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Rating: G/K

Kurt and Blaine stood at the airport gates. Blaine was leaving for a few days, visiting cousins in Australia. Of course, he had invited Kurt, but it was the week before exams and Kurt really couldn't afford to miss out on any of those crucial revision lessons.

"I won't be gone long," Blaine grinned at Kurt's forlorn expression, placing a finger on his pouted lower lip.

"I know," Kurt mumbled, the 'know' covered with a short kiss.

Blaine pulled his shoulder bag around to the front, unzipping it and digging around inside.

"I was getting worried," Blaine started, still digging. "About you,"


"If I was away, who was going to protect you?" Blaine grinned as Kurt frowned.

"I don't need protecting," there was a slight grin on his lips.

"Fine…who was going to…accompany you," Blaine grinned wider. "And keep you from running off with any strange men,"

He had stopped digging, and grinned at Kurt, who looked insulted.

"You think I'd run off with strange men while you were gone?" he asked incredulously and Blaine huffed impatiently.

"I hired a body guard. One that would stay by your side – always." Blaine continued, ignoring Kurt.

Kurt's eyes widened, then he frowned and glanced around subtly. Blaine reached into his bag and pulled out a teddy bear, with dark sunglasses and a suit on. Kurt squealed and reached out for it – it was so soft!

"I was worried for a second," Kurt beamed, pulling Blaine into a hug.

"I know. You always get worried," Blaine pulled back slightly, just enough to kiss Kurt on the cheek.

"Flight 815 is now boarding. All passengers please report to gate 23," the voice over called and Blaine sighed, zipping his bag back up and slinging it round to his back.

"I'll be back in a few days." Blaine said, patting the soft fur on the body-guards head.

"Make sure you call me as soon as you land, okay?" Blaine nodded and headed towards the gate.

Kurt watched him sadly, not sure what to do with himself – or what to do for the next couple of days. He watched Blaine's retreating figure as he lined up to board, and couldn't control himself.

He ran towards Blaine and turned him, kissing him squarely, not caring what the public thought. Blaine responded, and then pulled back as Kurt's tongue grazed across his lips.

"Not here babe," Blaine whispered into his ear. "As much as I'd love to kiss you properly, people still don't like gays,"

"Screw people," Kurt whispered in his ear, but let go of him. "I'm going to miss you,"

"I know. But I have a phone, and I'll call you every night," Blaine kissed him again on the lips. "Now you'll have to let go of me or I can't leave,"

"Exactly," he whispered but let go of him anyway.

"I'm only going for three days Kurt…how are you going to feel when I have to go for longer?"

Kurt's face dropped at the thought, making Blaine smile gently. He cupped his boyfriends face, kissing him one more time.

"I'll call you as soon as I land, and we can talk all night," he promised, then turned and joined the now very small line.

Kurt looked down at his bear, cuddling it close to him. Hell, it even smelled like Blaine.

He sighed.

It was going to be a long three days.

A/N: So these Oneshots will vary in length. This one is pretty short. The list of these cute moments are inspired by the list we made in English - 100 cute memories. These things have actually happened to me and my friends!