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It was already well past mid-morning when Hiccup returned to his house. He went to the bathroom and washed his face. What he really wanted to do was lie down in his bed, but he couldn't risk losing any ground with the Night Fury, so he pushed through his sleepiness and splashed more cold water on his face. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He honestly couldn't believe it, he was the first Viking to ever encounter a Night Fury and live. Not only that, he discovered that it wasn't as brute or violent as they had believed.

'I wonder what else we were wrong about?' Hiccup asked himself as he wiped his face. As soon as he was finished he crept out of his window and went into the forest. Gobber's dragon training program happened every other day, so he had the day off. He figured he could use the extra time with the Night Fury.

He wasn't sure what he was going to accomplish, but it was worth a try. He hoped that maybe he could get the dragon to trust him. But he wasn't sure why he needed that. Before he went back to the cove he realized that the dragon was probably going to be hungry and he knew that the small lake in the cove didn't have a lot of fish. He turned around went off to the fish market and got all sorts of fish. He wasn't sure what the dragon would like so he got a little bit of everything: Salmon, Cod, Pike, and he even threw in a smoked eel.

He hefted the basket over his shoulder and walked back towards the canyon, hoping for the best when he saw the dragon again.

Meanwhile Darkfire was lofting around soaking up the sun's rays. The tailfin Hiccup had left was lying next to a pile of rocks, it had slipped off when Darkfire tried flying off on his own...unsuccesfully. Each time Darkfire had tried to fly away, he would just land a painful fall every time. Until finally he had given up and threw the fin against one of the canyon's walls. He furiously turned away from it and sulked on the ground for the past twenty minutes.

Finally he was starting to get over his anger and enjoy the silence of the cove. He laid his head on his crossed legs and closed his eyes, listening to the birds chirping and the water flowing.

'So peaceful and relaxing...'

"Hey Toothless!"

'I spoke too soon.' Darkfire drawled as he opened his eyes and developed an exasperated expression.

He looked up to find the Viking Boy walking towards him and he was carrying a large basket with a most appealing smell. Darkfire's ears perked up when smelled the fish. One of the downsides to their transformation was that while they maintained they human conciousness they had developed the primal instincts of a dragon and those usually always took control.

He pounced from the ground and ran towards Hiccup the look of a predator in his eyes. Hiccup saw where this was going and he carefully set the basket down before smartly moving away. Sure enough, the second Hiccup was out of the way, Darkfire devoured the contents of the basket like there was no tomorrrow.

"I...guess you were hungry." Hiccup said.

Then Darkfire had made a sound as if he were confirming his statement, suddenly he paused, then violently shoved his basket away. He turned towards Hiccup in a threatening manner, and started growling.

"What?" Hiccup asked in a panic. "What did I do?"

Darkfire used his tail and pushed it towards Hiccup, and the eel slid out. Hiccup looked down for a moment, and then finally understood.

"The eel?" he asked, "You don't like the eel?"

Darkfire made another threatening grunt.

"I'm sorry!" Hiccup said, "I didn't know that!"

'Idiot child.' Darkfire growled more to himself than Hiccup. It was a little known fact that ancient legends had described eels as descendants of the Hydra, a cousin of sorts to dragons. So out of respect, dragons would stay away from eel. He doubted that the kid knew anything about it.

"Is it because of the legend of the Hydra?" Hiccup asked.

Darkfire looked at him in surprise. How on earth did he know about the legend?

Hiccup seemed to sense his surprise and explained, "I read about it in a book once."

Darkfire raised a brow, 'I wonder what other surprises he's got up his sleeve.'

Hiccup picked the eel up and threw it back in the water, "Yeah, I don't really like eel either."

Darkfire rolled his eyes, and turned away from Hiccup, hoping he would finally get the message and leave him alone.

Hiccup rolled his eyes at the dragon's behavior, "Oh sure, ignore me again. Trust me that's not going to do any good, people have been ignoring me for years. I'm used to this feeling by now."

It was then that he noticed the tailfin against the wall. "What is this doing here?". He looked back towards Darkfire.

"Did you throw it against the wall?" Hiccup asked.

Darkfire pretended he couldn't hear him, so instead of trying to get into an argument Hiccup simply walked towards the fin and picked it up to examine it. "Doesn't look like anything's broken. That's a good thing."

He looked back at Darkfire, who still had his back turned to Hiccup. "You need to be more careful with this, I spent all night working on this, and a lot of it was spur of the moment so I don't know how to recreate this thing."

Darkfire actually looked back at Hiccup when he explained the details of the fin.

'All night?' he thought, 'You spent ALL NIGHT working on this fin? And what do you mean 'spur of the moment', you mean to tell me you made this on a whim?"

There were a few blacksmiths in the Ormh clan, but none of them had even thought to create a prosthetic fin for dragons, much less make one. He could honestly say that he had not seen a talent like Hiccup's in his life, and that was saying something.

Hiccup turned towards Darkfire but paused by his tail, "Do you mind? I need to put this back on if we're going to get started on working this thing."

Darkfire continued to eye Hiccup suspiciously but didn't object to Hiccup getting closer. Hiccup kneeled towards his tail and slipped the fin on, once it was on he let it fall to the ground to see it's reaction.

"Can you lift your tail for me?" Hiccup asked. Darkfire looked back at Hiccup in disdain but did as he was told.

Hiccup compared the differences of the fins. He could tell that the real fin was more reflexive than the synthetic one, it wouldn't stay open like the original. Hiccup starte mumbling to himself, he usually does when he's thinking of something.

"Okay, we need to find a way to keep this fin open." Hiccup said to himself. He pulled at the bottom of the fin and it expanded the way it was supposed to.

'Hmm.' Hiccup mused to himself. He looked towards the small opening that led to his de facto smithy.

"I've got an idea." Hiccup said to Darkfire, "Wait here for a second."

Darkfire raised his brow again. 'As if I plan to listen to him.'

He stood up and followed where Hiccup had left, and was surprised to find the small opening in the cave. He stuck his head in and found the smithy. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw hundreds of sketches pinned to the wall, and the metals scraps and tools littered all over the place. It looked like a small smithy. He saw that Hiccup was leaning over a table, his brow furrowed in concentration on a piece of paper he was drawing on.

Slowly Darkfire crept between the small space that was the opening to the hidden cave. He walked towards Hiccup making sure not to make a sound. He leaned over Hiccup's shoulder to see what he was so concentrated on. It looked like Hiccup was sketching a saddle.

'A saddle?' Darkfire thought in annoyance, 'Do I look like a horse?'

"Don't make that face." Hiccup said, "I told you that I was going to help you fly again and this saddle is going to help me do it."

Darkfire raised a brow. 'How on earth are you going to do that?'

"See this?" Hiccup asked, gesturing to the harness. Darkfire looked and saw that the harness had reached out all the way to his tail. "This harness will help me work your tailfin while I try and guide you."

Darkfire snarled, "I don't need a talking fishbone to help me fly!"

"Would you stop being so sensitive." Hiccup snapped, "The fin can't stay open by itself, and you can't keep it open by yourself, so unless you know another Viking whose willing to help you I'm all you've got."

Darkfire growled, realizing Hiccup was right, he didn't have a choice.

"I need to get to work." Hiccup said, "This saddle shouldn't take too long to make. We might even be able to take this for a spin today."

"Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better." Darkfire grumbled going off to a corner in the room and huddling there.

"You sticking around?" Hiccup asked, surprised.

"I have nothing better to do." Darkfire growled in resignation. He sat up and kept his eyes on Hiccup.

"Suit yourself." Hiccup shrugged his shoulders, and resumed his work.

As he worked, Darkfire couldn't help but look on in wonder as Hiccups hands seemed to effortlessly create the saddle.

"This little Viking is just full of surprises." Darkfire thought to himself.

Storm was relentless destroying target after target.

When Darkfire had fallen behind, he'd had this anger inside him. An anger that wouldn't be relieved no matter how many dummies and targets he destroyed, or how many condolences he had received.

Darkfire was his greatest friend, and the Prince. He had failed him, and the Chief. He could never forgive himself. He had repeatedly requested that he be granted permission to go out and find him, as he refused to believe that Darkfire was lost.

But the laws were clear, any dragon who fell behind was left behind, and nobody was allowed back in the vicinity of Berk without Her permission. Anyone to do so would suffer severe consequences.

Storm growled in frustration and threw his sword against the wall, as he breathed heavily in anger.

Punishment be damned. He had to go back. He would find his friend and bring him home.

He only hoped he wasn't too late

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