the damage in the room.

"Uhh, did I miss something? And where's Minato?" Kushina as she noticed her husband was missing. It was Serina who answered her.

"Apparently a ninja who Minato-sama said was a ROOT ANBU was hiding in the ventilation system, and tried to kidnap Hikari," the ninja apprentice said as she pointed to the open vent, while Kushina growled a bit, "But Kanna-onee-chan managed to stop him by kicking him the head, and then Minato-sama took him away to this Ibiki person,'

Kushina grinned, knowing that Ibiki would have to get the information they wanted out of him. "That's good," She said. "And nice going Imouto." Kanna just grinned and shrugged "It's what I do!" She said, smiling widely.

Kushina sighed good naturedly as Naruto gave out a small cry "Oh is sochi-chan hungry?" Kushina cooed to her son as she sat back down on her bed while the men looked away politely as she pulled down one side of her top and began feeding the eager Naruto "He is such a hungry boy."

"Yeah, just like you were or still are for ramen," Kanna said slyly, and Kushina rolled her eyes at her sister.

"Ha Ha Ha, laugh it imouto," Kushina said as she fed her baby boy. It was ten minutes later that Minato finally arrived back, just as Kushina finished feeding Naruto.

"I see you're back from your mission of catching Jiyuu and teaching him a lesson, Kushi-chan," Minato said as Kushina grinned. Jiyuu meanwhile, groaned as he still haven't recovered from the beating Kushina gave him as he laid in the corner of the room.

"That I did Minato-koi," Kushina said with mirth smiling at her husband, "What did you find out from the ROOT ANBU?"

Minato sighed as he sat down beside Kushina "Not much yet," Minato admitted regretfully "But Ibiki is going to be bringing Inoichi in on it, with the two of them he should break pretty quickly."

Kushina nodded at that, knowing that anyone who could break someone's will as tough as Danzo's ROOT-nin, it was those two.

"Perfect choice, and not to mention Ibiki was was Inoichi's protege when it comes to interrogation," Kushina said and it drawn a bunch of curious looks from the others.

"Ano, who is Ibiki? I've heard of Inoichi of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio, but I didn't know he had a protege," Oboro asked, and Minato gave a evil-like grin.

"He's Inoichi's protege, and let's just even the hardest of Shinobi Veterans will crack under him," he said, "Instead of physical interrogation, like torture, he focuses on the mentality of his target, crumbling his spirit, and making them sing like canaries," he finished, and Tetsu grinned ferally.

"I like dis fella. An' tha dragon agrees with me!" he says, and everyone sweatdropped.

" *Sigh* It appears Tetsu-kun is gonna have himself a friend in the next few weeks," Kanna said, while Minato and Kushina nodded while the two babies blinked curiously around them. It was then Minato sighed and decided that it was time to go.

"Well, I believe it's time we all leave Magoichi to rest," he said and everyone nodded in agreement, "And Kushina, since you seem well, do you think you can return home?" he asked his wife who nodded, and Minato went to have Kushina discharged so they and their son can go back home.

As their friends said good bye to them, and left the hospital room, Reimei and Magoichi both sat on the bed as they got to know their new daughter. Kushina was smiling, knowing that they deserve a child after all the hardships they faced. Soon, Minato returned and fetched his wife and son, before they left he told Magoichi that he'll have the preparations ready for the transfer of Fubukitsume into Hitomi's daughter when she's born, and Magoichi nodded as the two left.

Now it was just him and Reimei.

"I wish I was here to help you," the future Akaneko Clan Head said as she laid her head on Magoichi's shoulder, Hikari fast asleep in her arms. Magoichi put an arm around her shoulders.

"It's alright, at least I got to see one last time," he said and the two fell asleep, knowing in just a couple months, a new life will be born to take the mantle of a Jinchuriki.


Two Months Later

December, 27


Two months after the Kyuubi no Kitsune attack, and two months after Naruto was born, everyone was once again gathered at the Hospital as another child was to be born that day. In the same room where Kushina gave birth to Naruto, Hitomi Hyuuga was about to give birth to her daughter, Hinata. Two days before, Hitomi asked her friends if giving birth hurt as they described it. They answered that she just have to find out herself. And two days later, she did.

"AAAAAHHHHHH! It hurts!"

Everyone in the Hospital winced at the scream, especially the friends of said Hyuuga, especially the friends of said Hyuuga who were at the center of it all.

In the room where Hitomi was giving birth, were Kushina, Tsunade, Shizune and Hiashi along with a few other Hyuuga's including Hiashi's brother, Hizashi.

Currently, Hiashi was wincing in pain as his wife grabbed his hand to the point where she could probably break it, while Kushina, Tsunade and Shizune were helping her give birth.

"Alright Hitomi, I need you keep pushing, you're doing great," Tsunade encouraged. Hiashi was comforting her, but had trouble due to Hitomi's strong grip.

"Ow, ow, ow!" He said as he could swear he could hear the bones in his hand cracking "H-h-hitomi-c-chan! I know it M-Must hurt, but could you please not take it out on my hand?"

He gulped when he saw his wife give him a death glare, "YOU TRY TO GO THROUGH THIS YOU BAKA!" she yelled, making Hizashi and the other Hyuugas take a step back in fear.

'Oh Kami-sama, Hitomi-dono sure is scary when she's pissed,' they all thought at the same time, while the mother-to-be continued to push.

"I can see the head! Just a little more, Hitomi!" Tsunade urged, as Kushina held her friend's hand.

"Hang in there, Hitomi-chan!" the Uzumaki said, and Hitomi continued to push, until finally...


"She's out! Shizune quick, hot water!" she ordered and Shizune complied.

Hitomi sighed heavily as she finally eased her grip on Hiashi's hand, much to his relief, as she finally relaxed. 'It's over...' she thought as she heard the cries of her newborn baby 'Thank Kami-sama it's over.'

"Can...can I see her?" She asked, a bit weakly. Kushina, who was holding the young infant, smiled as she brought the baby girl over so Hitomi could see. Said Hyuuga smiled while shedding tears of happiness as she saw her daughter for the first time.

"Hinata," she said, "I finally get to see you," She lifted her hand and gentally stroked Hinata's cheeks as her daughter cried "My little Hinata..."

Kushina smiled at this as she sat Hinata down next to her Mother, who immediatley embraced her as she smiled happily. The scene reminded Kushina of two months earlier when she gave birth to Naruto.

"I'm happy for you Hitomi-chan," she said as Hitomi continued to embrace her daughter.

Hiashi was also smiling at the scene. He may be a stoic person to many on the outside, but to some of his clansmen, including his brother, he wanted to be a father.



In Magoichi's Hospital Room


The last two months were not kind to Magoichi. During that time, he contracted a fever and his coughing got worse. Tsunade made daily check-ups on him, in order to keep him comfortable.

However, it wasn't all bad though. In those two months, Magoichi spent his time with Reimei and their new adoptive daughter Hikari. And Magoichi would admit he enjoyed every moment with them both.

Now, as he heard the cries of the new born a few rooms away, Magoichi smiled 'Sounds like Hinata was born without any complications,' he thought.

He then turned to Reimei who also smiled as she heard the cries of the infant, but he also saw a bit of fear in them, knowing what it meant.

"Reimei...," he said softly, making the woman look at him with, "...I know you're scared of what will happen to me, once the Wolf is transferred into Hinata, but please understand,"

Reimei smiled sadly as tears fell from her eyes, "I's just I can't believe you're leaving, after all we've been through,"

Magoichi chuckled a bit as he shook his head, "I'm not leaving you Reimei," he said, confusing her. "I will always be with you and Hikari," he sat up in his bed, and he pointed at Reimei's chest "Right there." he said, "I'll always be in yours and Hikari's hearts."

The female Jinchuriki smiled as she kissed him on the cheek. Moments later, Minato entered the room.

"It's time," he said with a solemn look, and the Uzumaki nodded in understanding.

"Then...let us not delay," he said, and at that moment, a gurney arrived, and the medics placed Magoichi onto it, and carted him out of the room, with Reimei following not far behind.


Hyuuga Compound

15 minutes later


In a secret room at the Hyuuga Compound, everyone has prepared for the sealing. Before Hitomi gave birth, Minato had begun working on the seal that would be used to transfer the Arctic wolf spirit from Magoichi to Hinata. Minato spent that time making sure that both Hinata and Magoichi would be safe during the sealing, but Magoichi said that Hinata was more important to keep safe.

The Yondaime Hokage agreed as they prepared for the sealing. He had Yugao, Kakashi, and their squads there in order to keep out any intruders that may try to pull something. Hiashi also had members of the Hyuuga Clan to be with the ANBU, since their Byakugan can keep a lookout, and detect anyone from a mile away.

Now, Minato, Jiraya, Tsunade, Hitomi, Hisashi, Kushina, and Reimei (the two latter of which had Naruto and Hikari) were in the room where the sealing will take place, with Magoichi and Hinata already placed on their positions on the seal.

"Alright, everything is ready," Minato said with a sigh as he turned to Magoichi "You ready for this?"

Magoichi just gave a cocky smirk, "As ready as I'll ever be," he said, and everyone couldn't help but laugh.

"Right then," Minato said, and the Hokage looked toward his sensei, who nodded, and they looked at the infant Hyuuga who had her seal ready on her navel. For the Seal they were using the same method as they used on Naruto when they sealed the fox in him, but only without the technique that severely weakened Minato. He was not back to his full strength yet, but he was strong enough to do this sealing.

Just in case, Jiraiya was helping him with sealing the wolf.

Taking a breath and releasing it, Minato then began making the hand-seals with Jiraiya moving in sync with him. When the two finished their handseals, the two then called out "Ōkami Pakku Fūin!(1)"

The sealing array then began to glow an ice blew in color, as swirls of Chakra began surrounding Magoichi and Hinata (who was somehow sleeping through the whole thing).

Then, a blinding light engulfed the room and everyone had to cover their eyes lest they go blind. A few minutes later, the light subsided and everyone opened their eyes and saw the seal on Hinata, glowing a soft white, while said infant was still sleeping. Magoichi was looking at the infant with a content smile on his face.

"It is done...," he said and passed out. Tsunade was instantly by his side as she checked his vitals. She then swore "Damnit, that sealing took a lot out of him!" She said as she began applying healing chakra, as Hitomi walked over to her daughter and picked her up, while Shizune went over to assist Tsunade.

"We need to take him back to the Hospital, now!"


A Week later

Magoichi's Hospital Room


The now former Jinchuriki of the Arctic Wolf was in his hospital bed. After the successful transfer of Fubukitsume into Hinata, and taking Magoichi back to the Hospital, Tsunade made a diagnosis of the dying man, and concluded that he now had a week to live.

It was on January 3rd, at 6:50 PM, as every one of Magoichi's friends, Reimei, and also Minato, Kushina (who was also holding Naruto), Tsunade, Hiruzen, Jiraiya, Hitomi and many others, came to say their final good bye to the former Yuki-nin. In just a week, his black hair turned a darkish grey, and the shadows under his eyes became darker, as he saw everyone come to see him off to the afterlife.

"Well...this is it..." Magoichi said, weakly. "I ain't gonna last much longer..."

Reimei, who was still by his side, was trying desperatly to fight off the tears threatening to pour out of her face. Magoichi smiled as he weakly placed his hand on the woman's left face cheek.

"Hey now...don't give me that," he said, "We'll see each other again, sooner than you think,"

That did it as Reimei let loose the tears as she held her lover's hand. Said person looked toward Minato.

"Also Minato, I need to ask another request," he said and Minato came closer so he could hear, "After I die, I want you to cremate my body, so no one could gain anything from it, and give my ashes to Reimei so she would scatter them at the ruins of Uzushiogakure,"

Minato nodded at that, and he stepped away. The heart monitor tempo beeped slowly as Magoichi's eyes began to get heavy.

'Well Kaa-san, Tou-san. I'm finally coming home,' were his final thoughts as he closed his eyes and the machine gave a wail as his heart flatlined.


2 days later


It had been two days since Magoichi Uzumaki-Sanada died. Minato, respecting his wishes had the man's body cremated, and giving the ashes to Reimei, who immediatley left, along with Tetsu, and Kanna to release them at Uzushio.

After their departure, Minato had to deal with another headache as the Hyuuga Elders, including Hiashi's father, Hideyoshi, demanded that Hinata be immediatley be branded with the Caged-Bird seal. They were silenced by Minato, Hiashi, Jiraiya, Tsuande, and Kushina, and warned the old fossils that if they even dared tried to brand the girl with that damn seal. The Elders were forced to relent but promised that it isn't over.

Minato sighed as he knew that things were going to get complicated for his son and Hinata. Although he managed to convince most of the village that Naruto and the Hyuuga were not demons, but were jailers, others refused to believe it. He also heard from Jiraiya that his assumption of Onoki was correct, as the old Tsuchikage didn't want to risk a war by assassinating a baby just to get revenge, since their Shinobi Forces were still weak from the war.

He was relieved that the old coot was at least smart enough not to take unnecessay risks.

"Well, at least things...," he said but then stopped himself as he remembered Murphy's Law, that something that could possibly happen, WILL happen.

He just looked out of his office, knowing that things were only going to get more complicated. And his son and Hinata are going to be at the center of it all.


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