These Four Walls: Reunited

Lilo and Nani watched as the red ship landed in front of them. The younger Hawaiian teen glowered as a figure appeared in the doorway. A recognizable blue figure. Lilo threw herself at him. "Stitch!"

The experiment received her with open arms. "You came back." Lilo said as Stitch held her. "Nobody gets left behind." As they held each other tightly, another figure appeared behind them. Lilo pulled away form Stitch. She watched as her childhood crush turned to face the new figure: A Japanese girl with black pigtails and brown eyes. Stitch smiled. "Yuna come meet Lilo."

Yuna walked over to Lilo. "Nice to finally meet you Lilo." The Hawaiian teen responded with a nod. "Same here. How's Stitch doing?" "Not bad, considering that he was an illegal created experiment form outer space." Yuna said. Lilo laughed. The family, including Jumba and Pleakley (The latter insisting that he prepares a special reunion dinner, causing Lilo to whisper to Yuna and Stitch that she doesn't even want to know what her adoptive aunt will cook up)

Dinner proved to be a disaster when the pot in which the dinner was cooked exploded, covering everyone in yuck. When Pleakley looked upset, Lilo told him that it was ok and they will (Much to everyone else's relive) have pizza for tonight. Currently Lilo was talking to Stitch in the living room. (And by talking I meant about everything that blew across their mind) Stitch was just retelling one of his adventures with Yuna, when Lilo suddenly asked: "Stitch, what about Angel? I mean, she loved you right, but you love me." Stitch simply replied that Angel was with Reuben at the moment, and that he loves Lilo more than he ever loved Angel, causing the Hawaiian teen to smile.

The Pelekai family was reunited once moreā€¦