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1) Ormr is norse for dragon. So that's what the clan is called.

2)The will be a human toothless. and then there won't be...well, you'll see soon enough. X)

It wasn't an easy life on the Island of Berk.

For one thing, the habitants were anything but subtle. Of course, they were Vikings, and not just any Vikings, but the Hairy Hooligans. The oldest, and most prominant clan of all Vikings. Their clan had existed for over seven hundred years. They were deeply respected by all of their neighboring islands and the clans that inhabited them... all except one.

Berk had many faults, such as the nearly year-round cold and chilly climates, the lack of food that always seemed to get worse, or the sheer brutality of their inhabitants. However, their largest one by far was the dragons.

They appeared quite recently, only about a century ago did they arrive. It felt like a thousand years to the Hooligans.

(Flashback: Berk)

They came out of nowhere when they first attacked.

The Hooligans were celebrating their Chief's acension to his title. His name was Strom, and his father was standing on the cliff, looking proud. The day had finally come for his son to take his title from him. He knew that Strom was more than ready. The ceremony was about to begin, there was a bounty of food, drink and music. There was laughter, friendly brawls, an overall sense of carefree happiness. It was the last time they could ever enjoy themselves unrestrained.

And then the Dragons came.

At first when they saw a shadow cross the sky, they dismissed it as a bird and continued on their party. Then another came, followed by another. Before anybody knew it the dragons began swarming into the village. They came down upon the village, and snuffed out the torches, so it was near pitch black, they attacked the farms and the livestock, spouting fire to get the villagers out of their way. People were screaming in a panic; the men of the village gathered their weapons while the women gathered the children and elderly. The men did their best to defend their village, but they were too ill-prepared, and the battle ended brutally.

No dragons were killed, but at least forty villagers were either dead or critically injured. Among them was the Chief himself. At his side was Strom, looking grimly down at his father, and although no tears were shed, the grief was apparent on his face.

The Chief's side had a long deep gash running along his body, blood was pouring freely from it. Blood also trickled down the left side of his mouth. He held his shaking hand out to his son who quickly grasped it.

"Protect...them." he had whipsered. He handed over his helmet to his son, who took it gravely and nodded.

With that nod, the Chief closed his eyes forever.

Strom let out a roar of rage. His roar had echoed throughout the island, his rage and grief had shaken the land itself.

From that day on, Strom had sworn on his father's grave, that he and his decendants would avenge his father, and destroy their ultimate enemy.

The Dragons.

Not too long after the attack, the Hooligans had heard the rumors of a new clan arriving. Suspicious rumors cirulated around them, people saying that they were foreigners who dealt in the Dark Arts. When Strom wanted to confront the clan, he demanded where their island was, only to find out nobody knew. No one knew where this new clan had come from, no one knew what their motives were. As far as they could tell no outsiders were allowed on their island, it was always them who appeared on the neighbors island.

Strom soon discovered that they were called the Ormr clan. The name itself was foreign, and he soon saw with his own eyes at how different they were. For they had made a visit to his island. Although their leader seemed to be friendly, Strom was still suspicious. He didn't know why but somehow he knew that they had something to do with the dragons.

When he had confronted the Ormr clan's leader about him, he immediately denied it. Strom immediately accused him of lying, and they got into a heated argment, which ended in Strom punching the leader in the face. Immediately his warriors had rushed to defend him, and Strom's Vikings in return did the same for their clan. At that very spot Strom had declared war on the Ormr clan and had branded them as enemies of the Hooligans.

From that day on, the Ormr clan and the Hairy Hooligans had been at war. Thier battles would take place on either the water or on Berk. Never on the Ormr's island, the Hooligans had tried and failed on many occasions, but their island could never be found.

(Flashback end)

Now a hundred years had passed, and they still couldn't be discovered.

Little did the people of Berk know one of their own would end this war once and for all, and bring the clans together.

Someone they had never expected.

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